outfit favorites july 24

now that it’s summer, i’ve been pretty much fixated on pretty dresses or simple outfits comprised of shorts and blouses. they’re easy enough to throw on in the summer heat, but the details in these looks set them apart and create plenty of interest!

kansas couture: rose-colored glasses
the combination of the perfect fit and interesting cut of katy’s dress with that amazing straw sailor hat and round sunnies is so spot on! she definitely shows us that a simple dress never has to be boring!

les mads: a day in disneyland
i love this look because the polka dots and lace collar are super cute, but the look is perfectly comfortable and casual for a day in a theme park.

pandora: madame bovary c’est moi
again, this is a very simple look to keep you comfortable in the summer, but that dress is out of this world! the modest length and open cut feels so fresh in a sea of mini dresses! and of course you know i love those jessica simpson platforms.

diary of style: hello tokyo
lately i feel very drawn to the red, white, and blue combo. it’s only cheesy on the 4th, but the rest of the year, it’s such an eye-catching look. i especially love the swallow print on her cute dress and the way that she added a splash of red with a simple ribbon around her neck.

i love the way that she takes these preppy pieces, but makes them super casual and cool with the wrinkled linen shorts and perfectly worn in oxford boots.

here’s lookin at me kid: wardrobe wednesday – neutrals
i just recently discovered this blog thanks to my obsessive tumblr browsing and i have to say i’m sad that she only does outfits on wednesday! her styling is so perfectly put together and i really think i need a felt fedora now!

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vintage picnics

last night i was sitting with my boyfriend having a chat and he asked me if we could go on lots of picnics over the weekend. picnics are pretty much one of my favorite things to do, so today my head has been filled with sammich and watermelon and potato salad dreams. so i thought i would post some of these beautiful vintage photos of people on picnics so you could share my mood. none of these are my own, but you can click through for the source of each one.

i’m off to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for a grilled portobello mushroom sammich. care to share any of your favorite picnic foods and/or locations? i feel like hearing picnic stories and ideas.

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the great indoors

 t-shirt: lost at tee courtesy of modcloth shorts: vintage khaki shorts from treefox vintage bag: h&m striped tote bag shoes: the perf sandals courtesy of modcloth glasses: 3.1 phillip lim spring 2009
yesterday, it struck me that it had been a very long time since i’d worn a t-shirt. what was once a wardrobe staple for me, has now become a thing of the past. i usually opt for some sort of vintage blouse, pullover, or dress. and i knew it had become a thing when i recently attended a small event and a friend said, “wow, i can’t remember the last time i saw you wearing a t-shirt.” and it’s true, the occasions are few and far between. so yesterday i decided to style up a simple summer outfit with this cute sailboat t-shirt. we were off to take photos in some new location in the neighborhood when we realized two things: 1) it was actually pretty cold and overcast outside, and 2) there was an empty apartment in our building with the door left unlocked. a neighbor recently moved out, so her place is up for rent, which means we get free reign over a big empty space indoors to take some sneaky pictures!the light was soft and low, filtered through all of the closed blinds and drapes. we tip toed around because the emptiness of the room amplified the creeky floor boards, and we were nervous that a nosy neighbor might come over to scold us for taking pictures in there. our building is small and our neighbors have a tendency to make us feel like we’re surly kids up to no good, even though we happen to be very good tenants! so we quietly snapped away, trying to take advantage of the interesting light and new location.

t-shirt: lost at tee courtesy of modcloth
shorts: vintage khaki shorts from treefox vintage
bag: h&m striped tote bag
shoes: the perf sandals courtesy of modcloth
glasses: 3.1 phillip lim spring 2009

 t-shirt: lost at tee courtesy of modcloth shorts: vintage khaki shorts from treefox vintage bag: h&m striped tote bag shoes: the perf sandals courtesy of modcloth glasses: 3.1 phillip lim spring 2009 t-shirt: lost at tee courtesy of modcloth shorts: vintage khaki shorts from treefox vintage bag: h&m striped tote bag shoes: the perf sandals courtesy of modcloth glasses: 3.1 phillip lim spring 2009 t-shirt: lost at tee courtesy of modcloth shorts: vintage khaki shorts from treefox vintage bag: h&m striped tote bag shoes: the perf sandals courtesy of modcloth glasses: 3.1 phillip lim spring 2009 t-shirt: lost at tee courtesy of modcloth shorts: vintage khaki shorts from treefox vintage bag: h&m striped tote bag shoes: the perf sandals courtesy of modcloth glasses: 3.1 phillip lim spring 2009

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modern day pin-up

i recently stumbled across this editorial, she was once mine. it was inspired by pin up girls of the 1950’s and was shot in the liguria region of italy. besides the fact that i would love to go on a vacation to such a beautiful place and experience some real summer heat, i love the modern take on the classic style. and i just can’t get enough of those amazing hairstyles! i feel like this whole photo shoot would be great with some of those beautiful zelda sweetwater swimsuits. in my dreams!

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gibson girl

ok, so the inspiration behind my outfit is so silly that i just have to share: a while back, i did a little clothing swap with jessica of what i wore, and she did an outfit postwith one of my dresses, inspired by gibson girls with a nod to calivintage. then i turned around and styled this outfit inspired by her inspired by me inspired by gibson girls. true story, if you can follow it! but i guess that’s just the nature of fashion in general. we all sorta bounce our ideas off of one another to create new looks and the cycle continues. even if said look is coming all the way from the late nineteenth century!i really love these cute eyelet shorts because they have a full leg, which makes them look like a skirt, but they have much more sporty functionality this way. the stripes and boater hat lend to the sailor feel, and these shoes are my new go-to sandal for summer. they are seriously comfortable, and i’ve been wearing them almost non-stop since i got them on monday. they have just a teeny tiny wedge, so it feels like i’m wearing flats, but i still get that little bit of height. the whole look has that sort of refined edwardian feel to it, but it’s modern and updated for right now. oh, how much fun i’ve been having, taking cues from such lovely ladies both past and present!

hat: the last straw hat courtesy of modcloth
blouse: vintage striped blouse from treefox vintage
shorts: summer solstice shorts courtesy of modcloth
sandals: the perf sandal in navy courtesy of modcloth

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orla kiely fall 2010

just last night i was at a dinner when someone mentioned that fall is already right around the corner. i quickly interjected and announced that it was the middle of summer and that i would have no talk of fall just yet! then this morning, i discovered the new orla kiely fall 2010 collection on the orla kiely facebook page and i had to share it with you. so i suppose i’ll just have to eat my words. and in my defense, i’ll mention that i posted most of my fall favorites back in february when they came out. only then, i suppose it made more sense because it was still cold and wintery back then!

either way, fall will be here eventually, and it’s always good to plan ahead! i am particularly in love with that mustard yellow velvet dress, especially because i have hopes that i’ll be able to find something like it in a vintage shop! and of course, i am loving the wool separates and in particular, winter shorts! throw in some stripes, fall colors, a few bows, and some lovely full skirts and i think i’ll be ready for when the weather gets cold.

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dolled up

last night, i had the pleasure of attending a lovely behind-the-scenes bash hosted by modcloth. i have to admit, i’m not one for large social affairs, so i don’t usually go to events like this! which i suppose is pretty funny considering i just did a big event in nyc last week. but i definitely tend to prefer smaller, more intimate gatherings to suit my more introverted personality. so while i get invites to events and things, i can be very shy about actually attending! i guess i’m not much of a socialite, but modcloth is a really wonderful sponsor here at the calivintage blog and not only do i love their selection of clothing, but the people behind the operation are equally wonderful! case in point: i really enjoyed the party and was put at ease almost instantly by the lovely people there, and a little help from the complimentary “modtinis!”

and really, who doesn’t like an excuse to get all dressed up? for this particular event, i opted for really simple styling in a pretty taffeta-style dress and my sky high platforms. my camera doesn’t have the appropriate flash for indoors and low lighting, so i opted to snap a few pictures before it got dark outside. i’m sure modcloth will have much better photo documentation of the evening, but i did make a little video of the fliptography flip book i created with my boyfriend (you’ll notice my curious cat makes a sneaky little appearance)!

dress: the sweetest daisy dress courtesy of modcloth
shoes: jessica simpson dany platforms i swear, they’re not hard to walk in!

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zuburbia ebay roundup & giveaway!

this week, one of my lovely sponsors, zuburbia vintage, would like to tell you about their weekly ebay roundup of vintage clothing finds! mary, the creator of zuburbia vintage, discovered that lots of gals are just too busy to page through thousands of ebay listings, so she does all of the work for you! literally paging through thousands of ebay listings each week to hand-select an eclectic mix of designer and non-designer vintage clothing and accessories that catch her discerning eye for their uniqueness, their contemporary feel, or their highly collectible nature, she creates a grouping that includes items in various price ranges that appeal to all ages. the post has been become a regular feature on the style page of the huffington post, but all the email subscribers can receive an early sneak peek on mondays in addition to exclusive extra editions that aren’t published on huffington.
to get an idea of what it looks like, i created a little gallery with some of my top picks from this week’s post which featured a vintage adrian designer 1940’s blouse, a vintage 1930’s blue floral silk chiffon dress, a 1920’s black sheer lace evening dress, a 1970’s pink satin coat, and a vintage jean varon backless gown. just click here to view the listings!

like what you see? zuburbia is offering a $25 ebay gift certificate to one lucky subscriber. all you have to do is sign up for the weekly mailer and type in “calivintage” in the “how did you find us?” field to receive your entry.

when you enter your e-mail, you can choose to sign up for any one of the mailing lists to qualify. or sign up for all four, it’s up to you! zuburbia will never provide your e-mail address to a third party and you can unsubscribe at any time. winner will be announced on friday, july 23 at 10am p.s.t.

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light as a feather

aaand i’m back! it feels like it’s been such a long time since i’ve posted an outfit on my blog, even though it’s only been since wednesday. i guess it’s just because i usually post 5 outfits per week that i feel like it’s been ages since i’ve taken outfit pictures. truth be told, i didn’t snap even one photo of my outfits while i was in nyc! so it’s back on the roof and back to the usual dressing for the temperate california weather as if it was all a hazy dream. i’ve been meaning to wear this amazing vintage blouse that i got from purple deer vintage for weeks! i actually met up with melissa, the mastermind behind the shop, for a delicious brunch and to talk shop about vintage and blogging. she gave me an exclusive peek at her vintage closet and let me take home this lovely 1940’s blouse. the beautiful mustard yellow and bright coral feathers are two of my absolute favorite colors right now, so i just had to have it!

over the weekend, i paired it up with a simple skirt and my swedish hasbeens for a more modern look with vintage-inspired pieces. i felt very classy and ladylike in my outfit. it’s always fun the way the silhouette or the textures of the fabrics can really change the way you feel in what you’re wearing. the length of the skirt was a nice change of pace since i’m always wearing such very short hemlines. and something about the cut of the blouse just feels very elegant.

blouse: vintage 1940’s blouse courtesy of purple deer vintage
skirt: bb dakota salute your skirt
shoes: swedish hasbeens super high peep toe clogs
sunglasses: karen walker
clutch: thrifted vintage straw clutch

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nyc wrap up

last week, i promised a little wrap up of my trip to nyc. unfortunately, i didn’t realize how quickly two days would pass right by, so i didn’t accomplish quite as much as was on my list of things to do! i arrived in the early morning after a red-eye and spent most of my first day in a bit of a daze, adjusting to the heat and humidity and enjoying good conversation with jessica over a delicious diner breakfast. then we went back to her place and chatted away for hours while i browsed the internet and she worked on illustrations for her upcoming book!

that evening, i attended the charlotte russe project mannequin styleoff event as one of the contestants. it was a really nice set up with racks of clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories from the upcoming collection, and they served up delicious cocktails and plenty of sushi. i was a bit nervous about the whole thing, but everyone there was very warm and welcoming! for the challenge, we were each given a card with a different prompt and had 20 minutes to style up our look! i was relieved to be given the challenge of styling an outfit for sunday brunch, since that happens to be one of my favorite occasions!

we had to compete with each other to grab our favorite pieces from the selection, so i was a bit slow in snatching up my first picks, but i found this romantic floral dress and layered it with a ruffled t-shirt, a woven belt, and a pair of brown t-strap sandals. the dress had little strands of metallic thread running through it, so i complimented it with a slouchy gold tote. it’s definitely very vintage-inspired and comfortable enough to wear on a lazy sunday. i was quite proud of my look, and i would love to win the contest, so if you have a moment, i would love it if you would check out the site and vote for me!

on my last day in new york, i slept in until an ungodly hour, so i didn’t have too much time before my flight back home. i decided that i should do something touristy, so i took a visit to the metropolitan museum of art after a few people recommended that i check out the american women exhibit. they didn’t allow photography in this particular exhibit, but i did find this video showcasing all of the pieces, so now you don’t even have to take a trip to the museum if you want to take a look!

my favorite looks were of the gibson girls, hands down. i loved their straw hats, high collars, and puff sleeved jackets. in particular, there was an amazing two piece sailor dress that i wanted to pull right off the mannequin and take home with me! i dream of finding pieces like these at an antique shop or estate sale to just hang on my walls and admire.

and that was it! i caught my flight home and kissed the ground in california. i love to visit new york, and hope that my next trip is a bit longer so i can meet up with more folks, but it was definitely nice to get back to the laid back atmosphere and 70 degree weather back home.
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