the year in review: what i wore

i’m feeling especially reflective this year, thanks in large part to all of the drastic changes that happened in my life in 2014. the biggest, most obvious being that i became a mother in january, and when it came to my wardrobe, i basically had to re-learn how to get dressed in the morning. looking back, i can remember those early days when adam was born, when i would rush to the bathroom and scramble to get the knots out of my hair and splash some water on my face before attempting to squeeze into an old pair of jeans that were too tight for my swollen body. back then, it felt like i would never be able to get ready in the morning again! but i’ve since learned how to streamline my routine with a quick and easy beauty regimen and a very simplified wardrobe.

i had no idea that having a baby would change my style so drastically, but i’m pretty happy that it did. i was getting bored with my old favorites. the super mini ’60s dresses and twee little collars were fun, but i’ve never really stuck to any one style for very long and i was way overdue for a change. now i feel much more comfortable and confident in a simple wardrobe with lots of neutral colors, wash and wear fabrics, and varied silhouettes. i’ve learned a lot about what makes sense for my lifestyle, and i’m pretty excited about all of the looks i have planned moving into 2015. so here’s to another year of ever-evolving style!


    1. thank you! isn’t it wild how much our little ones affect every single aspect of our lives? for me, i wanted to make sure that i retained certain aspects of myself, so getting dressed and feeling confident in my clothes was something that was very important for me, even if my style changed a lot. i still struggle with other aspects of motherhood, but i feel pretty happy that i’m able to get “dressed up” every day.

  1. I love all these outfits, Erin! So perfect and you always look so refined and elegant :)
    Also, love your ink!
    I hope 2015 is filled with love, happiness,and success for you!

    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ Creme de la Chic ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

    Hope you’re having a beautiful New Years! xx

  2. Love your blog! Your style is fab and I’m very envious of your wardrobe! When I had my daughter I found I had to dress in a different way too. Simple and quick outfits! And no white! Will defiantly come back and see what your up to in 2015!

  3. I love how your style has evolved. I’m the same way, I feel I never stick to one aesthetic for too long – there are just too many things to try! I loved your style before you became a mother, and I love it now. Just one of those gals who can pull off anything :)

  4. Love this post! As a reasonably new reader, I am back tracking through your blog a bit. I love how I can see your style story so clearly! Plus, your hair is amazing in the bob. I am a fair way off having a baby, but when I do I am definitely following your lead.

  5. The second outfit is my absolute favourite! Your style is so effortlessly chic, in a way that you wear mostly basics and not add too many things into the whole outfit. Love it! ♥

    On a different note, I also adore your photography. The lighting is incredible! And something seems to bring out a subtly vintage touch to your photos, even though when you look at it, the backdrop isn’t necessarily vintagey. Would you ever consider posting a tutorial on how to do this kind of photography?

    Bivi || Alive as Always

  6. I watch your blog from Greece and i really love it! I like the fact that you show an image of a real mother and not an iconic one…You describe your daily routine and what you think about your new life, and believe me, it is as if you read what i am thinking about my new life too! (I am a mother of a son too, four months older from yours… ) Congratulations for your blog! Keep on with the good work!

  7. Love love love your style so much Erin! I had my daughter in March 2013 and your words really speak to me! Before having Charlie, I wore a lot of things that just didn’t look right on my new ’rounder’ body after she was born. It’s definitely been a process of my style evolving, but I’m finding my way 2 years later haha! Loving the direction your going these days and enjoying all your Adam posts- looking forward to 2015!

  8. I think you look amazing for having a large baby a year ago and being in your early 30s. I am nervous for if I have another baby now with being 31 (no, not pregnant)….I already have cellulite while being thin and have been doing little work outs in my home to fight it. haha.

    I love your outfits, as always.

    1. thank you! i know i want to have another one, and i’m already getting nervous for what it’s going to do to me! i bounced back ok this time, but it definitely did a number on my stomach. hard to imagine getting stretched out like that again omg.

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