sunny side up

while i know we’re still in the midst of the rainy season and can expect many more showers in the weeks to come, i couldn’t help but get a little excited by today’s welcome break from the rain. it was so cheery and sunny and bright outside that i jumped at the chance to wear something unusually bright for an otherwise dreary february. i decided to have a little fun and mix two of my absolute favorite florals: this beautiful vintage liberty of london blouse and this 1930′s floral feedsack skirt. they’re from completely different eras and they’re completely different prints, but i love the way that they happily compliment each other. to me, this is a perfect representation of the shift in seasons: a bright pop of color tempered by the moody shades of blue and brown.

though i do have to admit that the perfectionist in me is a little bummed that there’s one piece of the puzzle missing. i had paired the look with a beautiful maroon eel-skin clutch given to be my jessica, and i completely forgot it at home when i rushed out to snap a few photos this afternoon. c’est la vie! we’ll just have to imagine it.

vintage liberty of london blouse, sunny day diggs
yellow sash, american apparel
vintage 1930′s feedsack skirt, ebay
brown tights, target
kork-ease wedges, rue la la



a few images of inspiration from le notti di cabiria, starring giulietta masina and directed by her husband, federico fellini. yes, we all know and love the works of fellini (i could go on for days), but today i wanted to recognize the incredible talent of giulietta masina. she has the most incredible range of facial expressions and a knack for hilarious physical humor. she’s been called the female version of charlie chaplin, but her talent stands alone. her character in nights of cabiria is at once completely innocent and childlike while retaining a fierce individuality and independence with a spirit that is never broken. if you haven’t seen it, i highly recommend!


going green

i have two points to address in this blog post, and it’s gonna be sassy. point the first: after yesterday’s outfit post featuring my 1940′s coat in a lovely army green, i had a mini breakthrough. i can wear green. this may sound a bit silly to you, but i’ve always avoided most shades of green because i always thought they made my olive-toned skin look, well, green. after getting a few comments from readers who actually said they liked the way it worked with my skin, i got all bold and decided to finally wear this cool vintage knit coat i bought at the thrift store several months ago. and you know what? i think i was going just a little nuts with my whole fear of green.

point the second: i would like to address the art of dressing to flatter one’s figure. i will admit that i have definitely educated myself on all of the tips and tricks for looking taller and slimmer in my clothes, and i do think there is something to be said for understanding how to work with clothes to change the lines and shapes, but i’m gonna say it: i kinda think it’s baloney. if we all wore the recommended silhouettes to make us look as slim as possible, we’d all be running around with boot cut trousers and pointy toes with wrap-around blouses and NO SOULS. or at least, you get what i mean. i like to have fun with my wardrobe and to experiment with many different concepts on a daily basis. i try to challenge myself to break my own rules and try something new when i’m feeling inspired. so i say: the hell with it, i’m gonna wear my thick knit olive green oscar the grouch coat because i love it. and i love trash. JOKE. (sort of.)

vintage knit coat, thrifted
vintage liberty of london blouse, sunny day diggs
high rise trousers, zara
trouser socks, target
kork-ease wedges, rue la la


mystery at lafayette house

with new york fashion week already over and london fashion week drawing to an end, i can’t help but spend an unhealthy amount of time pouring over all of the new fall 2010 collections. i have a few obvious favorites: hello, marc! his collections seriously reminded me why i love him so much, and right when i was beginning to feel only lukewarm about his styling! thank you! but i digress. i actually have something a tad bit more interesting than your usual runway fare:

did you see any photos from the rachel antonoff fall 2010 collection? such a fun presentation with pretty ladies wearing adorable vintage-inspired outfits inside an old mansion! apparently, the theme was “mystery at lafayette house” and the guests were presented with a series of chic crime scenes. attendees had to become the detectives to solve the mystery and identify the murderer. seeing presentations like this really make me wish i was actually invited to fashion shows! maybe next fashion week…

images via wwd.

bryant park

today i finally get to reveal my newest vintage acquisition: this crazy beautiful 1940′s olive green coat! it was one of those truly serendipitous moments when i ran into mercy vintage at the last minute before my trip, looking for a fun little party dress. of course i ended up browsing through the coats on my way to the dressing room, and of course this coat popped right out at me. i tried it on thinking the big puff sleeves would probably swallow up my frame, but to my surprise, it fit like a glove! and so my poor wallet cried a single tear as i coughed up the dough…

but i’m happy to invest in a few statement coats here and there. and i’m quite pleased that while this coat is from the 1940′s, it’s still perfectly in tune with the current military trend we’ve been seeing in many of the fashion editorials. did you see the vogue march issue?

vintage 1940′s coat, mercy vintage
vintage-inspired bb dakota blouse, courtesy of modcloth
purple suede nine west platforms, piperlime

images 1, 3, and 7 shot by chictopia.
images 2, 4, 5, and 6 shot by the clothes horse.

the chictopia 10

a little over a week ago, i had the honor of attending the chictopia10 conference as one of the winners of the chictopia10 contest along with this incredible group of beautiful young women. each girl represents her own unique individual style and has a great appreciation for the supportive and positive chictopia community.

i have to admit, the first night we were all at the hotel, i ran into lydia in the lobby and ran gave her a big bear hug before i even stopped for a proper introduction. i have been a fan of some of these girls for a long while, so it only added to my appreciation of getting to meet them all along with the wonderful women who run the site. i definitely recommend that you take the time to check out all of their blogs because many of them have really incredible coverage of all of the events with lots and lots of photos!

all images via chictopia.


polka dot

ah, it’s like a breath of fresh air to be back at home and fully settled, taking my daily outfit pictures on the rooftop again! this is the little outfit i put together for the hair party i mentioned in my last post. and to be perfectly honest, i threw this together because all of my laundry was in dirty piles on the floor and these were some of the only clean clothes i had available to wear. but i’ve said this before: laundry day is often the most creative day for me because i don’t have all of my go-to items available. that means i’m forced to think outside of the box and experiment with something a little bit different than what i might normally wear.

cream bb dakota blouse, courtesy of modcloth
navy and cream polka dot dress, forever 21
brown skinny belt, urban outfitters
brown tights, american apparel
blimey oxfords in cognac, courtesy of seychelles

hair party

saturday night, i met up with some of the bay area style bloggers for a little hair party at revamp salon in san francisco. my favoritest hairstylist in the world, shannon dean, just started working at the salon, and thought it would be nice to pamper us with shampoos, hair styling, and plenty of champagne. i know i’ve said it before, but he is a wonderfully talented hairstylist and i just don’t know what i would do without him. if you live in san francisco, you should definitely check out his salon.

while he worked on my hair, we discussed some of my options for a new style. i love the iconic bob that he’s given me, but we’ve been chatting about bowl cuts and pixie cuts as we transition into the warmer months. i’m especially excited after seeing the adorable cut he gave diane below. doesn’t she look like the most adorable little spock you’ve ever seen?

we love our hairs.

images 1, 3, 4, 5, 7 by jennie lodge.


link roundup

cat party: bobs and bad behavior
what can i say? i truly appreciate a good bob and i love this collection of photos featuring bad gal movie stars donning this classic cut!

ellenitza: jane b. and her trench coat
i have been loving the fun outfits inspired by cinema featured on the ellenitza blog. i’m captivated by that adorable shot of jane birkin and her picks are just perfect.

cocorosa: socks and platforms
i am constantly inspired by cocorosa’s fun and quirky outfits. this look with slouchy socks and trousers is no exception.

liebemarlene: pretend southern trips and what i’d wear on them
rhiannon puts together some lovely outfits using some of my favorite designer wear for a few pretend excursions around the south! such a cute and creative idea!

transient withdrawal: i love new york
i was fortunate enough to meet jasmine, the winner of the chictopia10 contest on my trip to new york. her coverage of all of the events is my favorite by far! i love that she took the time to get so many great shots of her trip. love it!