comfort wins

i was going to make some sort of reference to “casual fridays,” but then i realized that in my world, every day is casual friday. permanent vacation. i think i need a vacation from my vacation! (yes, i’m exaggerating. it’s just how it feels when your job involves sitting at a computer in your home office all day.) but in all seriousness, i’ve been experiencing some pretty terrible post-holiday fatigue and i’ve decided that some sun, exercise, and fresh fruit and veggies are in order! in fact, tomorrow i’ll be going on a nice, rigorous hike with my boyfriend to get the blood flowing again. though now that i think of it, i guess we’ve also scheduled in a stop at a beer garden…

anyway! this here outfit is an example of the extent of my efforts in getting dressed these past couple of weeks. comfort keeps winning out and this cardigan has definitely paid for itself at this point. i have some pretty awesome new duds that i got for christmas, but sadly they’re all still stashed in the gift bags and boxes where i tucked them away to bring them with me on my trip back home. there’s a bright red vintage beret and a matching pleated wool skirt, an authentic vintage pendleton shoulder bag, two vintage blanket capes/shawls, the list goes on. and here i am in black and grey! which is not to say that i don’t like this outfit. in fact, i could live in it.

but for serious. it’s time to get past this strange beginning-of-the-year slump.

cashmere cardigan, j.crew
erin fetherston for target dress, thrifted
little heart tights, tabio
smartwool socks, rei
platform ankle boots, payless
vintage coach dr. bag, ebay


bike ride by the beach

oh excitement! i am so pleased to discover that pendleton + opening ceremony came back with a second collaboration for spring/summer 2010! i will always and forever be the biggest sucker for any pendleton print. during winter break, i happened to stop in at a pendleton outlet where they had a large stock of both the traditional native american blankets and the national parks blankets. i died. but honestly, i just can’t afford even a single one of them, so i will patiently wait until i find one at an estate sale or something.

so while i’m dreaming, i can now add this second collaboration to my list of things i deeply want, but will never actually own! i love the traditional lightweight plaids in these updated silhouettes, especially since most of the regular pendleton women’s collections look like they came right out of my second grade teacher’s closet: she was a nun. and now i have the sudden urge to hop on my bike and take a ride along some deserted coast. too bad it’s raining out right now!

images via the opening ceremony blog.


darling darling visits and an outfit

oh, hi guys! i’m just chillin on my roof with none other than the super awesome and totally adorable diane of darling darling. no big thing. she comes over sometimes to visit and get her hair cut by my friend and hairstylist, shannon dean of indie industries. we hang out and drink beers and talk about blog stuff. you know, the usual.

anyway, i thought it was a nice coincidence that we were both decked out in furs yesterday. i had actually already done a photo shoot for my outfit post before she came over, but when i saw how well our outfits went together, i dragged her up to the roof for more pictures. so yes, this post will be very heavy on the images. i couldn’t help myself! also, i hope diane doesn’t mind that i’m writing this, but i am going to tell you a fun little fact: you might think that i am tall looking at these photos, but i am only 5’5″. diane is 4’10″. many of us bloggers are a very small and rare breed.

so onto my outfit: i have still been slowly recovering from winter vacation/ a gnarly cold/ excessive new year’s festivities/ etc. and whenever i’m feeling less than capable of getting dressed, i find myself digging through my boyfriend’s closet to look for something comfy to wear. i am currently in love with his vintage levi’s blouse, and have been styling it up in slightly androgynous and super comfy looks. at the last minute, i decided to throw on this vintage raccoon fur that my mom gave me for christmas. i was a little hesitant to wear it at first, but it’s vintage, and i have to say it is the warmest and most comfortable thing i have ever wrapped around my neck.

oh yeah, and in other news, i got a new haircut. i guess it’s more of a trim, but i’m prepping myself to try out more of a bowl cut and then possibly transition into a pixie cut. i haven’t really decided. for some reason, i have the hardest time committing to a new cut!

vintage raccoon fur, thrifted gift from mom
vintage j.crew blazer, ebay
cashmere cardigan, j.crew
vintage levi’s blouse, my boyfriend’s closet
custom high rise skinny jeans, courtesy of indidenim
platform ankle boots, payless


almost back

so technically i’ve been back home for a few days, but today marks the day when i have to admit that while i still have a few weeks before the new semester at school starts, i no longer have any excuses to slack on the blog. which is unfortunate, considering that i slept for like 11 hours last night and woke up in a strange fog, having dreamt of an almost full day of productivity: i had written and prepared several posts for the blog in clear detail while sleeping. you can imagine my disappointment when i hobbled over to the computer to discover that none of these things had happened in reality.

so while i continue to recover from this cold that just doesn’t seem to want to quit, and from the weekend of partying despite my condition, i bring you some silly photos of me at a bar on the first day of my vacation. i thought it might be fun to post these here because i’ve really only ever posted outfit shots. so this is what i look like having a grand old time at mr. bings after modeling at a photo shoot for shannon at indie industries with jennie of going west and joey de ruy. (more on that later…)

the photos were shot by natalia becker.

sailor stripe shirt, rodarte for target
high rise skinny jeans, j brand
woven flats, pineapple mint on etsy


sail away

well folks, it’s officially a new year. we got through the winter solstice and survived the holiday season, which means it’s about time to start thinking about spring wardrobes! and as soon as i laid eyes on the spring 2010 lookbook from current/elliott, i was smitten. i’m a sucker for anything nautical. give me a few sailor collars and breton stripes and i’m pretty much set for life. toss in the dreamy, vintage feel of these photographs and i’m in love. honestly, i’d never given a second look to current/elliott before now, but i have to say, this is the perfect cool, casual styling for a lazy spring vacation by the sea.

images via refinery 29.


hello 2010

if there’s one day that i have a valid excuse to stay in my pajamas all day, this is it. happy new year!


top ten of two thousand and nine

well, it’s the last day of the year, and it looks like a little countdown is in order! these are my top ten favorite outfits of 2009. i tried to keep them generally in chronological order so i could see the progression from when i first started posting my outfits through now. to be fair, i don’t think i actually started blogging my outfits until sometime in the early summer, but i did post daily outfits on chictopia starting in february. i had a fun time browsing through my first images taken with my little point and shoot on my back porch, reminiscing about what was happening in my life during those times.

aw shucks. i guess i’m getting a little sentimental here. i have to say i’m really glad that i stuck with blogging and that i have met so many awesome people, both friends and acquaintances. i’ve been inspired in different ways by each and every one of my readers, whether from a nice comment, from browsing your blogs, or just knowing that you’re out there, taking the time to stop by. it’s helped me to grow in many ways and i’m truly excited to see where else it will take me in the new year!

alright, now wipe your eyes and go enjoy the holiday! i’m ready for more.


what to wear when you’re sick

…a blanket! this christmas my mom gifted me with 2 enormous bags full of vintage clothes that she’d been picking up here and there over the past couple of months. i talk to her on the phone almost every day and inform her of my interest in vintage furs, 40′s dresses, elbow length gloves, capes, and whatever else pops into my mind. sometimes she finds exactly what i’m looking for, and other times she comes up with new and interesting items that i would never have considered wearing. enter this incredible vintage blanket sweater.
it is beyond comfortable. it’s warm and cozy and has the most interesting shape. not to mention the majestic running horses motif complete with little horseshoes on the over-sized collar and cuffs. if i had seen it hanging there on the racks, i never would have thought to try it on. but now that i have it, me and this sweater are inseparable. it is the perfect statement sweater to wear on those lazy days, easily paired with a pair of skinny jeans, a little bandage skirt, or even a simple maxi.

so this is what i’m wearing on my sick day. i caught a little cold while on vacation and i’m feeling quite loopy from the cold medicine. but i don’t want to be shut in all day, so i’m off to the movies!

vintage blanket sweater, gift from mom
bullhead solana skinny jeans, courtesy of pacsun
smartwool socks, rei
platform ankle boots, payless


a needle pulling thread

one of the many christmas surprises i received this year was quite unexpected but wholly appreciated. my mom gave me a brand new sewing machine! i’ve been talking to her about vintage patterns here and there; i always look for them at thrift stores and estate sales. i love vintage dresses, but it can be a huge challenge finding them, let alone in my size! especially when it comes to cotton house dresses from the 30′s or 40′s. they’re already very rare to find because these are the types of dresses women would have worn on a daily basis until they got holes and were tossed out. then, once i find them, they’re rarely in my size. solution: find a vintage pattern and make one yourself!

i actually have a sewing machine, but it’s seen better days. it’s my mom’s sewing machine from the 70′s. a very simple singer model, which has done me well for years. but sadly, i think it’s finally slipped past the point of repair. i guess i talked about it a lot, since my mom remembered and gave me a new one. so while i don’t tend to think too much about new year’s resolutions, i think that i’ll just have to resolve to start sewing more clothes in 2010. so besides all the vintage patterns i hope to begin acquiring, i’m also inspired by the patterns offered at colette patterns and built by wendy for simplicity! they’re vintage-inspired with a modern twist. ah, a whole new world has just opened up.


calivintage illustrated

so you may have noticed that i just got back in town last night. it’s been quite a daunting task sorting through all of my emails to get rid of all the junk mail and start responding to inquiries. so if i haven’t gotten back to you, don’t fret! i’ve been working on it intermittently throughout the day, but i’m a little loopy from the cold medicine i’m taking. (caught a little virus while i was away.)

anyway, while sorting through my inbox, i’ve found a number of nice surprises, such as a sweet letter from roman muradov over at blue bed. he recently found my blog and was inspired to do an illustration based on my nerds blog post. how cool is that?! so i checked out his site, and i have to say i am quite honored to have been the subject of one of his pieces. he has some really great stuff!

and p.s., i promise i’ll have another outfit post for you tomorrow. i had to take one more day off to hang out in my pajamas and recover from this cold in time for the holiday!