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family style with the new zappos loyalty program!

calivintage + zappos

this post is sponsored by zappos.

if you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you probably know that i’ve been a zappos customer for years. i think i made my first purchase on the site before i was even a blogger, and i’ve been doing this for over 8 years now! so you know i was excited when they let me know about their brand new zappos loyalty program! whether you’re brand new to zappos or have been shopping there for years, it’s free to join and you can instantly start earning points towards perks and benefits like free expedited shipping and early access to sales. earn 10 points for every $1 spent, earn 50 points just for logging in, and earn 100 points each time you leave a product review. the more points you earn, the more rewards you get! and for a limited time, existing zappos customers will get a $15 zappos reward code when they join the zappos loyalty program.

so here we are outfitted in some of our zappos favorites for some fun family photos. i’ve been trying to make a better effort to get photos of us all together, which i have to tell you, is no easy feat! but getting some new early fall clothes in the mail was certainly a good excuse to do it! i’m having a lot of fun putting edie in little vintage dresses with tiny cardigans, while adam is going a bit more practical with sturdy pants and comfy sweaters. but this is california, so you know we all love our sandals, haha! these are some of my favorite classics from saltwaters sandals, swedish hasbeens, and birkenstocks. they all stand up to constant wear and go with pretty much everything. and i love the convenience of being able to buy all of these brands in one place with free shipping, free returns, and excellent customer service.

i’m wearing: colorant cashmere sweater, samantha pleet plank jeans, swedish hasbeens braided high clog sandals

edie is wearing: vintage dress, petite soul bonnet, pumpkin patch kids chunky cardigan, saltwater sandals sea wees

adam is wearing: fairends camp hat, polo ralph lauren kids hooded pullover, volcom kids frickin slim chino pants, birkenstock kids roma sandals

all linked items courtesy of zappos

calivintage + zappos

calivintage + zappos

calivintage + zappos

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summer picnic vibes

calivintage - janie and jack

stopping in on a hot summer day to share a few photos of my littles. edie is already three months old, and adam turned two and a half earlier this month! seeing them together like this, i can’t believe what a big boy adam has become! it’s almost more than my heart can bear. they’re both dressed up for summer in head-to-toe janie and jack, but adam is kinda stealing the show with his too-cool-for-school attitude. if i had to choose one photo to commemorate summer, this would definitely be it. these two kids are my whole entire world.

if you’re looking for some cool summer clothes, janie and jack has tons of timeless classic styles to choose from. adam has a slightly nautical vibe with his chambray, linen, and boat shoes while edith is working on her tomboy vibes in a classic baby boy outfit that works just as well on little girls. shop their looks below:

edie’s look:
gingham one piece | saddle crib shoe | bucket hat | plush giraffe rattle

adam’s look:
chambray shirt | linen blend pant | classic boat shoe | tortoise sunglasses

calivintage - janie and jack
calivintage - janie and jack

this post was created in partnership with janie and jack.

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along for the ride


having a new little addition to our family means we’ve had to acquire a few new things to accommodate her. one super crucial item was a car seat. in california, you literally can’t leave the hospital without one that is properly fitted for an infant, so it was pretty high on our list of essentials. unfortunately, i was feeling pretty immobile towards the end of my pregnancy, so you know i breathed a huge sigh of relief when maxi cosi sent us two brand new car seats for the big day! the timing could not have been better because adam was rapidly growing out of his (and destroying it with cheesy crackers and juice in the process), and of course, edie had to have hers for her very first car ride home.

so the day before edie was born, i unwrapped these beauties from their packaging. i picked out the mico max 30 for edie, and adam got the pria 85 in matching black. call me boring, but i wanted something subtle that would fit in with the grey interiors of our car, but they also have a ton of bright colors from navy to green or even pink and purple! the infant car seat is great because it works for babies from 4 – 30 pounds or up to 32″ while the convertible car seat will work for a child from 14 – 85 pounds or 52″ tall. adam is a really big kid for his age, so this is really great because we literally won’t have to buy another car seat for adam at all! and hopefully edie to take his place once she reaches the limit in hers. and it makes me happy to see them both sitting in the back of the car in their little matching seats!





bitte tastemaker talks

bitte tastemaker series - calivintage

so excited to share that i was interviewed by bitte as part of their tastemaker talks series! this is especially awesome because bitte is easily one of my favorite online children’s boutiques, and the place where i get a lot of the cute toys and clothes you see around my house. the shop was started a few years back by maia mcdonald (of pinterest and rue magazine fame) shortly after her adorable daughter was born. together with her mom as her partner, she’s managed to create a beautiful shopping experience filled with ethically made and aesthetically pleasing toys, books, and clothes for kids of all ages. but enough talking, you should go see for yourself! read my interview here and take a look at my collection of favorites here!

bitte tastemaker series - calivintage



adam and edith

calivintage - tortoise and the hare

it’s been a little while since i’ve shared some photos of my little ones, so i thought it was time for a quick update! edith is two-months-old now, and adam will be 2-and-a-half in july! adam is still completely infatuated with his little sister, asking to kiss her or to hold her about 100 times a day. she doesn’t particularly love being handled by a toddler, but they actually do pretty well together. now that she’s growing out of the newborn phase, she seems to be pretty fascinated by him. and thankfully, he enjoys singing her songs or shushing when she cries. and he get better about being gentle with her every day. edie is still pretty new, so she doesn’t do too much besides the usual. she smiles a lot and coos, which is darling. and she’s discovered her hands and toes, even reaching out and grabbing just a little bit.

and when i look at these photos, pretty much any of the stress or exhaustion of having two little ones just melts right away. these moments are so brief that i just want to do my best to soak them all up!

adam and edith are both wearing the most adorable rabbit caps by tortoise and the hare. edith is also wearing a kimono top by imps and elfs and the softest little organic wool diaper cover by lana care. and adam is in his petite soul tee, which happens to be on sale!

calivintage - tortoise and the harecalivintage - tortoise and the hare
calivintage - tortoise and the hare

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enter to win big with olly kids’ wellness boosts!


i can still vividly remember taking vitamins when i was a kid. my dad was a pretty big health nut, so he insisted that we swallow these terrible, uncoated, yellow speckled horse pills every morning. every time he would call us over to take our vitamins, there would be lots of moaning before we took them. and no matter how hard i tried, i would always get that bitter taste in my mouth before i was able to force it down. sure, it was good for us to supplement our diets since kids can be picky eaters and vitamins are important for growing bodies, but taking those nasty pills bordered on traumatic, haha. so when my friends at olly asked me if i’d like to try their new kids’ wellness boosts, i was totally on board. i’m a fully grown adult and i still can’t force myself to take anything but their women’s vitamins, so i knew that their new kids’ formulas would be a huge hit with adam.

the best part is that each formula has a different color, flavor, and purpose. every day, as part of our routine, adam gets to pick between four options: happy tummy is bright yellow with probiotics, prebiotics, and peppermint. super brainy is aqua blue with omega-3s, blueberry, and choline. growing bones is pretty in pink with calcium, vitamin d, and sea minerals. mighty immunity is dark orange with cherry, elderberry, and zinc. he gets to pick his favorite (lately he really likes the pink!) after dinner and before our bedtime routine. the best part is that he comes running from wherever he is in the house and happily takes his vitamin every single time. in fact, as you might expect, we have to hide all of the bottles or else he asks to take them all the time!



to celebrate the new kids’ boost launch, olly vitamins is giving away a huge prize package! click here to enter their up, up and away giveaway for a chance to win:

  • a year supply of your choice of two OLLY Kids Wellness Boosts 
  • $250 gift card to tea collection to keep them suited up in style.
  • $500 gift card to target for all the gadgets and gear needed to keep their day action-packed.
  • $100 gift card to starbucks so you can keep up as their trusty sidekick.
  • and a year supply of method cleaning products so you can transform their super world back into your home.


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mother’s day


it’s kinda fun that mother’s day is so close to edie’s birthday. i couldn’t think of a better mother’s day present than to see these two together for the very first time. before she was born, i was pretty anxious about what it would be like for adam to meet her. he’s only two, so we tried our best to talk to him about her arrival without confusing or scaring him. it’s a fine line to walk with little ones. but of course, the moment they met, all of my anxiety melted away. adam actually walked right past me and made a beeline to his new baby sister. he smiled and cooed and hugged her and kissed her, and everything was well in the world. now edith is one week old, and while adjusting to a new family member is not without it’s challenges, i’m just completely focused on the love that i’m feeling right now.

right before she was born, enrou reached out and asked me to answer the question, “what do you love about being a mother?” at the time, i was heavily pregnant and feeling pretty grumpy, but in hindsight, it was all worth it. i still remember the day that adam was born over two years ago. i’d been in labor for over 24 hours, but my progress had stalled. i was exhausted, i was shaking, and i was crying because i was terrified of having a c-section. by the time we reached the operating room, i had to ask brendan to hold down my arms because i was shaking so violently. but the moment that i laid my eyes on him, my entire body relaxed. i took in a deep breath and felt warm tears fill my eyes. i was instantly in love, and none of the fear or trauma could change that. i will never ever forget that moment. and since then, my love has only grown. he’s taught me so much these last couple of years about what it means to love so unconditionally. he’s taught me patience. he’s taught me how to slow down and live in the moment. he’s changed my life forever in a way that i never thought was possible. and now i have two! before edith was born, people warned me that it would be twice as hard. but you know what else? my heart has grown to love twice as much. and i am so excited for what she has in store for me.


this month, enrou has launched a made for moms, by moms mother’s day collection, including this beautiful handwoven chiapas throw, made by a mayan artisan and mother of 10 in southern mexico. i couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate mothers than to support the fair trade of goods to help women like elena to put food on the table and send her kids to school. not only that, but 10% of the proceeds go towards supporting artisan education, youth academic scholarships, and community health initiatives for the artisans of aid to artisans. this is not a sponsored post, it’s just something that i truly support, and i’m honored to have the opportunity to help spread the word.

use code ‘calivintage10‘ to get 10% off your orders for mother’s day!


welcome edith!


if you follow me on instagram or facebook, then you may have already heard the good news… my little baby girl was born on april 26 at 10:10am. her name is edith, and i am in love. the birth went so well that i was able to go home after two days, even with a c section. and i’ve just being doing my best to rest and recover while our little family adjusts to our new addition. so far, adam is insanely excited about her. he asks to hold her in his lap, and still doesn’t quite understand why she sleeps all the time and doesn’t know how to talk haha. we are all so excited and i can’t wait to share more photos and talk more about my experience as a now mother of two!


two years


my little baby is two years old! we celebrated the big day at home with family, nothing too big this year. having a birthday so shortly after the holidays can be a little overwhelming, so i think i’m gonna have to learn how to better incorporate the planning in with everything else that goes on during the end of the year. and what’s even more, my own birthday is merely nine days away! thankfully, i’m a grown-up that doesn’t want or need much of a celebration. but i hope that as adam grows older, he’ll have fond memories of his birthday parties. he’s to young to remember this one, but i will certainly never forget just how much he enjoyed the day. he was cool and calm all day long, he oohed and aahed for every single gift, and at the end of the day, he asked if he could eat cake in bed and requested to bring a balloon into the bedroom. and he fell asleep singing happy birthday to adam, haha. it was really sweet to watch, and even though i’m not a very sappy person, i couldn’t help but get a little sentimental thinking about his life and how much joy he’s brought into our home in a matter of just two short years. here’s to many more!

ooh, and if you’re curious, we got the happy birthday plates, harlequin pattern napkins, and happy birthday garland from meri meri. i ordered some party hats that inexplicably didn’t arrive in the package, but the rest of the decorations were delightful. i got the cakes from a local bakery, martha green’s, and requested for them without piping or decorations so that i could add rainbow sprinkles at home. oh, and yes, that is a photo of me holding a giant burrito. we got them from a local favorite, rosa maria’s. i’ve always wanted to get one of their giant party-sized burritos, although i will admit that there are logistical challenges to eating said burrito once it’s been cut into slices!