maternity style

i suppose every outfit that i wear now that i’m pregnant can be filed under “maternity style,” but today i’m sharing three looks i put together for my latest post up on refinery29 my stylist sharing a few of the tips i’ve learned about dressing my bump so far. these were all taken at roughly around six months, which is crazy to imagine considering i am now nearing the seven month mark! i try not to talk too much about my pregnancy on here, mostly because it’s a pretty personal experience and things are overwhelming enough without sharing something so private in a public space. and i also doubt anyone wants to hear an expectant mother talk about all of her annoying aches and pains, especially when it is obviously a very exciting time. but let me tell you, the cliches are true, and it is not as easy as it looks! i haven’t even gone through labor yet and i am already pretty impressed with how much of an impact it has had on my mind and body!

for me, one of the things that really helps me to feel good is getting dressed. whenever i feel kinda crappy, whether i’m sick or blue or otherwise feeling low, i always feel the best when i take the time to pamper myself a little bit. throw on a nice red lipstick, play with a new hairstyle, or put on something that gives me a little confidence boost. it kinda helps me to feel better facing the world and dealing with whatever other little annoyances might get in my way. so during this pregnancy, even when my ribs feel like they’re about to crack, or my hips are aching and i feel like i can barely walk, or i’m feeling super self-conscious about how much my body has changed, it’s made a huge difference to just feel pulled together and polished.

wearing: a.p.c. dress, palette red vegan leather handbag courtesy of alice & roi, vintage shoes from pretty penny, nars lipstick in jungle red

wearing: vintage maternity top from the loved one, j brand jeans, swedish hasbeens peep toe super high, j.w. hulme mini legacy bag, tom ford nikita sunglasses, nars lipstick in jungle red

wearing: lauren moffatt crochet top and striped skirt, rachel comey mars boots, orla kiely handbag, michael kors tortoise watch, ray-ban clubmaster sunglasses, nars lipstick in jungle red


  1. you look awesome and confident, and it’s awesome how you can still find ways to feel good about yourself even when you’re down. i especially love that first dress :)

  2. Thank you for posting this! No-one else is talking about the self-conscious thing, and it’s affecting me more than the sore ribs (and that’s not to say I’m not being affected by sore ribs; five in the morning!?! what could possibly be going on to make it hurt so much at that hour?!). I think you look awesome, and you’ve inspired me to stop trying to put together outfits from the very few things that still fit me, and go shopping. As soon as I finish this sandwich…

    1. yes! i feel like there’s a lot of pressure for us to be really excited and happy about the baby on the way and to minimize how difficult it is. you know, miracle of life, blah blah. and i am obviously overjoyed to be welcoming a baby into the world, but this shit is not easy! my body has never changed this much so quickly in my life. i mean, maybe during puberty, but back then i hardly knew what was happening to me and didn’t even fully understand it until after it happened. but with pregnancy, well, it’s a lot to process and deal with.

      1. Amen. I feel like a non-person; people see a pregnant woman, not me, when they look at me, and I feel like this kid is slowly taking over my body – my stomach isn’t ‘me’ anymore, my boobs certainly aren’t (though I wish they were), and the weird outfits I’ve been reduced to really make me feel like I’m not myself. It took me almost thirty years to get really comfortable in my skin, and now that skin is stretching fast (and is probably going to be scarred from that, in spite of my obsessive oiling); faster than I can adjust. I’m afraid I’m going to be the awful “Santa’s not real” friend, and be all “it ain’t no picnic” to everyone I know who’s planning to do this.

  3. you are just too fab! Has anyone mentioned that pregnancy suits you? Most people like to dress in colours when they’re down, but i like to turn to my drapey black Stevie Nicks style clothes and that actually cheers me up better. The loose clothing i think makes me both less conscious of my body but also comfy and allows me a physical and mental release!

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