oh dear, i almost thought i wouldn’t get an outfit post in today! i have a small window of time during the middle of the day in which i am able to take photos for my blog and i have grown very accustomed to shooting most pictures on the roof of my apartment building. it really is such a nice setting. but today, mr. landlord was milling about the area and he gravely disapproves of our rooftop antics. i felt so awkward and embarrassed in front of him, and we were in such a rush, that we just snapped a few pictures from indoors instead. it’s actually a pretty nice change of scenery in this book-filled corner of my apartment, flooded with light for the first time in days after all that rain!

now onto my knockoffs: over the weekend, i had some time to kill while hanging out downtown, so i decide to peek around in the fancy department stores to ooh and ahh over marc jacobs and chloe and other such designer delights. while browsing around, i came across some of my favorite pieces from the 3.1 phillip lim resort 2010 collection and remembered that i had thrifted two pieces with the same look in mind. say hello to my p. lim knockoff! i really do love finding vintage pieces with my favorite designers in mind. it gives me something fun to do while shopping at thrift stores and estate sales, and it’s so wonderfully exciting to find just the piece you were looking for.

vintage lace shell, estate sale
vintage lace skirt, thrifted
1940’s repro platforms, remix vintage shoes

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  1. I've been dying over that philip lim skirt and i'm so jealous you've found a thrift store stand-in!

    this is actually one of my very favorite outfits of yours, erin.


  2. I love the lace top and skirt. I think my mom still has her lace skirt. It's such a nice thing to o see all those desirable clothes then be able to get a cheaper but just as adorable item in a thrift shop

  3. I have shoes that are very similar and they KILL my second to last toe (my ring toe? what is that toe called?). I do not think someone as big as me was meant for vintage!

  4. I just love the two lace patterns paired together! I try to do the same exact thing regarding scouting vintage/thrift knockoffs of designer pieces. I haven't been having much luck lately though! :(

  5. crazy…it looks SO similiar. i think thats such a good idea…i always like to shop with a goal in mind…specially since i get sidetracked so easily.

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