outfit: handmade

if you follow me on instagram, you may remember that i posted this little gem a few weeks back. smitten with all of the jumpsuits i’d been seeing online, but a little wary of the price tags, i decided to take things into my own hands and try sewing-up something of my own. i picked up this navy cotton/linen blend, and after browsing through vintage patterns on etsy, settled on a few good options to try. mind you, i haven’t sewn anything since i was in high school, and even then, i think my mom probably ended up doing the bulk of the work. obviously i didn’t want anything too complicated, so i went with this oversized style, essentially made with four panels of fabric.

i followed the directions without doing a proper fitting, so it wasn’t a huge surprise when i discovered that it was several sizes too big. a few alterations later and here’s my progress. i think i might make the legs a bit more tapered, but either way, it’s been good practice and now i’m feeling confident enough to try something a bit more complicated.

as far as the styling, the look is a little more cabbages & roses/mori girl/kinfolk than i had intended. i had just bought that fedora about an hour before taking these pictures, and i happened to have pretty dirty hair, so on it went. that coupled with the linen is definitely giving a more crafty vibe than i’m used to, but i still really liked the look. so here’s to more sewing projects this summer!

monki blouse
handmade linen jumpsuit
vintage coach bucket bag
san diego hat co. straw fedora
swedish hasbeens braided high


  1. Oh my gosh, I’m so in love with this jumpsuit! It’s perfection. I’m a so smitten with jumpsuits in general and boiler suits!! I have one jumpsuit which is only suitable for summer, but I’m always on the look out for them- being a tiny 4’11” makes this kinda tricky though. Love your outfits and I’m pleased I’ve found your blog. I’ve always had a bit of a penchant for 60’s style, so I love your bouffant in your ‘about page’. Nice to know that Karen Walker has fans all over the globe. I’m a Kiwi so naturally we love her! I’ll definitely follow your blog! x

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