flowers and kittens

calivintage floral stripes

aha! i told you i would finally branch out and try a floral print. even though i tend towards a lot of solid neutrals, there is always a place for a pretty floral to brighten things up and add a little bit of fun. which is why i was really pleased to have gotten this reconstructed vintage skirt from lum vintage! i love the high waist and mini length; it definitely made me feel a little bit sexy today, which was quite fun since i don’t typically dress with sex appeal in mind. this is definitely a piece that could be really fun for a party paired with a loose fitting low cut tank, but for my afternoon of thrifting and visiting animal shelters, i opted to go a little preppy and pair it with my new favorite striped blouse. at first i was concerned that the two prints would compete, but the pale blue ended up matching perfectly and i mellowed it out with really low key shoes.

but what i really wanna talk about is kittens!!! i actually want both a dog and a cat, but after long conversations with my landlord, he’s basically put his foot down and let me know that he won’t allow a dog — not even a teeny tiny lap dog. as disappointed as i am that i won’t be taking a little puppy friend on walks any time soon, i’m still rather excited to have a kitten in my life. so today i am going to take a trip to the animal shelter to check out it out. and in the meantime, i’ll leave you with this.

blouse: vintage striped top from treefox vintage
skirt: reconstructed vintage skirt from lum vintage
shoes: kork-ease wedges
purse: thrifted vintage coach

calivintage floral stripes
calivintage floral stripes
calivintage floral stripescalivintage floral stripes

calivintage floral stripes

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  1. This outfit is fan-freaking-tastic! Also, glad to hear you are adding a little shelter kitten to your life! If you ever need a dog fix, you should sign up to walk and socialize pups at a shelter close to you.

  2. I love missing patterns. I never know whats really going to work till I throw something on and go, "it looks great!" haha. I had a question: what are all your tattoos and what do they mean? You might have already posted about this, but I haven't read that far back.

  3. This is how to mix prints! Seriously love this (though I'm more partial to the top than the skirt print). It's fun to dress out of your comfort zone sometimes :)

  4. your hair reminds of twiggy today :) i love the pattern mixing that you did! florals are great on you! i hope you try more of them out, and i hope we get to see a kitty in upcoming posts! wee!

  5. this is fabulous! a great mix of florals and stripes. that is one fantastic skirt. i love the high waist and the short hemline. you look great!!

  6. *ADORE*

    pattern mixey = happy x 10! (it's that kind of equation that can only be a product of the 3 espresso's i just drank…)

    i'm so excited to see your new kitten!

  7. looove this look! the skirt is so scandalous, i love it!

    i hope hope hope you get a kitten! kitties are the best!

  8. being a total sucker for florals, no wonder this is one of my favorite of your outfits, especially since you mixed it with stripes..

  9. wow, just to let you know, your eye makeup looks fantistic in these photos! you should seriously do a post about how you do your makeup (unless you already have – i haven't been a follower for that long!)

  10. I love this–the stripes in the top totally balance out the florals. Stripes really are magical, aren't they?

  11. The skirt looks beautiful! And that's surprising about the dog. usually landlords are that way about kitties!

  12. LOVE the skirt – so refreshing to see you in a busier print and also looking a bit sexier than usual.

    I too want a puppy but work far to often to take care of the poor bugger. So for now, my kitten that's quickly grown into a cat will have to do. At least they're self sufficient, for the most part.

  13. I wouldnt like to be a jerk, but I think your pics are starting to get boring, always the same place, the same poses… I dont know, its becoming repetitive…

    Improve!!! be different!! surprise us!!!! :DDD

  14. Whenever someone says 'I wouldn't want to be a jerk', you KNOW they're going to be a jerk! Hah.

    Squeeee a kitten! I'm sad that you can't get a dog cos I am such a dog person but kittens are pretty cute too.

  15. Stripes and florals :) ooo get a kitten! I want a kitten :( My landlord would never allow that though, nor is there enough room for one.

  16. I love your outfit! :) Oooh… happy kitten hunting! ;) My husband and I have been talking over getting a kitten or puppy lately, but we just can't manage another furry thing in the apartment right now (on rascally rabbit is enough!). So exciting you're getting one though!!! :)

    ♥ Casey
    blog |

  17. Yes, yes, and yes.
    Yes to your outfit, the colors are beautiful
    yes to kittens
    and yes to kittens inspired by kittens.

    I want to see pictures of your new cat baby!

  18. "I'm a magician! I'm a rabbit!" Get a kitten! Do it. Show us said kitten and incorporate it into all your outfit shots. Hawt.

    Love a bit of mixed prints – total sucker for your floral and stripes combo! Ele from BORO X

  19. I love that skirt! And it looks great paired with the striped shirt! Good luck getting a kitten! I love kittens!

  20. you just KNOW I'm going to love that high waist skirt! Also, I think the combination of mixing patterns is fresh and cute! xoxo

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