i found this picture here.
oh there are so many fashionable ladies on the internets! i love janeisha’s cool style and she has the cutest hair ever! i asked her to answer a few questions for us so we could get to know a little more about her and her amazing outfit!!!!

oh hello there! can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a girl who is obsessed with thrift stores & vintage clothes.

what was your inspiration for this particular outfit?

My inspiration for this outfit was grandpa chic. And I wanted to make it a little girly with the heels.

do you have any links to share?

I have a blog jaylovesvintage.blogspot.com and a store jaylovesvintagefabfinds.blogspot.com.



this picture came from here.
so today i’ve found another wonderful rendition of the pretty floral/denim jacket combo that i think is just wonderful! oh thank you online fashion inspiration!

i am especially loving the granny shoes with lime green socks! oh, and the pretty slip peeking out from beneath! this comes from another wonderful lady on chictopia, madlove. you can read her blog here.

i’ve decided to add a little q&a on all of my fashion inspiration features, so here’s a little bit about this lovely lady!

oh hello there! can you tell us a little about yourself?

well i’m martine! i love old music from the 60s and 70s and bluesrock, it inspires me so much
i guess that i’m born several decades too late

what was your inspiration for this particular outfit?

nothing actually i was bored and i went to my grandmother, i wore this outfit with boots to a festival once and i just love the floral print and the white lace with eachother and i have a crush on kneesocks

do you have any links to share?

i have a blog about art, music and my style take a look if you like to : embryoniccjourney.blogspot.com

update: oops! i asked madlove about the photo because i found it on her chictopia account, but let’s not forget the lovely lady on the left in an equally stunning getup! her name is sharon and you can find her blog here!


back in action

ok, i’m back! actually, your probably didn’t notice i was gone, but i had to run down to southern california for family-related issues. it was a very difficult weekend, to say the least. but i wont get that personal on my blog.


my eyeballs look wonky, but i think the lashes are cute!


anyway, i’m feeling a little off, but decidedly cheery from my afternoon trip to the drug store for a new pair of false eyelashes and some pretty pink lipstick. ah, life’s little pleasures. i can now settle down with a glass of wine and get to laundry. i have a bunch of amazing finds from an estate sale last weekend and since i’m completely broke, you get to benefit, because i’m putting them up on ebay on thursday. so sad because i really wanna keep some of it, but the only stuffs that will stay in my closet are a pair of divine silk scarves for me to wrap around my head turban-style. it’s starting to become a signature of mine. i wonder how long that will last…

more later, dear friends.

sewing project!

i want this dress. i really really want it. but not 600 hundred dollars want it. it’s just not in my budget, folks. at first, i decided that this hurdle was just too big. i would have to give up and throw my hands in the air, complaining about how it’s not fair that they charge that much for beautiful clothes.

but on second thought, i could totally make this. it’s like what? 3 pieces of fabric? maybe more like 6 if i want it lined? i can embroider. i can do this.

my version will probably involve less volume (so as to be slightly more flattering on someone who is not so long and slender). and i’ll have a completely different floral pattern and colors, i’m sure.

so my question is this: does this make me a designer knock-off? if you sew something by hand, fashioned after designer duds, are you a bad person? can we just call it heavy inspiration?

images via net-a-porter.com

ladylike boater hat

oh hooray! i found myself just the hat i was looking for! got it on ebay, of course. my boyfriend (mr. garbee) recently discovered the joys of buying first edition books on ebay, so i started telling him about my ebay addiction, circa 1998. i can’t believe i have been (mostly) buying and (sometimes) selling on ebay for that looooong. ebay selling was actually my first job in high school. i worked in the dusty back room of a local junk shop selling used levis and zippo lighters. it was actually the coolest job ever.

anyway, that’s beside the point. check out the crazy hat lady.

and i finally fixed my sewing machine!!!! i have several projects to work on for the day. and, ug, see how badly i need to clean the office? note how all of the hangers are empty and hence, all the clothes are on the floor. oh brother.

oh and sorry the photos are so bad. i had just gotten out of the shower when the package arrived and i had to take pictures to send to my mom! i’ll post better ones later.

geek chic

say what you will, but i will never get over nerdy glasses. i’ve been wearing them since i was 15 and i will probably never stop. so that’s my disclaimer, because this post is about the glasses i’m ordering tomorrow.

behold, the 3.1 phillip lim glasses:

and for the sake of context, here’s what they look like on the runway, but i promise they will look like ten times cooler on me. hehe.

so. after i get these babies in the mail and get the prescription filled with my terrible astigmatism coke bottle lenses, i will no doubt already be thinking about yet another sweet pair. i’m quite interested in the ever classic moscot lemtosh frame:

and of course, the more recognizable and even more classic optical ray ban wayfarer. a standby. perhaps these will be my backup glasses.

now can you really call me shallow for wanting an incredible pair of glasses? i mean, they are kind of essential if i want to seeeeeee for chrissake.

ok, and done.

luella inspiration

oh, i figured i should mention where i got the idea for the bow hats!!!! oh trust me, i am getting more off ebay as we speak. so bad.

photo credit: style.com

hair cut!

relieved to have gotten a new haircut. i feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. har. then, when i got home and did my makeup, i realized that i was channeling “my life to live.” that is not a bad thing, though i’m not trying to say i look as effing awesome as anna karina. anyway, then i just had to change my photobooth picture to black and white. it was only appropriate. voila!

in other news: too much homework equals no time for ebay. i’m so good at math, see? so sorry for that. but for serious, i should put up a teaser because i have some pretttty amazing stuff waiting to go up for auction.

UPDATE: oh oh! and this is how it looks when it’s all messed up! i am very pleased that i found a new place to get my hairs cut. yayay!

yeah, it’s cheezy. i couldn’t help myself. i was twirling around and shaking my hairs because i am pleased.

spring inspiration

gah! i have suddenly discovered a new love. go to style.com and use their full screen viewer for a better look-see.

charles anastase s/s 09!

clicky clicky. i am going out today to buy a straw hat. for serious.

leather jacket, please.

i want a leather jacket. i’ve wanted one for a while, but they’re so expensive, i’ve never seriously considered it. i think i’m starting to consider. here’s my inspiration.

i just really love this look in general. it was the only thing that stood out for me in karen walker’s collection. i must have that jacket. i’ll take the whole outfit, actually.

i’m gonna say i think i’m like the only person who didn’t like erin featherston. it was a super fun collection in contrast to everything else that’s shown so far, but i couldn’t get over those silly hats! i love a flouncy mini skirt and all, but i guess i’m just no fun. but i did like that jacket…

and i’m thinkin that this leather vest from elise overland is pretty badass. i’m keeping my eyes open at the thrift stores for something i can alter like this, and then probably never wear.