lacausa jumpsuit

calivintage + lacausa

at this point, i think it’s safe to say that the jumpsuit is probably the most important item in my wardrobe. once upon a time, i only wore vintage dresses. but over time, they’ve become the less practical choice for a host of different reasons. with a jumpsuit, you get the ease of a dress with the practicality of a pair of pants. i’m especially into the lacausa santi jumpsuit because when you’re just casually standing there, it looks like a dress, but as you start to walk, the silky fabric floats around revealing this special little detail. which may sound silly in writing, but it really is delightful.

and once again, i am stunning you all with my color choice haha. no blue in this outfit at all, and i’m feeling pretty good about it. i think this might be a turning point for me. perhaps it’s finally time for me to experiment with more colors this year. i’ve been dreaming about shades of green and apricot and lavender…

han starnes short sleeve jersey top
lacausa santi jumpsuit (it comes in several different colorways!)
mari giudicelli leblon mules
clare v. petit kenya bag

calivintage - lacausa jumpsuit

calivintage = lacausa jumpsuit
calivintage - lacausa jumpsuit
calivintage - lacausa jumpsuit


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