kids: play osmo

with adam turning 4-years-old in a little over a week, i’ve been thinking a lot about what toys and games we can get him to keep on track with his development. and one thing that i’ve pretty much avoided until now, is technology. we did have a period of time where we were letting him watch netflix on the ipad, but i decided to pull back and re-evaluate whether he really needed to be using a device so young. but the reality is that he’s obviously not getting any younger over here, and technology is a fact of life. and if i take the time to actually think about it, i think the important thing is to strike a balance. i want my kids to be familiar with tech and to have a positive relationship with it. there are so many amazing things we can do and learn as long as we know how to use it the right way.

and that’s when i got a message from osmo. i had never heard of them before because i am living under a rock over here, but i was so delighted when i started checking out all of their educational games. they sent us the creative set and an iphone and ipad base so that adam could try it out. as soon as the package arrived and he saw the monster game with all of the dry erase markers, he got the biggest smile on his face. we set it up, and he was over the moon. the monster game is seriously the cutest thing ever. “mo” appears on the screen and guides your child on an interactive adventure where they draw pictures of objects and watch them come to life on the screen. seriously, technology has come such a long way. it was super easy to set up and we haven’t had any problems with frustrating glitches. just pure childhood joy.

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