calivintage on american apparel

oh, such small pleasures! if you check out the american apparel polyester micro-fiber tulip skirt, there’s a little section titled “seen on bloggers” with a teeny tiny picture of yours truly wearing said mini skirt. what a delightful little discovery! anyway, the picture is small but it does link back to the original post here. but i figured i would show you the outfit again anyway!

vintage pink blouse, ebay
mauve sash, american apparel
polyester microfiber tulip skirt, american apparel
sheer flower tights, tabio
blimey oxfords, seychelles

coco meets kurt

i can’t believe it’s been over a week since i’ve done an outfit post, but you know how it goes! this past week i was hibernating, feeling sick or on the verge of being sick or else just overwhelmed by school papers and final projects. and i was busy getting together etsy listings and working on behind-the-scenes blog stuffs and living in this cashmere cardigan.

anyway, i purchased this lovely dress from anabelle rose vintage on etsy a while back, but the hem is quite long in a most unflattering way. and since my skills with circle skirts aren’t so great, i decided to pin it up, which is something i have never done before, but have admired on other bloggers many times. i don’t know exactly who to credit for the inspiration since i’ve seen several bloggers do this before. most recently on the owls are not what they seem and the clothes horse, but also seen on the likes of style rookie and cocorosa, to name a few.

and so this pretty little coco avant chanel-inspired dress took a turn towards grunge and gave me an opportunity to wear these vintage justin boots that i bought last winter and hardly ever wore. i suppose my age isn’t any secret, but it’s kinda silly to remember when grunge was cool the first time around. i still have a pair of forest green doc martens that i got in the 7th grade. and i’m pretty sure i still want a mohair cardigan.

cashmere cardigan, j.crew
vintage plaid dress, anabelle rose vintage on etsy
skinny leather belt, urban outfitters
sheer stockings, longs
socks, target
vintage justin boots, ebay

crafty crow vintage $50 giveaway!

enter to win a $50 gift certificate courtesy of crafty crow vintage!

first off, let me tell you that crafty crow is one of my absolute favorite etsy sellers. brook has an impeccable collection of beautiful dresses, skirts, coats, sweaters, and accessories and she updates the shop daily so there is always plenty to choose from. so you can imagine my delight when she agreed to partner up with calivintage to do a giveaway! i picked out some of my favorites items above, but you have to stop by the shop to check it all out! and be sure to add the crafty crow vintage blog to your reader to get all the latest news and shop updates.

to enter: just leave a comment telling us what you would buy from the crafty crow vintage shop with a $50 gift certificate (or if you don’t see something you like right off, then tell us what would be your ideal vintage find), along with your email address so we can contact you if you win! i will use a random number generator to select the winner at 12pm pst on friday, november 13.

restrictions: only one entry per person. entries without an email address will be disqualified.

UPDATE: this giveaway has ended. click here to view the results.


fun in the sun

i just can’t get over this adorable video showcasing the lewis nyc spring 2010 collection. over here in the bay area, it’s a gloomy drizzly day, but i kinda can’t stand the idea of wearing boots and jeans and a thick sweater today. so i’ll escape into this cute video and dream about sunny springtime.

and i think it’s great inspiration for making a video of my own! i recently received a flip cam from the weardrobe conference and i’m excited to start making little videos for my blog! i’m a little overwhelmed at the prospect of embarking on a video project, but i think it will be fun. any suggestions?

oh, and here are a few images from the lookbook. oh, it puts me in just the right mood.


etsy shop update!

can you believe it? i’ve been talking about all of the dresses piling up in my closet for ages, but i never actually got around to listing them… but this morning, i woke up feeling a tad bit under the weather and i’m pretty close to broke, so i decided that it’s high time i did an update. rather than doing just one big haul, i’ve decided to add 4 items a day until everything is listed, just in time for the holidays!

clockwise from the top left: the candy stripe dress, the housewifey dress, the lucy dress, and the gatsby dress.


advanced style

i know it’s been a while since then, but during a conversation with some of the bloggers at the weardrobe conference, rebecca of the clothes horse called a certain website to my attention after i hinted that i occasionally take fashion tips from little old ladies riding the bus. yes, that’s right, sometimes i look to the geriatric for style inspiration, and i’m not ashamed. it’s where i first discovered the hat scarf (or snood, if you will. that’s a scarf with a hood, my friends) and it’s why i’ll always be very fond of a comfy cozy cardigan. in fact, these sophisticated older ladies and gentleman are the ones hoarding all that awesome vintage in their closets that us greedy vintage bloggers just can’t wait to get our hands on!

so since i didn’t exactly get dressed today, i decided to share with you some inspiration of the advanced style. which happens to be the name of a pretty cool blog with a nice collection of street style pictures from a more sophisticated age set. while browsing through the images on said blog, i noticed that a lot of images were taken from mister mort. so for the sake of giving the proper credit, all images from column a were pulled from advanced style, while the images on column b were taken from mister mort. here’s to dressing stylishly for many years to come!


put it in neutral

so you may recall this post about some of my favorite fall inspiration, in which i confessed my infatuation with the lovely alia shawkat dressed in a little witches outfit, my love for those vintage-inspired shorts, and all things gothic. so with halloween winding down, and the festivities behind us, i got to remembering said collection, only to discover that rachel antonoff has released her spring 2010 lookbook on facebook. i discovered this after reading a lovely post about it over at liebemarlene vintage, and i just had to write about it here because i am in love with her latest collection!

as you know, i love simple, wearable pieces with pretty little details in mostly neutral colors. looking back through my past several outfit posts, i noticed that i’ve been wearing a lot of cream, brown, black, and white so this collection is right up my alley! i seriously wish i could have every single piece! and i just love that the collection doesn’t scream spring, so if you were to invest in a few pieces, you could get a lot of wear out of them throughout the seasons.

and i can totally get down with the pretty little ballerina slippers. d.i.y., anyone? they’ve got really inexpensive slippers at payless right now. add a contrasting ribbon and voila!


trick or treat!

…smell my feet! just wanted to pop in quickly to share a few shots of my halloween costume. i’m not one to post party pictures, so i promised myself to actually get some shots of my outfit before i leave. and anyway, this dress is quite old and tattered, so i don’t know how it will survive the evening. based on my research, i’m pretty sure this is a 1950′s official girl scouts brownie uniform complete with the little felt hat.

ok! well happy halloween, folks! have fun and don’t eat too much candy!

vintage 1950′s official girl scouts brownie uniform, ebay
brown tights, target
saddle shoes, payless
plastic jack o lantern, longs

p.s. cigarettes are bad, kids. but i hope you can appreciate the juxtaposition! i sorta couldn’t resist.

spooky scary!

boo! are you scared? i definitely feel just a little spooky tonight creeping around on the rooftop in this vintage orange and black 1940′s dress with these silly vintage cat glasses i found on ebay recently. honestly, the first thing i thought when i found this dress on the racks at mercy vintage, i knew i would be wearing it around halloween time. and while i do have a costume, i thought i would wear a festive little outfit tonight and save the actual costume for tomorrow.

so i am off to a little halloween party in san francisco tonight. i’m pretty disappointed that the bay bridge is still closed! i know this might not be relevant to most of you, but it’s been closed for three days since a cable snapped and hit 3 cars! that’s actually pretty spooky. a little bit more frightening than my cat glasses… i hope you can make out the details ok: each eye is a scary cat face with it’s mouth opened wide so i can see through them.

and hey! check it out. i am not a fan of the flash on my camera, but we went out to do a little photo shoot on the roof right at sundown and we had so much fun with it that we took tons of silly pictures. enjoy and have a happy halloween!

vintage 1940′s orange and black rayon dress, mercy vintage
vintage cat costume glasses, ebay
sheer black stockings, longs
platform oxfords, seychelles

black and white

phew! for a minute there, i kinda sorta thought i would never do an outfit post ever again! i just got into this funk where i couldn’t think of a new outfit for what seemed like forever. this is pretty ridiculous if you can think of it. imagine me in my underwears, sitting in a giant pile of clothes, lamenting, “oh i have nothing to wear!” my boyfriend thinks this is pretty funny. i told him i used to do the same thing when i was a little kid. my mom sometimes reminds me that most of my childhood involved several wardrobe changes in one day, much to her consternation.

so i’ve basically been like a record on repeat for the past week. i had an outfit the other day and i did a little photo shoot, but i let my perfectionism get in the way and i scrapped the whole set because the photos were too grainy. forgot to change the camera settings… and then suddenly blogging became really daunting when i realized how far behind i am in reading all of my favorite blogs, and it always seems so much nicer to just drink a few glasses of wine and catch up on old episodes of big love. that show is genius. and i’m in love with chloë sevigny.

but that is beside the point, and the point is that i think i got motivated to try something new because i got a little trim for my hairs yesterday. it’s shorter and more severe now, but i really enjoy the change. i almost feel like i might be so bold as to go above the eyebrows on my next cut, now that i’ve got mr. shannon dean as my new stylist. nothing better than a hairstylist who serves you rye whiskey and listens to 90′s gangsta rap and heavy metal.

and i bought this white eyelet dress because what i really want is a certain lace dress from wren. but i have a feeling that my wallet would not approve, and i haven’t seen it for sale anywhere either. not that i’m actively looking. i don’t want to tempt myself, you see. and anyway, i like this dress because it has floral eyelet details which i think go quite well with the pattern on these sheer flower tights. ok, now back to those episodes of big love…

vintage white eyelet lace mini dress, ebay
sheer flower tights, courtesy of tabio
woven platform sandals, steve madden
glasses, 3.1 phillip lim

oh, and p.s. i started up a lookbook account again. it’s kinda lonely over there, so if you’re on lookbook, add me as a contact so i can find you!