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outdoor inspiration, pt. 2

the time has finally come for me to reveal the final result of my recent project in collaboration with hp sprout! you can read this post to see the first part of the process, but i’ll also catch you up to speed right here. after playing around with the capture app, i chose a few different scans of bright orange kumquat branches to create a custom fabric for my very own shirt design. i uploaded my design to spoonflower, and in a couple of weeks my custom-printed fabric arrived, and i was ready to start sewing! i’m not much of a seamstress, so after doing a bit of research online, i decided to simply trace the pattern of a very simple top i already owned to use as my guide. it was literally two pieces of fabric sewn together and took all of 10 minutes to complete. but what really brought it to life was the bright  and cheerful pattern.

it was a really fun process to go from picking flowers in the garden, to designing my own custom print using sprout, and creating a finished product. i would never have even considered taking on a project like this, but with the sprout, i managed to create something in only a matter of hours.

self-made top using fabric designed with my hp sprout
vintage denim skirt
brookes boswell wakefield hat in panama straw
vintage coach bucket bag
swedish hasbeens peep toe high
shinola runwell watch
gillian steinhardt right hand charm bracelet



my happy place

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

you may remember a couple of months back, i teamed up with hp to share a glimpse at how i’m able to work remotely utilizing mobile technology. well, for their latest campaign, they decided to expand upon the concept and encouraged a group of bloggers to share how we work from our ultimate happy places. at the time, i’d been spending a lot of time getting sun and snapping photos at the park. when i’m feeling overwhelmed, i pack myself a little picnic and head out for a leisurely hike and a bite to eat before diving in to a busy week. it gives me a chance to clear my head and get the fresh air that i need to tackle my countless jobs, and it’s a great place to take adam so he can run free and explore nature. but not so far off the beaten track that i can’t stay connected using my hp stream 8 tablet.

they just released the video, and it’s so much fun to catch a glimpse of my own happy place among so many other varied worplaces. it’s really inspiring to see the way others work, and a good reminder to myself to turn those dreamy aspirations into a reality in my own life. if you could work from anywhere, where would you go?

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

this post was created in collaboration with hp. thank you so much for supporting the sponsors that make this blog possible.


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royal caballito giveaway!

i first learned about the spanish-based brand royal caballito a couple of years ago, shortly after designer diana saldana launched her shop. i was immediately drawn to her whimsical designs and dreamy lookbook images, and have been following her ever since! her spring 2015 collection is one of my favorites to date, with lots of fun, patterned knitwear in easy, wearable designs. and as always, i love supporting small designers who focus on creating quality garments using sustainable practices. all of the pieces are sewn in a small professional workshop in spain with great attention to detail. and as you can tell from the photos, some of my favorites are the lluvia top and skirt, which can easily be worn as a set, or mixed and matched into your wardrobe in endless combinations.  this bold, cobalt blue is my favorite color lately, but they also come in green, coral pink, dusty grey, and aquamarine.

so today, we’ve teamed up to offer you the chance to win your choice of either the top or skirt in any color of your choice! simply enter using the widget below:

Royal Caballito Giveaway!

lluvia top and lluvia skirt in blue courtesy of royal caballito
vintage denim jacket
vintage sailor pants
swedish hasbeens peep toe high
brookes boswell wakefield hat in panama straw
shinola runwell watch
gillian steinhardt right hand charm bracelet



ifẹ’s closet

one of the coolest parts about writing this blog is that it gives me the unique opportunity to connect with new and emerging designers. such was the case when i recently met titi, the designer behind london-based brand, ifẹ’s closet. i was instantly drawn to her designs because of the way she combines classic, vintage-inspired silhouettes with laid-back style, and stunning west african prints. many elements of her designs were inspired by the women in her own family, and are an integral part of the daily life and culture in west africa. so of course, i was delighted to not only have the opportunity to try a few of her designs for myself, but to offer you the chance to win any one in-stock item from her shop!

enter to win any one item from ifẹ’s closet!

get 20% off your order at ifẹ’s closet with code ‘calivintage20′ now through monday, may 18!

shift tails dress courtesy of ifẹ’s closet
brookes boswell wakefield hat in panama straw
jenni kayne suede d’orsay flats

buba blouse and midi straight skirt courtesy of ifẹ’s closet
hat courtesy of echo design
swedish hasbeens peep toe super high


outdoor inspiration

after all of the upheaval of moving into our new place over the last couple of weeks, i’m finally starting to settle back into a normal routine. there’s still tons of work left to do, but i try to make a little bit of time to work on creative projects to keep myself sane. so when hp sent me the new sprout and challenged me to create something with this new technology, i was more than ready for the opportunity to get creative. this new all-in-one computer combines a regular pc with a 3d camera, a touch mat, and a touch screen, transforming your desk’s surface into a digital-physical workspace. being the very hands-on person that i am, i was pretty excited to give it a try. so after brainstorming a bit, i decided to bring some of the outdoors in, and i headed out to my aunt’s garden to forage for natural objects to scan into the computer. you simply place on object on the touch mat, and the computer scans your image so you can start creating.

at first, i was a little overwhelmed with all of the possibilities. you can use the images to create greetings or invites, you can scan in fabric swatches to create moodboards for interior design, or you can create digital scrapbooks with photos and small objects. the possibilities are limitless, so i really had to reign myself in for my first project. but after playing around with some of the foliage, i decided to create my very own custom print for fabric! it’s something i’ve always wanted to do, but always seemed a bit too complicated before now. i just sent my pattern out to be printed using spoonflower, and should expect the fabric to arrive in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for part two of my project very soon!

the post was created in partnership with sprout! thank you for supporting the sponsors that make this blog possible.

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enter to win a straw hat from brookes boswell!

ever since i got this hat from brookes boswell a couple of months ago, it has been permanently glued to my head. i try not to wear it some days, but it somehow seems to add the perfect finishing touch to practically every outfit i own! it’s one of those pieces that seems like i’ve always owned it. an instant classic, if you will. so of course, i was delighted when brookes asked me if i’d like to host a giveaway to offer you the opportunity to win one for yourself! brookes boswell millinery was founded in 2009 after the designer completed her apprenticeship with one of the city’s longtime milliners. her background in architectural design, fine art and textiles, give brookes a keen eye for precision, a love of fine materials, and an appreciation for the construction techniques used in the trade. each piece is individually made by hand with only the highest quality materials right in new york city, so you know you are supporting a great business and a solid product.

enter to win a hat from brookes boswell!

brookes boswell wakefield hat
vintage flax linen tank top
vintage navy pants
archway necklace courtesy of young frankk
jenni kayne suede d’orsay flats
the runwell watch courtesy of shinola
gillian steinhardt right hand charm bracelet courtesy of shop aro

bonus: i’m also hosting a sneaky second giveaway over on my instagram! head over to check out the details!




if there is one item of clothing that i can’t live without these days, it’s a jumpsuit. all of the convenience of a dress with the practicality of a pair of pants! it’s literally one piece. you just zip it up, add accessories, and you’re good to go. i can chase around after adam (or walk through a wind tunnel) and i never have to worry about my skirt flipping up. i picked up this cool handmade vintage jumpsuit a few weeks ago on my favorite new vintage shopping app, whurl. it’s brown gingham, it zips up the front, and it’s giving major disco granny vibes. can’t you just see some little old lady wearing this with orthopedic shoes? of course, i was actually thinking more along the lines of rachel comey when i bought it and paired it with my trusty d’orsay flats and this hat which i cannot stop wearing. it just goes with everything!

vintage jumpsuit scored on whurl
brookes boswell wakefield hat in panama stra
jenni kayne d’orsay flats
clare vivier messenger


wrap happy


the flowers are blooming, the weather is hot, and i’ve been stuck inside for the past several days taking care of a baby with a really nasty cold. we normally spend a lot of time out of the house, so it’s rough being cooped-up inside, especially when the weather is so nice. we’ve been alternating between episodes of yo gabba gabba, taking quick baths to help him clear his chest, napping, and going on walks around the neighborhood for fresh air. all of which has been made much easer with my the help of my new tula woven wrap. when babies are sick, they just want to be held nonstop, and without a carrier of some sort, i think my arms might fall off! i definitely prefer this to propping him up on my hip because his weight is more evenly distributed across my back, and my hands are free so i can get things done around the house. bonus points: these wraps must be woven with some kind of magic, because when you put a baby in one of these, they usually pass out in 5 minutes flat!

i’ve worn adam in a soft sided carrier since he was a tiny baby because it was super convenient and easy to use, but i was always intrigued and intimidated by woven wraps. they come in all sorts of pretty patterns, and they look nice and comfy, but the wrapping techniques look really complicated. but now that i’ve given it a try (with the help of this video), i wish i had gotten one sooner! it’s really not hard to do, and they are super comfortable even with a large baby like adam!  i like the pretty mustard yellow pattern on this wrap, and i’ve been having fun figuring out how to coordinate it with my outfits. so far, i’ve discovered that simple jumpsuits like this are a really good option because they stay put when you’re pulling the wrap up and around you and baby.

in fact, i’m beginning to think i could write a whole book about what to wear while babywearing. or at least a comprehensive blog post! so stay tuned because i’ve got a few more suggestions on the way. and feel free to ask me any questions you might have about wraps or carriers or babywearing in general!

lauren moffatt romper (past season)
brookes boswell wakefield hat in panana straw
tuto sandals
migaloo woven wrap courtesy of tula
clare v. messenger
shinola runwell watch
gillian steinhardt right hand charm bracelet courtesy of aro




outfit: the denim dress


with the temperatures warming up, i can already tell that simple shift dresses like this one will be overtaking my wardrobe in the coming months. i wore this easy dress while painting a wall in adam’s nursery this weekend, and literally snapped these photos between drying coats of paint. i finally got his nursery “photo shoot ready” so i could share pictures on the blog, and i wore this dress while painting thinking that it might add some character if a bit of paint were to land on it. unfortunately, i wasn’t messy enough for it to happen organically, and not quite ballsy enough to just go at it with a paint brush. either way, it was the perfect thing to wear because it felt just as appropriate while going to a morning walk, painting a bedroom, or grabbing a late lunch downtown. definitely the types of clothes i love the most.

monki raw hem denim dress courtesy of asos
brookes boswell wakefield in panama straw
vintage ankle boots
clare v. messenger tote in navy
thrifted brass cuff bracelet
gillian steinhardt right hand charm bracelet courtesy of aro
shinola runwell watch



giveaway: natalie joy jewelry


today i am excited to announce my latest giveaway courtesy of natalie joy jewelry. i actually connected with this portland-based jewelry designer through the magic of instagram. i caught sight of a pair of earrings and it was love at first sight. so i am especially pleased to be able to offer you the chance to win any one in-stock item of your choice. today i’m showing off the dreamcatcher necklace, but there are so many more lovely pieces on her site to choose from.

natalie joy jewelry giveaway!