calivintage: simplicity

wore this outfit to a bbq at a friend’s house over the weekend. i kept it super simple because i wanted to let the huge a-line skirt take center stage. seriously, i might just be mildly obsessed with the shape of it. and it was the perfect thing to wear while lounging around in their expansive back yard eating grilled veggies and hanging out with the chickens and goats. they just bought the house a couple of months ago, and are the first of my friends to buy a house. the bay area is one of the most expensive places to buy real estate, even with the market bottoming out, so it’s pretty cool to see them move into their own little space, and makes me wonder if buying a house will ever be in the stars for me…

in other news, my hair is long enough to pull into a ponytail. when did that happen? i actually met with my pal shannon at revamp salon the other day to get a much needed trim and he convinced me that i should let it keep growing so i can try some fun up-dos. the only other time i had long hair (about 3 years ago), i just ended up wearing top knots like this every day, so i’m excited for him to show me some new styles as it gets long enough to do so!

top: old j.crew tank top
skirt: vintage denim wrap skirt
shoes: kork ease bette wedges
sunglasses: karen walker von trapp
lipstick: nars heat wave

calivintage: simplicity
calivintage: simplicity
calivintage: simplicity
calivintage: simplicity
calivintage: simplicity

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  1. Cute skirt, and cute look! It has that ‘go anywhere’ feel to it (a picnic in the park, the grocery store, a flea market, shopping), but the lipstick brightens it up and gives it oomph! And those circle sunglasses: favorites for sure!

  2. perfect and gorgeous as usual erin :) I absolutely LOVE the skirt – I looked at the first pic and was like OMG I MUST OWN IT and then my heart sank when I saw it was vintage… xx

  3. You look so different with your hair up! I thought someone was guest posting on your blog, haha. Still super lovely, though. My hair also just got to the point where I can do a few different updos with it, so that’s been a bit of an adventure. Can’t wait to see what other hairstyles you go with :)

  4. The first thought when I saw a photo from this post was: ERIN’S HAIR IS LONG ENOUGH FOR AN UPDO?!?! I’m definitely excited to see your hair raising adventures (har har) in a longer length.

    You look wonderful here, a super inspiring casual look. As someone who find casual, laid back outfits the most intimidating, I always need more inspiration!

    1. haha, that is awesome. i feel like you might be one of the few girls out there who remembers me from my chictopia days… i had long hair and wore the topknot for a few months before i chopped it all off. it’s gonna be fun to try again!

  5. Ah I love your little top knot, it’s soooo cute!! That said, I also love your bob so maybe bear it in mind for the future again :) I’m currently growing out my fringe so I can play with more 50s and 40s hair styles. It’s going to be difficult because I love my fringe so much but it is such a ‘style’ of its own you really have to sacrifice it for the sake of earlier vintage styles. I will definitely be getting it cut back in for Autumn though!! xx

  6. WOWOW erin, you look great!!! i always wondered how you’d look with long(er) hair, i think you look super cute! Love the skirt, had just bought a similar one on ebay :-)

  7. I LOVE this, and yes, the simplicity of it! the contrast of the shirt, against your skin, with those sunnies, and lipstick is perfection! you always look awesome : )

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