the basics: tradlands t-shirt & sweatshirt

if you haven’t noticed, i’ve been thinking a lot about “the basics” lately. as much as i enjoy playing around with seasonal styles or different accessories, i think every wardrobe needs that foundation of really good, quality basics. a good t-shirt, a comfy sweatshirt. totally necessary and not boring at all. at the beginning of the summer, i picked up two instant classics from one of my favorites, tradlands. the 103 girlfriend t-shirt in sienna and the 116 varsity sweatshirt in shell. i’ve worn both of these for months and thought it was time to share two of my favorite ways to wear them. the first look is a more feminine take with a bit of a ’70s vibe while the second look has a more casual, slightly more boyish vibe that would be perfect for a trip to the beach.

and the best part is that tradlands is dedicated to employing adults who are paid a living wage, work in bright, clean and airy environments, and choose to come to work every day. they visit their production facilities regularly to assure a happy and healthy environment and all of their production partners hold social welfare and production quality to the highest standards. and they use natural fibers that are sustainably produced to be more ecologically responsible. the result is a high quality product with thoughtful construction from beginning to end.

look one:
103 girlfriend t-shirt in sienna courtesy of tradlands

not pictured: true & co true body underwire
jesse kamm sailor pants in american denim
maryam nassir zadeh sandals
clare v. pot de miel

look two:
116 varsity sweatshirt in shell courtesy of tradlands
re/done jeans (currently sold out, but the ultra high rise flare is really similar)
ecuador huarache sandals courtesy of nisolo
clare v. petit alistair in cuoio

fall wishlist

i may be kinda far behind on this one, but i can’t help it! i live in southern california and fall isn’t even really a season. but i do like to shift my color palette and i do need to add some clothes appropriate for slightly cooler temperatures. so here’s my list!

cozy sweaters – i think i may be the last person on the planet to own a babaa cardigan and it’s killing me. similar to many cool-weather fashion choices, i sometimes have a hard time committing to warm clothing for fear that i’ll never actually need to wear them. as i write this, it’s the month of october and the highs have still been hitting temps in the 90s. but if i don’t get some sweaters now, then january will roll around and i’ll have approximately one sweater, which i will proceed to wear every morning for the next 6 months. it gets old. i ask myself why i didn’t just buy myself a couple more sweaters before everything sold out. i find myself wrapped in a blanket on the sofa without a viable option for going out. and forget driving 30 minutes to the mountains where it’s actually snowing. i don’t have the wardrobe. what am i doing with my life?! just get the damn sweater.

babaa cardigan no19 mini in navy

l’envers caby cardigan in white


ankle boots – ever since moving back to southern california, i resist wearing boots. this is because of two things: 1. the weather only gets cool enough to wear boots for a very short period of time. i find it hard to justify the high price of a good pair of boots when i know i won’t wear them very much. and more importantly, 2. i have some sort of weird foot claustrophobia thing. i can’t stand the feeling of my feet being completely ensconced. it feels like my feet are mummified. or trapped in a coffin. both? at the end of the day, as i start to unlace them, i break into a momentary panic and sweat starts to bead up on my forehead. it lasts for a split second before the sweet relief of removing my shoe, but that feeling of being trapped is real. i should probably seek therapy. and i should probably buy at least one pair of block heel ankle boots before they go out of style.

loq lazaro boot in bombon croc

by far becca suede ankle boot in brown


pants pants pants – i paired down my collection of kamm pants over the summer and am now 100% regretting it. i hadn’t been wearing them because it was insanely hot, but now there’s this massive hole in my closet because i have a habit over over-kondoing everything in my life until i’m living like a monk and i am not happy. i got rid of all the happy. i got rid of all my pants. and let’s just be real here. the only pants that i will ever wear for the rest of my life are the kind that are so high rise that i can pull them up to my armpits. and i will definitely never wear a pair of skinny jeans again. *buys all of the kamm pants and mom jeans immediately.*

agolde ’90s mid rise loose fit jeans

ilana kohn huxie pants

jesse kamm sailor pant in skin tone 34

re/done ultra high rise jeans


statement bag – lately i’ve been steering away from leather handbags in favor of more interesting textures and styles. i carried my clare v. pot de miel all summer and loved it. i got compliments all the time! and it just felt like it added more interest to my outfits than a classic leather bag. but it always gets to a point in the fall/winter when a basket bag seems silly. so i’ll be transitioning to this beautiful, hand-dyed rope coil bag by catz orange.

catz orange cosimo in pistachio


and also… all of the jumpsuits – mom uniform, whatever. ever since i discovered that jumpsuits are like dresses but approximately 5,00 times better, i’m never going back. i got the most perfect offon linen jumpsuit in the most beautiful redwood color this summer. i loved that damn thing, but i sized down for fear that it would overwhelm my freakishly short torso, but my calculations were wrong. such is the risk of ordering made-to-order clothing from a lithuanian etsy shop. i waited 4-6 weeks for them arrive. they fit, but not as i had hoped. i’ll be restarting the process promptly. i suggest you do the same. well, not the part where you order the wrong size. but the part where you get the best linen jumpsuit ever.

offon redwood linen jumpsuit

caron callahan cardell jumpsuit

beaton overalls in alabaster

ilana kohn mabel coverall

outfit: hygge

i’m wearing two different bay area brands in my outfit today, both with a serious dose of comfort built-in, and a peppering of nostalgia for my days in the bay. the amalfi top was designed in oakland by hygge design and the pleated paper-bag waist shorts are by muumuu, both ethically manufactured in san francisco and made from beautiful natural fibers. and not only do they go together quite nicely, but they’re both focused on creating comfortable, wearable clothes. the sorts of elevated basics that can be worn from season-to-season and never go out of style. in fact, if i was in the bay area right now, i think this outfit look would look perfect with a little cardigan on top.

so in summary, i think i need to plan a trip to the bay area! i miss my old neighborhood in oakland and i would love to catch up on all that is going on up there. so many great brands seem to be popping-up. and let’s not forget, they’ve got cooler weather, mission burritos, and thrift town. damn.

the amalfi top courtesy of hygge design 
muumuu pleated paper-bag waist shorts 
bamboo clutch courtesy of moorea seal
mnz sandals

outfit: suunday

snapped a few pictures during a weekend stroll through the park. the heat has been pretty unforgiving this past week, but this linen dress is giving me life. it gets to a point where you just want to be as comfortable as possible, and i don’t think there’s anything quite a comfy as a floaty linen dress. i know i’ve talked about how much i love linen ad nauseum, but i can’t help it. i don’t think a more perfect fiber exists. and while this is really nice on a hot day, i can also see myself wearing it with an oversized wool cardigan (hello, babaà?) when the weather starts to cool off. if comfort food were an outfit, i think that would be it.

and i also want to take a moment to talk about suunday. i only recently learned about the brand, probably either scrolling through instagram or pinterest haha. this arizona-based brand was created by designer stacie lang, who is dedicated to ethically-crafted, long-lasting pieces, like this perfect linen dress!

the emma dress in gardenia courtesy of suunday
martiniano glove flats in wood
bamboo clutch courtesy of moorea seal


let’s start with the basics

i remember when i first started wearing everlane. it was right after adam was born, so getting close to 5 years ago. i think it was the first time that i purchased a basic t-shirt for a $15, which seemed like a lot at the time. it’s funny how so much can change in such a short amount of time. back then, i had already been pretty focused on smaller, independent fashion brands. and i had a job at a large online fashion company that was working towards more transparency in the supply chain. so i was definitely becoming more aware of some of the ethical issues around production. but i was still having trouble justifying a higher price point for an item of clothing that i knew i could grab at a big box store or fast fashion retailer for a fraction of the price.

i got three box cut tees in white, black, and navy. and i picked up a chambray shirt, all the foundation of my new “mom wardrobe” as i called it. i had a newborn at the time, so i was creating what i later came to learn was my own little capsule collection. i had dramatically shifted focus towards really good basics that i could wash and wear comfortably while still feeling pulled together. and from that point on, i never looked back.

since then, my budget really hasn’t changed dramatically, but i’ve learned how to shift my focus from quantity to quality. today, my wardrobe is much smaller than it ever has been. people are often shocked when they see my closet because they assume that, as a fashion blogger, i would have way more clothes. but the reality is that if you focus on the basics, you can build a really practical wardrobe that will last from season-to-season, so you don’t have the need to constantly add more and more. and whenever a friend asks me for fashion advice, i usually point them in the direction of everlane. it’s kinda like the gateway drug for ethical fashion. and they have really good basics. so of course, i was more than happy to partner with the brand to highlight two simple outfits that serve as a great foundation for an easy wardrobe that’s focused on quality over quantity, while still being totally affordable. scroll for all of the details!

look one:
everlane bikini in pale pink (not pictured, but trust me)
everlane cotton box cut tee in white
everlane cheeky straight ankle jeans in sky blue
everlane day heel in cognac

my first look is a really great primer. the basics include a bikini, a simple box cut tee, a fun pair of high rise jeans, and a pair of heels that you can wear all day. i can tell you now that the underwear are a dream and i’ve already ordered several pairs of the high rise. they are really think and stretchy so that you don’t see any lines under your clothes, which is surprisingly hard to find! and if you’re looking for a good pair of mom jeans, then these are it. you can wear your usual size for a slightly more relaxed fit (which i personally prefer) or size down if you prefer a fitted look. and i was really skeptical about the day heel, but the product design team knows what they’re doing. they look good, they feel good, and you really can wear them #alldamnday, as the hashtag suggests.

look two:
everlane square mockneck tee in olive
everlane straight leg crop in bone 
everlane v heel in light blue suede

my second look features some new additions to the everlane lineup. it’s a transitional look since we’ve still got one foot in summer over here, but i think everyone is ready for cooler temperatures. the mockneck tee is one of my favorite silhouettes to wear in the fall. and don’t get me started on the pants. i had been eyeing the original wide leg crop for ages, but just never took the plunge. and i have to say, i was really impressed with the quality. the cotton is a substantial, but it has just the right amount of stretch so that they are comfortable even after a big meal haha. and the v heels are so much fun. i’ve been wanting to play around with some different colors and who can resist a pair of powder blue suede shoes?

this post was created in partnership with everlane.

outfit: revelle collection

today’s post is my little send off to summer. here in southern california, we’re still experiencing highs of 90 degrees every day, but it’s about the time when i start to transition to a slightly different color palette while dreaming of those picture-perfect autumnal scenes that i only get to see in movies. these two looks from revelle perfectly sum-up my late summer/early fall wardrobe.

if you’re not familiar with the brand, revelle is a one-woman show based in los angeles, california, dedicated to providing thoughtfully designed and custom-made clothes with a certain retro appeal that’s hard not to love. i first fell in love with her clothes when i laid eyes on this absolutely perfect grey cropped sweatshirt. it’s a style i’ve always loved, but i’ve never quite been able to pull-off the menswear version. the 1950s sweatshirts i’ve found are always way too boxy in the top and far too long on my incredibly short torso. but designer lisa nicole harbottle knows how to handle curves. she sent me this made-to-measure sweatshirt that is making me feel so very va va voom. and that’s not something is say often! when i put it on, i feel a bit like a pin-up portrait of someone iconically sexy like marilyn monroe cheekily lifting weights without breaking a sweat. and it is simultaneously something i can throw on with utility jeans most days of the week while working from home, running errands, and picking up the kids from school.

and this darling gingham market jumpsuit is making me feel some kind of way. this one has definitely got a certain girl-next-door vibe. it’s still totally comfortable and practical for day-to-day, but it’s got a certain sex appeal that really hits the mark for me. and just like the sweater, you can customize it to fit your shape, and you can choose between this black & white gingham cotton twill or black linen, a tapered leg as seen here, or a wide leg trouser. any variation feels so perfect for this time of year when we’re transitioning from peek summer into shorter days and slightly cooler temperatures. i think gingham is an especially nice early fall pattern that still feels appropriate for 90 degree days!

look one:
market jumpsuit courtesy of revelle
isla slide sandal in black courtesy of nisolo
avenue boutique espanola hat
circular handwoven palm bag in small courtesy of artisan & fox

look two:
grey cropped sweatshirt courtesy of revelle
micaela greg cream utility pant 
martiniano glove flat in wood
kate young for tura lita sunglasses
bamboo clutch courtesy of moorea seal

outfit: desert days

it’s really hard for me to believe that we’ve spent most of the summer out here in the desert, so far removed from our typical routines, our favorite local spots, our home! to be completely honest, i was pretty nervous about the idea of staying with my mom for 8 weeks. not because i don’t get along with her– we have a pretty solid relationship. but because it’s hard to be away from home, especially when you have two little kids. and she lives out in the desert where the stores are just far enough that you better hope you didn’t forget a crucial ingredient for dinner or you’ll be gone for at least 30 minutes to grab what you need. yes, i’m a city mouse, and moving away from big cities like oakland and los angeles was hard enough for me!

but as time passed by and i got used to our new normal, i can actually say that i’m gonna miss it. these photos were literally shot in my mom’s back yard. she lives nestled up against a beautiful wilderness area on one side and pretty fields of horses and cows on the other side. and being away has actually made me miss our home in a way that feels good. absence makes the heart grow fonder? i’m excited to hit up all of my favorite coffee shops, and to go on easy walks downtown with the kids. and to see our house! i haven’t talked much about what’s been going on with our house, but if all goes according to plan, it’s gonna be good. and the reveal will be coming soon!

delia jumpsuit in midnight denim courtesy of jean franklin
vintage blouse
clare v. pot de miel
veggies are friends cotton/silk bandana courtesy of centinelle
maryam nassir zadeh sophie sandals


outfit: heat wave

it’s that time of year. when the entire fashion world is collectively gearing-up for fall and promoting sweaters, while i’m sweating it out in 100+ degree weather. the high today is literally 107 degrees. so i’m really just hitting peak summer wardrobe. in fact, it’s almost like a different season. there’s regular summer and then there’s hell-on-earth summer. and the heat keeps on going well into october where i live, so there’s really no end in sight.

fortunately for me, i recently got my perfect pair of dream shorts from san francisco-based muumuu. i came across her feed on instagram and there they were in all of their high-rise, pleated glory. it was a match made in heaven, even if the weather does indeed feel like hell. and they’re definitely going to be in heavy rotation for the next couple of months.

ilana kohn roxey tank in denim 
muumuu pleated paper-bag shorts
maryam nassir zadeh mules
bamboo clutch courtesy of moorea seal


outfit: win $150 to lindsay robinson!

calivintage + lindsay robinson

hope you guys are in the mood for a giveaway! this time, i’ve partnered with my friend lindsay robinson to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a $150 shop credit! i’ve been a fan of this san francisco-based brand for a few years now and i just love the new collection she’s released this summer, including the field blouse i’m wearing now (and a dress version that i want, too)! in addition to these gauzy pieces, she has a great selection of jumpsuits in beautiful colors. hard to resist getting one of each!

enter to win $150 to linsday robinson by visiting this post on instagram!

field blouse courtesy of lindsay robinson
ilana kohn boyd pants in denim
loq ara sandals
clare v. petit alistair

calivintage + lindsay robinson
calivintage + lindsay robinson
calivintage + lindsay robinson
calivintage + lindsay robinson

outfit: romantic

something about this old railway station is just so romantic. i often try to imagine what it was like when it was built in 1910. who were the passengers, where did they come from, where were they headed, what did their clothes look like? even though it’s been closed since the 1970s, the whole place has such a cinematic feeling to it. and i was certainly going for the drama with this outfit. i’ve been pushing the boundaries of what i normally wear, leaning into some of the details that i really like, and experimenting with my style a bit.

there’s definitely a lot going on with this look. but sometimes it’s fun to go a little over the top. it keeps things interesting, and that’s just what i need right now.

vintage blouse courtesy of rawson
mara pant in olive denim courtesy of reifhaus
woven tote bag courtesy of moorea seal
women’s isla slide sandal in black courtesy of nisolo
espanola hat from avenue boutique