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outfit: spring scene

i wore this outfit on a casual saturday in redlands visiting my family for the easter weekend. this lightweight velvet dress paired with a crisp white t-shirt felt so perfectly springy as it swished around my knees on an afternoon stroll around town. after some deliberation about what shoes to wear, i opted for the casual comfort of my white birkenstocks (which i’ve been wearing almost every day lately). but i think a simple pair of black flats and a little swipe of lipstick would make this look perfectly appropriate for a date night as well. in fact, i’ll probably wear it just like that the next time i actually get a chance to go out!

wearing: ivory vevlvet ballet dress courtesy of datura, white t-shirt, obey leather jacket courtesy of lulu’s, birkenstock arizona sandals, coach classics shoulder bag


outfit: simple pleasures


i almost didn’t share this look because after i uploaded the photos, i noticed that my bangs were looking kinda crazy after a quick home trim, and my shirt wasn’t properly tucked in and i was making funny faces and… well, i was picking myself apart as is easy to do when you’re staring at pictures of yourself on a very high-resolution computer screen. and then i was like, fuck it! this is what i looked like that day and even if it’s not the most exciting, i still felt pretty good in it.

anyway, this is my uniform as of late. jeans and a button-up shirt. i have a several different pairs of jeans and shirts in varying colors that i switch out with different shoes and bags. sometimes i swipe on some lipstick when i’m feeling a little plain, or i throw my hair up in braids or a top-knot if my hair is dirty. you’ll usually find me in a look like this with my sleeping baby strapped to my front, strolling around los feliz, possibly with an iced coffee in one hand and my cell phone in the other. it makes me feel so stereotypically l.a., but it’s just part of my routine nowadays. daily chats with my mom are good therapy when i’m at home all day caring for a the babe, and getting coffee is a nice little indulgence and a good excuse to get out of the house.

asos denim shirt in dark wash
asos farleigh high waist slim mom jeans in deep blue
swedish hasbeens woven super high in natural
clare vivier messenger tote
nars lipstick in heat wave



outfit: daytime date

i know i’m just getting back into the habit of sharing my outfits again, but i can assure you, this is the first time i’ve worn a dress in quite a while! a lot of the dresses i own are a little too precious to wear while toting around a newborn, but this dusen dusen dress is actually quite practical. it’s made of a sturdy washable cotton and it has a button-front, two considerations that now dominate my post-maternity wardrobe. the issue of fit is still a bit of a challenge. not because of the dress, but because even though my body is pretty much back to it’s pre-pregnancy size, my bust line is now clocking in at an impossible 34i ( i mean, c’mon, is that even a size?!). but i’ve been told that i will most likely lose an inch or two in the coming months, so i’m ok if some of my clothes are a tiny bit snug for the time being. i’ve pretty much gotten used to the fact that my body has been constantly changing for the past year and will continue to do so for many more months.

i actually wore this look for an afternoon movie date. i figured i’d get a little fancy in my dress and heels to hang out in a mostly empty matinee which appeared to be reserved for elderly couples, families with small children, and new parents experimenting with how long they can leave their baby before getting an urgent text to get back home because he’s become inconsolable… ha! we actually made it through the entire movie and adam was fine. and it was fun to sneak away for just a little bit before resuming duty as the doting parents that we are. seriously, i am so obsessed with that little dude, it’s actually hard for me to leave him for even a couple of hours!

dusen dusen black formica dress courtesy of emerging thoughts
swedish hasbeens braided high in natural
clare vivier messenger tote
double hoop necklace courtesy of giantlion
cuff bracelet courtesy of academy


outfit: it’s been a while

can you believe it? an outfit post! it’s been a long time coming. i don’t really have much of a reason other than to say it’s amazing how having a baby can completely change your priorities. i mean, i think about sharing my outfits sometimes, but i just never seem to get around to actually snapping photos. but the seasons are changing and i’m starting to build out my new spring wardrobe, and when my new jumpsuit arrived from family affairs, i got pretty darn excited. i pulled it on right out of the package and wore it for the rest of the day just hanging out at home with little baby adam. and when brendan got home from work, he complimented my bright blue jumpsuit, and we proceeded to think of silly references for the look. i suggested april o’neil, he said blue luigi. it’s just such a fun piece, but it’s also totally practical. and there’s no way you can wear a bright blue mechanics jumpsuit and not have just a little more fun.

wearing: swanlake overall courtesy of family affairs, white arizona birkenstocks, clare vivier messenger tote


weekend walks


i’ll tell you what, i don’t know how some bloggers post outfits like a week after their babies were born. i was down for the count for six weeks after my c-section, and the past couple of weeks, i just haven’t found the time! i attempted to get some photos over the weekend on a walk with the baby, but he started crying before we got anything worthwhile. my outfit wasn’t that interesting anyway. i’ve mostly been wearing a uniform of jeans with an oversized button-up and then adding or removing layers and accessories as necessary.

the nice part about my little hiatus is that i’ve been spending a lot of time thinking more practically and strategically about my wardrobe. it feels really good to be unloading so many of the clothes that i’ve been hoarding in my shop, and to start thinking about my own changing personal style. i’m definitely moving in a different direction now that i live in a new place and have a baby!

wearing: asos denim shirt in dark wash, asos farleigh high waist slim mom jeans in washed black with busted knees, carven coat, rachel comey mars boots (similar), vintage coach bucket bag (similar).


a holiday outfit with r29

things have mostly been super casual around here, what with being over 38 weeks pregnant and about to pop at any moment! and while i’m not gonna get crazy at the holiday parties this year, it’s still fun to get dressed up and throw back a few glasses of sparkling apple cider. i pulled together this holiday outfit for my latest post up on refinery29 my stylist last month, but today i’m laying low and hanging out in pajamas. i was hoping to be with family for the usual traditions: steaming hot home made tamales with rice and potato salad. and to watch my cousins unwrap presents around the christmas tree with my family all around. but this year they all contracted a nasty virus, so i opted to keep the baby safe and stay at home. but i did end up deciding last-minute to cook my own feast, and weathered the christmas-eve crowds to gather the necessary ingredients for my own small batch of tamales. so we’re not completely stranded this year.

and now it’s just the waiting game… holidays are so much more fun with little ones around. when will this baby dude get here so we can celebrate together?!

wearing: velvet smock dress courtesy of asos, vintage tapestry blazer, mirrored gold heels courtesy of anthropologie, clutch courtesy of joy gryson, and just a touch of nars lipstick in fire down below


ENDED seychelles year of shoes giveaway!

today i’m excited to announce my latest giveaway courtesy of seychelles footwear! i’ve long been a fan of the brand, so i was over the moon when they asked me to participate in their #yearofseychelles giveaway. for the next 12 days, 12 bloggers (including me) will be offering you 12 chances to win 12 pairs of shoes in the new year! you can click here to see the full schedule so you don’t miss out on every opportunity to win. for today, i’m trying out a new tool, so check out the directions below!

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wearing: the whitepepper velvet spangle collar dress, vintage coat from secret shop vintage, dkny gold tights, clutch courtesy of joy gryson, duty calls heels courtesy of seychelles



baby blues

…of the sartorial variety, of course! had fun in a pretty simple and casual look this weekend for a little bit of window shopping and a whole lot of relaxing. i picked up this skirt and a few others like it on my trip to st. louis with a $25 gift card from savers since i figured it would come in handy when most of my other clothes no longer fit. it’s got a nice comfy elastic waist band with pleats so it expands to fit my enormous bump, and while normal tops no longer cut it, this little cropped number is still working quite well with all of my high rise skirts. it’s a nice combination for these last weeks and will also come in handy once this baby finally gets here!!!

i also finally trimmed my hair up. it had been so long that the ends were getting pretty damaged and i kept getting ratty tangles at the nape of my neck. and since i figured it might be a long while before i make it back to the salon, i decided i might as well cut my bangs short, resulting in some pretty saccharine doll hairs. which i kind of love.

wearing: whit top, vintage skirt and vintage woven leather flats courtesy of savers thrift stores, vintage coach bucket bag

i look relatively normal until i turn to the side. but this boy is getting big! over 35 weeks along now and kinda praying he opts for an early arrival because this is getting tough! for all of you mothers, how did you make it those last few weeks?!



sunny side up

oh man you guys, i officially feel like a big old oompa loompa. the doctor pushed my due date up to january 2, which means i’m now over 34 weeks along now! and boy am i feeling it. i have slowed down considerably, and doing normal everyday activities is becoming a thing of the past. thankfully the little guy could be here as soon as christmas (fingers crossed!) and since we’re heading into the holidays, i will finally get some precious time off from work before i officially go on maternity leave. it’s going to be nice to visit with family this week and basically just lay on the couch in sweatpants. but i’m still making an effort to get dressed most days, and this is one of my outfits as of late. separates are starting to take over and comfort is ruling my life more than ever. i am really beginning to see how motherhood has the potential to dramatically change my style.

in other news, i am unintentionally growing out my bangs because i’ve been too lazy to go get a haircut. my friend shannon dean (who has been cutting my hair for the past four years), is now living and working here in los angeles at refuge salon in echo park. he’s trimmed my bangs a few times since i got here, but now i’m just letting it grow wild and free. i’m sure i’ll get myself motivated to go back in pretty soon. the only question is, what do i want to do with it next…

wearing: yoko dress courtesy of family affairsh&m cropped top, target maternity jeans, vintage coach bucket bag, bobby pin, woven leather flats courtesy of savers thrift stores



weekend wear

it’s been a little while since i’ve shared an outfit post, so today i thought i’d share a simple weekend outfit i put together for my latest post on refinery29 my stylist. being so far along in my pregnancy means that things have taken a pretty casual turn around here. last weekend, i went out and got a bunch of really comfy basics like sweater dresses and knit skirts in hopes that they’ll hold me over these last few weeks. up until this point, i haven’t had much need for a sweater or a coat in los angeles, but we’re finally getting cool enough temperatures to add just a few layers to our outfits, so i took the opportunity to finally wear this sf-made coat by poppy von frolich. it was handmade in san francisco using sturdy carhart cotton and it is now one of my prized possessions.

wearing: madewell dress, socks courtesy of hansel from basel, lumber jane coat courtesy of poppy von frolich, rachel comey mars boots, tote courtesy of lawrence.