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i decided to keep it simple again today. as much as i love to experiment with my clothes, sometimes it’s nice to pair it all down and get back to the basics. so today is a little preview of some of my springtime basics. this pretty chambray dress is certain to be in high rotation this year along with my rapidly expanding collection of little vintage bandeau hats like this one with velvet millinery leaves and berries. and you’ve probably noticed the way i’ve been living in these kork ease wedges, which i recently picked up in both black and brown anticipating the warmer spring and summer months. unfortunately, today turned out to be a bit more windy and chilly than i had expected, but it made for a fun little photo shoot on the roof.

and now i really must be going. i have a date with my closet. the clothing situation in my house has gotten pretty bad over the past several months as i continue to hoard and collect beyond capacity. even my boyfriend has admitted that he now owns a few too many pairs of jeans. so i’m finally going to embark on a closet overhaul and donate a bunch of my clothes to the local thrift shop. but i’ve decided that i’m going to keep the good stuff and try to do a little “shop my closet” in the next month or so. i can’t stand to get rid of certain pieces without knowing they’ll go to a good home, even though i know it’s time to move on… when did i start to get so sentimental about my clothes?!

vintage bandeau hat, ebay
red cardigan, zara
chambray dress, bb dakota
kork ease wedges, rue la la

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  1. i feel the same frustration of the clutter that keeps building up in my closet and work area. oh, spring cleaning!

  2. You are so pretty, so very pretty! You always are in all of your posts, plus your hair is adorable. I love that red color, it's very nice. :)

  3. I saw your outfit on chictopia and I was really hoping you had a close up of that vintage hat and you do! It's totally rockin.

  4. those pictures make me so jealous of the amazing weather you have. even with the bit of wind chill, you look like you had a lot of fun outside!

  5. that bandeau hat is so adorable!! you look so darling in this outfit.
    PS. don't forget to enter my giveaway this week ^.^

  6. you look adorable! can't wait for spring to finally come… i know what you mean about clothing overhaul, currently in the same situation :)

  7. this outfit is simple, but gorgeous at the same time. the cardigan is the perfect colour red, and your hat-thing is a wonderful touch!

    can't wait to shop your closet. :o)

  8. You are too cute for words! Can we be friends please?

    Can't wait to shop your closet!

    – Ana

  9. Where exactly in SF do you live? I just want to know so I can ransack the thrift store where you are going to donate clothes!! I'm totally with you on rocking the chambray this spring!

  10. Love the head piece. Actually, not just love. WANT.

    Such a cute classic pairing too, with the chambrey and red. It's perfect.

  11. Oh, this is one of my favorite recent outfits of yours Erin! The light blue of the chambray + red is so nautical-esque, and combined with the dress' cut, your headband, the wedges…the look is so happy and sweet, it's truly great! And I'm glad to see you finally found yourself the red cardigan you were looking for =)

  12. How about a bay area blogger clothing swap? I know I would be down. Getting (and giving) free clothes is the most awesome feeling. Perfect for spring closet clean outs too. Great outfit also!

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