the dude abides

yesterday morning i woke up to the arrival of two packages in the mail. one item was an amazing pair of vintage boots that i got from erstwhilevintage, and the other was this sweater. so of course, my first order of business was to put on said sweater to wear while cooking my breakfast. my boyfriend and i were standing in the kitchen when i looked down at myself and suddenly realized, “oh shit. i am totally dressed like the dude.” i was wearing a t-shirt, this sweater, and a pair of plaid pajama pants, holding a carton of milk. all i needed was a caucasian. if my references are lost on you, then you should most definitely rent the big lebowski. and speaking of the cohen brothers, i totally watched raising arizona for the millionth time last night. it still makes me laugh out loud each and every time i watch it. oh nic cage.

anyway, in keeping with my latest trend of basically wearing jeans and t-shirts every day, i decided to recreate my lebowski look, only this time with skinny jeans and pumps. i think it has something to do with the days and days of pouring rain, but i’ve been dressing really really casual lately. it’s kinda fun to try and take something super casual and still keep it interesting. i definitely appreciate the art of a perfectly messy look. though now that the rain has stopped, i think i’m ready to step it up a little bit, too.

native american print sweater, heritage1981
american apparel tri blend shirt, my boyfriend’s closet
bullhead solana skinny jeans, courtesy of pacsun
suede platform pumps, nine west
vintage coach purse, thrifted

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  1. well fantastic, that sweater really "ties the outfit together". i think i have seen the big lebowski more times than any other movie…

  2. What a great sweater! It looks so comfy!

    And seriously, I watch Raising Arizona at least one a month. Really the most hilarious use of the word fontanel in a movie.

  3. Love the pumps… love, love, love….

    Your tweets make me laugh (in a good way).

    You have inspired me to start my own blog.

  4. In my best Holly Hunter impression (which if I wouldn't be totally embarassed I would youtube myself and do it) "I just love this coat so-o-o-o-o mu-u-u-u-ch."

    Oh, and I used to put underwear on my head just so my mother would say, "Son, you got a panty on your head…" This lasted until I was 18 and no longer lived with my parents.

    Love the jacket though really.

  5. those shoes are amazing!

    i tried to watch the big lebowski when i was in high schoool but it was totally lost on me. however, i do loooove raising arizona. maybe i need to give tbl another chance.

  6. in LOVE! that sweater is the best thing ever. love it. you look great. love the colors here, and especially your shoes! x

  7. I'm so excited that your outfit is inspired by the dude. You're making me want to drink a white russian right now! Raising Arizona is amazing too. Such awesome movies.

  8. Really love this sweater. It's so "you."

    P.S. I linked you in my latest entry. I'm now sporting your hairstyle, as promised!

  9. Love the sweater it is really cute.But I came here to tell you that I left you an award on my blog so when you get a chance please come and get it. thank you !

  10. Oh it's perfect. Such a great film! You should have gotten in character all day and walked around mumbling about someone peeing on your rug with White Russian in hand.

  11. I love Cohen brothers movies! I also love that sweater reminds me of the Dude. But it's so much more elegant than that. I just love it in general.

  12. HAHAHHA! That movie cracks me up! You could use a bowling ball….The sweater is great and I LOVE your shoes.

    California rain is a bit odd, eh? We've had sooo much of it. I'm not sick of it quite yet!

  13. suuuuuuuuuch an awesome sweater. and there could not be a more appropriate title. :)

    oh, and i finally sent out the packages on monday, so keep an eye out!

  14. i absolutely love the big lebowski. my favorite part is when john goodman goes insane on the paralyzed guy.

    also, GREAT sweater! i've got to stop in at forever 21 sometime.

  15. oh, and:

    "man, i hate the fuckin' eagles."
    "fuck you! this is my cab!"
    "man, i've had a long day, and i just don't"

    love it.

  16. 1. raising arizona is the BEST!
    2. you look beautiful..the colors are captivating!

  17. Oh i looooove Raising Arizona! I have it on VHS tape, its always a go to when im bored… "Naw just circular" hah..

    Anyways, love that sweater, even better paired with the heels!

  18. EEEE!!! I almost fell off my chair with excited when I saw your outfit post because I have the EXACT same sweater and I love getting new ideas on how to wear it. The way you wore it here, is fantastic! I love it with those pumps… I think I am going to have to get me some that color. :)

    Oh and if you woudl like to see how I wore it, check it out here:

    Thanks so much for the inspiration, Erin! :)

  19. Fuck, this cardigan is what's missing in my life! And I love the Lebowski reference :D

    I wish I could walk in shoes like that :/

  20. OMG, that is the best sweater I have seen out there! It is a bit Lebowski, but not the way you wear it here! Awesome heels! xoxo Jolie

  21. Wow, this is the type of sweater I wouldn't think to look twice at if I was out shopping, so you've opened my eyes to what beauty is holds. To top it off, it looks super comfortable, too.

    I wonder if something like this, the print of it, might be a bit much for someone who is taller and larger, as I am? I've read the "rules" about what size prints to wear for certain size people, but I still get confused. Thoughts, anyone? Ha, I'm sort of a fashion mishap, if you will. But so many of you inspire me to try new things!

    I don't post comments much, at all really, so I'm late to the game with this, but I adore your new hair cut. Looks great!

    Also, I hang my head in shame as I've yet to watch The Big Lebowski all the way through. For shame.

  22. Oh HELLS yes! The Dude. My dad used to quote the Big Lebowski at will when I was little, and now I've taken to doing it myself.

    "el duderino…"

  23. bravo.

    i dig your outfits, but this may be my fave one yet. i love the way it all flows…perfectly together.


  24. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love this so much!!!! doesn't hurt that you are tying it in to one of my favorite movies of all time. you look cute enough to do anything, but i say f it dude, let's go bowling:)

  25. holy crap i cant believe that sweater was on the forever21 website and I didnt see it. I practically live on that site. I love it, it's the perfect color combo and print. it makes me want to go camping and wear it while sitting around the campfire.

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