for the boys: my brother’s outfit

calivintage: devin
bonus round! yesterday i told you that i was only able to document one of my outfits while on vacation in southern california last week.  but i was able to get another outfit post… of my little brother, devin!  ok, so maybe he’s not so little anymore, but he will always be my little bro, even if he is all grown up.  and i just had to share one of his outfits with you because he really is a rather dapper gentleman, don’t you think?  i like that it’s a casual outfit with refined basics that’s deliberate, but not over-styled.  we actually email each other back and forth and discuss menswear at length.  he even has a secret website where he keeps a visual catalog of all his favorite pieces.  i keep trying to convince him to make it public or start his own blog!
anyway, i may have gotten a bit carried away snapping lots of photos, but it was kinda fun to be the person behind the camera for a change.  and i really enjoyed capturing the suburban landscape of the town where i grew up.  this particular location is the 1950’s apartment complex where my dad lives.  note the foliage: lots of succulents and orange trees.
cap: surplus store wool cap
socks: smartwool
calivintage: devin
calivintage: devin
calivintage: devin
calivintage: devin
calivintage: devin
calivintage: devin
here he is making fun of silly blogger poses. i explained to him that a foot turned inwards shows off the side of the shoe.
calivintage: devin
calivintage: devin
devin makes lots of silly faces.

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  1. haha. I love this! So cute to feature your brothers style. I don't think my brothers would ever let me take outfit photos of them… Or maybe they will??? lol.

  2. I laughed when I read the outfit details and saw that he was wearing smartwool socks. My family has a running joke with them, since everyone on my dad's side hunts and fishes and they are the go-to Christmas present. Whenever anyone shakes their present and can't tell what it is, they say "Smartwool socks!" And half the time they end up being right.


  3. what a dapper dude, indeed.

    tell him (from one blogger to another) that he should MOST DEFINITELY start his own.

    we need more stylish stags about.


  4. Good post!
    I always beg my brother & to take pics, but never wants to hehe.
    Your bro is very stylish though and looks a lot like you =)


  5. menswear is so inspiring. sometimes i get jealous when i check out men's style blogs. i also love shopping for my brothers, father or boyfriend.

  6. Holy moley your brother is one soon to be dapper dandy gentleman–I mean, already is! I can really see a family resemblance, looks-wise, but also style-wise! Mega high five for yr brother's awesome outfit!

    xx Jenny

  7. That's really nice of your brother to do for you!! I could see you wearing this too! You can share clothes. . well if he would want to wear your clothes that is and if you are near the same size. hehe.

  8. Thanks for you support ! Your shoes on the last post are to die for, and I love your brother' style (the shoes !!!!)

    See U !

  9. Thanks for you support ! Your shoes on the last post are to die for, and I love your brother' style (the shoes !!!!)

    See U !

  10. He looks just like you! I actually thought he was until I looked closer and was like, wait, when did she get a man-chin and such a strong nose?! You both are stylish and quirky! And I like that!

  11. He looks great! What a stylish family you must be.
    I have to beg and plead with my brother just to get him to put on a sweater! :p

  12. I like his style just as much as I like yours! (which is, a whole lot) :) thanks for sharing!

    teri at

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