30 days of glasses

calivintage: four eyes

a few weeks back, i headed to the optometrist for a routine eye exam to refill my prescription of contact lenses. we got to the part where he asked me how frequently i wore my contacts, and i embarrassingly admitted that i pretty much wear them during all of my waking hours. i pop them in the moment i wake up and take them out before bed. i have pretty bad astigmatism in both eyes, so i notice that most glasses tend to feel almost like i’m looking through a fishbowl. i don’t mean to complain because i am very thankful for my vision, but i will admit that i can be pretty fussy when it comes to my eyeballs. unfortunately, this is probably not the best of decisions because i walked out of the optometrists office not with a prescription for new contacts, but with a strict order to wear glasses for the next 30 days. turns out all of my contact lens-wearing landed me with gpc (giant papillary conjunctivitis). basically, i need to give my poor eyes a rest!

the nice thing is that i have a handy little stash of glasses that have been helping me get through the past few weeks. it’s been interesting getting dressed because you’d be surprised to see how just a little pair of frames can really change the look of an outfit. for whatever reason, i’ve  noticed than i’m opting for slightly more tomboyish looks in place of some of my more cutesy dresses. and because i have a really hard time applying makeup sans glasses, i’ve found myself applying less and less of it. needless to say, it’s actually been a pretty cool experience to change things up a bit and step so far out of my comfort zone.

calivintage: four eyes
wearing the bonlook j’adore with an american apparel top and j brand jeans.

calivintage: four eyes

wearing the bonlook simply fabulous with an audrey 3+1 blouse from pretty penny vintage and j brand jeans.

calivintage: four eyes
wearing the bonlook jungle chic with an equipment silk blouse and j brand jeans.

i told my friends at bonlook about my 30 days of glasses and they offered up a coupon code! get $15 off your purchase with code “blcali15” now through may 15!

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  1. How could you have such CUTE glasses ( and more then one pair ) and not be wearing them?! They are so cute! Haha. I would wear them all the time even if it wasn’t doctors orders. But I understand the convenience of contacts, I’ve debated on getting them!

  2. I love having glasses on. Just like you said, I feel like they completely change a look. I tend to go towards more tomboy ones too, i think they’re more quirky

  3. You really got some cool glasses there! I have only a pair but love them so much! Something like that happened to me too! I was wearing my contacts way too much time so I had to start wearing my glasses… I try to only use contacts when I go to the gym and when I go out :)

  4. Poor you! I had to stop wearing contacts for ages after my eyes started oozing pus one summer (sorry, totally nasty, I know). I think it is good to have a break and stop sticking stuff in our eyes all the time however… and at least you’ve got lots of glasses options!

  5. The SAME THING happened to me!!! Back in Dec 2010 (I wrote about it here http://maryvannote.com/blog/2010/12/23/happy-holidays/) I was told I had to not wear my contacts so much. I think had the same thing you had. My eyelids were very badly irritated. From wearing my glasses more since then, my eyes are a lot better. So it’s a really good thing to give your eyes a rest. Although wearing glasses so much has made me obsessed with attaining more styles of glasses of course! Good luck with your 30 days! It’ll be so good for you and maybe you’ll be like me and go for a couple years wearing glasses more than contacts.

  6. I was just thinking today how nice it feels to not wear as much eyeliner as I normally do (I went to drop my car off at the shop and didn’t feel like it)… and I must, say it feels SO REFRESHING! Whether it’s because of your doctor’s orders or because you don’t feel like it, you still look amazing without makeup! Also, glasses are the perfect accessory for the no eye makeup look! I love the clear frame ones the most!

  7. Two things:

    1) those last glasses are tops!
    2) I have super bad astigmatism and my doc recently switched me to toric lenses, which are weighted at the bottom (so they always sit in the same spot). They are amazing!

    You look lovely!

  8. What color are your Bonlook “simply fabulous” glasses? They appear to be clear, but the website only sells them in various browns/tortoises- they look fantastic! Thanks-

  9. The same exact thing happened to me! One thing that helped (because honestly, I went right back to wearing my contacts for 16 hours a day) was getting a daily protein remover for my contacts. It’s called Opti-Free Supra Lens (or something along those lines) and it’s in the eyedrop section. You put in one drop to soak with your lenses every night, and I swear they are so much more comfortable, and I haven’t had a problem since.
    You are lucky, though, in that you look great in glasses. :)

  10. I’m a web designer and a soon-to-be graduate, so I spend a LOT of time in front of the computer. I’ve pretty much become a full-time glasses wearer, and it has totally shaped my wardrobe! I tend to save all my floral prints and girly dresses for special occasions when I wear contacts. It’s a pretty fun way to balance my style: glasses mean business, contacts mean party.

  11. Cute glasses! I need a few more pairs.

    I hope your eyes get better! I was actually ordered to have a break from contacts for a year back in 2006. I used to wear my lenses from the moment I woke up to literally the moment I went to bed, and all that wearing screwed up my (apparently) sensitive eyes. After that year, my eyes were not dramatically improved so I am not allowed to wear contacts for more than a few hours at a time. Luckily I like the way I look in glasses (if 13 year old me could hear that!).

  12. I’m exactly the same, astigmatism in both eyes and hate wearing my bottle bottom thick glasses… You look wonderful in yours though, maybe I should follow suit and give my eyes a rest from contacts! xx

  13. I started wearing contacts when I was 13 (I’m now almost 30!) and couldn’t bear the thought of ever wearing glasses fulltime! Like you, I wore them all of my waking hours. In the last couple of years, I have collected a few great pairs of frames and I must say, I wear glasses more than contacts! We have a great optical shop where I live that has an amazing selection of vintage frames. However, now that it’s getting warmer here, I am more inclined to wear contacts! I tend to like them more in the summer- I sometimes feel strange wearing glasses with certain things. Glad to know I’m not the only one! I’ve been dying to check out a pair from Bon Look- maybe now is the time! Glasses suit you! But I know how much being forced to wear them constantly can be a bummer! Hope the 30 days goes by quickly and your eyes are feeling better!!

  14. think of it this way: it could have been way worse.

    my mother, who was two points way from being legally blind, wore contacts far too often for the same reasons who state – coke-bottle-esque glasses. only she had to wear them in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, before lightweight frames and many varieties of styles and options and colours. these heavy uncomfortable frames meant she ended up wearing contacts as often as possible.

    in the early 2000s, her doctor told her she had to stop wearing contacts altogether, or risk blindness.

    i know far too many young women who don’t “like” wearing glasses for whatever reason, and end up hurting their eyes and making their vision worse. variety is fantastic, but so are healthy eyes. it’s nice to see at least one person talking about it!

    now my mother has had lazer eye surgery and all is well and healthy, but i wish it didn’t take such scares to get us to be aware of how we have to take care of our eye health just like we take care of our teeth, our lungs, our bodies.

  15. I totally know what you mean about how glasses affect your style. I used to wear contacts pretty much full time, and I’m making more of an effort to wear glasses after buying MANY pairs last year (7 I think- something insane like that). It’s made me wear fewer accessories and not as many leather motorcycle jackets. I’m trying to get over this, and just wear my glasses with anything- but sometimes I don’t feel balanced, if that makes sense. Your glasses are fantastic. I have a pair of the Bon Look Simply Fabulous frames, which I think you’re wearing, right? <3 I look forward to seeing more glasses photos from you.

  16. There are some outfits that call for glasses, and although I don’t need mine on all day long, I will wear them if they look good with my outfit haha I like your round ones!

    xo Jennifer

  17. i think this is a good thing. 1) for your eyes and 2) because it forces you adjust. i think it’s a positive change. livens things up a bit, in case you’ve been feeling stuck! good luck with your pretty little eyes, miss!

  18. As many others commented above, a similar thing happened to me in the past. I have been wearing contacts since I was 10 (I’m now 21), and have always been taking very good care of them (not wearing them when swimming, taking them off as soon as I got home, etc.). My vision has been very stable over the past decade and all, but no matter how well I took care of my eyes and lenses I always ended up getting conjunctivitis in the spring. Turns out the problem was not my contact care, but that I had allergies which, mixed with spring colds, would give me conjunctivitis. So I have stopped wearing them when I have colds (I buy small 1-day packs for whenever I really need them, like for dance classes, so there’s no contagion) and since I have gotten allergy drops I haven’t had any problems.
    I’m sharing all this with you just because it might be something you might want to look into–I mean, I’m not trying to do a diagnosis or anything, but it would have made my life much easier if I had heard that situation was a possibility!
    Also– I’m a big fan of the polka dot look!

    1. thank you for this information, camille! i actually really appreciate it because even though doctors are trained professionals, the patients are the ones who truly know what they are experiencing, so it’s good to hear your experience! i have my follow-up appointment this week, so i will definitely bring it up if things don’t appear to have cleared up. he did also mention that i should probably wear the 1-day lenses from now on. i just hope i’ll have the freedom to wear contact lenses again. glasses are ok, but there are definitely situations when i’d love to wear my contacts again!!!

      anyway, thanks! and i’m glad you were able to sort out your eye issues!

  19. sometime around 2004 my doctor told me the same thing — that i’d overdone with the contacts and needed to wear my glasses for a few weeks. it’s 8 years later and a contact hasn’t touched my eye. i love the way they’ve become a fashion accessory for me.

    1. oh wow, was that doctor prescribed, or have you just found glasses to be your preference now? i’m kinda going nuts wearing glasses every day, but am appreciating what they can add to a look on certain occasions, for sure!

  20. The same thing happened to me a couple months back (though I didn’t get put on a contacts ban thankfully – they just upped my contacts to a higher oxygen content). I had no idea that there was a limit for how long you could wear contacts each day and I was pretty much the same as you – from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed and my optometrist warned me that I was damaging my eyes and it’d get to a point that I wouldnt be able to wear them anymore. So being me, I actually don’t own a pair of glasses and I’m having some serious trouble finding the right ones haha. You’re so lucky you have so many cute pairs! Hopefully I find some nice ones too (and I might start wearing them more)

  21. The roundy shape fits you super-well.
    Yes, it’s unbelievable how changing the eyeglasses can give a different touch to different outfits. I myself have more than a pair of frames and try to combine with my daily mood :)

    The pictures are amazing, I love your blog

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