enter to win the calivintage x only child jumpsuit!


before embarking on this collaboration with only child, i really had no idea what to expect. all i knew was that i was super excited to be involved in the design process, and to be working with such an awesome oakland-based designer like haley tucker. i had a certain level of confidence because i got so much helpful feedback from everyone on instagram, but i was too anxious to think too much beyond that. so it wasn’t until the first few orders were being made that i became overwhelmed with excitement. it is such a good feeling to work on a project like this and to know that there will be people walking around wearing a design that i helped to create! i’ve seen a meme floating around that says something to the effect of, “when you make a purchase from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance.” and i can personally tell you that is 100% true in my case.

so today i thought i’d give back a little bit and offer you the chance to win your very own only child x calivintage jumpsuit! i even took it out for another spin to show you a different way to wear it. i am so pleased that it ended up being the versatile type of wardrobe basic that i love to have in my own closet.

enter to win the only child x calivintage jumpsuit!

and keep an eye out on my instagram for an additional way to enter!


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the 24/7 classic


true story: i was a bit of a “late bloomer” as they say. starting around junior high, my mom and grandma would take me to mervyn’s (rest in department store peace) every year around the holidays to ceremoniously pick out a new bra. mind you, i had no need for such a contraption at that age, but i was far too old for the training bras you would find in the little girl’s department. so i would wander through the racks of plastic hangers with magic brassieres stuffed like pillows, on the hunt for a lady bra that would somehow fit my stick thin frame. my mom would shoo me in to the dressing room unattended, where i would struggle with the straps and hooks, and break into a sweat trying to wrangle one on. of course, i knew nothing about proper fit, so the band would inevitably be about 3 sizes too big and the cups had no purpose at all. and i would spend the rest of my pre and early-teen days playing tug-of-war with my bra while it migrated up towards my neck beneath my shirt.

fast forward more years than i’d like to count, and things have obviously changed. somewhere in my twenties, i gained about 5 cup sizes and now i have the opposite problem. post-baby #2, it’s no secret that my body has changed quite a bit. in fact, it still hasn’t stopped because i’ve been gradually losing those last few pregnancy pounds and i’m currently breastfeeding, so my bust size is literally changing from hour to hour. and if they were big before, let’s just say that my cups now truly runneth over. needless to say, it’s been an interesting experience stepping into the department store and having to ask for a size 32G, which at this point is closer to a hat size than an actual cup size. if you have a small band size and a large cup size like i do, then you know the selection at most stores is slim to none. you might walk out with some vaguely skin-colored minimizer bra fit for a granny, or else you’ve got to drive over an hour to an expensive boutique just to find your size. so you can imagine my relief when thirdlove asked me if i’d be interested in partnering-up to experience their one-of-a-kind “try before you buy” program that matches you with your perfect bra, giving you 30 days to try it out before you make a purchase. i was skeptical at first, but after trying the fit finder, there it was: the 24-7 classic in a size 32G.

these days, i’m mostly interested in something that looks natural and feels like a second skin. i really don’t want to fuss with itchy lace, and i have to be careful not to wear anything too restrictive. but at the same time, let’s be frank, my boobs are huge. so i still need some level of support beyond a flimsy bralette. the 24-7 classic ticks all the boxes. it’s made of a very soft and stretchy microfiber jersey with just the right amount of memory foam in the cups to make sure you’re comfortable and covered. and it comes in a variety of band sizes from 28 to 38 with full and half cup sizes from a size A to G. they have a 100% fit guarantee meaning returns and exchanges are free, and they’ll even connect you with a fit expert who can help you trouble shoot to find exactly the right fit. it’s a far cry from those early days of bra shopping with mom and grandma in tow. bless their hearts, but i’m glad i’ve found an alternative.


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the only child x calivintage jumpsuit is here!

the only child x calivintage jumpsuit

if you’ve been following along on instagram, then you may have noticed that i’ve been working on a design collaboration with oakland-based designer, haley tucker, of only child. i’ve always been interested in design, so i was beyond excited when she asked if i’d like to make something together. i have no formal training, so the entire experience has been such a cool opportunity for me to get involved and to see everything that goes behind taking a design from concept to reality. we started out with a few different ideas based on some of her current selection, and haley did the hard work of sewing-up some prototypes for me to test out. but i think my level of enthusiasm was a bit too high because i wanted to make everything haha. so i went to instagram to get some help crowd-sourcing my final decision. i probably shouldn’t have been surprised, but we got an overwhelming response to this jumpsuit, so we knew we had to make it! and you know how much i love a good jumpsuit. i think i now officially have one for every day of the week, and i am still not tired of them!

so here it is: the only child x calivintage jumpsuit made of a beautiful mid-wash, 100% cotton denim. the design is a limited-edition, meant to be a seasonless addition to your wardrobe. it’s a bit chilly, so i styled it with a turtleneck and the madelyn wool coat for now, but it’s also going to be a lot of fun worn simply with a pair of sandals and a straw hat when the weather warms up. it has been months in coming with lots of care taken into the process, so i really hope that you love it as much as i do!

and the launch of this product coincides with the only child black friday sale, so enjoy $25 off with code “blackfriday” today only (11/28)!!

the only child x calivintage jumpsuit
the only child x calivintage jumpsuit
the only child x calivintage jumpsuit
the only child x calivintage jumpsuit

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more than meets the eye


for my latest outfit post, i decided to try something just a little bit different. rather than muse about something random and talk about the clothes as an afterthought, i wanted to talk more in depth about some of the individual pieces that i’m wearing. i might not talk about each piece at length every time, but i do want to highlight what’s special about certain clothes that i wear because oftentimes, it’s so much more than just how they look! especially lately, i’ve become really obsessed with textiles, which isn’t always super obvious in photos. and of course, i have been focusing more and more on working with designers who produce their garments within their local communities and who have adopted more sustainable and ethical business practices, which i think is really important to highlight! so here is what i wore yesterday when it was relatively warm and just on the brink of needing a sweater out here in sunny southern california.

elizabeth suzann linn tee
this top is part of the elizabeth suzann signature collection, of which i wish i could own every single garment! i’m wearing the natural cotton twill, which also comes in in olive and black. the same top also comes in navy, ivory, flax, or black midweight linen. i’m a huge fan of elizabeth suzann because she really focuses in on quality textiles and seasonless designs that i wear over and over again. in addition to all of the garments being hand made-to-order in her nashville studio, she’s also recently made the switch to using only domestically produced fabrics, which is really very impressive.

carleen pocket skirt
this is a beautiful, heavier weight denim skirt made in new york. it is a very high quality garment that doesn’t feel precious in the least, which i really appreciate. the thing that really makes it stand out are the two large front pockets, which are balanced out by a fitted high waist. my first instinct was to pair it with a smaller top. probably because fashion magazines are always tossing that out as a rule to follow, but i opted instead to lean-in to the volume by pairing it with an oversized crop top. of course it also looks really cute with something simple like a camisole or fitted tee.

clyde wide brim pinch hat
i got this hat last year, so it no longer comes in this particular colorway, but the above link will take you to the same style. clyde hats are blocked by hand in a small new york state millinery factory. this particular hat is made from a warm and fuzzy italian angora.

young frankk orb cuff
i have been a fan of the richmond-based young frankk since her very first collection! all of the jewelry is designed and hand fabricated by christine young in her richmond, virginia studio. and she is easily one of my favorite jewelry designers. if you’ve never made a purchase from her before, you can get a coupon code for 10% off  by signing up for the newsletter on her site!

mari giudicelli leblon mules
these were designed by brazilian model turned shoe designer, mari giudicelli. all of her designs are produced in her home country of brazil. these were a high-end splurge for me, but i’m glad i went with them because they go with everything and i’ve been wearing them all of the time! that’s a mark of a good purchase in my mind.





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enter to win $200 to noemiah!

calivintage - noemiah jumpsuit

i took these photos last week before the results of the election came in. i was feeling incredibly hopeful because i saw the polls showing a strong victory for hillary. i think one of my friends had just added me to pantsuit nation and i was feeling all warm and cozy in my little bubble, hearing positive stories about this historic moment for women. and i kinda laughed because while i don’t own any pantsuits, i certainly wear a lot of jumpsuits! of course, history was made, but not in the positive direction that we were hoping for. regardless of political affiliation, the election results were a shock for the entire country and so many vulnerable communities are now feeling very afraid for their futures. and very honestly, as i wrote in my last post, in the wake of all this, it does make this fashion blog feel rather pointless. but at the same time, i do work so very hard to support small, independent designers like the canadian-based noemiah who very kindly sent me this beautiful dusty rose jumpsuit from her fall 2016 collection. perhaps it’s not as revolutionary as other types of political action, but i’d like to think that supporting designers who produce their clothing thoughtfully and locally is a statement against the human rights and environmental abuses that are perpetuated by fast-fashion brands. i’ve always felt this way, and i will continue to promote what i believe in as long as i am able.

so with all of that being said, i would like to share a treat with you today! noemiah has kindly offered up the chance to win $200 to spend in her online shop. i absolutely love this jumpsuit because the wide legs give it the feel of a dress, but it still has the practicality and unexpected detail of being pants (which incidentally reminds me of this incredible hilarious/accurate video). it also comes in a really lovely dark denim, if you aren’t so daring as to wear this pretty shade of pink. i wear so much blue and so much denim, that i’ve been trying to challenge myself to wear a different color every now and again. and of course, there is so much more available from her collection!

to enter: simply visit noemiah and tell us which item in the shop is your favorite using the comment section below.

bonus: use code “cali15” for 15% off at noemiah!

this giveaway is open to international readers, so anyone can enter. giveaway ends on tuesday, november 22 at 11:59pm p.s.t.

wearing: noemiah dusty rose jumpsuit, mari giudicelli leblon mules, vintage top, j.w. hulme legacy handbag

calivintage - noemiah jumpsuit
calivintage - noemiah jumpsuit

calivintage - noemiah jumpsuit


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i completely forgot to mention in my last post that i got a haircut! though i suppose that’s probably a bit obvious from looking at the photos… as much as i wish i could be a girl with long, messy hair, i just don’t think it’s for me! i really only truly feel like myself when my hair is short. long hair just feels too feminine for me, being the type of woman who doesn’t necessarily fall squarely on the girly side of the spectrum. so i suppose it’s fitting that today’s post is featuring a menswear-inspired shirt from the new power of my people fall 2016 collection. this season, they focused a lot on their textiles, which is obviously very exciting for me being a bit obsessed with fabrics. it’s also a bold move for an online retailer because you don’t really have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the fabrics like you would in a store. but luckily, you can order free fabric samples to get a better look and feel for the textiles. which is actually how i picked out this shirt. it’s made of a cotton linen blend with a very subtle vertical rhythm in the weave. it’s a bit hard to describe, but it’s those details that really elevate a simple everyday shirt into something that feels more special.

i also really love the slightly relaxed “wayward” fit, but if you prefer something a bit more tailored, they also make a “proper fit” style as well. but you really should just click over to the site to see their selection to get a better idea for yourself! and if you spot something you fancy, we are very pleased to offer you a coupon code for the month of november:

use code “LOVECALIVINTAGE” for 20% off your orders at power of my people through nov. 31!


wearing: power of my people the linchpin shirt in wayward fit, rachel comey slim legion pants, young frankk orb cuff, mari giudicelli leblon mules, illesteva sunglasses, benah handbag

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get 15% off at esby apparel!


phew! it’s tuesday, but doesn’t everything feel a bit thrown-off after halloween last night? i’m easing off my candy hangover and back into reality, including election-cycle fatigue. so i thought i’d offer a little pick-me-up before i drop off my vote by mail ballot with a new outfit– and a discount code! i’m sure you’ve noticed that one of my favorite designers lately is the austin-based esby apparel. i don’t remember how i first came across them, but what i do know is that their linen jumpsuits pulled me in and have kept me coming back for the past several seasons. and now that fall is in full swing, i’m so happy to be able to wrap myself in their cotton gauze duffy jumper and dark denim kirby kimono jacket. they are both so perfectly versatile, yet still interesting enough to make a statement on their own, which is something i really value when i’m looking for new clothes to incorporate my wardrobe. these photos were shot on a couple of different days because i’m not afraid to repeat an outfit when i like it this much!

and of course, besides the impeccable design, i really love esby because all of their clothes are proudly made in the usa using high quality materials like linen, cotton, and wool. and each season, they update and improve the fit of the clothes based on experience and feedback, meaning that you can always expect something well made and ready to wear. so in the spirit of ethical business and civic duty in this fair country, we’ve teamed up to offer you a discount code!

use code “CALI15” now through election day (nov. 8) for 15% off your purchase at esby apparel!



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an ode to vintage flax

calivintage - vintage flax

i’m not sure if you follow our vintage shop on instagram, but if you do, then you know how much we love vintage flax brand. whenever i go out thrifting, i pay close attention to the textures of the fabrics to try and pluck out anything made of cotton, linen, silk, or wool. and whenever i find something by flax or eileen fisher or brynn walker or any one of those brands, i always do a little happy dance. i especially like the ’90s silhouettes. they often come in matching pant sets or as oversized jackets. dresses are harder to find, but occasionally i score something really amazing like this beautiful rust colored linen duster dress. it has a sort of artsy vibe to it, the type of clothing our mothers wore when we were kids that seemed way too grown-up while we were going through our doc martin and baby tee phase, but that is so perfectly nostalgic now that we’re older. the other thing i love about a lot of these brands is that they tend to be oversized and able to fit a wide variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate our ever-changing bodies. i’ve gone through two pregnancies in the past several years, so i really appreciate being able to find clothing that is not only beautiful, but that is forgiving enough to be worn no matter where my body is in the process. we all have our ideal goals in mind, but that doesn’t mean we should wait until we look exactly the way we think we should in order to wear beautiful clothes. flax has generous sizing for the plus sized woman and a petite size for smaller gals.

and let’s not forget the most delightful thing about flax: the positive affirmations on the labels! i just looked through my closet and found two labels that read–in all caps, “UTOPIA IS A STATE OF MIND” and “I APPRECIATE MYSELF SINCERELY I LOVE MYSELF AND EVERYONE DEARLY” they always give me a good chuckle. the brand is actually still around, but sadly, they no longer feature these fun labels. i think we should petition them to re-release a collection of some of their ’90s styles and to bring back the labels! perhaps we’ll have to do a flax + calivintage collaboration!! i kid, i kid.

erica is wearing:
vintage flax brand duster dress
swedish hasbeens peep toe high

calivintage - vintage flax
calivintage - vintage flax
calivintage - vintage flax
calivintage - vintage flax

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mom uniform


i haven’t gotten a haircut since a couple of months before edie was born, and she’s getting awfully close to six months old! this mop of hair is looking rough.

i accidentally tossed my last pair of contact lenses down the drain last week, so i’ve been stuck wearing glasses until a new box arrives in the mail. not a huge deal for most, but i’m blind as a bat and have issues with lens distortion wearing glasses, so i feel like a geeky parody of myself. i’ve been comically tripping over things and pushing my glasses up the bridge of my nose like a total nerd.

but at least i’ve got my mom uniform. my wardrobe as of late has been a mix of vintage and new pieces that are made with really sturdy, washable fabrics that i can wear over and over again without having to worry about dirty toddler hands or baby puke. i could literally wear this outfit every day. a vintage top made out of a really nice, textured woven cotton, kamm pants in tobacco, a vintage denim jacket, my trusty j.w. hulme legacy bag, and my new mari giudicelli leblon mules.

and then of course, there are the little details. my young frankk orb cuff, this incredibly charming little opal radium ring by laura lee jewelry paired with my giantlion scoop ring.




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family style with the new zappos loyalty program!

calivintage + zappos

this post is sponsored by zappos.

if you’ve been following my blog for a while, then you probably know that i’ve been a zappos customer for years. i think i made my first purchase on the site before i was even a blogger, and i’ve been doing this for over 8 years now! so you know i was excited when they let me know about their brand new zappos loyalty program! whether you’re brand new to zappos or have been shopping there for years, it’s free to join and you can instantly start earning points towards perks and benefits like free expedited shipping and early access to sales. earn 10 points for every $1 spent, earn 50 points just for logging in, and earn 100 points each time you leave a product review. the more points you earn, the more rewards you get! and for a limited time, existing zappos customers will get a $15 zappos reward code when they join the zappos loyalty program.

so here we are outfitted in some of our zappos favorites for some fun family photos. i’ve been trying to make a better effort to get photos of us all together, which i have to tell you, is no easy feat! but getting some new early fall clothes in the mail was certainly a good excuse to do it! i’m having a lot of fun putting edie in little vintage dresses with tiny cardigans, while adam is going a bit more practical with sturdy pants and comfy sweaters. but this is california, so you know we all love our sandals, haha! these are some of my favorite classics from saltwaters sandals, swedish hasbeens, and birkenstocks. they all stand up to constant wear and go with pretty much everything. and i love the convenience of being able to buy all of these brands in one place with free shipping, free returns, and excellent customer service.

i’m wearing: colorant cashmere sweater, samantha pleet plank jeans, swedish hasbeens braided high clog sandals

edie is wearing: vintage dress, petite soul bonnet, pumpkin patch kids chunky cardigan, saltwater sandals sea wees

adam is wearing: fairends camp hat, polo ralph lauren kids hooded pullover, volcom kids frickin slim chino pants, birkenstock kids roma sandals

all linked items courtesy of zappos

calivintage + zappos

calivintage + zappos

calivintage + zappos

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