outfit favorites july 31

if i had to choose, this week would probably be my favorite for summer fashion so far. there were so many good outfits on all of my favorite blogs and street style sites, that i just might have to do a bonus round later today!
lydia’s beautiful color palette is so fresh and pretty! she’s got the perfect baby blue blouse, a lovely floral skirt, a cute straw hat, and those incredible contrasting red heels! this girl is inspiration for days.
ever since the proenza schouler pre-fall 2010 collection came out, i have been dying to get my hands on a vintage letterman jacket. i have every intention to find one and can only hope to look as laid back and cool as this lovely lady.
tara-lynn has some serious personal style, with fashionable friends to boot! i love her big felt hat and fresh white denim shorts! such a lovely summer look.
those rust colored over the knee socks paired with white mary janes are so amazing! they really complete the look of this casual yet ladylike outfit.
there is just something about the combination of lace and olive green that really appeals to me. it’s a lovely mix of masculine and feminine. and the bonus is that her jacket is suede. such amazing details!
this week, kater got all dressed up in her best mad men inspired look. i have to say, she looks absolutely stunning in this outfit and she got ever details just right, from her perfect coral lips to those lovely gloves!
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for the birds

i promise, this will be my last polka dot outfit for the week! oh wait, it’s friday. i just can’t help myself! in my daily dressing, i often hit on a theme that i like and rework different ideas floating around in my head. obviously i’m enjoying my polka dots! on tuesday i matched dots of similar sizes, one was a swiss dot on a blue dress and the other was a black and white polka dot blouse. then yesterday, i matched my round sunnies with a big poufy pin and a polka dot skirt. which brings us to today: one of my favorite vintage polka dot dresses. but rather than matching it with a similar pattern, i opted to go with this beautiful sheer bird print scarf that i tied into a big cheerful bow. after having a bit of a stressful week, the whimsy of the two patterns certainly helps to get me in the right mood for a good weekend!

sunglasses: karen walker
scarf: sheer-yl crow scarf courtesy of modcloth
dress: vintage polka dot scarf from we move vintage
belt: urban outfitters skinny leather belt
shoes: castañer espadrilles
ring: marika king lace ring

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the long story

it seems as though lately i just can’t get enough of wearing polka dots! i think this may have something to do with my need to constantly wear my new karen walker sunglasses. i keep playing off their shape when i get dressed, so before i know it, i’m wearing teeny tiny polka dots and a big puff ball at my collar. i actually got this skirt at a thrift shop ages ago with the idea that i would hem it up to a mini length, but i kinda sorta never got around to it. but as i think forward to fall, i’m appreciating longer hemlines, so i guess my laziness worked out in this case!

being a mere 5’5″ (if i was talking, you’d sense sarcasm because i know that 5’5″ isn’t short), i’ve always shied away from longer skirts and opted for mini lengths with this idea that i would look bad in a maxi length. but honestly, that’s just silliness. i know i’ve brought this up before, but i think it’s worth repeating: it’s too bad that we’re constantly getting messages that the only way we should want to look is long and lean, or super sexy. why should anyone be made to feel like they’re not allowed to wear certain clothes just because of their body type? it’s kind of amazing how that kind of “advice” can make almost anyone feel bad about themselves if they believe it. so basically, the moral of the story is: go get a maxi skirt. or a skirt that cuts you off at the widest part of your leg. it’s really not a fashion don’t.

haha, ok, enough with the pep talks and onto the outfit:
blouse: thrifted vintage silk blouse
skirt: thrifted vintage polka dot skirt
shoes: seychelles platform clogs
sunglasses: karen walker
pin: loft raffia pin

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la garçonne pre-fall

since recently expressing my eagerness for fall clothing, i thought today i might share with you this beautiful pre-fall lookbook from la garçonne. in my outfit post on tuesday, i was expressing how quickly fashion moves forward, and that anxious feeling i get about incorporating new fall pieces into my wardrobe even though it’s the middle of summer. thankfully (or not so thankfully, depending on how you look at it), designers and shops have got it figured out with the release of pre-fall collections and lookbooks. what i especially appreciate about these pre-season types of looks is that they are pretty much appropriate year round for places like northern california, where “transitional” dressing and the use of layers is required most of the time.

these are my favorite outfits from the lookbook, and the styling is spot on! i love the bare legs with comfy sweaters and plenty of easy flats. this is a wonderful example of how to dress as the seasons change from summer to fall, but really for any time when we’re experiencing fair weather. now if only i could afford all of these beautiful designer pieces! a girl can dream…

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hat lady

you see what i did there with the title? hat lady. instead of cat lady. get it? yeah… it’s funny because as obsessed as i am with hats, i really don’t have that many. several months back, i went pretty hat crazy and bought a ton of vintage hats, but i ended up hating most of them and just having no occasion to wear the rest of them. such was the case with this big floppy woven hat that i got from pac sun months ago. when it arrived in the mail, i instantly laughed and tossed it aside. like i’d ever wear that, i said. for whatever reason, i’ve just never been into floppy hats. but then i styled up this outfit with the sort of romantic ruffles and muted colors and i kept thinking that the whole thing just needed something. and i directed my gaze over to the hook where this hat had been hanging all by itself in the corner of the room, and well, it just worked. i think i would prefer this to be felt, but the loose weave is probably more seasonably appropriate. so that’s the story of how i got dressed today! in case you were wondering.and then me and the boy went for a stroll to a regular spot: the morcom rose garden by my house. we got there as the sun was setting behind the trees, so we got to play around with the light in the photos for a while, before strolling back over to the grocery store to pick up burrito supplies and cheap beer coz reality hit, and we’re both kinda broke right now! and honestly, i can’t think of anything cheaper than beans and rice! i have to say that i’m quite thankful that my grandma and my mom taught me how to cook good, cheap food. in fact, i’ve been meaning to share some good recipes with you guys, but i’ll have to borrow a kitchen from someone for photos because ours is just teeny tiny with really bad lighting. but hopefully maybe i’ll get something for you real soon!

blouse: loft ruffle blouse
shorts: ever tap shorts from gilt groupe
sandals: kork-ease bette wedges
hat: quicksilver woven floppy hat
belt: thrifted vintage braided belt
purse: thrifted vintage coach satchel
ring: marika king lace ring


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the gibson girls

last week, after styling an outfit inspired by the gibson girls, i got a few requests for a post with some of my actual inspiration images. the thought actually grew out of my recent visit to the met museum american women exhibit where they featured several vintage gibson girl looks. to watch a video with the outfits from the exhibit, you can click here. the gibson girl has come to refer to the symbol of independent american beauty at the turn of the century. but i really just love their elegant yet sporty styles with high collars, waist coats, and fun hats! so i decided to take some time to dig up some vintage photographs of some of the famous gibson girls themselves!

first up, pictured above is evelyn nesbit. she was an artists’ model and became famous for being the subject of illustrations by charles gibson, whom we can thank for the title “gibson girls.” i find her gaze to be so incredibly captivating and i love her outfits complete with those wild feathered hats. images from the library of congress.

there are tons of photos of miss gabrielle ray on vintage postcards as she was an english stage actress, and was apparently one of the most photographed women in the world. you can certainly see why, with her stunning beauty and perfect gibson girl hair. i just love all of her cute costumes, especially the sporty sailor looks. postcard images from performing arts.

camille clifford was pretty much the quintessential gibson girl, with her statuesque hourglass figure which was the subject of many illustrations of the era. she represented an ideal of the time with her corseted 18-inch waist. certainly not an ideal i could ever imaging wanting to live up to, but her images are stunning nonetheless. postcard image from performing arts.

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true blue

i’m sure you’ve been there: today was just one of those days where i struggled to figure out what to wear! over the weekend, i did a massive haul of laundry and organized my garment racks with all of my clothes neatly lined up. i thought this would help me out in the mornings, but it didn’t take long for me to throw half of them back on the floor and on my bed. i kept imagining these cool combinations, but once i tried them on, it was just a mess. i always get this way in the middle of the season! i start thinking ahead and getting anxious about all of the clothes that i will eventually wear, and just get all frustrated and flustered. such is the way with the fast pace of fashion and excessive consumption, i suppose. but all it takes is a little reality check before i’m back on track and styling the items that i already have.

so i had a little fun playing with polka dots and matching up this vintage blouse with my rodarte for target dress that i bought back in the winter, and i was quite pleased with the results. i know this might sound cheesy, but one of the reasons i love getting dressed so much is because it really is a creative outlet for me. i can convey my moods and i can play with shapes and patterns and colors, but it’s still practical in the sense that i’m wearing it, and it serves that function. yes, i can follow trends and i certainly get caught up with a few each season, but i also like that i can just do my own thing and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. i don’t need to have a million new things, or any new things to do that!

dress: target for rodarte
blouse: thrifted vintage blouse
belt: urban outfitters skinny leather belt
shoes: vintage salvatore ferragamo flats
sunglasses: karen walker

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hat attack

i’m sure by now you’ve all noticed my preference for wearing straw boater hats tilted off to one side of my head. it’s true that i often have to restrain myself from wearing one every single day, and have styled many outfits around them! of course, this has led to an interest in expanding my hat collection. the only catch is that modern day milliners are few and far between, and since they’re such a specialty item, the prices are usually out of my range. but that certainly doesn’t stop me from admiring them! today i was browsing through tumblr when a picture from a vogue australia april 2010 editorial shoot came up on my feed, and i was instantly captivated by a particularly beautiful lace tilt hat by suzy o’rourke. while i doubt i’ll have it in my budget to ever afford one of these beautiful pieces, i can certainly appreciate them from afar! and it’s a good reminder to keep my eye out for vintage look-alikes!

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