kids: soor ploom fall 2017

calivintage - soor ploom fall 2017

the new soor ploom fall 2017 collection is out, and as always, i am in love. this brooklyn-based brand is one of my most favorites for kids because everything is made from beautiful cotton and linen textiles in classic yet fun styles that really allow for both ease of movement and room to grow. i first bought one of their little tunics for edie when she was a newborn and she was able to wear it until she was nearly a year old!

on the flipside,when adam was born, i bought him tons of clothes from fast fashion brands, and felt pretty bad when i realized how much of it he never even wore. so with edie, we’ve taken a slower approach. i try to keep her wardrobe small and simple with versatile pieces like those from soor ploom so that we still have fun getting dressed, but we know that we’ll get lots of use out of everything we buy. and once she does finally grow out of them, i tuck them away in a box as keepsakes because they truly are so special!

you can shop the new soor ploom collection here.

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kids: misha & puff fall 2017

the misha and puff fall 2017 collection is out today! i’ve been a fan of the brand since before i even had kids, so it’s especially fun for me now that i have two little ones to dress. i usually pick out a few things each season, but the hardest part is trying to decide what to get! everything is so adorable, i wish i could just buy it all! i think the standouts from this collection are the sweaters and rompers fashioned after quilt squares. and of course the ruffle collars are adorable. but you can never go wrong with their classic popcorn sweater.

shop the new misha and puff here!

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the frame

you may remember a few weeks back, we started the process of redecorating our living room. the whole space got a fresh coat of paint and i started simple with a fireplace makeover. but one thing i forgot to mention is that we completely removed our old television from above the mantle because we just couldn’t figure out a way to make it work in our tiny living room. don’t get me wrong, i like to watch tv as much as the next person, but i don’t really like the way it takes up so much space and has a tendency to become this dominating presence in the room. add in the fact that we don’t have a ton of wall space– and tastefully decorating a functional living room for the family has become a really tricky endeavor.

enter samsung’s latest collaboration with designer yves béhar– the frame. we received this innovative new tv in collaboration with samsung, and i didn’t even know what i was missing before it arrived! you may remember that previously, this wall served as a sort of makeshift foyer (see here and here). our current patio/mudroom is out of commission due to renovations (which is an entirely different story that i’ll have to save for another day!), so we’ve been sacrificing a big part of our living room as a place to store our shoes and drop off the mail. it was cutting the room in half and was creating a lot of wasted space in an already cramped area of the house. after changing things up, i can honestly say that without the frame, there is literally no other way we could have made a television work in here so gracefully.

true to it’s slogan, it is literally the most beautiful tv you’ve never seen. if i hadn’t taken these photos myself, at first glance, i don’t even think i would have known it was a television. the beauty is in the super sleek design coupled with the no gap wall mount so that it hangs flush with the wall alongside all of your favorite framed photos or artwork. the invisible connection is virtually undetectable and eliminates the usual mess of cables so that it truly looks like framed art on display. when you’re not watching your favorite shows, you can leave it in ‘art mode,’ allowing you to select your favorite art from a gallery of 100 professionally curated pieces of art. or you can upload your favorite family photos, it’s up to you. if the black frame isn’t your thing, you can also customize it with three additional bezel options in light wood, walnut, or white metal.

the design is really what sold me because it’s allowed me to ‘hide’ the television in plain view and put it in a place that helps to keep the living room cohesive and functional at the same time, which has totally opened up the possibilities when it comes to the rest of the decor as we continue working on the space. but if you’re more into the technical specs, then you’ll be impressed to know that it is a 4k hdpro tv with four times more pixels than full hd. and it’s no small thing coming in both 55″ and 65″ sizes. it’s like having an art gallery and a secret home theater all wrapped up into one tiny living room. who knew a tv could do so much?

go check out the frame for yourself!

other details: framebridge frames, vintage rocking chair found on apartment therapy marketplace, cb2 stax shelf, monroe workshop toy elephant, vintage baskets, good thing mini container in forest, manhattan toy skwish, areaware balancing blocks, vintage throw pillows, kosas home indoor/outdoor rug (sold out, but this one is similar)

this post was created in collaboration with samsung.






outfit: mom and me

calivintage - mom and me

ok so i know this is a polarizing topic. love it or hate it, but cue your best zoolander impression because according to pinterest, the “mom and me” trend is so hot right now. and while it may sometimes be cringe-inducing, i challenge you to resist the urge! back when adam was a teeny tiny thing, we often ended up in matching outfits by accident, but even i couldn’t help but get dressed up in our very best motherboy ensemble. he’s grown quite a bit since then, so while you may not find us matching quite so literally any more, we still occasionally step out in tastefully coordinated outfits like these.

i’ve also included some of the very top “mom and me” pins trending on pinterest right now, along with plenty more of my favorite mom style pins in the board below!


calivintage - mom and me

calivintage - mom and me
calivintage - mom and me style
calivintage - mom and me

i’m wearing:
curator theo dress
steven alan bryce sunglasses in peach crystal
saltwater classic slides
lo & sons bag

adam is wearing:
misha & puff boardwalk t-shirt
soor ploom scout shorts
saltwater sun-san sailor sandals
fairends waxed canvas camp cap

enter to win $200 to rain people!


i am so excited to announce my latest giveaway with the canadian-based kidswear line, rain people! as i’m sure you’ve noticed by now, i’m a big fan of hats and bonnets for the kids to protect their precious little heads from the sweltering sun here in southern california. and you know how much i love a good linen textile. well, rain people has both! and they have just released their new spring/summer collection of linen clothes and bonnets, so we wanted to give you a chance to win some new clothes for your little ones!

simply visit this post on instagram and follow the directions to enter!

above, edie wears the linen ruffle harem pant and linen brimless bonnet in matching rose white.

adam is wearing the linen cap with ties.

edie wears the vintage floral cotton printed baby bonnet.


brookes boswell kids giveaway!

calivintage - brookes boswell kids giveaway

springtime is here, which means it’s hat season. and i don’t think there is anything much cuter than kids in hats. brookes boswell has just released her very first children’s hat collection, and i am so excited! i’m a huge fan of her hats, and have been wanting a little mini version for adam for a while now, so this is perfect! she’s released is a well-rounded selection of wide-brimmed straw hats for summer days and wool felt toppers for cooler temperatures. and i’m basically dying over this lookbook because it is the cutest thing ever!

and in honor of the occasion, we’ve teamed up to offer you the opportunity to win one kids straw hat of your choice! the options are the nantes straw hat (my personal favorite), the packable optimo (which is ideal because it can be rolled up), and the kids boro (so you can twin because this one comes in adult sizes, too)!

to enter, simply visit my instagram and follow the directions!

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winter water factory, part two

calivintage + winter water factory

as fun as it was to wear matching outfits with edith last week, this is the real fun right here: matching siblings! since edie was born, i haven’t been able to resist getting them at least one or two matching outfits every season. i know i won’t be able to do it forever, so i’m trying to soak it up now.

adam is wearing the winter water factory t-shirt and micaela greg pants. edith is wearing the summer romper with a petite soul x winter water factory bonnet.

calivintage + winter water factory
calivintage + winter water factory
calivintage + winter water factory
calivintage + winter water factory

misha & puff spring 2017


forever a fan of misha & puff, i had to share the photos of their new spring 2017 collection. i have loved their vintage-inspired knits since before i even thought i wanted to have kids. and now i have two of my own that i get dress up, and i always pick at least one thing from every new collection. after they grow out of their clothes, i donate most of them, but i always keep our misha & puff pieces in a little box as keepsakes because they are so special to us.

MP-SS17_lookbook-3 MP-SS17_lookbook-4 MP-SS17_lookbook-5
MP-SS17_lookbook-30MP-SS17_lookbook-6 MP-SS17_lookbook-8
MP-SS17_lookbook-2MP-SS17_lookbook-11 MP-SS17_lookbook-12  MP-SS17_lookbook-15

MP-SS17_lookbook-18 MP-SS17_lookbook-22



MP-SS17_lookbook-43MP-SS17_lookbook-23    MP-SS17_lookbook-31 MP-SS17_lookbook-32

MP-SS17_lookbook-25MP-SS17_lookbook-37 MP-SS17_lookbook-38

adam turns three

calivintage - adam turns three

well, it happened. adam turned three last month! it is so hard to believe he’s such a big boy now. and as you can see, he is 100% obsessed with trucks. when i asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he said “only trucks, please.” more specifically, he’s really into monster jam, but thankfully they don’t appear to have a ton of licenced products for parties, so i was able to get away with going more generic and found a ton of really cute paper decorations from meri meri. they make the best party supplies! adam was especially pleased with the big rig cupcake stand because it has functioning wheels, so he got to play with it after we were all done.

for the cake, i just went with a boxed mix and pre-made frosting. which is especially funny because i’ve actually been to culinary school and am a certified pastry chef. oh well! adam very specifically asked for a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles, which is awesome because that’s the kind of cake i’ve made for him since his first birthday. i think i see a tradition emerging…

anyway, decorations aside, it was a really wonderful day! the clouds and rain parted for one day only, so we were able to celebrate outside in warm, sunny weather before retreating indoors for the rest of the week. and it was the first time we got to enjoy our newly constructed pergola, which is a total game-changer. now we can have all sorts of parties out there! now if only i could find some furnishings for it…

meri meri truck-themed cupcake stand, napkins, party hats, truck garland, confetti balloon kit
martha stewart paper flowers
miss jones organic cake mix and frosting 
eucalyptus from my mom’s tree
stokke tripp trapp high chairs

calivintage - adam turns three
calivintage - adam turns three
calivintage - adam turns three
calivintage - adam turns three
calivintage - adam turns three
calivintage - adam turns three
calivintage - adam turns three
calivintage - adam turns three
calivintage - adam turns three
calivintage - adam turns three

adam is wearing:
janie and jack chambray shirt
go gently striped t-shirt
appaman skinny corduroy pants
converse high tops

edie is wearing:
petit soul x winter water factory bonnet
winter water factory onesie
belle and the bear t-straps

outfit: winter water factory spring 2017

calivintage + winter water factory

whoa how did that happen? it’s suddenly spring around these parts! since moving back to southern california, i’m still surprised by how quickly the cool weather fades away and we get right back into warmer days. and of course it was the perfect opportunity for us to slip into our new winter water factory spring 2017 clothes. it’s funny, i used to make a lot of jokes about my matching “motherboy” outfits with adam, but i think this is the first time i’ve worn a matching outfit with ed! of course, she steals the show in her tiny summer romper. but if you’re a fan of their iconic kid’s prints, then you will be happy to know that they recently started making women’s sizes, too. i’m wearing one of their newest t-shirt dress prints that just came out today, but they also have several other dress styles and prints to choose from as well. what’s more, all of their clothes are certified organic cotton and made in the usa.

shop winterwater factory here. or get edie’s adorable petite soul ladybug bonnet here.

calivintage + winter water factory
calivintage + winter water factory
calivintage + winter water factory
calivintage + winter water factory
calivintage + winter water factory