a day at home

vintage 50’s plaid house dress, ebay
vintage coach purse, thrifted
star ling platform sandals, nordstrom

today was a pretty relaxed day. i stayed at home with my boyfriend and rearranged the office while he painted and wrote stories. (i even updated the blog banner just a tad…) but i have to say i’m very pleased with the new layout of my office. i just feel like i finally figured out how to utilize the space more efficiently! now the only thing missing is a vintage sewing machine complete with a sewing table. i actually use my mom’s old singer sewing machine that she bought in the 70s, but it’s getting a little bit worse for the wear. sorry mom, i might need to upgrade! i’ve been scouring craigslist for just the right one!

but best part is that i need to decorate! this is going to be a very fun endeavor because what could be better than a californiana collection for the calivintage office? why didn’t i think of it before? so now i will keep my eyes peeled for old postcards and books and silly souvenirs!

and of course, i finally got around to doing an outfit post. i did get a tripod, but i haven’t mustered up the nerve to take it out in public with me, so i waited until the weekend for brendan to take my photos. the camera was up to no good so the photos are a little blown out, but at least i got a few shots of my house dress. i kinda think i might end up selling it, though. i can’t really decide!

a little pedestrian pathway right by my house!

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for the birds

vintage jersey dress with vines and birds
no name wood platform sandals

i really need to invest in a tripod…

i tried to catch my boyfriend on his lunch break to take pictures of my dress, but he could only snap a few before he left. we went to the back of the building where a vine was growing against a wall. the lighting was perfect and everything, but when i loaded the pictures onto the computer, i noticed that there were two big plastic trash cans in the frame that i couldn’t crop out. oops. i really need to stop relying on him during the week for this kind of stuff.

so it’s back inside again with the camera propped on top of a book propped on top of the couch. and the lighting is bad. but i was determined to do an outfit post today because i’ve never shown you this dress. a few years back, i became obsessed with these little 80’s jersey dresses. a lot of them are done in that “80’s does 50’s” style and they’re suuuper comfortable. but then one day i realized that jersey isn’t exactly the most forgiving of fabrics. it sorta clings to the body in a most unforgiving way. so i sold most of them, and kept only two. i just love the green vines with two little sparrows perched on each shoulder.

ok, and now i really need to get to sewing. i’m replacing modern buttons on a modern skirt with some vintage buttons and i have tons of dresses and skirts to hem! not to mention, i still haven’t figured out what to do with all of these feedsacks i have. my mom gave me a bunch of them a while back and i want to try sewing them into skirts and blouses. i need some of those vintage one-yard patterns!
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3.1 phillip lim glasses
j.crew white tank top
vintage denim skirt
vintage red bass loafers
stater bros. shopping bag

ok, i couldn’t help myself! i just had to wear another red, white, and blue outfit today. i guess i just really got into the spirit this year. the 4th was lots of fun, we ate delicious guacamole and the most amazing thai marinated and then bar-be-qued chicken. i sat in the sun and despite my fears of getting sunburn, i actually ended up with a bit of a tan.

but it got cold, so me and the boyfriend decided to ride our bikes home before the fireworks show, which was quite alright, because it turns out you can see the fireworks show in jack london square perfectly from the roof of our building.

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red white and blue

oh hello there. i’m doing a quick post today to show you my fourth of july outfit. off to the magazine shop and to check out a new vintage store in my neighborhood, then the usual 4th of july festivies: bbq, beer, biking around, and watching fireworks, yes?

i bought this dress for cheap and it was much too big for me, but it’s such a simple design that all i had to do was sew a straight line along the seam so that it would fit me. and it had those little straps that tie at the shoulders, but for some reason it felt too juvenile so i cut them off. when i was a kid, my mom always dressed us up in little rompers that were basically the child version of this dress. haha, and now that i think of it, we used to wear saltwater sandals, too. i have two pairs as an adult. hm.

enjoy your holiday.

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laundry day

target jersey headband
3.1 phillip lim glasses
vintage pink embroidery cut out dress
vintage coach purse
b.p. nordstrom mary janes from 3 years ago

well, to be honest, i didn’t do a very good job at laundry day. it’s already getting to be dinner time and there’s still stuff spinning around in the drier. so much for all the sewing i planned to do! ah well, so it goes. i am a master of procrastination, and i always find all sorts of interesting things to do when i’m avoiding the things i’m supposed to do. haha!

so of course, i felt like trying my hand at some self portraits! as i mentioned in the last post, my boyfriend, who normally takes all of my photos for me, has been working extra this summer and no longer has time to help me out during the week! this has proven to be quite problematic for me as the thrift store finds have been piling up with nowhere to go. let me tell you!

anyhow, i did as i said and stacked some books on my office table, and here’s what we’ve got. it’s what i wore on my trip to the grocery store to get some quarters for the washing machine. phew! i commend all of you self-photographers out there, especially the ones without tripods or camera remotes! oh, i know what’s on my wishlist! that and a light kit. if you feel like giving me recommendations for some good-buys, let me know!

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bike ride

so i spend a lot of time talking about fashion. i guess that’s what this blog is all about. but let me tell you about another secret passion: cycling. seriously, i cannot express to you how much i love to go on long, long bike rides. but i never post those pictures here, because my little bike shorts just aren’t that fashionable.

BUT when i go on shorter rides, i actually try to look half-way decent while doing it, because you know, i’m not out in the middle of the lost coast, where no soul will see me. i’m passing by the grocery store, and riding down cute little streets with people sitting outside of cafes. you get the picture. so i’ve got a pretty good formula for bike riding outfits that consists of a cute little mini dress, bike shorts, and sandals. easy as pie.

but the sad part about my bike-loving ways is that i’m really picky about bikes. and thus, the only thing i have to ride around on right now, is my really fancy-shmancy surly long haul trucker with shimano 105 parts and other fancy-shmancy parts, but i’ll spare you the details because i have a feeling you wont care. and as nice as this bike is (and as proud as i am to have it) it’s not really the type of bike that you take on a ride about town. i want a pashly! oh, but i certainly don’t have that kind of money right now, even if i sold my whole wardrobe. which, seriously, that’s basically what i’ve been doing lately anyways! ha!

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3.1 phillip lim glasses
american apparel tri-blend t-shirt
anthropologie faded ikat skirt
steve madden woven plaform sandals

yawn. oh dear, i am sleepy. lazy. so the solution? casual. maybe a little bit too casual. but this is my outfit post for the day. i actually bought the skirt with a $50 anthropologie gift card that i won in a contest on weardrobe! took me long enough! i won the contest over a month ago.. i just couldn’t figure out what i wanted! but i like this skirt because it’s quite versatile. i was super casual and wore this to get burittos at the taqueria, so i wasn’t really trying too hard. then i came home and took a two hour nap on the couch with my boyfriend. it was a lazy kind of day!

but if you didn’t see my little interview at weardrobe after my contest win, then you should check it out and learn a little bit more about me and see the outfit that scored me the gift card. it’s here.

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say hello to the day

vintage 50’s day dress
vintage bass loafers

i’m on a kick. i’ve purchased several dresses from the 40’s and 50’s and i love them! the only thing is that most of them need to be hemmed, so i’m working my way through them. i usually use my sewing machine, but pretty delicate dresses like these need extra care. so i’ve been hemming them by hand, which is not an altogether unpleasant experience. i actually kind of enjoy sewing things by hand. it feels more personal. yes, up close and personal with my clothes. haha!

anyway, this was my first hem job. a tad bit on the short side, which was a little accidental, but i like it. the dress is fun to wear, and since it’s a little larger than someone would have worn it back in the day, it’s very comfortable. no corsets for me! yet. haha, actually, i don’t know if i would ever do that. but we’ll have to see as i roll out the new dresses!

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inspired by: 3.1 phillip lim

vintage cream lace shell
vintage black & gold lace skirt
vintage taupe bow heels

so it was only 2 days ago that i did a post about how much i love the 3.1 phillip lim resort collection, and lo-and-behold… since that post i managed to find this vintage cream lace top at an estate sale for $3 and this vintage black and gold lace skirt at a thrift store for $6. i’m feeling lucky, because now i am able to re-create one of my favorite looks from the collection. oh how thrifty!!!

speaking of thrifty… do you guys eat thrifty’s ice cream? i know they don’t have the thrifty’s stores anymore (they changed them to rite-aid) but they still serve the ice cream on cones and cartons of ice cream in the stores. my favorite flavors are chocolate malted crunch and mint n chip. yum!

not that i should be eating ice cream. i’ve gained like 5lbs this summer hanging out with my little brother (who’s been visiting from out of town) and eating tons of junk food. i can’t keep up with a skinny 22-year-old boy when it comes to food!

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i get dressed every day

vintage pink bow hat
erin fetherston for target dress
steve madden platform heels

yet i don’t always take pictures! it’s easy to get into a rut, especially when you’re broke. and yes, dear friends, i’ve been broke! but luckily, that doesn’t stop me from my weekly trips to thrift stores and estate sales. and on one such trip, i found this erin fetherston for target dress, new with tags, for 3 bucks! score!

and i wore it out today on a mini adventure. me and my brother went in search of a vintage gitane bike that may or may not fit his coveted 650b wheels. (this is bike talk, i apologize, but i will admit that my other love besides fashion is definitely bikes! but my brother…. well, he’s obsessed with bikes.) and we did find a frame for him in an old, old bike shop with a vintage raleigh bike sign. but regrettfully, i forgot the camera!

then we drove a little, and saw a giant paul bunyan statue on the side of the road. oh who knew of all the hidden gems that hayward, ca has to offer? i’ll have to go again with a camera!

oh! and i’m not even mentioning all of the animal shelters we visited! with millions and millions of kitties and a few really cute dogs. including a little chihuahua mix that could walk around on her hind legs! ah, fun summer days.

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