outfit recap

you might recognize this dress from the weardrobe nyc blogger conference. i wore it for the photoshoot with craig arend of altamira nyc. but in all of the commotion, i never really got a proper outfit post in, so today i decided to slip it on and snap a few pictures to show you. anyway, i’m so in love with this dress right now that i don’t need half a reason to put it on!
i got it at mercy vintage in oakland on piedmont avenue. the shop just opened up in it’s new locations a few months ago and it’s literally only a handful of blocks away from where i live, in a neighborhood that’s quickly becoming a favorite! it’s home to issues, a little magazine shop where i’m patiently awaiting a phone call to let me know that the new issue of lula has arrived! and there’s a rad little antique shop nearby where i found an amazing 1950’s sailor dress, and a cute little independent movie theater. pretty sweet.

but onto the dress. it’s a vintage 1940’s rayon dress, and when i bought it the hem fell mid-shin in a most matronly fashion and there were little holes and discolorations all over. so what did i do? i chopped it all off and transformed it into a mini dress. voila! a go-to item for my fall wardrobe. for some reason, i can just see this mixed in with the fall collection from rachel antonoff. the black and orange bring it dangerously close to costume territory, but in a way that’s fun and playful and perfectly whimsical for fall.

vintage 1940’s rayon dress, mercy vintage
aldo oxford heels

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rooftop blues

another lovely sunday to spend on the roof. just when i thought i was getting ready for the changing of the seasons, there’s a heat wave in northern california. it’s actually quite nice since i’ve been filling my head with inspiration from the new spring/summer 2010 collections that have been coming out. today i finally got to wear this lovely blue floral dress that i got from pearl snap vintage on etsy. she has such a lovely shop and most of her items are just my size! that’s one thing that i find really cool about buying vintage on etsy. do you ever find yourself going back to the shops who have models about your size? it takes some of the work out of it!

anyway, i am in love with this dress right now. it’s white and blue, just like fine china and i didn’t have to alter it one bit because it’s a junior’s dress! seriously, vintage junior’s dresses are the best because they already come in that perfect mini length and they often have the cute, girly details that i love, like peter pan collars. speaking of peter pan collars, i’m pretty sure i sported one almost every day of this week!

speaking of juniors, i just watched the made-for-tv movie, death of a cheerleader starring tori spelling and kellie martin. fun fact: the actor who plays the principal is also the same guy who plays john locke in lost! and now i just have a really strong urge to sit down with one of the best teen movies of all time: heathers! also starring one of the members of the cast of 90210. oh nostalgia!

oh i need a life!

blue floral vintage junior’s dress, pearl snap vintage on etsy
vintage wood wedge sandals, thrifted
skinny bow belt, nordstrom
woven straw bag with wood handle, thrifted

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mt. diablo

so i had my saturday planned out: i knew that i was going to have a grand ol’ time at the vintage expo in san francisco.

but things change. i’m broke and spending money just isn’t an option right now, so instead i settled for an old dress which i’ve worn a million times before, and a nice drive through sunol with a stop in a local antique shop, and a leisurely drive up mt. diablo to enjoy the warm northern california weather with my true love, mr. garbee. it was quite a nice afternoon, i have to say.

we drove up to the tippy top of the mountain and had a look around. it was a little hazy in most directions, so we didn’t get a very good view of san francisco, but apparently, on a clear day you can see all the way to the farallon islands or the sierra nevada mountain range. we didn’t see that far on this particular day.

brendan rode his bike to the summit on his birthday a couple weeks ago. it’s 3,864 feet up in the sky. i think i’d like to try it myself once the weather cools off a little. i don’t see how all those cyclists were riding up in the heat of the day.

and then we rode back on down the other side of the mountain where we spotted a giant tarantula in the middle of the road, so we had to snap a few shots before we ran away, convinced that it would suck our blood!

brendan was too afraid to get his finger any closer in the shot. it actually started doing a scary dance when stuck his finger out like that.

vintage mod ruffle dress with peter pan collar, american rag cie
vintage navy blue coach purse, thrifted
navy blue saltwater sandals, shoe biz

and now i will relax with a raspberry beer and think about all the new shoes and clothes i want for the fall, wishing i weren’t quite so broke!
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la la la. i almost thought i wouldn’t get an outfit post in today because i don’t have a tripod anymore (i was borrowing one from a friend for a while) and i was waiting for my boyfriend to come home to snap a few pictures before it got dark (i hate flash). this is why i don’t have daily outfit posts and why i should buy my own tripod. silly me!

anyway, i just threw on something simple today, and i was struck by how plain i looked. i got really simple over the summer, and i think it’s high time i get a little bit more interesting now that the weather is changing! i’ve decided that what this outfit needs is a pair of tights! and i’m pretty sure this is the influence of the clothes horse. i’ve been really into reading rebecca’s blog lately and that girl is the queen of tights. she’s really gotten me thinking about all of the cool pairs i’m going to pick up for the fall now that the weather is back to chilly in the bay area.

let’s look at my wish list, shall we?

1. little heart tights. since those coveted betsey johnson’s aren’t around anymore, i went on a search and came across a comparable pair thanks to ringo, have a banana! though i suppose i may have been the last person in the world who hadn’t heard of tabio.

2. cream lace tights. i’ve wanted a pair ever since i saw this post on the sartorialist over a year ago. stuck with me.

3. my all-time favorite wolford merino wool tights. they’re expensive, but they’re virtually indestructible. i had my last pair for an entire year and they just barely got the tiniest little hole near the foot.

erin fetherston for target dress, thrifted
vintage navy coach purse, thrifted
vintage salvatore ferragamo flats, estate sale
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wild card!

comfers cozers on a lazy hazy day.
what an odd day it was today! i woke up this morning to the gentle pitter patter of rain outside. you can probably imagine how difficult it was for me to do anything besides lounge around the house wearing sweatpants and drinking coffee, especially since this is the first weekend where i’ve got nothin to do in a long while! the end of summer has been crazy and busy and fun and overwhelming, so it was perfectly fitting for the transition back into fall to include such a lazy day. and it was also the perfect opportunity for me to step outside of the vintage-dress-every-day mentality and back into the more versatile clothes of fall.

so today i wore a simple layered outfit comprised of a bunch of stuff that had been sitting in my closet since last winter, and it’s actually really reminiscent of a lot of the outfits i was wearing when i first started blogging and posting outfits on the internet some time in january or february. and it was a nice time to reflect on all of this blogging, and the direction of my style, and life in general. and i’m feeling very positive and very inspired to move forward and experiment and share and meet new people and la la la. you get it.

oh, and it was also the first time i didn’t darken my eyebrows with makeup in like 2 years. weird. and now that i think of it, i kinda thought i would never wear a plaid flannel again and here i am wearing it and blogging about it. HMM.

vintage izod lacoste flannel, ebay
american apparel tri blend sweater
j.crew boyfriend v neck
cheap monday skinny jeans
seychelles platform oxfords, gift from seychelles via the weardrobe conference
and can i just mention these shoes??? they’re seychelles that i received at the weardrobe nyc conference and they are easily my favorite shoes right now. i actually couldn’t believe it when i got them because i had literally just tried them on at a local shoe shop two days before, and i almost bought them but decided to refrain because i knew there would be more shopping in nyc… and voila! seychelles and weardrobe, you read my mind! thanks guys!
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goodbye nyc

outside gramercy park getting ready for the 6 hour flight back home.
i suppose i look a little self-centered by starting out with an outfit post before blogging about the weardrobe nyc blogger conference itself, but all in due time, my friends. i’m patiently awaiting links to the flickr pool of photos so i can show you the most accurate picture of the trip! and to be honest, so many girls were snapping photos that i didn’t actually take that many with my own camera!

speaking of wonderful photographers, i was lucky enough to be photographed by the clothes horsefor this post! i must say, she has a wonderful eye for photography and i wish she lived closer so i could hit her up for photoshoots more often! oh, how wonderful it is to meet other bloggers in real life!!!

so this is me, standing outside of gramercy park on the last day of the trip. it was a sad farewell and i even got a little teary-eyed saying my goodbyes! everyone was so wonderful and down-to-earth. i felt so special being in a group of such varied and inspirational people. it’s going to take me weeks just to process all of the amazingness of the experience.
glasses, 3.1 phillip lim
navy blue sailor tunic, lark & wolff from urban outfitters
denim shorts, vintage levi’s 501 cut offs
navy saltwater sandals for grownups
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rooftop times

it was a pretty lazy sunday as far as sundays go. i stayed inside for much of the day, working away at some dresses. i have over 20 vintage dresses that all need new hems or other such simple repairs. well, they’re simple repairs, but they can certainly take a long time!

i enjoyed a cup of coffee while i ironing this morning, and this evening i got invited to an early dinner with my boyfriend and his mom. now my belly is full and i’ve got the rest of my evening to relax and possibly watch a movie. ah, how the summer winds to an end.

anyway, here is another feedsack dress from my ever-growing collection. i acquired this from a woman on ebay along with 3 others, all handmade from feedsacks by the same woman. i’m guessing they were made in the 40’s based on the style. i probably should have asked! anyway, i can’t decide if i want to keep this one or not because i don’t know that it’s the most flattering for someone with a larger bust… perhaps you’ll have to keep an eye out in case i decide to put it up in the etsy shop. ah, but i can’t decide! i did spend a bit of time hemming it up to the proper length and using the excess fabric to make a new belt for it. we shall see…

vintage handmade feedsack dress, ebay

vintage white woven leather flats, maude loves harold vintage on etsy
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a reservoir.

wearing a vintage handmade dress. i’m guessing it’s from the 40’s based on the style, buttons, and the cute little belt buckle! but i can’t be certain!

this weekend was poorly planned. for some reason, despite my expectations, the entire northern california coast was booked for camping reservations. out the window(!) to our spontaneous ideas.

instead, we opted for a lazy afternoon at the nicasio reservoir. incredibly, we managed to find a completely deserted lakeside coast, just off the side of the road in marin county. it’s amazing how little you have to drive to find the most beatiful views out there! we bought ourselves some delicious deli sammiches, chips, and beer, and that was our afternoon.

since we expected to find ourselves stopping in bass lake on the way to our anticipated campsite, i was equipped with my new bikini, purchased from a lovely woman off ebay who said she bought it in 1946! as you can see, i was less than excited to get my photo taken in it. haha!

i brought us a blanket to lay out.
some lush greenery by the waters edge…
making silly faces. i like the bikini, but i’m camera shy!

oh, and there are more photos on my flickr. actually, there are almost always more photos up on there!

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black diamond mines

vintage sheer cotton swiss dot 40’s dress
black leather belt
aldo low heel oxfords
standing in front of some refuse from an old sand mine.
on a recent trip spent visiting estate sales and antique shops, my boyfriend (mr. garbee), found a silly little paperback book called “mysterious california” which outlines all of the mysterious and spooky locations of california. he became obsessed with it one afternoon, and after reading it cover to cover, decided that we should visit our first location: the rose hill cemetery, located about 40 minutes east of oakland.

so yesterday morning, we set out bright and early with coffee and muffins, and made our way out to the spot, filled with the anticipation of sighting the legendary “white witch,” the ghost of sarah norton, which is said to haunt the cemetary…

we got there and discovered that it was a part of a much larger regional preserve in the area, the black diamond mines regional preserve. the rose hill cemetery is all that’s left of the old mining town that used to be there. so we set off on a little uphill trek to visit the grounds. there were no ghosts and the little place has seen some tough times. apparently there was a lot of vandalism in the 70s and many of the headstones have been destroyed or stolen.

seeking refuge from the sweltering heat under a pepper tree.

my silly boyfriend is quite pleased with his expedition.

the bright bright light reflecting off the yellow hills created a most beautiful contrast against the dark blue sky.

i did not bring the proper foot attire. brendan caught me running back to the car barefoot!

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so i’m on a little kick. i decided that what my wardrobe needs is feedsack dresses! let’s see, the progression went something like this… years ago, my mom gave me several full-sized feedsacks as a christmas present. she had all sorts of ideas for what i could do with them. i thanked her and then promptly stuffed them into a drawer. i just haven’t been sewing very much over the past few years. then, earlier this year i got a little motivated to go through my stuff, and out popped those vintage feedsacks from deep within a dresser drawer. i immediately sewed-up a little “le sac” dress out of one, knowing that it would be a nice and simple summer frock to wear. i’m just so casual on a daily basis that i’ve gotten to the point where i’m basically wearing a potato sack every day. haha!

but then i found two very lovely little vintage feedsack skirts in very pretty prints. my mind wandered… i found a few dresses. now i think it’s going to become a collection. i told myself i shouldn’t get carried away. i decided to put a cap on 7 feedsack dresses. one for every day of the week. it’s an upgrade from those shapeless frocks i find so comfortable, but they’re still definitely very wearable. i mean, these were the day dresses that rose from rural america in the depression era. nice colors to lift your spirits, conveniently sewn from a flour sack.

so this is the first one in the lot. a very bright and cheery print! when i bought this, it was so long, it practically went down to my ankles, and it was missing a belt. now i have hemmed it up to my preferred length, and used the excess fabric to make a new belt! now it feels even more custom, considering that it was already lovingly handmade. i feel like i should be off to the county fair to buy some prize-winning preserves.

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