ok, it’s autumn

last night i spent a long time talking to my mom about clothes. this is actually something that we often do because i talk to her all the time and we share a love for getting dressed. she told me that she’s in a rut because the seasons have changed and she can’t wear her white linen anymore (she lives in tucson) and i told her that i had been defiantly sticking to pastels and summer colors despite the change. so while we were talking, it got me thinking and i started browsing through my clothes in search of something more seasonally appropriate and this is what i came up with.

in all honestly, there really aren’t 4 distinct seasons in california anyway. it’s very temperate here in the bay area, so we’ve usually got something like spring most of the time, and then right around now it gets chilly and stays that way for a few months. most of the native plants just go from green to yellow to brown… and anyway, i live in an urban area.

so here we are. i got this beautiful vintage scalloped blazer at a local vintage boutique here in oakland called pretty penny. i actually bought it in the heat of the summer when i was obsessed over everything chloe and told myself that i would just have to patiently wait for the right moment to pull it out. enter this adorable little 60’s mini dress i got from clever nettle and i’m in business! and if you have not checked out clever nettle before, you absolutely must. anja is just so lovely and her blog is filled with pretty inspiration. oh, and i’ll definitely have to wear this dress again because the jacket is covering up the pretty pleats and ruffles and peter pan collar hiding underneath!

vintage scalloped sasson blazer, pretty penny
vintage jonathan logan mini dress, clever nettle
skinny bow belt, nordstrom
platform ankle boots, payless

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  1. you look stunning. love those boots
    they are from payless, thats so cool
    i havent been there in years wow.

    keep the killer outfits coming


  2. I love scalloped edges. I think I might incorporate scallops into my next design tonight!

    Also, I'm like you – I tend to dress in unseasonal colors as my way of sticking it to the man.

  3. i love that jacket! it matches your border.

    the lack of seasons is similar here in long beach, but it's summer rather than spring. as far as i'm concerned, pastels are seasonally appropriate. :)

  4. This is an awesome outfit! I find myself frustrated with leaving comments right now, because they just don't convey how much I like some outfits. This is one of those outfits!

    And have I told you lately that I love your hair!

  5. I saw the purple on your booties and though that one just had a random purple streak! Guess it was just the camera, huh? Nuts.

    Love the outfit- you look so sweet.

  6. this outfit is SO beautiful! i too love the scalloped edges!

    my poetry prof grew up in tucson and told us about having to color cornucopias and such even though she'd never even seen a tree change colors!

  7. you look smashing!! that little dress is perfect – love the whole look! Clever Nettle is one of the first blogs/Etsy shops I stumbled across… totally in love with er stuff!

  8. Amazing pics and stunning outfit! Love the details, the scalloped edge of the jacket and the ruffles at the hem of the skirt! Yes, the dress must be lovely with peter pan collar and ruffles!

  9. those boots are so cute! are they completely black or do they have a magenta coloring in some places? (I wasn't sure if that was on the boots or just a mistake in the photos)

  10. i love the silhouette of your outfit! the scalloped edges, the puffiness of your skirt, and the belted-ness of the waistline. you look so perfect!

  11. very cute outfit. I have been obsessed with scalloping and Chloe too!

    I live in Santa Cruz and it's only started really cooling down here now. I agree with Cali having only two weather speeds: cloudy or warm

  12. be franqly i complete love this terrific style,
    and u are really lyk dolly :))
    i wanna tag these pictr :DD
    love ur nice legs,amazing shoes so much,adorable blazer ,amazing skirt nd geez ur lip,.,.lol

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