yipes stripes!

did you guys ever chew fruit stripe bubble gum when you were kids? or maybe you still do? remember those really ridiculous commercials, and the vegetable based dye tattoos on the gum wrappers? i used to buy a pack and chew the whole thing in one sitting because the flavor didn’t last very long. oh, childhood novelties!

anyway, what was the point of this? oh yes, stripes. i cannot believe that i do not have a striped t shirt. such a classic, always in style, appropriate for all seasons. anyone have any idea where i can get one for a good price? it’s high time i got one!

column a: jean seberg in breathless, jen h. on lookbook, raychel sonveeco on flickr, hedvig l. on lookbook
column b: audrey tautou in coco avant chanel, the sartorialist, audrey hepburn, refinery 29

UPDATE: i totally bought a vintage breton stripe shirt from kennedy holmes after writing this and then i found a boat neck striped shirt from the rodarte for target collection. i’m good.


i like

ok, i hope this isn’t too annoying, but this post is just gonna be me tootin’ my horn. except i just had to tell you about this because i’m so excited! i was the 3rd place winner in the chictopia + karmaloop street style contest! so now i can add that as reason #3546846 why i love chictopia. who doesn’t love gift cards?

and when i went to visit the karmaloop site to check out the selection, i was actually pleasantly surprised. they have a really large selection and they carry some of my favorite brands: seychelles, jeffrey campbell, bb dakota, dolce vita. not bad!

some other recent features of note:

i was voted as the most stylish user in the premiere tweet my style contest! i can’t wait to find out what the prize is.

one of my outfits is featured on style scoop thanks to the lovely jasna of fashion jazz.

a few of my outfits are featured on a new blog, moda de colores. it’s a pretty neat concept.

my blog was added to the blogs by latinas directories.

i was randomly selected as the winner of the $50 gift certificate giveaway to pretty fine jewelry from underfunded heiress! i ordered a cute pair of sterling silver earrings.


let’s stay inside

…and play dress up! today it is cold and rainy again and i just wasn’t in the mood to go outside. so, i put on extra makeup and did my best olivia newton-john impression. actually, that was not the intended outcome at all, but while my boyfriend was shooting these photos, he kept singing that song, “you’re the one that i want ooh ooh ooh honey…” so if i don’t look very tough, it’s because these were the shots we got in-between laughter. wow, i just took the glamour right outta that one, didn’t i?

anyway, i was just going for something that i wouldn’t normally wear, while still plucking all of the items right from my own closet. it’s not a complete 180 or anything, but my boyfriend brought up a good point: since i always dress really sweet and cute, then i will always look like a good girl trying to be bad when i change it up a bit. the only funny part about that is that i think i might surprise you if you were to know me in real life!

What are little boys made of?
What are little boys made of?
Frogs and snails
And puppy-dogs’ tails,
That’s what little boys are made of.

What are little girls made of?
What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice
And all that’s nice,
That’s what little girls are made of.

vintage levi’s denim jacket, thrifted
vintage lace tank top, thrifted
skinny high rise skinnny jeans, j brand
vintage nine west oxfords, thrifted


support my sponsors

it’s that time again. i hope you don’t mind, but once a month, i would like to give a special shout out to the current sponsors of the calivintage blog. it is with the support of these awesome local, independent and/or small businesses, that i am able to continue writing this blog for you. i have really great relationships with these businesses and can vouch for them all personally. check ‘em out:

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city light photographybeautiful, professionally printed art prints, stationary, and greeting cards by diana of our city lights.

yes press screen printinga custom screen printing studio located in emeryville, ca.

darling vintage – hand-picked vintage straight from the personal closet of diane at darling darling, here in the bay area.

it is the support from these sponsors that makes the calivintage blog a possibility. if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor of calivintage, feel free to click here for details and then email me at calivintage@gmail.com.

photo cred: kennedy holmes


going gray

oh my! bare legs in winter? thanks to the gray and cloudy weather in between rainstorms, it’s actually surprisingly not cold. i wouldn’t say it’s warm, but it’s totally bearable. anyway, after feeling a little inspired to dress up and get pretty today, i decided to try out a few new things. this is the first time i’ve scrunched up socks and worn them with my ankle boots: i owe that to the j.crew catalogs that show up in my mailbox every week. and i am wearing a necklace! and not just a necklace, but a necklace with sequins! i don’t think i’ve ever actually worn sequins before. and for that, i can thank glitzer on etsy.

i’ve been meaning to incorporate jewelry into my wardrobe for a while now, but i just didn’t know where to start. i didn’t want to go buy cheapy stuff from f21, but i wasn’t willing to run to a real jeweler and throw down $100 for a simple necklace. so i’ve found the perfect solution: bib necklaces. they’re like training wheels for adults who want to be more fancy. and well, that’s that.

oh and one last thing. i wear silly smartwool socks like these almost every day. they’re very warm and practical, but today was fun because i actually incorporated them into an outfit. i like that they created a little ombré effect with my booties. i guess you can’t tell, but they’re charcoal and gray. details, details.

cashmere cardigan, j.crew
vintage eyelet dress, ebay
sequin bib necklace, courtesy of glitzer on etsy
skinny leather belt, urban outfitters
smartwool socks, rei
platform ankle boots, payless

better late than never

looking back on my favorite fall/winter 2009 collections, i realized that i never did a post about the orla kiely collection! and this cute little video has certainly got me in the mood to dress up a little bit and have fun with my wardrobe.

anyway, how i dearly love so many of the pieces in this collection. i certainly would not mind if santa decided to leave one or two of these beneath the tree this year! and seriously, haircut inspiration anyone? i think i’m ready for a change to my bob and that bowl cut is adorable.



comfy cozy

things here at calivintage are winding down a bit for the winter. i’m tying up loose ends with school and getting the next semester in order, then i’ve got a few vacations before my schedule gets back to normal in january. it’s been rainy and cold for days, which has left me huddled under a blanket most days. now i’m wishing for more comfy winter clothes like big over-sized sweaters and chunky knit scarves. there’s definitely an art to dressing up in warm clothes, which i have yet to master after all these years.

but it’s also a good time to do some hibernating and enjoy indoor activities whilst wearing my silly wool leggings with slipper socks and layers of flannels and sweaters. i’ve been drinking upwards of 5 cups of tea every day and watching reruns of svu on netflix. and after some thought, i think that’s a rather nice way to enjoy december.

vintage plaid capelet, kennedy holmes on etsy
wool cardigan, no name
custom skinny jeans, courtesy of indidenim
vintage nine west riding boots, idol vintage

some etsy favorites

today i am off to a little soiree in the city. it’s a cold and rainy sunday, and i’m feeling awfully lazy. hard to imagine that after i write this, i need to pick something to wear besides pajamas and a blanket! i’ve spent my morning doing a bit of window shopping online and i decided that i should share some of the etsy shops that i’ve recently added to my favorites. i believe i’ve discovered them all from reading other blogs, but i can no longer remember where i found them, so i can’t give them proper credit. hope you don’t mind too much.

so without further adieu, these are my picks, because they really do speak for themselves now don’t they?

row 1: a alicia
row 2: marañón
row 3: the vamoose
row 4: the pin pals
row 5: a common thread


poster dress

so this ad for poster dresses has been floating around tumblr lately. (and if you follow me on there, then you have probably noticed how obsessed i’ve gotten with that site!) paper dresses became a fad in the 60′s and apparently you could buy them for like $1.25, wear them once or twice and then throw them away. some came blank so you could draw on them yourself, and of course you could always trim the ends if you wanted them shorter. pretty fun. they’d make nice party favors. or else maybe they’re just really reminiscent of those paper bibs they give you at red lobster.
anyway, the fad lasted for a while and there were some notable dresses made like the andy warhol campbell’s soup dress and these harry gordon poster dresses pictured above. and i kinda remember these being popular again when i was in high school. i could swear i saw a repro or “homage” of the campbell’s soup dress with my mom somewhere and we oohed and aahed until we realized that it would be ridiculous to pay $300 for a paper dress, no matter how cool it was. mom, if you’re reading this, where was that? or did i make it up? either way, it did stick in my mind all this time.

now i really wanna get my hands on some used vinyl poster paper. i know there are people who use it to make wallets and bags and stuff. anyone know where i could get my hands on some of that stuff? or am i just going nuts? it’s been a long, cold, and rainy couple of days.



how to get out of a funk 101: go to the thrift store, dudes! i found both this vintage sweater and this vintage ascot polka dot blouse on a much-needed thrifting run yesterday evening. amazing how two pieces can open up a wardrobe. thanks to these two items, i got the opportunity to pull out these old huaraches from hiding and i rediscovered my old glasses which i hadn’t worn since i got those phillip lims. but most importantly, i finally figured out how to wear this beautiful steven alan skirt i recently acquired.

i’ve said this on my blog before: my ideal wardrobe would just be a mix of vintage and designer. but since i can’t really afford designer clothes, it’s a mix of designer and high street for now. but thanks to the gilt groupe sales, i might finally have my opportunity to incorporate more designer pieces into my wardrobe. if you haven’t joined, you can use my invite code. totally worth it, even if you just want to do some “window shopping.”

but moving along, since i’ve been offering you some little-known facts about myself lately, i’ll add something else into the mix: when i was in high school (from ’97 to ’01 for reference), i was totally into looking like a complete nerd. since i have really bad vision anyway, i always wore this silly pair of thick rimmed cat eye glasses and a calculator watch, and all of my pants were high waters. no joke. it was right after my punk phase and i started listening to silly post-punk emo-pop like the get up kids and mineral and the promise ring and joan of arc. phew! that was actually pretty embarrassing to admit… but i blame ian mackaye.

anyway, my high school self would have been pretty proud to know that my 26 year old self was wearing this today.

i had to include this shot. the sign in the background is the back of the grand lake theater in oakland, ca. it opened in 1926 and used to hold vaudeville and silent movie showings. they still play movies there today and it’s right within walking distance of my house!

vintage prescription glasses, thrifted
vintage burnt orange sweater, thrifted
vintage polka dot ascot blouse, thrifted
steven alan skirt, courtesy of gilt groupe
merino wool tights, wolford
vintage huaraches, thrifted
vintage coach purse, thrifted

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