back yard

back yard by calivintage

i’ve been using polyvore a lot lately, pulling together dream outfits that i hope to someday wear, and creating variations on outfits i’ve already worn. i’ve been neatly organizing my favorite collages into collections, and cataloging all of my favorite pieces. it’s one of those activities that feeds the part of my brain that likes to make lists and put everything into order. here are a few examples, but you can see the rest of my collages here.

plaid pinafore

plaid pinafore by calivintage


leaves and lace

leaves and lace by calivintage


fancy florals

fancy florals by calivintage

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  1. Wow! What super cute sets! I think my favorite has to be the first and the fourth. The pieces all looks so wonderfully vintage and the colors are so fun!

  2. You look so adorable in every vignette! Since I’m in maternity mode I’m really diggin’ the first outfit – at least I think that would be a cute style for my 5 months preggo belly! ;)


  3. So pretty! I’ve been using polyvore for longer that I’ve been blogging. I feel like I’m playing paper dolls or something. And I can definitely identify with wanting to put things into lists and categories.

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