good night, day fall 2016 (pt. 2)


and without skipping a beat, part two of the good night, day fall 2016 lookbook. all of the designs are so thoughtful and beautiful, made better knowing that designer tara-lynn morrison uses only sustainable yarns fairly sourced from south america and only her hands to knit each and every order. i’ve been following her since i started blogging, and each season i think that she can’t top herself, and yet she does! her latest round of knits make me wish i could move up to canada and swath myself in her luxuriously soft shawls and toques.

if you like what you see, make sure to check out part one of her collection and to head on over to shop good night, day.


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good night, day fall 2016 (pt. 1)


i have long been a fan of canadian designer tara-lynn morrison and her knitwear brand good night, day. i think our online friendship began right around the same time that i became a blogger over 8 years ago! which is truly impressive when i really start to think about it. she’s been dreaming up beautiful knits for years and hand-knitting every single piece in her shop, and continuing to inspire me as i follow along on her journey. with fashion, it’s so easy to get swept away with the latest trends or the most sought-after labels without thinking too much about who made them or where they came from. but tara-lynn’s work stops you in your tracks and helps to shake you out of your fast-fashion trance. all of her fibers are ethically sourced from south america and every single piece has been knit by her. when you make a purchase from good night, day you are contributing to the slow fashion movement. her work is consciously political, sustainable, and beautiful.

and this season, she does not disappoint. looking at these images, i want to step right into the dreamy world that she’s created, draped in luxurious textures and feeling the crisp autumn air against my skin. my favorite is definitley the dark umber inklin sweater seen above. it seems like the perfect thing to wear with a pair of jeans or thrown over a simple dress on a chilly day.

shop good night, day.


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solly baby fall 2016


a couple of months back, i had the extraordinary opportunity to work with solly baby on their fall 2016 lookbook! our household is really big on babywearing (even adam!), so we were really delighted to be involved. and i got the chance to try out some of the fall collection before they hit the stores, including the currently sold-out but soon to be back-in-stock rifle x solly baby wrap seen here in the photos.

poor little edie was unexpectedly sick the day of the shoot, so she ended up sleeping on my chest throughout the entire shoot, which actually turned out to be the perfect thing for her. holding them close like this makes all of the difference because it helps them to feel calm and comfortable, while i’m able to keep my hands free. it’s a win all the way around!


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garmentory pop up vintage shop!

garmentory vintage pop up shop

it’s vintage month at garmentory! they’re hosting an exclusive pop-up shop all october long with one-of-a-kinds and coveted pieces from vintage curators where i was from, duo nyc, hey jude, blacksheep, the shudio, kaleidos, objects without meaning, shop boswell, johan and nonna. the shop just opened today, so you better head over because i have a feeling these pieces will be selling out fast. and you know the drill with vintage, once it’s gone, it’s gone!

bonus: if you’ve never shopped at garmentory before, you can get $20 off your first purchase using my referral link to sign up! the credit will automatically be applied to your account and works on anything available through the site.


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enter to win $150 to shop boswell!


today i am very pleased to share my latest giveaway with shop boswell! if you’ve been following me for a little while, then you may be familiar with this portland-based milliner whose hats are found almost permanently atop my head, but what you may not know is that she also has an online boutique filled with beautiful clothes and accessories from some of my favorite designers. or if you’re lucky enough to be in the portland area, you can visit her brick and mortar shop with her hat making studio nestled in the back. she offers a really excellent selection of new and emerging designers with a focus on quality craftsmanship and handmade objects. some of my favorites include caron callahan, correll corell, and wrk-shp to name only a few. she’s just released her new fall 2016 lookbook, so we’ve decided to celebrate by offering you a chance to win $150 towards anything in the shop. i’m sharing a few images here, but you really should head over to the shop to see the rest!

Enter to win $150 to Shop Boswell!


laura dart – photographer
kim namanny from windowwall salon – hair and makeup
laura burke – model
brookes boswell – styling
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lauren winter fall 2016

calivintage - lauren winter fall 2016

the new lauren winter fall 2016 collection is hitting all the right notes. looking through the collection, all i want is to be swathed in layers and layers of her beautiful garments. as i dream of cooler temperatures, i’ve been imagining lightweight turtlenecks layered beneath dresses and jumpsuits, so you know this collection is speaking to me. and as we’ve come to expect of lauren winter, there is a huge focus on beautiful textiles: hemp, silk, cotton, linen, denim. the types of clothes that have excellent drape and feel while still being totally wearable and washable for years to come.

lauren winter is a design studio based in portland, oregon with a focus on creating “high quality, statement designs that reflect the individuality of the wearer and evoke an air of timelessness.” each garment is hand sewn in portland using natural fibers and sustainable practices. even the packaging is made from 100% recycled material, so you know that your purchase is going towards not only a beautiful garment, but a more sustainable future.

shop lauren winter here.

calivintage - lauren winter fall 2016
calivintage - lauren winter fall 2016
calivintage - lauren winter fall 2016
calivintage - lauren winter fall 2016
calivintage - lauren winter fall 2016
calivintage - lauren winter fall 2016
calivintage - lauren winter fall 2016
calivintage - lauren winter fall 2016
calivintage - lauren winter fall 2016
calivintage - lauren winter fall 2016
calivintage - lauren winter fall 2016
calivintage - lauren winter fall 2016
calivintage - lauren winter fall 2016
calivintage - lauren winter fall 2016
calivintage - lauren winter fall 2016
calivintage - lauren winter fall 2016

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solid state sandal workshop!

calivintage - solid state sandals

several months ago, i got my very first pair of custom-made mules from solid state. they were handmade-to-order in los angeles by shoe designer julio chavez, and have quickly become a favorite. and being the collector that i am, i now want to own one of every single design he makes! so of course you know i was beyond excited when he let me know that he has just opened his new chinatown studio and will now be hosting sandal-making workshops. his first two classes will take place on september 24 & september 25. for $200, you get to learn a new skill and walk away in a new pair of custom slides. needless to say, i will be there, and you should come, too!

of course, if you are not in the los angeles area, you can always place an order as well! after you make your purchase, you can choose your own leather or textile and send a scan of your foot so they can be made exactly to your size. shop solid state here.

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young frankk fall 2016


the new young frankk fall 2016 collection is out and it is so good! i have long been a fan of hand-themed jewelry, so those earrings up top are a dream come true! now my only question is whether or not i can pull them off. if you aren’t looking to make quite as big of a statement, the richmond-based designer christine young has also come up with plenty of other options in both gold and sterling silver. i really love the mix of geometric and organic shapes. everything is interesting, but still wearable enough for every day.

like what you see? go shop young frankk now!


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esby apparel fall 2016


for a few seasons running now, i have been so in love with everything that esby apparel puts out. even though i’m still not quite ready for summer to be over, this new fall 2016 look book is definitely getting me in the mood. you know how much i love a good one piece, so of course their new duffy jumper in ivory is at the very top of my list. as are many of their other effortless wardrobe staples for fall. one thing i especially love is their use of natural fibers like cotton, linen, and silk. i have a jumpsuit from last season that has been washed and worn that only seems to get better with time. and i can’t wait to incorporate even more of their lovely clothes into my wardrobe this season.

the fall collection is already up and available on the site. so definitely go shop esby!


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georgia o’keeffe

calivintage - georgia o'keeffe

here’s a little story about me. maybe some would disagree, but in my recollection, i was a total art kid in high school. my boyfriend at the time worked at the local children’s bookstore, and hidden in the back room was a women’s reading room. i hadn’t ever thought about how cool that was until i became an adult, but that little room was filled with feminist women’s literature, and now that i think about it, probably had a strong impact on me as i grew into an adult. i would ride my bike there on summer afternoons to meet my boyfriend for lunch, and ended up spending hours sitting on the floor in that little room, leafing through the books. occasionally, i’d buy something that would catch my eye long enough to consider taking it home. and somewhere buried in a box i probably still have my copy of the now out-of-print georgia o’keefe at ghost ranch. i would flip through those pages and dream about living in new mexico, spending my days collecting objects in the dessert, hanging out with coyotes, and painting masterpieces. it’s kind of funny to think about, because at the time, i was a silly punk kid wearing thrift store clothes with my hair dyed pink. but now, all these years later, that book seems to resonate with me more than ever. and it’s a huge influence over how i want to dress and decorate my home. lately, all i wanna do is dress like georgia o’keeffe and hang out in some artsy abode surrounded by pottery and giant paintings, haha.

calivintage - georgia o'keeffe
calivintage - georgia o'keeffe
calivintage - georgia o'keeffe

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