plaid pinafore

i think i’ve mentioned this before, but here’s a little history for you: i went to catholic school from kindergarten through eighth grade and was required to wear a little plaid uniform to school every day. we had “free dress” days one friday per month, but the rest of the time was spent in white button up shirts and a few variations of that same tartan plaid. for this reason, i spent quite a few years of my life avoiding anything plaid due to the association with those long, boring days in grade school being forced to copy pages out of the bible if i was caught talking in class. then in college, people would host catholic school girl parties and all of the girls would dress up in sexy uniforms, causing me to shudder at the memory of my pre-teen self running around with my skirt hiked up to here…

but now as an adult, i almost look at these little pinafore combinations with a certain fondness and nostalgia. so much of what i wear is drawn from references to the past, usually from movies or old magazines, but even from my own personal history. i always carry a jute tote bag in the summertime remembering the one my mother used to wear when i was a child. and i pull on silly pinafores with knee socks and mary janes imagining i’m an extra on the set of one of my favorite 1960s films. but there’s still always that cheeky little hint at that girl i used to be. a culmination of everything i once was and still aspire to be.

wearing: baker street chic jumper from modcloth, equipment silk brett blouse, modcloth scarf, orla kiely gold holly bag, ysl rouge pur couture lipstick in le rouge. or check out my collage on polyvore to see to see another way to style this pinafore.

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  1. Not many people are nostalgic about Catholic school uniforms, from what I hear. I used to want a school uniform when I was about 16, but I was glad that I was able to have the freedom to wear what I wanted to wear at school. You look beautiful in all your outfits and this is darling.

    1. yes, it’s true. i really hated my uniform all through school, and could never ever wear that same plaid, but nowadays i do really like both the concept of uniforms in general, and i can’t resist a good pinafore. i never thought i would, but here i am, haha!

  2. I adore this outfit! It’s funny, i used to wish for school uniforms as a kid, as if it would “do away’ with what I used to think of as a dilemma-getting dressed for school. Now as an adult, every day is like a day to dress up!

  3. I could totally relate to this post. I studied in a catholic school though I love our uniform during the first few years, it’s a white button down,puff long sleeved with a scallop collar paired with a navy blue & white gingham a-line skirt. I outgrow my love for our uniform and just like you, I avoided every puff sleeve / scallop blouse that I encounter. haha :) Now I’m starting to love them again. BTW, you look lovely as always. I wish I can go to US and meet you. You are such an inspiration.



  4. In the UK it is pretty much standard practice to wear a school uniform. I used to watch US teen dramas and wish we could wear our own outfits to school. But I guess my family would not have taken too kindly to my ‘need’ for extra clothes.

    That being said, I love a bit of plaid. And a cute pinnafore dress is always a winner for me.

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