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i know i promised my guide to buying used and vintage bikes, but it’s taking me a bit longer than i expected to find actual pictures of all of my bike picks, so while i keep working on that post behind-the-scenes, i decided to share some cool bike accessories with you on this cycle chic saturday. after writing this post about my favorite fashionable mixte and dutch style bikes under a grand, i discovered another company called public bikes, which has become a fast favorite! they were a sponsor of bike to work day here in the bay area, so naturally, i had to check them out. i was quite delighted to discover that not only do they have a beautiful selection of fashionable and functional bikes, but they also have a really great web shop with lots of nice bike accessories!

in particular, i am loving their range of nice baskets and bags. the rear basket has a quick release with a handle, so it doubles as your shopping basket on quick trips to the grocery store. in addition, they have really lovely brooks roll up panniers, and a canvas pannier that doubles as a messenger bag! and for those of you concerned with safety, i quite like their sleek nutcase helmets.


  1. I've always wanted a cute girly bike with a basket in the front or back so I could put my puppy in it… yea… haha but no really I'd still like one – just don't think either of my dogs would stand to sit in a basket on a bike.


  2. I would love to get a cruiser complete with basket when I get enough money to do so! I wanted to get the Liberty of London for Target bike but it's so limited, I wasn't able to get one. Gigantic Boo! :(

    Really interesting post though! I love your posts about bikes. :)

  3. Thanks so much I'm loving your saturday bike post, and I'm espeaically lov'n the bike accesories, because I plan on buying one and want the cute wicker basket to Jazz up the front,if you could post where we could purchase that would also be helpful. I just have to add that Wal-mart has a few great vintage inspired bikes by Huffy and shwinn some priced from as low as $84.00-$250.00! I saw simlar bikes going for as much as $600.00 and up.

  4. ah i want a bike like one of those so bad! i have my 'pretends to look proffesional' bike but its nowhere near the perfect bike.. any of those, on the other hand!


  5. I'll be getting one of those cute, vintage looking bikes for college. I can't wait to put my books in a basket and ride to class!

  6. thanks for the ideas! My basket on my bike is starting to..well…decay and I need a replacement stat. Guess I shouldn't have put off on sealing the wood…

    I really love the basket you posted; its just what I've been looking for! Everything else I have seen has that thin brittle wicker or else some harsh looking metal basket that clashes with my bike.

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