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i spent a considerable amount of time this evening trying to find the perfect bike. after careful consideration, this pashley is looking like a strong contender. how adorable would i look riding around town on this? and yeah, it’s got a sturmey archer 3 speed internal hub. oh, but, i’d probably replace that basket with some sort of brooks leather case/bag. now the only issue is: where does a girl find one of these in the usa? any ideas?


  1. Mmm… if I can get one here in Edmonton you can surely get one down there! Pashley is a beautiful bicycle, I love mine:) It’s heavier than a lot of bikes, but by no means too heavy to ride. Plus, it gives you a good work out, and the gears give you the option of working as hard as you like. I replaced my basket with a dutch made one that is big enough for my dog. S*

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