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today i’m excited to announce my latest giveaway courtesy of lulu*s! i’m sure you’re already familiar with this online destination, but just in case you aren’t, then you’ll be happy to know that you can find everything i’m wearing currently on their site. i’m especially pleased with this suede leather jacket because i’ve been wanting one for years, but have never really found an affordable option that i liked until now. it’s such a perfect basic that i’m sure i’ll be wearing it throughout the season and even for years to come. for this look, i opted to go with a simple plaid dress. and even though i’m already six months pregnant, i still haven’t picked up anything specifically “maternity.” i just size up and i’m good to go… for now!

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wearing: ark & co plaid dress, obey suede leather motorcycle jacket, chelsea crew mary jane heels all courtesy of lulu*s, and a vintage ascot tie.




i just got back from my trip to saint louis, and after a day of recovery, i am finally getting around to posting an outfit from my trip! the weather was quite hot and humid almost every day, which is why this new dress came in handy while i was there. the loose tent shape kept things cool while the dark color is definitely more suited for fall. throw on some red lipstick and a pair of low heels and it’s kind of the perfect thing to wear when you’re six months pregnant and still trying to look pulled together for events and things. i also didn’t realize it until later, but i am also totally channeling hannah in this look. blogger inception haha!

not gonna lie, traveling at this point in the game is starting to get pretty exhausting, but i’m so glad i went! saint louis is such a charming place and we really got the v.i.p. treatment while we were there. it was actually my first introduction to the midwest and it couldn’t have been any better. and in addition to my instagram feed, i have like a million photos from the trip that i will hopefully be sharing this week!

wearing: dear creatures diana dress, make a scene heels courtesy of seychelles, j.w. hulme mini legacy bag, nars heatwave lipstick

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fall feelings

the weather isn’t exactly chilly in los angeles, but some days have been cool enough to wear pseudo-fall outfits like this one without breaking a sweat. i’m still so used to the frigid san francisco air that it’s hard not to want to wear long sleeves and pretty new fall clothes every day (not that i’m complaining)! i’m particularly in love with this cute little jumper i picked up at the loved one‘s brick-and-mortar shop in pasadena over the weekend, especially because the empire waist and full skirt are able to accommodate my 26 week bump. that’s right, i’m almost six months along. the third trimester. the home stretch, if you will. it’s been harder than i anticipated to get outfit photos lately, but i did shoot a cute series of maternity outfits for refinery29 that should be coming out any day now, so i promise to share once it’s up!

now onto the real hard-hitting stuff: shoes! i fell in love with this pretty pair of mary janes the moment they popped up on the golden ponies instagram feed. a few conversations later and they were on their way from mexico with the promise that i would share you all on a very exclusive discount to celebrate this new collection of shoes, a collaboration between two creative forces, chica de canela and golden ponies shoes! if you like golden ponies, then i promise you will love this limited edition collection. so without further adieu…

get 10% off any pair of shoes by chica de canela + golden ponies using code “calivintage” now through october 31!

wearing: blouse courtesy of nadinoo, reconstructed vintage jumper by the loved onemary janes courtesy of chica de canela + golden poniesbelmont crossbody handbag courtesy of j.w. hulme



belly poppin’

i’m gone for two weeks and look what happens? sometime during my trip to nyfw, my belly officially “popped.” many people had mentioned this phenomenon, wherein one day you wake up and have suddenly grown a round basketball belly overnight. i kinda didn’t believe that it would happen so abruptly, but the rumors are true. i am now 5 months pregnant (24 weeks!) and the baby belly is here. i figure i’ve entered the “cute stage” where my belly is big enough that i don’t just look like i’ve been eating too many donuts, but it’s not so huge that i look like i’m about to go into labor at any moment. so it seemed like the perfect time to pull out something a little more form-fitting to show off the little man in my belly. it’s also the stage in which every time i pull on another outfit, i’m pretty sure it’s the last time i’ll be able to wear it for many months. saying goodbye to my entire wardrobe is frustrating and the prospect of acquiring new clothes is making my wallet very sad. seriously, i think i have like 5 outfits total right now, boohoo!

i was actually chatting with nicolette, who suggested that i should hold an event (or if i was feeling entrepreneurial, start a service) for pregnant women and recent moms to swap maternity clothes. i mean, i know that whatever i buy in the next few months is only going to fit me for a short period of time, and then i’ll be stuck with a ton of clothes that would be better suited for someone who actually needs them! now that i think of it, i’m sure this type of thing already exists, but i definitely think i need to get in on this action for myself. perhaps i’ll have to pull together an event here in los angeles. anyone interested?

wearing: whit top, lauren moffatt skirt, bryr clogs from nooworksj.w. hulme mini legacy shoulder bag, flowers by alex knost sunglasses courtesy of raen optics, watch courtesy of esq movado



cream puff

as my body has been rapidly changing, it’s pushed me right out of my comfort zone and challenged me to try dramatically different things. normally, i would see a silly romper like this hanging on the racks at a vintage shop and i wouldn’t even consider trying it on. it’s got no shape. not only that, but it’s just one giant ruffle after the next, exactly the type of volume that most girls have been conditioned to avoid for fear of adding bulk where we don’t particularly want it. but now that i basically have no discernible waistline, it’s not like i’m concerned about trying to achieve the coveted hourglass shape. so when i came across this cream puff of a romper, i decided, “what the hell? why not try it on?” and yep, that pretty much sealed the deal. it’s just about the most fun thing to wear ever. and i couldn’t care less that i basically look like a giant dessert.

in other news, i believe i am now somewhere between 21 and 22 weeks (he’s measuring large, so we suspect that i’m a week farther along that we had first calculated). i kinda can’t believe that the little mister in there is now measuring 10.5″ inches long from head to rump. or about the length of a large banana. haha, rump. and banana. pregnancy books use the silliest analogies and terminology to talk about babies. it’s kind of hilarious how each week you can track your baby’s growth by comparing him to a fruit or vegetable… and i am currently comparing myself to a cream puff.

wearing: vintage romper from playclothes vintage in glendale, heart shaped sunglasses courtesy of paulette magazinepalette red vegan crossbody bag courtesy of angela & roi, vintage sandals, nars heat wave



oh baby!

so i’m just gonna cut to the chase because it’s already pretty obvious… i’m pregnant! and not just a little bit. i’m kinda sorta already 20 weeks along, i.e. 4 1/2 months, i.e. halfway through my pregnancy! i didn’t mean to keep it a secret for quite so long, but life has been full of big changes lately what with packing up all of my belongings and moving my entire life from san francisco to los angeles. i spent almost three weeks staying in a hotel in burbank while commuting to work and spending all of my free time hunting for an apartment, and we just barely unloaded the uhaul truck into our new home last week. so in all of the chaos and excitement, i am only just barely getting back into the swing of things. and during that time my belly bump has begun to protrude! and my little baby dude is swimming around in there, practicing his ninja moves and getting ready for his arrival at the very beginning of january.

so now that we’re caught up to speed, here is my very first maternity outfit post. at this point, most of my clothes no longer fit my uncomfortably large bust-line (32g, anyone?), and even my oversized clothes are bursting at the belly seams. when i packed up to move, i kinda knew that most of my clothes would most likely be staying in those boxes for at least another six months. fortunately for me (and not so fortunately for my wallet), i get to have fun picking out new clothes and i’m back on a super 1960s kick, which is perfect because all of those a-line dresses and baby-doll silhouettes are just what i need to accommodate my rapidly expanding waistline.

wearing: anna sui dress, vintage mary janes from pretty pennyfurla candy bagnars lipstick in fire down below



easy rider

today i thought i’d share a couple of photos i snapped a few weeks ago for one of my latest posts on refinery29 my stylist! if you’re not familiar with the site, it’s a fashion hub on refinery29 featuring a selection of bloggers from all over the country. i have been representing the bay area, writing 3 posts per month on a variety of fashion topics like retro swimwear, overalls, and my latest cycle chic post. i pulled this look together for a very casual weekend ride around town, cruising past lake merritt and stopping by the farmer’s market for flowers and fruit on my trusty public bikes m8 (which just so happens to be on sale right now)!

see my full post on refinery29 right here.

wearing: ganni overalls, american apparel top, vintage jute tote, rachel comey mars boots, rayban clubmasters courtesy of sunglasses shop




while uploading these outfit photos and writing this post, i realized that the past week and a half have been the longest time i’ve ever taken a break from blogging in the nearly 5 years since i started writing calivintage. it was wholly unintentional, but in hindsight it was definitely necessary. it can be pretty nice to step away from routines to gain a little perspective. and, of course, i was up to all sorts of stuff while i was away. it feels like an eternity ago, but i spent last weekend on a mini vacation in napa, wandering around and enjoying the views and not taking a single solitary photo while doing it. then i boarded a plane for los angeles to spend the week working on a project for modcloth where i wore something like this pretty much every day of the week. it was hot and humid and kind of glorious to get dressed everyday looking like i was about to go to the beach. and i spent most of my days running around taking photos for work and visiting with family and friends and exploring la in all of my spare moments.

because after living in the bay area for the past 12 years (drum-roll, please…) i have made the decision to pack my bags and make the move to southern california! yep, in the beginning of august i will officially become a resident of los angeles. i’ll still be working at modcloth (only now i’ll be working from their beautiful office in downtown la), and i’ll still be blogging as much as i can while making the transition, and i’ll probably be spending a lot of weekends on the hunt for a house because me and my partner have been doing our best to save up enough money for a down payment on our very first home! so yeah, just a few little changes happening over here. and i’m only barely skimming the surface! i’m excited and anxious and everything in between, and i’m going to do my best to get back online and share it all with you.

oh yeah, and this is my outfit. just a simple something to wear to brunch at boot and shoe service in my soon-to-be-former neighborhood in oakland. and it’s also what i wore for a little stroll through the morcom rose garden while i start to view my own fair city through the eyes of a tourist.

wearing: vintage dress from my mom, vintage jute tote, swedish hasbeens peep toe super high, rayban clubmasters courtesy of sunglasses shop, v steps brass necklace courtesy of young frankk, datter industries watchful eye ring, handmade bracelet courtesy of giantlion


summer favorites

back again in some of my favorite articles of clothing. i can’t seem to resist wearing a pinafore just about every day lately. if not a pinafore, then a pair of jeans (which i really should document more frequently in photos). and this top. i want to wear it every day! lauren moffatt makes a new version of this silk pintuck top in a different print each season and they’ve quickly become my new go-to blouse. she is a print master, so they always add just the right touch of whimsy to a simple outfit. then top it all off with a pair of swedish hasbeens and this is pretty much my summer uniform.

wearing: lauren moffatt double pintuck top courtesy of article&, minnie dress courtesy of family affairs, swedish hasbeens peep toe super high, karen walker von trapp sunglasses, j.w. hulme mini legacy shoulder bag


yipes stripes

this weekend, i was so ready to pull out a gauzy white dress to run around in the springy sunshine, but mother nature had different plans. it was kinda grey and windy all weekend and i was forced to layer up, but i figured i’d at least have some fun with citrusy colors and bold stripes. kind of a nice way to conjure up some cheerful vibes to enjoy a chill sunday. wore this for a tasty brunch at lynn & lu’s, a favorite breakfast spot about a block away from my house. they make a mean oat pancake with blueberry sauce! and for the evening, we took a stroll a few blocks in the other direction to piedmont theater to see frances ha. it’s still pretty new, so i won’t spoil it for you, but i thought it was pretty cute.

wearing: lauren moffatt woodshot zip jacket, j.crew top, lauren moffatt skirt, rachel antonoff for bass espadrilles, iiibeca satchel