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summer staples


if i had to pick only one outfit to wear for the rest of the summer, this look would be it. i’ve been kinda playing around with the same silhouette for the past several weeks, but i think i finally nailed it. the top is a vintage find from hawaii made of raw silk that came as part of a three piece set with a skirt and kimono jacekt. it was originally much longer, but i decided that it would be perfect as a little crop top to pair with high rise pants and skirts. and what i love about these pants is that they’re a nice, sturdy denim with a super high rise, but the wide leg and cropped fit keep me cool and comfortable. i seriously don’t know how people wear skinny jeans on super hot days, they drive me insane! finish with a pair of clogs and my trusty summer hat, and i think i’m just about set for the rest of the season.

brookes boswell wakefield hat in panama
vintage raw silk crop top
high waist wide leg jeans in indigo courtesy of asos
vintage coach belt bag
shinola the runwell watch
sven low heel criss cross clogs



the long and short


it’s hot outside, you guys. over the past several weeks, i’d been seriously trying to let my hair grow out again, but when my pal and stylist called me up and asked me where i’d been, you better bet i caved and asked him to hack off a few inches. besides the fact that i always feel most like myself when i have a bob, i could not bear to feel my hair on my neck in this heat for another day. i have really dark, thick, and dense hair that gets so hot, i feel like i’m wearing a helmet! if shannon hadn’t come to the rescue, i may have inadvertently played out this scene from napoleon dynamite when pedro shaves his head. speaking of shannon, he just started working at a new salon in hollywood called pretty pretty collective. if you’re looking for a new stylist, i strongly urge you to try him! he’s been a friend for years and he’s the only person i trust to go near my hair.

one thing that is getting longer is my hemlines. a couple years ago, you would’ve seen me hacking this dress to an obscenely short length. but these days, i barely even wear dresses or skirts, and when i do, the longer the better. and really like the proportions of this one, and now i kinda wish i had it in a million different colors. because, yes, i am one of those crazy people who buys the same thing in multiples if i really like it!

vintage top
denim midi pinafore dress with raw hem courtesy of asos
clare vivier messenger tote
sven criss cross low clogs
classic bristol watch in rose gold courtesy of daniel wellington (get 15% off with code “erinhagstrom” through july 30)





ti amo


one of the things i’ve noticed about my style is that even when i pare things down, i’m always compelled to infuse a sense of humor into what i wear. it’s very hard for me to be completely literal or completely serious about what i wear. no matter what image i’m trying to convey, at the end of the day, they’re just clothes. and i can’t resist sneaking in a little bit of the tongue-in-cheek. this outfit is pretty simple and carefree, the type of thing i wear most days. but of course, my pants are kinda crazy and my top has “ti amo” plastered in bright orange red right across the front. the pants are vintage navy deadstock and they are so insanely stiff and starched that it will probably take several washings to get them softer. but they’re going to be fun to wear-in throughout the summertime, much like a pair of shrink-to-fit levi’s, they’ll end up with their own unique fade lines and marks. i should probably do a before and after photo shoot to show how much they change over the next couple of months! and the top is by one of my longtime favorite designers, family affairs. i really love the swingy, cropped shape. and of course, the lettering is so perfectly retro. can’t you see it going so well with a pair of patchwork pants? speaking of which, i actually have the perfect pair to go with it!

family affairs frenchie ti amo top
vintage deadstock seafarer pants
vintage clogs from wear it well vintage
nyx matte lipstick in indie flick (mls05)




mother’s daughter


if i had enough of them, i would spend the rest of the summer wearing jumpsuits and overalls every day of the week. i just cannot deny the comfort and practicality of a one piece. the only catch is that things can get kinda monotonous if you wear the exact same thing every day, so i’ve been playing around with different variations on the theme. a few years ago, if you’d asked me about culottes, i would have politely told you that i wouldn’t be caught dead in them. my mom has always been a huge fan of the silhouette, so i think part of my aversion had to do with some sort of deep seated rebellion against anything my mother would wear. but isn’t it funny how a few years pass by, and suddenly all of those cool ’70s clothes your mom was always trying to convince you to wear actually sound like a good idea?

at this point, i’ve totally accepted that i am my mother’s daughter. heck, we’re practically identical! and i will not deny that she is single handedly responsible for my obsession with vintage. and i still call her up asking for help when i start a sewing project, or want to do anything even remotely crafty. and we’re both the types who seem to have an endless well of energy, much to the dismay of anyone we convince to go along with us. a quick trip to the store turns into a day-long antiquing adventure, or a run to home depot means you’ve just signed up to help finish three new home improvement projects. ah, such is life.

denim overall with wide leg and contrast stitching courtesy of asos
three dots essential short sleeve crew tee in white
swedish hasbeens braided high in natural
j.w. hulme legacy handbag 



enter to win $125 to iadornu jewelry!


today i am excited to announce my latest giveaway courtesy of iadornu. this nevada-based etsy shop is run by mary beth heishman, who makes each piece by hand using recycled, sustainable sterling silver. i’m wearing two of my favorites from the shop, but she seriously has something for everyone. from dainty little jewels inspired by the southwest where she lives to nautical themes to personalized initial sets. so of course, i am quite pleased to give you the opportunity to win $125 to this lovely shop!

enter to win $125 to iadornu jewelry!

bonus: iadornu would also like to offer you 20% off orders with code “calivintage” now through june 24!




the essentials


just getting back to reality after a very busy weekend! brendan’s family came for a visit, so i was running around like a madwoman trying to clean the place up all last week. it was the first time they’d seen our house, so i was a little embarrassed because it’s still very much a work in progress. i still haven’t hung all of the window treatments, and even though i’ve been painting the cabinets on and off for weeks, they’re still not quite finished! needless to say, pulling together some elaborate outfit hasn’t been top-of-mind for a long time. instead, i’ve just been stocking my wardrobe with clothes that require absolutely no fuss. a chambray dress like this one from lucky brand is pretty much the epitome of easy. you can throw it on, add a few practical accessories, and you don’t have to think about it again. even when a toddler covered in hummus decides to rub his little face all over it. which definitely happened right before i snapped these pictures. the nice thing about a sturdy fabric like this is that all you have to do is clean up with a baby wipe and you’re good to go.

henley shirt dress courtesy of lucky brand
vintage coach belt bag
jenni kayne d’orsay flats
brookes boswell wakefield hat in panama straw
shinola runwell watch

IMG_4038 a


to market


sometimes you wake up bright and early on a sunday morning in the mood to get dressed up for the farmer’s market. i’ve been on one of my health kicks lately, so i’ve been stocking my fridge with lots of nutrient-rich fruits and veggies. a big part of it stems from the fact that i have this growing toddler who really needs to be eating the good stuff. he’s not especially picky, but i do have to get creative to make sure he’s consuming a variety of different foods. i’ve been making lots of pesto as a way to sneak in those dark leafy greens. it was a revelation when i realized that i could swap out the basil for kale, chard, spinach, or any other greens, and the pine nuts for any type of nut!

vintage raw silk blouse
button front skirt courtesy of lucky brand
vintage clogs from wear it well vintage
vintage plastic tote
brookes boswell wakefield hat

shinola runwell watch
gillian steinhardt right hand charm bracelet



tomboy style


when it comes to life lately, it’s beginning to feel like all work and no play over here. so in between drying coats of paint in my house, i went for a quick bike ride around my neighborhood to get some fresh air, and to remember that my muscles can move in a direction other than that of a paint brush! and it was the perfect opportunity to swap out my paint-covered jeans to test out my new levi’s commuter skinny jeans. they’re part of their latest commuter collection, designed for cyclists, by cyclists. they’re basically a regular pair of high rise skinny jeans made with a super stretchy water-resistance performance fabric so that they are comfortable and practical to wear while cycling. they even have a little reflective strip along the inner side seam, which reveals itself when you roll up the cuffs. i really hate wearing “performance” gear unless i absolutely have to, but it’s nice to have the functionality when you’re riding around, so these are the perfect middle ground.

and as much as i love a good pair of dark denim, it was actually fun to play around with this lighter shade of cornflower blue. i’ve been experimenting a lot with mixing different shades of denim, so i tried them out with a cropped denim top and a simple pair of clogs for a tomboy vibe. it’s super casual, but i still feel like i’m retaining my sense of style, even when i’m spending more time focusing on paint colors than clothes!

indigo jane top courtesy of loup
commuter skinny jeans courtesy of levi’s
vintage clogs
vintage linen baseball cap

willow three speed courtesy of brooklyn bicycle co.





the temperatures are rising, and it’s really starting to feel like summer around here. and as much as i’ve been into wearing very utilitarian clothes lately, sometimes it’s fun to throw on something whimsical and feminine and just plain fun. enter my new swimmers dress by canadian brand noémiah. the print was designed in collaboration with montreal-based artist, paule t.b., and the dress was hand sewn by designer noémie vaillancourt as part of her very first complete collection. all of her designs have a certain dreamy, feminine quality to them with lots of swingy silhouettes and delicate fabrics that lend themselves to twirling around on hot summer days.

swimmers dress courtesy of noémiah
vintage linen top
jenni kayne suede flats
vintage coach bucket bag



cherry season


nope, not picking cherries, but wearing them! which seemed kind of appropriate since cherry season is upon us. and i have a sneaking suspicion that we’ll probably be heading out to the cherry festival now that we’ve got a toddler to entertain. though this beautiful set by bon george is much more appropriate for going out on a late afternoon date, which is exactly how i wore it! i’ve been kicking around the house in work clothes a lot lately, either watching adam or attempting to work on an endless list of home improvement projects, so it felt especially good to throw this and go out! like an adult! it can become a bit of a rare treat when you’ve got littles, but things will be changing soon. i just realized that in about a month, adam will be old enough to enroll in a toddler program at a nearby school. and i’ll have a few precious hours to myself every couple of days, just in time to enjoy this amazing summer weather. it really is only a short time before they’re off on their own… queue the happy tears emoji!

the amos top and the wyatt skirt courtesy of bon george
brookes boswell wakefield hat
swedish hasbeens peep toe high
turquoise ring courtesy of iadornu
right hand charm bracelet