outfit: outdoor inspiration, pt. 2

the time has finally come for me to reveal the final result of my recent project in collaboration with hp sprout! you can read this post to see the first part of the process, but i’ll also catch you up to speed right here. after playing around with the capture app, i chose a few different scans of bright orange kumquat branches to create a custom fabric for my very own shirt design. i uploaded my design to spoonflower, and in a couple of weeks my custom-printed fabric arrived, and i was ready to start sewing! i’m not much of a seamstress, so after doing a bit of research online, i decided to simply trace the pattern of a very simple top i already owned to use as my guide. it was literally two pieces of fabric sewn together and took all of 10 minutes to complete. but what really brought it to life was the bright ¬†and cheerful pattern.

it was a really fun process to go from picking flowers in the garden, to designing my own custom print using sprout, and creating a finished product. i would never have even considered taking on a project like this, but with the sprout, i managed to create something in only a matter of hours.

self-made top using fabric designed with my hp sprout
vintage denim skirt
brookes boswell wakefield hat in panama straw
vintage coach bucket bag
swedish hasbeens peep toe high
shinola runwell watch
gillian steinhardt right hand charm bracelet


  1. The shirt looks amazing! Also loving the shoes though, do you find that the Swedish Hasbeens in nature still darken a bit?

    1. the “tablet” actually comes with the hp sprout as part of the whole package deal! in addition to being a tablet, it’s a space where you can capture 2-d and 3-d images of any object placed within the space! there is a link within the post to see more about it!

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