spring dresses

as much as my wardrobe has shifted focus toward practical separates, the beginning of spring always gets me really excited for easy dresses. this year in particular, i’ve already collected a wide assortment of dresses just waiting for the warmer weather. lucky for me, a heatwave hit us and it was literally 90 degrees the day i took these pictures! this style of dress is a little bit of a departure from my usual style, yet someone feels so perfectly “me.” when i pulled it on, i almost felt like it had always been in my wardrobe, or at the very least, something that was sorely missing from my wardrobe before i got it! i spend so much time thinking about durability and practicality that sometimes i forget the pure joy of just slipping into a dress and feeling the movement, the texture of the fabric against my skin. and this dress in particular is made from a beautiful deadstock fabric sourced in los angeles, a blend of super soft tencel and organic cotton! designed and sewn in st. louis, supporting ethical work conditions and fare wages. so you have more than one reason to feel good about it. if you haven’t ordered from them before, or if you haven’t taken a look at their latest garments, then go check it out!


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oh, and before i leave, let’s talk about their hats! i had to include a shot of the woven straw hat (also worn here). it’s been my go-to so far this spring, and what i love is that you it comes with a removable and replaceable hat band, or you can wear it without one. i kinda flipped it up at the brim and love that i can basically wear it any time, whether i’m gardening outside or heading to a brunch date.

the fiona dress courtesy of fauxgerty
clare v. pot de miel bag (use this link for $25 off your first order)
zouxou eugenia flat in black 
woven straw hat courtesy of fauxgerty

use code CALIVINTAGE to get get 15% off at fauxgerty!

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