art class

oh hello there! just another lazy day for me, thanks! after i wrote that little blog post about what to wear for my art class, i decided that i better practice what i preach and starting thinking up more stylish art class outfits. today i am wearing a pair of black denim jeans that i cut into shorts and shredded a little bit. then right after i got them where i wanted them, i wore them to a painting party and got white paint all over them. hey, some people pay good money for shorts that have been perfectly destroyed!and i was just so eager to throw on this cute sailor sweater that i got from one of my favorite shops on etsy right now, adelaide’s homesewn. she really has some amazing dresses on there and it’s really tempting me, except that i’ve just spent a shit ton of money on dresses lately. seriously, i’m getting a little nervous about checking the ol’ bank account balance… but i couldn’t live without this sweater for the fall.

only thing is, it’s still warm and comfy in the bay area, so i haven’t really had a chance to switch over to the cool-weather clothes just yet! but the sailor sweater did give me an opportunity to show off these adorable little anchor earrings i received courtesy of bing bang during the weardrobe conference. i never really wear jewelry, but some of their pieces have me reconsidering said jewelry ban.

and in other news, i want to thank feathers and air for picking me as a recommended blog! she did a really cute collage of me and i am oh so flattered! thanks corinna!

now i’m off to make arrangements for my first secret date! i got the idea from reading fashion forestry. apparently her and her boyfriend take turns each week planning a secret date as a surprise for one another. i have a pretty splendid idea, but i can’t tell!

little anchor earrings, courtesy of bing bang
vintage sailor sweater, adelaide’s homesewn on etsy
destroyed cut off shorts, thrifted
white tank top, j.crew
white oxfords, maude loves harold vintage on etsy

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  1. The secret date idea is too cute! I should keep that in mind for my man. And me.

    By the way: I'd love to exchange links, dear. Do you like that, too`?

  2. i really love all the dresses you have. peter pan collars are so cute! I definitely need to cut my jeans up when summer comes

  3. oooh, I've been looking for a pair of white oxfords like that since forever. You must have snatched them up quick!

  4. I love adelaide's shop! I've been dying to get something from her forever but I've seen my bank account and it isn't pretty at all! You look just wonderful! I'm terribly envious of your nice weather too!

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