calivintage in chic magazine

just stopping in on a lazy sunday afternoon to share with you a little feature! the swedish magazine, chic, has written a little blurb about me in their latest issue! i was very pleased to receive my copy in the mail yesterday and it was fun flipping through the pages to see what it was all about. it seems similar to the types of magazines you might read about celebrity fashion while waiting in the line at the grocery store, and i was surprised to see that there were lots of features about american television and movie stars.

anyway, i can’t read swedish, but one of my lovely readers gave me a rough translation of what it says, which is basically that i write a blog with a mix of vintage and modern styles.


  1. oh, congratulations! thats so cool! you're the coolest chick ever. :) I really wish that I could meet you! x Have a great week, Erin! With love from the deep australian seas.

  2. Yay, thats awesome, and I love that your wearing the clothes horse dress in the feature.

  3. Grattis! Och de vackra svenskarna känner till att deras stil.

    (ok I don't speak Swedish, but google translate helps me speak like a native)

  4. Hold it, who makes those platform shoes in the upper right corner. I must know. Please send me a message, I'm begging you.

    CONGRATS on the feature, that is awesome! Wow!

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