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rinse and repeat

ok you guys, don’t judge me too much. but ever since getting this lauren moffatt jumper, i’ve been resisting the urge to wear it every single day. i know that the socially acceptable thing to do is to wear a new piece of clothing and then tuck it away for at least a week before showing up in it again. you know, so people understand that you have other clothes in your closet and, i dunno, a regular washing cycle. i guess for the same reason, i don’t tend to take pictures of repeat outfits (or super similar outfits) and post them on my blog. but this does not mean that i don’t wear some of the same things over and over. and sometimes said item isn’t a really an easy basic that you can sneakily get away with wearing all of the time (like, say, a good pair of dark wash jeans). i mean, what can i say? apparently a little pair of engineer striped overalls a crucial wardrobe element that i never knew i was missing from my repertoire. perhaps i need to get a few more so i have one for every day of the week?

wearing: lauren moffatt alley overalls, j.crew top, swedish hasbeens peep toe super high, karen walker von trapp sunglasses, dooney & bourke flower basket bag


sun set

i grew up in the sunny southern california desert. as the spring and summer would approach, the world would get hot and sticky and i’d find myself laying awake in bed at night with the windows open, trying to fall asleep beneath a thin sheet. during the day, i’d escape the heat, sucking on popsicles and sitting in front of the space cooler in our tiny living room. years later, i packed my bags and headed to san francisco. even though i’ve lived here for well over ten years, i still get that aching nostalgia on days when the weather warms up and i can almost smell the sickly sweet orange blossoms in the hot summer sun like i did back home as a kid.

so you’d better bet that i (along with everyone else in san francisco) have been running outside to chase after every bit of warmth and sun while it lasts. these photos were taken on one such day, when we took advantage of the heat and headed out to the edge of the city where golden gate park meets the ocean, a place that’s almost always cold and dreary even on the warmest days. lo and behold, the whole place was alive and active with beach-goers and picnickers enjoying the weather. and while it did cool down quite a bit as the sun started to set, it was still so dreamy to lay in the grass and bask in the warm sun.

wearing: candela alexis lace dress, ugg australia suede cross body bag, vintage suede sandals, vintage sweater, occ lip tar in grandma


phone home

the past couple of weeks, we’ve been met with some pretty glorious spring weather here in the bay area. so you’ll have to excuse me, because all i wanna do is prance around in light, gauzy dresses without a care in the world. and these photos are from one such afternoon while strolling about the streets of san francisco admiring all of the pretty pastel houses lined up in perfect rows. these shots were actually taken in front of multiple different homes, all in slightly different shades of pink. a perfect backdrop for taking calls on my banana phone.

wearing: family affairs cafe zoe dress, vintage straw bag, manolo blahnik mary janes, karen walker sunglasses, banana coin purse picked up at a gift shop in hawaii.




i was doing a little desktop cleanup today and came across this snapshot from a weekend trip earlier this year. reading grace coddington’s memoirs in my simply fabulous frames, reminding me that i need to give my poor eyes a break from contact lenses more often. and for that matter, perhaps i need to give myself a break and head out on another weekend getaway…



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after sharing the lookbook yesterday, i am excited to announce my latest giveaway courtesy of mrs. pomeranz! and if you’re a 1950s aficionado, then you’re going to love this collection. each piece is hand-made with incredible attention to detail and construction in ladylike silhouettes and classic designs. i know i’ve been all about 1960s styles these days, but i can never resist a classic 50s shape. the designer was kind enough to send me the summer meadow dress (illustrated by masha karpushina), and the moment i slipped it on, i felt as though i was being transported into one of my favorite vintage films. i know i don’t compare in the least, but i will sheepishly admit that i was trying to conjure up my best audrey hepburn vibes in my heidi braids and ballet flats. i just felt so proper and elegant, yet still youthful and carefree in this ladylike design. and today we’d like to offer you the chance to win your own ready-to-wear dress from the spring collection!

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still slowly easing my way back into the real world post vacation. things are crazy busy with life plans, work, blogging, etc. instead of boring you with the details, i’ll just share this quick snapshot of my loeffler randall starla sandals on the beach, so while i dive in to my mountain of work, i’ll have beachy scenes floating around in the back of my mind…



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today i’m excited to share with you my latest giveaway courtesy of parker barker for lime ricki! if you haven’t already seen the collection, it’s an adorable swimwear collaboration designed by fit graduate hayley parker-barker, inspired by the beverly hills hotel and vintage photos from the 60s and 70s. i wore my seberg suit while on my trip to hawaii, but there is a selection of several more suits to choose from.

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kauai kitsch

traveling to such a tropical vacation locale like hawaii has many perks: the weather is amazing, the landscape is lush and wild, and you get to pull out all of your most garish clothes to wear unashamedly while lounging poolside drinking mai tai’s. just before i left for my trip, i made a bold step and bought my first hawaiian print dress. much the way i once thought leopard print was too overdone, i’ve always avoided cliche hawaiian prints in favor of more subtle fare. but if there is any time to let go of silly rules, it’s when you’re on vacation in hawaii. so this is my tourist outfit, complete with all of the kitschy themes i could think of: straw baseball cap (a visor would have been pretty awesome, too), bold tropical print, clear plastic espadrilles, and a shade of occ lip tar aptly named ‘grandma.’

wearing: whit silk canopy dress (available here or here), straw baseball cap, orla kiely bagrachel antonoff for bass espadrilles



super casual

our second day in kauai was spent driving around the island and getting the lay of the land. we meandered along highway 56 from poipu all the way up to hanalei with a stop at mermaids cafe for ahi wraps along the way. unfortunately, we didn’t get to do much outside of the car because most of the day it was pouring rain. but we did get a taste of what the island has to offer peering out our car windos. i kept it super casual in this lauren moffatt jumpsuit. it’s actually the first time i have ever worn a jumpsuit in my adult life, and even though it’s not what you might typically expect to see me wearing, it just felt so perfect in the warm hawaii weather.

wearing: lauren moffatt alley overalls, lauren moffatt billie jean asymmetrical crochet sweater, swedish hasbeens peep toe super high clogsfieldguided endless bummer tote bag




if you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed a slight change of scenery in my last few photos. that’s because this week i’m spending spring break on the island of kauai with brendan and his family. it’s become a bit of an annual tradition for us to board a plane and spend a week exploring another island in hawaii.  knowing that there’s a trip around the corner gives me something to look forward to when life is getting crazy, and thinking about this vacation has certainly helped me to get through some of the harder months this year! i also had a lot of fun preoccupying myself with picking out clothes to wear for the warm weather. you can somehow get away with wearing so many silly clothes in bright garish colors when you’re staying in a place like hawaii, so i decided to keep things super casual and slightly kitchshy. my first look is the simplest and most casual, i wore this for an easy 4-mile “hike” along maha’ulepu trail near keoneloa beach. it’s the first place we’ve explored near our hotel, and if this is any indication of what the week is going to be like, then we’re in for quite a treat!

wearing: american apparel oxford shirtcurrent/elliott boyfriend jeans, saltwater sandals, orla kiely bag, flora bella straw baseball cap (sorry, i can’t find a link to where you can buy it online. i got mine at bloomingdale’s.)