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today i am pleased to announce that i have partnered up with paper & chain, a brand new handmade jewelry shop run by the talented ismay ozga and her parter naomi. everything in the shop is handmade offering a perfect mix of elegance and edginess in an affordable price range. and this week, we’re offering you the chance to win any one item from the shop! to give you an idea of the great selection, i’ve showcase a few of my favorites, but you’ll have to check out the shop to see the complete collection!

to enter, simply visit paper & chain, then leave a comment in the section below letting us know which item is your absolute favorite!

this giveaway is open to international readers, so anyone can enter. only one entry per person. the winner will be randomly selected on tuesday, november 22 and will be contacted via email. winner will receive their choice of any one item in the shop.

don’t want to wait? get 15% off any order at paper & chain with code “cali15” now through december 1.


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  1. Well, I am pretty much obsessed with that vega pendant now. (Got my eye on those studs too!) Thanks for recommending the site!

  2. Three-way tie: Vega stud bracelet, Catena leather bracelet & Heg trio necklace! (but if i have to pick one….it would have to be the Vega stud. I’m not usually a bracelet wearer but this one’s look is so surprising. i dig it)

    Thanks for the rec. I love beautiful handcrafted jewelry but it’s rare to find it at an affordable price!

  3. it’s nearly impossible to chose just ONE! i love them all! the website is so so pretty too, my favourites are the vega skinny cuff and the hex trio necklace. … or the arrow ring .. ahhh too many pretties!! X

  4. I love paper & chain’s quietly stylish aesthetic, thanks for introducing us to them! My favorites are the arrow ring, and stacking the vega rings. I also love the simplicity of the catena blocks necklace.

  5. Oh, so many perfect, simple pieces! I could imagine wearing any one of them with anything in my closet.

    Hard to pick a favorite, but my eyes keep straying back to the Arrow Ring. :)

  6. The entire collection is absolutely fabulous… But what I love the most is the Vega Stud Bracelet. It’s absolutely beautiful…

  7. I’m slowly but surely trying to build my arm party and I adore the stud bracelet. Perfect amount of edginess and sweetness!

  8. I absolutely love the Vega Pendant. The pieces on the site are gorgeous, even if I don’t win I may have to order a few items. This is such a great giveaway!

  9. Hey Cali!

    I would choose all of the designs if I could, but I absolutely ABSOLUTELY adore the Arrow Ring >.< and I would put it on, in a heartbeat :D. Paper & Chain's designs are really unique, yet simple at the time. Love <3 their concept of producing delicate and feminine affordable jewellery which are at the same time not overly girly. I would definitely want to own these handmade delights and look forward to future pieces!! THANK YOU so much for organizing this totally rad mad awesome giveaway.

    Rachel :D

  10. I really love the Chevron necklace … it reminds me of a lovely co-worker of mine. The style is so delicate, yet unique eye-catching and fashionable. She wears lovely feminine pieces so well and I am probably buying one for her for Christmas now!! Yay! Happy tidings all around. :)

  11. I am in love with the Catena Leather Bracelet and the Catena Bar Necklace. Both beautiful designs! Well all of the items are beautiful but those are my favs!!

  12. wow, this jewelry is amazing. i wanna have paper & chain in switzerland, they are gorgeous!! it’s not easy to pic one particular piece, but i guess i have to. so therefore i go with the golden vega ring. it even looks better if you pair them ;)

  13. Oooh, very torn between the Arrow ring and the Catena Blocks necklace, but I think it would have to be the ring. Such beautiful jewellery, so simply and elegant.

  14. Wow, well I have spent the past 40 minutes having a serious think about what one piece I would pick if I could pick just one. I would literally wear everything- it is such a beautiful collection! I especially love the Hex Trio necklace as it makes me think of honeycomb and three is my lucky number! It is so delicate and beautiful and would go with half my wardrobe! Amazing pieces1x

  15. I love the Vega Ring. I love how simple, but edgy and elegant it is. I feel like it would be something to wear everyday. :3

  16. everything in their shop is so pretty, especially the photography and styling! it’s actually kinda hard to choose a favorite, but i’m really really loving the hex trio necklace. i’ve been on the search for the perfect necklace to wear every day, one that’s low-key but still interesting. that one seems perfect! but then again the catena bar necklace isn’t very far behind…

  17. I would love to win the beautiful arrow pendant. The subtle simplicity of it would be perfect wit any outfit, casual or dressy.

  18. I love both the catena bar necklace and the catena leather bracelet. They would both look so beautiful with the splurgy cashmere (my first!) sweater I just bought.

  19. It’s a really tough choice between the Hex Trio Earring and Necklace. Being honest with myself and my need for oversize neckalces, the earrings would be perfect to complement many of my large pieces. Hex Trio Earrings it is!

  20. they are all so beautiful! hard to choose the favourite one.I would love to have all of them but if I have to choose just one – arrow ring!

  21. Thanks for the introduction! I’d never heard of this shop before. After browsing through their pieces, I’d have to say the Catena Leather Bracelets are my current favorites. Beautiful, minimalist designs!!

  22. I love the simplicity of all their designs… the Vega pendant is seriously calling out my name. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway and introducing me to them!


  23. I really love the Arrow ring. I had looked at the shop when I first saw it on your blog and really liked their simple but fun pieces. I hadn’t realised that Ismay Ozga was one-half of Paper & Chain though until today!

  24. Both collections are perfect, it’s too difficult to choose just one piece from the shop! I love both the arrow ring from Vega and the Hex Trio Earrings from Catena equally!

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