hat lady

you see what i did there with the title? hat lady. instead of cat lady. get it? yeah… it’s funny because as obsessed as i am with hats, i really don’t have that many. several months back, i went pretty hat crazy and bought a ton of vintage hats, but i ended up hating most of them and just having no occasion to wear the rest of them. such was the case with this big floppy woven hat that i got from pac sun months ago. when it arrived in the mail, i instantly laughed and tossed it aside. like i’d ever wear that, i said. for whatever reason, i’ve just never been into floppy hats. but then i styled up this outfit with the sort of romantic ruffles and muted colors and i kept thinking that the whole thing just needed something. and i directed my gaze over to the hook where this hat had been hanging all by itself in the corner of the room, and well, it just worked. i think i would prefer this to be felt, but the loose weave is probably more seasonably appropriate. so that’s the story of how i got dressed today! in case you were wondering.and then me and the boy went for a stroll to a regular spot: the morcom rose garden by my house. we got there as the sun was setting behind the trees, so we got to play around with the light in the photos for a while, before strolling back over to the grocery store to pick up burrito supplies and cheap beer coz reality hit, and we’re both kinda broke right now! and honestly, i can’t think of anything cheaper than beans and rice! i have to say that i’m quite thankful that my grandma and my mom taught me how to cook good, cheap food. in fact, i’ve been meaning to share some good recipes with you guys, but i’ll have to borrow a kitchen from someone for photos because ours is just teeny tiny with really bad lighting. but hopefully maybe i’ll get something for you real soon!

blouse: loft ruffle blouse
shorts: ever tap shorts from gilt groupe
sandals: kork-ease bette wedges
hat: quicksilver woven floppy hat
belt: thrifted vintage braided belt
purse: thrifted vintage coach satchel
ring: marika king lace ring


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  1. you look soooo cute! love the hat and that ring is so adorable! Very summery look, makes me want to go outside ^.^

  2. You look stunning. I really like how feminine and cute this outfit is. I'm in love with your shoe collection too, everyday I get pangs of envy! Lovely hat too.

  3. confession, i don't even own one hat! they seem kinda like a festival must-have though, and seeing as im going to a few, i think i need one!
    oh and PLEASE share some recipes,
    im going away to university in the fall, and i need to learn how to cook cheap, good food like you :)



  4. The lighting in these pics are beautiful! And that outfit is just so awesome. You look adorable in that hat!

  5. Everything about this outfit is so awesome! Great shorts, hat, shoes, and top! Did I mention everything? Whoops :P

  6. The lighting in your photos is just beautiful, but the hat and shirt are both divine. Strange how you can suddenly have a hat phase isn't it, I've recently acquired a few myself

  7. Oh dear, the third to last photo with the lens flare is gorgeous. Love the hat, too! I have a floppy one like it that I've had for a couple months now, but haven't found quite the right thing to wear it with.


  8. such a romantic outfit! I actually really like that the hat is woven. It pops more and gives more textural variety to your overall look.

  9. I'm pretty sure you're one of my favorite bloggers and not only that, but you pull off hats better than most people!

  10. I adore this outfit! I love it :) The hat and blouse look stunning on you. Can't wait to read your recipes! I'm in dire need of some new cheap eats..

  11. love this outfit! the shorts and the blouse are completely amazing. the photos are gorgeous. that closeup is so lovely. so fabulous!!!

  12. Gorrrgeous outfit and that hat! Love when "surf" brands have such great style sometimes…

    I had to tumble this it was so good. The photos really made it all that more romantic too!

  13. I love the hat! Floppy ones are always the most fun to wear–there is something vaguely eccentric about them (in a good way ;). I really adore your shorts too–and how you paired them with a frilly blouse! (Must go dig up my vintage Oscar de la Renta blouse, that has cascades of lace, to try with shorts! ;)

    Please do share some recipes with us! I'm a bit of a cooking geek (um… when we had cable, half the time I was watching Food Network, Top Chef, or one of those global eating shows on the Travel Channel), plus I have to shop/cook on a pretty limited budget. So I'm always up for new and exciting ideas! (Especially since I think I've exhausted my latest stint at curries of various sorts; we been eating curry a lot the past few months!)

    ♥ Casey
    blog | elegantmusings.com

  14. I think you really made the hat work! It's definitely a statement, but it works very well with your ruffles and dark shorts. And the hat is from PacSun? I'm impressed!

    Also – please share your recipes! My grocery bill is scary these days…

    – Meredith

  15. do people ever compliment your legs? well they're very nice. I feel weird telling a girl she has nice legs haha.

  16. Ooooh, I like this a lot! I'm going on a beach trip soon and I really want a floppy hat like this for keeping the sun away while I'm lounging on the shore.

  17. i find hats incredibly difficult to pull off, but you styled this one perfectly! and since when is pac sun so.. feminine?

  18. Great hat! I love hats as well but i can't wear them a lot in Amsterdam unfortunatly as i go everywhere by bike and my hat always fly of my head!

    I saw on your twitter that you were teaching yourself illustrator, i would love to learn it too, so i wondered if you have a good tutorial beginner website? Love to know!

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