3.1 phillip lim glasses
american apparel tri-blend t-shirt
anthropologie faded ikat skirt
steve madden woven plaform sandals

yawn. oh dear, i am sleepy. lazy. so the solution? casual. maybe a little bit too casual. but this is my outfit post for the day. i actually bought the skirt with a $50 anthropologie gift card that i won in a contest on weardrobe! took me long enough! i won the contest over a month ago.. i just couldn’t figure out what i wanted! but i like this skirt because it’s quite versatile. i was super casual and wore this to get burittos at the taqueria, so i wasn’t really trying too hard. then i came home and took a two hour nap on the couch with my boyfriend. it was a lazy kind of day!

but if you didn’t see my little interview at weardrobe after my contest win, then you should check it out and learn a little bit more about me and see the outfit that scored me the gift card. it’s here.

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say hello to the day

vintage 50’s day dress
vintage bass loafers

i’m on a kick. i’ve purchased several dresses from the 40’s and 50’s and i love them! the only thing is that most of them need to be hemmed, so i’m working my way through them. i usually use my sewing machine, but pretty delicate dresses like these need extra care. so i’ve been hemming them by hand, which is not an altogether unpleasant experience. i actually kind of enjoy sewing things by hand. it feels more personal. yes, up close and personal with my clothes. haha!

anyway, this was my first hem job. a tad bit on the short side, which was a little accidental, but i like it. the dress is fun to wear, and since it’s a little larger than someone would have worn it back in the day, it’s very comfortable. no corsets for me! yet. haha, actually, i don’t know if i would ever do that. but we’ll have to see as i roll out the new dresses!

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inspired by: 3.1 phillip lim

vintage cream lace shell
vintage black & gold lace skirt
vintage taupe bow heels

so it was only 2 days ago that i did a post about how much i love the 3.1 phillip lim resort collection, and lo-and-behold… since that post i managed to find this vintage cream lace top at an estate sale for $3 and this vintage black and gold lace skirt at a thrift store for $6. i’m feeling lucky, because now i am able to re-create one of my favorite looks from the collection. oh how thrifty!!!

speaking of thrifty… do you guys eat thrifty’s ice cream? i know they don’t have the thrifty’s stores anymore (they changed them to rite-aid) but they still serve the ice cream on cones and cartons of ice cream in the stores. my favorite flavors are chocolate malted crunch and mint n chip. yum!

not that i should be eating ice cream. i’ve gained like 5lbs this summer hanging out with my little brother (who’s been visiting from out of town) and eating tons of junk food. i can’t keep up with a skinny 22-year-old boy when it comes to food!

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i get dressed every day

vintage pink bow hat
erin fetherston for target dress
steve madden platform heels

yet i don’t always take pictures! it’s easy to get into a rut, especially when you’re broke. and yes, dear friends, i’ve been broke! but luckily, that doesn’t stop me from my weekly trips to thrift stores and estate sales. and on one such trip, i found this erin fetherston for target dress, new with tags, for 3 bucks! score!

and i wore it out today on a mini adventure. me and my brother went in search of a vintage gitane bike that may or may not fit his coveted 650b wheels. (this is bike talk, i apologize, but i will admit that my other love besides fashion is definitely bikes! but my brother…. well, he’s obsessed with bikes.) and we did find a frame for him in an old, old bike shop with a vintage raleigh bike sign. but regrettfully, i forgot the camera!

then we drove a little, and saw a giant paul bunyan statue on the side of the road. oh who knew of all the hidden gems that hayward, ca has to offer? i’ll have to go again with a camera!

oh! and i’m not even mentioning all of the animal shelters we visited! with millions and millions of kitties and a few really cute dogs. including a little chihuahua mix that could walk around on her hind legs! ah, fun summer days.

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missed deadlines

so very recently, i got a message from a wonderful woman at the weardrobe website. you can’t imagine my excitment when she told me that i had been picked to be featured on the urban outfitters website wearing 3 different items from the uo spring collection in 3 different ways!

i got the 3 items on tuesday afternoon. i was immediately challenged because these were 3 items that i would never pick out for myself, so it took a lot of thought to figure out what to do with them, but i decided to get all my energy together for a shoot the following day, only to discover late tuesday night that the deadline had passed! nooooo!

but i took some pictures anyway, and now i will sit in strange limbo, thinking about the possibility of a tremendous missed opportunity. ah well. i still have the photos, so here is my mega post.

photo credit: all photos by devin hagstrom
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so we celebrated memorial day yesterday in the good ol’ u.s. of a. as i’ve mentioned before, my little bro is visiting from southern california, so me and my beau decided to treat him to a little barbeque in tilden park! we made hamburgers seasoned with cumin and green onions and other delicious things and we packed up a cooler with pbr for our picnicing excursion. it was a lovely day, which was a very nice surpise after the freezing cold weekend! oh, schizophrenic bay area weather!
me in a vintage floral print jersey dress and vintage red bass loafers.


me and the beau, sweatin over the grill.
cheeseburgers. yum!


my little brother in his dr. pepper ringer shirt and vintage 501s.
my brother (devin) found a polaroid camera at an estate sale over the weekend, but it has a strange habit of spitting out the last 4 pictures of the reel. not cool considering that polaroid film runs about $1 per photo. sigh. but we got a few good shots with it, because my camera battery was dead! also, sigh.in other news, i want a kitty! devin convinced me to take him to the animal shelters in the area, and while i can’t possibly accomodate a dog (but oh! i want one), i can manage a kitten. i want a teeny tiny black cat. though i’m not sure what my landlord will think of that.

photo credits: all photos taken by devin, except the last one. i took that one.
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hello pink summer dress

oh hello there. today was a heavy cleaning day. my little brother is visiting from southern california and i’m embarrassed because my place is a mess. oh dear! so while he hung around and talked to me about bicycles, i mopped the kitchen floor! in this lovely pink dress, of course. haha.

vintage pink cut out floral embroidery dress
star ling brown woven wood platform sandals

and this is the backside of the dress. i like the buttons! oh, and i wasn’t wearing heels while i cleaned. i changed into them when we decided to go out for dinner. la la la. glad to be back to my normal schedule again!

oh, and here’s my dear little brother in his new thermal. i guess all this fashioney stuff runs in the family, because he decided that he wanted to cut his thermal in just this way, inspired by nicholas cage in raising arizona. that movie is pure perfection.

photo credit: pink dress photos by brendan garbee, last photo taken by me!
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family weekend

well, i was out of town over the weekend due to family related issues… (i apologize to my ebay buyers!)as difficult as that can sometimes be, i was happy to have all of my family brought together for at least a day. i saw cousins and aunts and uncles and people who i hadn’t seen in years. crazy.

and i saw my more immediate family, as per usual. here i am with both my older sister and my younger brother. they are the coolest people ever. i love them.

my sister is so pretty.


me and my brother are making silly faces.
vintage brick red sheer peter pan collar dress
no name white leather wood platform sandals
here i am posing next to an orange tree in southern california. that’s murdok the dog. she must’ve thought i had yummy treats! oh, and it was like 100 degrees out that day. oh dear, i am glad to be back in the bay area!
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numero uno

ok, so i’ve been in a rut, but here’s my first attempt at getting back to my normal self. i spent hours altering and hemming and making new (vintage) clothes look like mine. so i’m feeling pretty positive in my new finds and creations. i’m a little matchy-matchy today, but so what? it’s definitely not overdone, in my opinion. so hellooooo. and more soon.

vintage dark dark pink bow hat
vintage floral dress
steve madden woven platform sandals
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twirl twirl twirl

the weather is odd. it’s overcast and muggy. not exactly warm, but not cold either. strange things must be brewing in the sky. what does that mean? i don’t know.

i bought this dress forever ago and then i tried to show off the stretchy, springy fabric that makes is so lovely to wear. i did a sleepy dance to show you. yeah, that’s right. i’m sleepy. and it’s laundry day. i need to finally warsh my clothes if i wanna get snazzy and wear some nice outfits again.

anyway, i’ve done a little bit of thrifting and have some good plans for estate sales this weekend. i bought an amazing brown faux fur cropped vest. just try to think of it. you’ll like it, i think. and some pretty amazing hand-made 60’s dresses that are oh so tiny, but oh so lovely, too. lucky for you petite girls out there! it’ll all be in the shop on thursday. and i mean it this time. really, i do.

vintage floral scarf
american apparel drawstring dress in slate gray
forever 21 tunic/tank
saltwater sandals in patent yellow
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