i thought that referring to myself as a hasbeen was particularly apt today considering i just got my new swedish hasbeens in the mail and i totally decided to pair them with this old marc by marc jacobs coat that i bought waaaay back in 2001 when i was 18! (yeah yeah do the math on that one.) but like the tag on my shoes reads, sometimes you have to “move back to be able to move forward.” and i quite like that. but i guess you already knew that, considering that this blog has so much to do with vintage!

so while this marc coat isn’t quite vintage, it’s already 9 years old, which is about how much time it took me to like it again. and i kinda have to commend my 18-year-old self for that purchase, actually. i think that nowadays, i might find myself much too cautious to buy a huge orange military-style coat that looks like something straight out of sgt. peper’s lonely hearts club band. but at the time, i didn’t even flinch when i bought it. i was like, yeah, i’m 18! no rules. i’m spending all the money i saved over summer to buy marc jacobs. woo! or something like that. haha!


sail away

calivintage dear creatures

two of the clear trends that have materialized this summer are definitely americana and all things nautical. i’m thinking red, white, and blue in preppy styles and plenty of sailor collars and nautical stripes. but in my book, these are exactly the types of looks that can never go out of style. they’re right on par with white t-shirts and blue jeans.

i’m sure you already recognize that first dress pictured up top, since modcloth was nice enough to name it the calivintage dress! but it’s a dress in a collection of many other awesome pieces from dear creatures spring/summer 2010 that i just had to share with you. this year was the first time i actually got my hands on one of their pieces, and i have to tell you, i was not disappointed. the fabric and construction is strong and sturdy and the cut of the dress is perfectly flattering, so i’m definitely going to be keeping my eye out for some of the other pieces when they come out. in particular, that precious sailor collar romper!

and just for fun, here are a couple little bonus shots of another way i wore the dress. since after i got it, i’ve probably worn it 5 times already!

calivintage dear creaturescalivintage dear creatures


lace and eyelet

calivintage lace and eyelet marc jacobs

after spending my weekend out in the woods, i had to wear something completely different today. something delicate, like lace and eyelet in pale pastels, perfect for keeping all neat and tidy on a shopping day. i recently ordered this marc by marc jacobs jacket on final sale at gilt groupe. and if you’ve ever shopped the site, then you know the frenzy of refreshing your screen at exactly 9am to pounce on your favorite items before they all disappear into someone else’s shopping cart. then, if you’re lucky enough to get what you want into your cart, you have but mere minutes before you commit to the purchase or else it’s gone forever. ok, i’m being dramatic, but they definitely do a good job of making it feel very dire. anyway, i managed to get this baby into my cart, and i felt quite proud of myself.

on a completely different note, do you ever feel like you need to match your hair color to your outfits? i’m a big fan of wearing pastels lately, but i just can’t bring myself to go all the way with every single piece being such a light color because i have dark brown hair. i always feel the need to anchor it with at least one dark item in my wardrobe. it usually ends up being the shoes or some other accessory. i guess that’s just my slippery slope with dark colors in general.

marc by marc jacobs jacket, gilt groupe
vintage eyelet dress, thrifted
210 denier tights, tabio
velvet flats, payless
vintage coach doctor bag
rayban wayfarers
nails, no miss in boynton beach blue

calivintage lace and eyelet marc jacobscalivintage lace and eyelet marc jacobscalivintage lace and eyelet marc jacobscalivintage lace and eyelet marc jacobs
calivintage lace and eyelet marc jacobs


tree & kimball necklace giveaway!

calivintage tree and kimball giveaway

win a free handmade lace necklace from tree & kimball by lisa bruemmer!

this week, i’ve teamed up with tree & kimball to offer you the opportunity to win one beautiful lace necklace of your choice from the tree & kimball shop! i have selected some of my favorites to show you in this post, but you’ll have to check it out because she has an incredible collection of intricate lace necklaces, earrings, and even vintage shoes!

see something you like? tree & kimball would also like to offer an exclusive 10% discount to calivintage readers for the month of april. just enter the code “calivintage” in the note to seller during checkout to receive your discount.

calivintage tree and kimball giveaway
to enter the giveaway, visit the tree & kimball shop and check out the great selection. then leave a comment in the section below with your email address so we can contact you if you’re the winner.

this giveaway is open to international readers and is good for one lace necklace valued at $28 or below with free shipping. winner will be randomly selected and announced on april 9 at 10am p.s.t.


city girl in the country

with the amount of pictures i had to share with you in the last post, i decided that i should probably do a separate outfit post to show you what i wore for my weekend camping trip at a farm in northern california. the forecast called for freezing temperatures over night and rain on sunday, so i knew i had to be prepared for conditions that us city folk just aren’t quite accustomed to. since i quite enjoy going on weekend excursions such as this, i try to collect functional clothing whenever i’m out shopping in the thrift stores. and last summer, i was more than delighted when i found these vintage ll bean duck boots for $5 at a local thrift store. only thing is, i live in california, so it took me this long to actually find a situation where i would need to wear them. and i have to say, they came in handy!

vintage blazer, thrifted
vintage flannel, thrifted
high rise skinny jeans, j brand
ll bean hunting shoe, thrifted
knit gloves, drug store

layers you can’t see:
smart wool long johns, rei
smart wool socks, rei


at the farm

so i kinda went crazy and took like a million photos during my weekend trip to the farm. so consider yourself forewarned, this is a very picture heavy post! to explain, i went on a little weekend excursion out towards grass valley, ca, to celebrate the birthday of one of my pals, brendan (he’s the dude standing with me in front of the fire in the picture below). his sister recently started a farm there, so we decided to make it a big birthday bash/camping weekend/ good times in the country celebration. it’s pretty funny, despite all of the flannels, beards, and puffy jackets, we certainly do look like a bunch of city kids out in the country!

we arrived on saturday afternoon, and enjoyed the sunny (albeit very chilly) day around the farm, keeping warm by the fire, playing silly basketball games, jumping on the trampoline, kicking around a soccer ball, and other such activities until the evening when a friend’s band arrived to play a set before ending the night with a dance party in the barn. it was all around good times, so i thought i’d share some of the pictures i took from when we arrived, fresh and ready for the debauchery ahead of us. i’ve spared you the photos from later in the evening, or worse, the next day. haha!

with the birthday boy in front of the fire. it was a little too smoky for us city kids.

jessie and brendan.
mark and jackqueline.

the barn.

in the barn with mark.

this is my boyfriend, brendan. he doesn’t like to get his picture taken, so he makes silly faces.

brendan and brendan.

jason arrives.

jessie and another jason.

a walking tour.

jason and jason face off on the court.

soccer field!

check out my trampoline skillz.

the pinata arrives.

ryan poses for his outfit pic. (he works for nasty gal so he’s well versed in these things.)


we set up the tent! it was seriously cold by this point.

campsite. i’m not gonna lie, when we saw our frozen tent later that night, we retreated to the farm house to sleep on the living room floor.


street style saturday

calivintage street style saturday
urban weeds: tessa on se 29
i just discovered this cool street style blog based out of portland, oregon after diane posted it on her tumblr. gotta love a cute girl with impeccable style and a nice bike.team peter stigter: in the navy
this is susan cernek of glamour magazine. i actually had the pleasure of meeting her way back last year during the weardrobe conference, so i always like seeing her pop up on street style sites. i love her classic stripes with khaki pants and the perfect navy coat.

trendycrew: stripes & dots, paris
with the arrival of spring, i can’t seem to get enough stripes. and i just love the pairing of stripes and polka dots with warm and cozy stockings!

the sartorialist: ada, paris
this is pretty much perfection. doesn’t she look like she walked right off the set of a photo shoot? so perfectly cool and casual.

facehunter: london – soho
always and forever obsessed with capes and capelets. this is such an easy, wearable ensemble with skinny jeans and the perfect flat boots.

facehunter: london – rebecca, broadway market
i’m a sucker for brown and blue lately. this is a simple outfit, but she adds a perfect amount of quirkiness with the white socks and classic flats.


new hairs

ok, i couldn’t contain myself. i was going to wait until sunday to show you my new haircut when i did my regularly scheduled outfit post, but i just had to show you my new hairs. bear with me, it’s a little self indulgent because it’s just a bunch of pictures of my face. but i’m excited because i had only intended to go in for a little trim because i could no longer see past my fringe, but i came out with a completely new style that’s going to work so well with all of the little 60’s dresses i’ve been collecting for the spring.

as always, this cut was the work of my favoritest hairstylist in the whole wide world, shannon at revamp salon in san francisco. the best part is that he is also my pal, so after the cut, we went out for delicious vegan sausages and chocolate stout at a bar nearby. pretty sweet deal if you ask me!


blog favorites april 2

calivintage blog favorites april 2
le metamorphoses d’alice: dreaminggirls up
one of my favorites this week and i wish i could tell you more about it, but unfortunately my google translator did not help me make sense of this post. all i know is that i am in love with this outfit, whoever the designer and whoever the girl. perhaps my french friends can clear it up for me!

fashion forestry: hats and hearts
i’ve been following this lovely lady for quite some time. she has the most eclectic collection of vintage hats, accessories, clothes, shoes, you name it. i seriously want her to take me shopping or to design me some pretty dresses. if you aren’t familiar with her blog, you must take a peek at her extraordinary ensembles.

the velvet bird: white dress, wardrobe wednesdays, and zooey
i can’t believe i hadn’t been following her blog until now! anja posted this dress on tumblr the other day and i was instantly in love. she actually altered a much larger vintage dress and transformed it into the most adorable white spring mini dress. i really wish she was selling it, because it would be mine in a heartbeat, but instead i will admire it from afar.

on the racks: spring in my step
i recently discovered this blog, which is actually written by another local girl in san francisco. i love this fun and quirky ensemble she put together, with the perfect vintage topper! the colors and textures are absolutely divine. i’m definitely going to be watching this one from now on!

vintagevirgin: accessories
another recent discovery, this girl has some bold style. i love how she pulled together all of these fun elements into a perfectly wearable style. she’s got a hat, a bow, knee socks, and pigtails, yet it’s not over the top. i’m definitely going to be taking style tips from this lovely lady.

hannah and landon: cult salad snacks
another favorite, i am very pleased to see that hannah has started an online vintage shop. i have had my eye on so many of her incredible vintage finds, that i’m beyond excited to see that some of those pieces might make their way into her new etsy shop. and doesn’t she look absolutely beautiful in those pale blue stripes?


feeling expensive

i’m feeling extra-specially fancy today in almost all new clothing from places that aren’t thrift stores. i’m not going all high-end on you guys, but sometimes it’s nice to dress like a million bucks. ok, my outfit really wasn’t that expensive. you know me, i’m on a budget. but that’s not the point. the point is that whenever i wear something designer, even if it’s just this marc by marc jacobs blouse that i got on discount from gilt groupe, i still feel just a little bit special. i suppose that’s what you call conspicuous consumption right there.

one of the challenges to styling this blouse is that it’s sheer. it’s pretty great for layering under dresses, and i could certainly throw on a camisole underneath to keep it more modest, but i decided to go without one to make the look a little bit more edgy. this definitely isn’t office attire. so excuse me while i go feel fancy.

rayban wayfarers
marc by marc jacobs blouse, gilt groupe
high rise trousers, zara
nine west suede platforms, piperlime
vintage coach doctor bag