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calivintage - mom and me

ok so i know this is a polarizing topic. love it or hate it, but cue your best zoolander impression because according to pinterest, the “mom and me” trend is so hot right now. and while it may sometimes be cringe-inducing, i challenge you to resist the urge! back when adam was a teeny tiny thing, we often ended up in matching outfits by accident, but even i couldn’t help but get dressed up in our very best motherboy ensemble. he’s grown quite a bit since then, so while you may not find us matching quite so literally any more, we still occasionally step out in tastefully coordinated outfits like these.

i’ve also included some of the very top “mom and me” pins trending on pinterest right now, along with plenty more of my favorite mom style pins in the board below!

calivintage - mom and me

calivintage - mom and me
calivintage - mom and me style
calivintage - mom and me

i’m wearing:
curator theo dress
steven alan bryce sunglasses in peach crystal
saltwater classic slides
lo & sons bag

adam is wearing:
misha & puff boardwalk t-shirt
soor ploom scout shorts
saltwater sun-san sailor sandals
fairends waxed canvas camp cap


  1. Awwwwww! I have never thought of matching my sons, but this is really cute because you are wearing different colors but still match and go well together so nicely!!! I see a lot of moms matching their daughters. . . allllll the time. It is slightly weird to me. I remember I had a similar outfit once to my mom and I didn’t like that. haha.

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