coco meets kurt

i can’t believe it’s been over a week since i’ve done an outfit post, but you know how it goes! this past week i was hibernating, feeling sick or on the verge of being sick or else just overwhelmed by school papers and final projects. and i was busy getting together etsy listings and working on behind-the-scenes blog stuffs and living in this cashmere cardigan.

anyway, i purchased this lovely dress from anabelle rose vintage on etsy a while back, but the hem is quite long in a most unflattering way. and since my skills with circle skirts aren’t so great, i decided to pin it up, which is something i have never done before, but have admired on other bloggers many times. i don’t know exactly who to credit for the inspiration since i’ve seen several bloggers do this before. most recently on the owls are not what they seem and the clothes horse, but also seen on the likes of style rookie and cocorosa, to name a few.

and so this pretty little coco avant chanel-inspired dress took a turn towards grunge and gave me an opportunity to wear these vintage justin boots that i bought last winter and hardly ever wore. i suppose my age isn’t any secret, but it’s kinda silly to remember when grunge was cool the first time around. i still have a pair of forest green doc martens that i got in the 7th grade. and i’m pretty sure i still want a mohair cardigan.

cashmere cardigan, j.crew
vintage plaid dress, anabelle rose vintage on etsy
skinny leather belt, urban outfitters
sheer stockings, longs
socks, target
vintage justin boots, ebay

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  1. the gathering on the bootom of this dress is just stunning, especially with the plaid design. It makes me want to try pinning one of my dresses…

  2. this is PHENOMENAL. I love, love love (adding etsy shop to my favorites immediately. Like right now). That dress is killer, and I totally love it with the boots. You totally sell it in the photo where your hands are on your hips…that picture rocks. Seriously that dress is amazing, can't wait to see it styled in different ways, too!

  3. My heart just skipped a beat! This outfit is amazing! Ohhhh and your hair!!! I might have to bring a picture of you to my hair appointment. Is that okay? :o)

  4. I LOOOVE this and this is one of the first face-on picture since your haircut. It's so, so, so cute! It looks sooo good on you!

  5. Love this outfit. The colors are so nice and the skirt is so modern this way. Also, just saw that movie last night! :)

  6. I love the mix of cute sophisticated with harsh grunginess! I think the fact that the dress is plaid draws it all together, but I am loving the peter pan collar mixed with those 80stastic boots! You rock.

  7. i love that dress on you, and it totally reminds me of coco avant chanel which i finally saw this weekend! you are just an adorable little dreamboat, you know that?

  8. The gathers look great. And excellent marriage of the two styles-grunge and coco…
    Oh the grunge years… I remember it well…unwashed hair, plaid and Doc's…

  9. My god, you NAIL this look. Everything looks amazing here and you look so lovely! The pinning, the plaid dress, belted cardigan, and the hair! Oh, the hair. If I go any further with this, I'm just going to sound really creepy so I'll stop.

    I've been in such a fashion rut for the last few days; nothing but pants, t-shirt, and a sweater and hiding my mess of a hair underneath a beanie. It's comfortable but man alive, this post just makes me want to wear pretty clothes again. Okay, creepy gushy comment officially over.

  10. i lovee this, the cardigan and belt top it off perfectly. and i absolutely love jcrew, their catalogs are sooo freakin cute! :)


  11. Holy cow this outfit is amazing and suits you to a tee! I can see the Coco slash Kurt references and think it's all kinds of awesome.

  12. Oh, I forgot to mention…yes, we totally should go to shows together. That'd be so much fun! I haven't have to look up and see if any bands are coming 'round.

    I just realized, though…I have no idea what kind of music you're into.

  13. I love what you did with this dress! At first, I thought you made it, but when I read that you pinned it I was ever more impressed. It looks so professionally done!! Awesome job and Awesome look!!


  14. i love this! the skirt looks great all pinned up. i love the layery look.

    and……i know i've said this before, but i just love your hair. i feel like you just have a whole new air about you with the new hair.

  15. I've seen the pinning of skirts/dresses before too, tried it but haven't quite mastered it yet, it always comes out looking rather bulky on me, but you look sensational! gosh, i love the colors, and of course the justin boots, i just bought myself a brown pair yesterday while out thrifting…going to see how i can work them into my next ensemble. :)

  16. You look lovely Erin! I love the dress and the whole outfit really suits you. I also can't get enough of your hair – that cut was a great decision :)

  17. I love your face in the first photo, you look really pretty :]

    Pinning up the dress is genius, it reminds of me lush opulent marie-antoinette gowns.

  18. This outfit is so lovely.
    The dress is so pretty-ful and pinning it up made it super awesome. I love the shoes, too.
    (I also love where you take you pictures)

  19. i missed this somehow. but i just wanted to add that you look wonderful and your hair is perfect. so completely darling in fact. the pinned hem is a stroke of genius.

  20. I saw this on weardrobe and loved it, the whole look is beautiful! the gathered hem really makes it current. I'm definitely going to copy soon! also, love your blog, i just added you to my blogroll!

  21. You look great, brilliant pin-alterations to that dress. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers grunge a bit too well from the first time round – for me, it was black Doc Marten's decorated with purple nail polish…

  22. this is beyond amazing, really! i love how you pinned it up and completely changed the feel of this look.

    oh and your hair! i know i've mentioned it before, but i can't get over it. i don't even recognize you on other sites! it's so gorgeous.

  23. ah ha! i saw this in your flickr and clicked on your blog….now it makes sense! that dress isn't totally j. crew…it's part j. you too…with the pinning up. i figured it to be too cool for j. crew.

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