a jeans and t-shirt kind of day

no, i did not take anyone’s suggestions for today’s outfit. i tried and tried and made a big ol’ mess in my bedroom, but in the end i decided to go for a plain old jeans and t-shirt look. well, now i’m wearing a t-shirt, but i did wear the lace shell for a couple of hours and will probably put it back on when i go out tonight. but really, i just couldn’t help myself. i had to wear the new custom jeans i got from indidenim! they are exactly what i asked for: high rise skinnies with a 12″ leg opening and a slightly longer length. they fit like a glove. especially since i gained a few lbs while eating constantly during my long thanksgiving weekend. seriously. but those will drop off in a few more days anyway. and i’m not complaining. the food was delicious.

anyway, i actually went on a little field trip to the indidenim offices as part of a new feature i am going to be introducing to the blog. i’ve decided to start a series in which i go on various field trips to local small and independent businesses that i love (vintage shops, boutiques, etc), take a few behind-the-scenes shots, and report back to my blog to tell you all about it. it will include video. think of it like mister rogers’ neighborhood when he went on tours of factories, except i’ll be showing you how to pick a custom pair of jeans instead of how crayons are made. more on that very soon.

but in the meantime, i will be trying some new outfits with the suggestions and ideas you gave me. i might even wear leggings. who knows? such mystery, such intrigue…

cashmere cardigan, j.crew
vintage lace shell, estate sale
custom made high rise skinny jeans, indidenim
platform ankle boots, payless
vintage coach purse, thrifted

mi familia pt. 2

jose perez and family

thank you so much for the overwhelmingly positive response i got from my first post of old family portraits. i didn’t think a whole lot about it at first, but after posting them i felt very good about contributing my teeny tiny bit of history to the public archive. i don’t know if i’ve ever really seen such old photographs representing mexicans in america from that long ago besides the ones i’ve found in boxes in my grandmother’s closet, so i’m very glad to share them, and i do have more!

i especially appreciated hearing from threadbared and fashion for writers, who were both very happy to see representation of people of color in vintage photographs and are both going to be posting some of their own vintage family photos on their blogs soon. very cool!

anyway, for my next installation i’ve decided to post some more casual shots. the portraits i posted in my last post were very old, from as early as the 1910′s, so i imagine it was a much more eventful thing to get your picture taken. they got dressed up in their best clothes and patiently stood in front of the camera with an expressionless gaze. as time moved on, cameras became more commonplace so we start to see more relaxed shots. i particularly like these because those are just the types of dresses i love to find at estate sales!

lorenza elizondo roque (my great-grandmother) and family

mary elizondo espino

lorenza elizondo roque

lorenza elizondo roque


on getting dressed

so today i kinda thought i could cheat and get away with wearing pajamas all day until i realized that i have a ton of errands to run and i should probably get dressed… i really wanted to try out my new lace tights that i received courtesy of tabio, so i went with a variation on a theme that i’ve already tried. sometimes when i’m experimenting with new items in my wardrobe, i find it much safer to just go with something that i know will work before branching out and getting crazy.

not that i ever get crazy with my outfits, really. which brings me to my next point: yesterday i got an outfit request from the lovely isquisofrenia style. it got me thinking. it’s really easy to get into the habit of playing it safe. i have the good old standbys and i know they work more or less, so i never really feel the need to get adventurous or try a different style. i do spend a considerable amount of time admiring other peoples’ outfits, but i seldom try them out on my own.

so i thought it would be fun to see what kinds of outfits you guys might suggest if you were my stylist for the day. then i can catalog them all away and maybe try a few ideas inspired by my readers! if i have all the items, then i might do it sooner than later… alright, i am at your mercy!

(though, on a side note, you certainly don’t have to keep quiet if you don’t feel like thinking up an outfit. i always appreciate all of the sweet comments i receive, whether they’re in response to my outfits or to something i was rambling on about, or just to say hello. it really does brighten my day!)

vintage navy blazer, thrifted
vintage jonathan logan dress, clever nettle on etsy
spiral lace tights, courtesy of tabio
vintage salvatore ferragamo flats, thrifted
skinny bow belt, nordstrom
little gold brooch, gift from mom

calivintage on glamour.com

wheee! you guys? i don’t know if this is just too much shameless self-promotion, but i just get so excited when i get featured on style sites. yesterday i discovered that i was the subject of a glamour.com feature about how to “fake” your new winter boots. i was so flattered reading the super cute article! you should definitely go check it out and tell me what you think.

and why not throw in the original picture in full-size just for kicks? also, a lot of people were concerned about how well the socks stay up. the sheer tights hold them in place because the two different knits sorta stick together. but that’s just my experience! anyway, i really think i’m going to need to try another variation on this outfit very soon. perhaps today, who knows?

j. crew wool blazer, ebay
ruffle blouse, j.crew
vintage levi’s cut off shorts, thrifted
sheer stockings, drug store
over-the-knee socks, drug store
blimey platform oxfords, seychelles
vintage dooney and bourke purse, thrifted



secret spy

today i am wearing my super cool trench coat and raybans. it makes me feel like a fashionable undercover agent, so i perched out on the fire escape to spy on the neighbors. ok, i was actually more concerned about getting my heels stuck in the grating. a few people asked me if i ever get nervous posing for pictures on my roof. i don’t. but the fire escape is a different story. don’t think i’ll be trying that again any time soon…

lately i’ve been very tempted to style outfits without any vintage items. i suppose it’s like anything else in my life, i go through phases where i choose more modern pieces when i get bored and then i’ll switch right back into wearing prim and proper 50′s shirtwaist dresses. but today i did mix in this vintage plaid shift dress that i bought on ebay last year. it’s such a comfy stand by for those lazy days. or those days that i wish could be lazy… you get my drift.

anyway, i think this is the first time i’ve done a post wearing this super cool wolf head belt i bought on qvc last year. it was a part of a collection by loulou de la falaise for the home shopping network. it was the first and only time i actually ordered something from qvc. who knew? sometimes people ask me where i shop and my answer is always the same, “i shop everywhere.” you never know were you’ll find some little gem.

now back to being sneaky…

navy trench coat, h&m
vintage plaid dress, ebay
loulou falaise for hsn wolf belt, qvc
merino wool tights, wolford
blimey platform oxfords, seychelles

pretty details

so i know it’s no secret: i love a good peter pan collar. i have always been drawn to pretty details like ruffles, lace, ribbon bows and sweet little collars. to me, they add just a touch of femininity and fun without sacrificing sophistication. and since peter pan collars saw a lot of popularity in the 40′s, 50′s, and 60′s, they always add a vintage touch to any outfit.

some might think that this style can’t be worn without looking too juvenile, but i beg to differ! just look at the way these lovely ladies manage to sport their collars in these inspirational outfits.

column a: sacaton june in a pretty dress she made by hand, the cat’s pajamas in one of the most beautiful vintage dresses i have ever seen, and alexa chung wearing a very fashion-forward ruffled collar with a pretty little tie.

column b: a stunning outfit from the lyell fall 2009 lookbook, some girls wander pairing a bright red sash with the collar on her vintage dress, and who is that last one? i know it’s from 2006.


toy soldier

ah, back at last. this is my first outfit post in what seems like forever. always feels good to get back into the routine! and apparently in a bit of the christmas spirit. when i originally thought to wear this outfit, i hadn’t expected it to look quite so christmasy, but i guess the combination of red tights with the gold accents on my little black flats pretty much fits the bill. i feel like a little mod toy soldier in the 1960′s.

when i was a kid growing up, my mom had quite the expanding collection of german steinbach nutcrackers, and every year for christmas she’d pull them all out and arrange them around the living room. they did all sorts of cool things like smoke little insense pipes and play music from tiny music boxes. she had one that was a fisherman in a boat that you could wind up so that it would rock back and forth. and there were brightly colored vikings and bakers and soldiers! i’m sure they’re still hanging out in boxes somewhere.

anyway, today i feel quite nostalgic. i can almost imagine myself perched on a mantle somewhere with all the other nutcrackers, enjoying the smell of christmas trees and oranges pierced with little cloves, listening to vince guaraldi’s a charlie brown christmas. wow, i hope you don’t mind my silliness today.

vintage 1960′s lanz originals sailor dress, lea’s vintage on etsy
110 denier tights, courtesy of tabio
flats, juicy couture from like 2 years ago


mi familia

jose and esther perez

phew! i just got back from my holiday weekend and i’m still recovering from three straight days of eating. when i go back home to visit, i always stay with my grandma, who has a talent for waking me up to bacon, hash-browns, eggs, and tortillas with home-made salsa every day. not to mention, the ridiculously large thanksgiving dinner which we began eating on thursday afternoon and almost finished by saturday.

so since the holidays often mean family, i decided to do a blog post about just that! i’ve been begging my aunt julie to send me family photos for months, so i was especially excited when she handed me a cd filled with old pictures that she scanned onto her computer. so thanks to julie and the wonders of modern technology, i am finally going to debut some of the perez family photo albums.

for the sake of space, i’ll probably be posting up my favorite pictures over several blog posts. it’s just so hard to pick which ones i like! for today, i am posting some of my favorite professional portraits. i love looking at these since it looks like it was such a formal affair to get all dressed up and stand rigidly in front of the camera. if you want to see all of the images i have uploaded so far, you can check them out at my flickr. i’ll probably be adding the entire collection over the next few days.


betty garcia

angelina roque


telesflora roque

pedro roque

maria ventura elizondo


and the winner is…

hannah of heart city!

hannah won the vintage mellow yellow necklace from kdikio vintage! thank you so much to everyone who entered and shared how you would style this lovely necklace. you all came up with such inspiring outfit ideas!

and if you weren’t the winner, don’t fret! i have tons more giveaways coming up. and if you or anyone you know is interested in providing an item for a giveaway in the future, let me know!


caped crusaders

first things first, the real reason i am writing this quick little blog post is to tell say “bon voyage!” i’m taking off right after i finish this post to visit my family in southern california for thanksgiving. all i can think about is the delicious spread with turkey and cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, and stuffing! i will most definitely be wearing a loose-fitting dress for the occasion.

in fact, the chilly weather combined with all of these gluttonous holidays has got me wishing for a cape right about now. i’ve basically been hanging around the house with a blanket across my shoulders most days. i probably wouldn’t mind if someone got me a snuggie for christmas. but seriously, how perfectly chic are these capes? just a bit of inspiration i’ve been running across over the past few weeks.

enjoy! (and i promise to put up all the photo credits complete with links later on tonight.) now i must be off!