along for the ride with maxi cosi


having a new little addition to our family means we’ve had to acquire a few new things to accommodate her. one super crucial item was a car seat. in california, you literally can’t leave the hospital without one that is properly fitted for an infant, so it was pretty high on our list of essentials. unfortunately, i was feeling pretty immobile towards the end of my pregnancy, so you know i breathed a huge sigh of relief when maxi cosi sent us two brand new car seats for the big day! the timing could not have been better because adam was rapidly growing out of his (and destroying it with cheesy crackers and juice in the process), and of course, edie had to have hers for her very first car ride home.

so the day before edie was born, i unwrapped these beauties from their packaging. i picked out the mico max 30 for edie, and adam got the pria 85 in matching black. call me boring, but i wanted something subtle that would fit in with the grey interiors of our car, but they also have a ton of bright colors from navy to green or even pink and purple! the infant car seat is great because it works for babies from 4 – 30 pounds or up to 32″ while the convertible car seat will work for a child from 14 – 85 pounds or 52″ tall. adam is a really big kid for his age, so this is really great because we literally won’t have to buy another car seat for adam at all! and hopefully edie to take his place once she reaches the limit in hers. and it makes me happy to see them both sitting in the back of the car in their little matching seats!





    1. thanks for the suggestion! adam is 2.5 years, at least 39″ long (i should measure again!) and 34lbs, so i thought it was safe to sit him forward facing at this point. but i do see that this new carseat will work for up to 40lbs rear facing, so maybe we’ll give it a try.

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