bike style

so as i’ve mentioned before, if you know me outside of the blogging world, i’m quite the bike enthusiast. it’s a side of myself that i rarely share with the online community. but i was recently talking to some friends who commented that i look like i’m getting ready for a tea party when i go out for a bike ride. i take that as a compliment.

anyway, i don’t usually post my “bike style” outfits because often times they involve spandex, but i’ve been working on looking more chic while doing rugged things like biking, hiking, and camping. and these efforts have definitely paid off because i just won a bike from topshop and chictopia in the bike style contest! hooray! i just had to share.

and while i’m at it, i decided to post some less fashionable bike photos from some of the bike tours i’ve done over the years.

somewhere near the lost coast in california.
along the sacramento, ca river delta.
along the california coast near bodega bay.
also somewhere near the lost coast in california. i think this is called cathy’s peak.

i have a million photos from such trips, but i’ll stop there. maybe i’ll have to do a super biking/camping/hiking post one of these days. or else i should really get a flickr to share, huh?


bike ride

so i spend a lot of time talking about fashion. i guess that’s what this blog is all about. but let me tell you about another secret passion: cycling. seriously, i cannot express to you how much i love to go on long, long bike rides. but i never post those pictures here, because my little bike shorts just aren’t that fashionable.

BUT when i go on shorter rides, i actually try to look half-way decent while doing it, because you know, i’m not out in the middle of the lost coast, where no soul will see me. i’m passing by the grocery store, and riding down cute little streets with people sitting outside of cafes. you get the picture. so i’ve got a pretty good formula for bike riding outfits that consists of a cute little mini dress, bike shorts, and sandals. easy as pie.

but the sad part about my bike-loving ways is that i’m really picky about bikes. and thus, the only thing i have to ride around on right now, is my really fancy-shmancy surly long haul trucker with shimano 105 parts and other fancy-shmancy parts, but i’ll spare you the details because i have a feeling you wont care. and as nice as this bike is (and as proud as i am to have it) it’s not really the type of bike that you take on a ride about town. i want a pashly! oh, but i certainly don’t have that kind of money right now, even if i sold my whole wardrobe. which, seriously, that’s basically what i’ve been doing lately anyways! ha!

not fashioney

ok. so i haven’t figured out how to be fabulous while doing all things. for example, i wear a pair of plaid pajama pants that are too big for me when i go to bed. and when i’m climbing up big rocks in joshua tree while on vacation, i wear a t-shirt and jeans. so kill me.

anyway, spring break 2009. woooot. here are some photos. i love them.

vintage california bud light muscle tee.
cheap monday tight jean in black.
saltwater sandals brown sandals.
and anyway, i feel that this still qualifies. i’ve got a majestic vintage california shirt complete with a horse running on the beach and a bud light advertisement. and saltwater sandals rule. so there. and oh there are many more!