tourist shorts

calivintage: tourist shorts

i can’t remember if i mentioned this, but after visiting my family last week, i decided to kidnap my brother and bring him back with me to san francisco for a little visit. he’s been here all week and will be staying with us for the rest of this week until we take off for our vacation to hawaii! it’s sort of been like a little pre-vacation having him around because i get to take him out to all of my favorite restaurants and show him all the touristy stuff to do. he’s much like me in that he’s pretty obsessed with clothes, so we had a really fun weekend checking out all of the local boutiques. this, of course, means that i may have indulged in just a little bit of impulse shopping and these shorts were one of my purchases. there was a time that i didn’t exactly like linen because i thought it was kinda cheesy and i sort of hated the idea of wrinkly clothes, but then i realized that, well, they’re supposed to be wrinkly! and they’re such a perfect lightweight fabric for summer.┬áso here i am in my tourist outfit. or as the checker referred to them, my ‘laura dern circa jurassic park’ shorts. perhaps getting ready for my urban safari. haha!

sweater: chloe sevigny for opening ceremony
shorts: american apparel linen pleated shorts
shoes: kork ease bette wedges
bag: vintage woven straw tote
sunglasses: karen walker number six
lipstick: ysl fad a levres rouge pur in rosy coral

calivintage: tourist shorts

calivintage: tourist shorts
calivintage: tourist shorts
calivintage: tourist shorts
calivintage: tourist shorts
calivintage: tourist shorts
calivintage: tourist shorts

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  1. yes! i have a pair of tourist shorts and i was puzzling over what to pair them with… love the gray sweater. thanks for the inspiration, mama!


  2. Those are basically my ideal shorts–the faded pink color, the length, the high waist–and your styling is spot-on as always! I love these beautiful photos taken into the sun; the lens flares and overall hazy glow are pretty magical. :)

  3. love how you are so close with your brother,kinda like my younger brother and myself. The short might be too long for most ppl, but you can definitely pull it off with your long legs.

  4. wonderful outfit! i totally have some linen shorts and they are always wrinkled and you just reaffirmed that it’s ok! and i don’t look quite so frumpy… you would look amazing in everything in the Chloe Sevigney line for O.C.! Glad you had fun with your bro.

  5. Love the description of the shorts!! Made me giggle a little. And I also love how you seem to incorporate your little straw bag with everything, yet it just absolutely works! :)

  6. such adorable shorts! I have similar ones in yellow, but they aren’t cuffed. love em! I’m still shy of ironing linen, although I love how the fabric feels!

  7. Those shorts are awesome! Jurassic Park is my favorite movie of all time. I work at a clothing store and often describe pieces of clothing by using specific Jurassic Park characters! Hahaha

  8. love the pastel colors!! they cooperate with the straw bag so perfectly<3 great silhouette against the background

  9. Absolutely adore the light in these photos and sun flare. This is such a perfect little outfit, you can do no wrong! Thank your for providing me with so much inspiration.


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