clothing swaps and a video

today is a rather fun day because i have two new things to share with you!

1. i’m sure she will give the whole thing a much better introduction, and i hope i’m not jumping the gun here, but i started a clothing swap with jessica of what i wore! we decided that the best way to beat the post-holiday blues would be to inspire each other with surprise packages filled with new clothes to play dress up. i was really excited when she suggested it because sometimes i need a little push to try out new things. and i just knew that she would send me fun, colorful pieces to incorporate into my wardrobe. such was the case with this awesome vintage hibiscus cut out blouse. i toned it down today, but i also have plans to pair it with a spandex mini dress when the weather warms up a bit.

2. i finally decided to do a little video of how i wrap my aa sash as a turban after receiving many requests since way back in the spring when i first tried it out! it’s not a tutorial because i think you’ll find that it’s quite simple to do once you see the video:

haha, i did not mean to end it so abruptly, but that’s where the footage stopped! so here is a picture of the wrap when it’s completed:

vintage hibiscus cut out blouse, from jessica of what i wore
mauve sash, american apparel
bullhead solana skinny jeans, courtesy of pacsun
nine west suede platforms, purchased with a gift card i won in the tweetmystyle contest

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  1. That top is amazing and it looks great with the sash. Your video was really cute – I didn't notice any weird face at the end.

  2. ah I need one of those sashes now to do this, I was hoping you would post how, or i'd just figure it out eventually! Thank you! & I love the idea of a clothes swap, that shirt is great!

  3. i love your sash! that's the sort of thing i buy thinking i'll know what to do with … then it sits in my closet! you are so creative with it!

  4. That sash is so cool. I love what creative ways you though of to wear. It look so pretty tied around your waist, like part of kimono.

  5. Thanks for the how-to! You look really cute with the turban! these aa scarves are great, I managed to make a skirt out of it for a night out, wasn't the most practical when going to the toilet but still worked wonders on the dancefloor :)

    Have a nice weekend Xx
    Margaux from BoRO

  6. Thanks for the video, it was very helpful! The written instructions on AA weren't clear enough! I love your blog, by the way, I love the way you dress! Keep up the good work!

    I'm from San Francisco, so I hope to see you around!

  7. You are soooo cute. Love this outfit.
    Also, every season I host a 'Stitch Swap' in my city where dozens of girls come and we swap clothes, eat cake & drink wine. It's fabulous to share :)

  8. My friend TOUPS (rigby) is so jealous of your sash right now. We went to AA yesterday and she was so sad she didn't have enough money to buy one.

  9. Really like this top, it looks hot with your tattoos *tattoo envy* And dear lord those shoes! I must practice my high heel walking…

  10. What a great top – and such a great idea to have a swap and get some inspiration !
    I have to say I could not stop staring at YOUR SHOES!!!! AMAZING!

  11. I always love love swaps with fellow bloggers and its something that I'm so addicted to now:)

    Love love the video you did on how to wear the sash and I have got to try that out too.

    Adore your beautiful top with those shoes you wore!

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