outfit: beachy keen

calivintage: beachy

i love how despite the fact that it’s mostly been rainy for what feels like an eternity here in the bay area, it always seems to clear up for us on the weekends. such was the case on saturday when i got the opportunity to pull out some very beachy attire in the form of a stripey shirt, linen shorts, and strappy sandals for a little neighborhood stroll. i actually pulled these shorts out of my ever growing “donate” pile. i suppose i thought i couldn’t quite pull off a pair of high rise shorts, but i’m glad that i gave them another try before giving them up, because now i think they might become a summer staple. in fact, i just ordered a similar pair of high rise minty green pants in the same linen fabric, too!

top: robert p. miller shirt from gravel & gold
shorts: american apparel linen shorts
shoes: bridget sandals courtesy of shoemint
sunglasses: karen walker von trapp

calivintage: beachy
calivintage: beachy
calivintage: beachy
calivintage: beachy
calivintage: beachy
calivintage: beachy


  1. I loved those shorts when you wore them last year… I even went and tried a pair on in another colour and they looked so. ridiculous. on me. And they still look amazing on you. What is the secret to high-waisted shorts, do you think? : (

    1. ok, a couple things i have observed: 1. i think it’s just really hard to get used to. i felt so ridiculous the first time i wore these. they just feel funny, and when you sit, they puff up in the crotch and it just looks ridiculous, haha. but after feeling silly a few times, i’ve adjusted to the idea and now feel like i can just “own it” better, you know? 2. it helps if you wear a fitted shirt to sorta balance it out and to avoid being eaten alive by them. so definitely go with a small top preferably tucked in, though i think they would also look cute with a crop top! 3. it also helps to make sure they fit well. if they are even a little loose in the waist, then add a belt to really emphasize your waist. it makes a difference!

  2. Oh those shorts are gorgeous. I adore high waisted tailored shorts, I always think they are so flattering. Perfect with the stripes, but then everything is made better with stripes I think!

  3. Not gonna lie… I was totally looking for some inspiration for what to wear today (since it’s gonna be 70 in Oakland today) so the first thing I thought was, hey I’m gonna go see what erin’s wearing today! I’m so glad you posted an outfit today… i love it! Totally gonna steal your look (if you don’t mind)… it looks comfy yet the shorts look classy. I’m gonna wear cloggy sandals instead, but yes! thank you!
    <3 Jenn

    1. aw, that’s too perfect! i’m glad to provide you with inspiration and of course i don’t mind if you “steal the look,” haha. that’s what it’s for! also love the clog idea. but then, i am a bit obsessed with clogs, too, haha!

  4. Your always so pretty Erin, I hear you on getting your bangs cut so your glasses for with your hair doo, I have that problem all the time and that is why I rarely wear my glasses. By the way thank you for all the support lately on your tumblr :)



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