sleepy head

calivintage: sleepy head

so this is an example of the type of outfit that i wear to work on days when i wake up far too late or spend way too much time answering emails and not enough time getting ready… the uniform usually involves a pair of jeans and a chambray shirt with random variations in outerwear, shoes, and handbag. it also usually involves psssst! dry shampoo and some haphazard makeup in an attempt to look pulled together. i think the only reason this actually looks kinda snazzy is because i had just gotten my hair cut the night before, so the bob was looking (somewhat) fresh. i’m actually super happy to finally be able to see past my fringe! in fact, i should have convinced shannon to cut those bangs a taaaad bit shorter…

anyway, i was proud of myself for actually pulling out this pair of swedish hasbeens that i’ve had since december and have somehow only worn once before! i guess it just took me a while to finally get comfortable wearing them because every time i pulled them on, i thought i looked like a nurse! yeah, i’m just rambling now… good thing it’s friday.

jacket: vintage from pretty penny vintage
top: j.crew selvedge chambray shirt
jeans: j brand jeans
shoes: swedish hasbeens sky high t-strap clogs
bag: foley + corrina mid city tote in poppy
lipstick: ysl rouge pur in le rouge

calivintage: sleepy head
calivintage: sleepy head
calivintage: sleepy head

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  1. Denim on denim, girl! It’s the way to go. I got myself a pair of nude wedges from the Swedish Hasbeens x H&M collection and I’m kind of dying of happiness everytime I put them on! I never thought I would enjoy nude, wedge sandals as much I do! I don’t think your T-straps make you look like a nurse! What kind of shoes do nurses wear, anyway? I love this outfit, and all the colors in the outfit, even though it starts off with some classic basics.

    Happy weekend, Erin! Give my girl, Meggy a loving wink for me. xx

  2. I love your blazer it’s so cute, and those swedish hasbeens I’ve seen them quite alot and yours is def lovely. I want one :)

  3. so adorable. absolutely loving everything about this outfit. the subdued colors (especially the green, one of my favorite shades) with a punch of red! the scalloped blazer is to die for :)

  4. You look pretty pulled together compared to my “i spent too long checking emails” days. I actually wondered how your hair always looks so impeccable, but I guess you have selective photo days like the rest of us!

    You dress up really well, but I am always extra inspired by your casual outfits. : )

  5. I love how everything is to tied together in this outfit, Erin! The cuffs on your jeans with the denim shirt, and the bag that matches your lips. Perfect!

  6. Oh the vintage jacket is adorable Erin! And you should really wear your Hasbeens more often, they look lovely on you and they’re so comfortable, I wear mine nearly every day :)

  7. This is probably the first time I have seen you in something other than an adorable dress that I want to steal from your closet. And. . . . you look uber adorable. Well, there you have it: versatility. I love your shoes! And your haircut is cute too.

  8. The jacket is lovely! Love it! I love your bag as well, I just really like big bags as you can carry pretty much anything in them. The color of it is great too :)

  9. you look adorable as usually– I am really into that army green color as well at the moment. just bought a silk blouse in that color at Loehmans. incidentally, i had those hasbeens in red but had to sell them on Ebay (wah!)– I got them one size too small . lucky yours fit, they look like they’ll go with everything (and you don’t look like a nurse btw, maybe in white they would)

    1. haha, how funny! i got them in red and they were a size too small, too! unfortunately, i didn’t come to terms with that until i had worn them out twice! so when i went back to order these, i made sure to size up. i’m still keeping the red ones in my closet imaging that there is some way i can will them to be a size bigger…

  10. i LOVE that bag (pops of red are my fave!) and i LOVE when you wear jeans as it makes me feel like less of a loooooser in the dress wearing department.


  11. despite being a rushed outfit or what have you, you look darling. :) i love the jacket and shoes – you style so fantastically, girl!

    hope your weekend is lovely.

  12. I was shocked myself to see that you weren’t sporting a dress of some sort. But this get-up is absolutely adorable! Love the jacket!

  13. I’m actually a medical student … I have those t-strap Hasbeens (love them!) and a pair of t-strap Danskos. Let’s just say that the Danskos are what I wear in the hospital, and the Hasbeens are definitely not. They look great on you!

  14. no, you don’t look like a nurse at all – i loove the shoes! i would love to wear them, because i don’t want to be the largest person in the room! but you are lucky enough to wear it and you look great! i also love your jacket – so special! ah, you are just fabulous! i lived in palo alto for two years (i’m from switzerland) and just moved back half year ago. every time i read your blog, i feel like being there – hope to visit cali soon!

  15. I love your hair in this post – it’s very polished and chic! I also feel that there’s nothing better than a flattering jacket to pull an outfil together.

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