clothing swaps and a video

today is a rather fun day because i have two new things to share with you!

1. i’m sure she will give the whole thing a much better introduction, and i hope i’m not jumping the gun here, but i started a clothing swap with jessica of what i wore! we decided that the best way to beat the post-holiday blues would be to inspire each other with surprise packages filled with new clothes to play dress up. i was really excited when she suggested it because sometimes i need a little push to try out new things. and i just knew that she would send me fun, colorful pieces to incorporate into my wardrobe. such was the case with this awesome vintage hibiscus cut out blouse. i toned it down today, but i also have plans to pair it with a spandex mini dress when the weather warms up a bit.

2. i finally decided to do a little video of how i wrap my aa sash as a turban after receiving many requests since way back in the spring when i first tried it out! it’s not a tutorial because i think you’ll find that it’s quite simple to do once you see the video:

haha, i did not mean to end it so abruptly, but that’s where the footage stopped! so here is a picture of the wrap when it’s completed:

vintage hibiscus cut out blouse, from jessica of what i wore
mauve sash, american apparel
bullhead solana skinny jeans, courtesy of pacsun
nine west suede platforms, purchased with a gift card i won in the tweetmystyle contest

support my sponsors

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photo credit: dalena vintage


take a hike, pt. 2

after doing a post about my little day hike on saturday, i started thinking about how to dress for a hike while still being stylish. comfort is number one when dressing for more athletic adventures like hiking, cycling, swimming, or sports. whenever i’m getting ready to do anything of that sort, i usually find myself in outdoorsy shops like rei. they have really amazing gear and apparel made with all sorts of fancy trademarked fabrics like gore-tex® and conduit and infidry. they all seem really practical, but i have to say, most of it is less than attractive. do i really have to look like some sort of super-hero/astronaut to go on a hike?

so after some heavy internet searching, i came up with this snazzy little guide loosely based on pictures of hikers i’ve seen in silly nature books from the 70′s.

union suit: ll bean
if it’s a particularly chilly day, i recommend wearing long johns underneath your outfit. i am in love with this bright red union suit from ll bean, though i understand that this might cause some logistical problems. you could also swap this out for a nice set of long underwear from smartwool.

thermal henley: chloe sevigny for opening ceremony
i picked this one because it’s so stylish, but you can easily find a thermal shirt at a thrift shop or american apparel for a much better price.

flannel shirt: pendleton meets opening ceremony
ditto on the flannel shirt. if you keep your eye out, you can definitely score a vintage pendleton at a thrift shop for a really good price. and you just can’t beat those beautiful pendleton colors.

parka: fjallraven
this might be the one item you would want to splurge on for the winter months. when i saw the fjallraven crystal lite parka on the steven alan website, i died. it is hands down the perfect utilitarian parka that will last a lifetime. it’s pricey, but i seriously think it would be worth it. i’m saving my pennies right now!

skinny jeans: cheap monday
i’m one of those people who can’t stand extra bulk on my legs while hiking. i like the streamlined look and fit of skinny jeans, but they can sometimes be restricting. i own this pair of cheap mondays in the very stretch dark wash. they’re so incredibly stretchy and comfortable that they feel like leggings.

wool socks: smartwool
i know you’ve heard me talk about my love of smartwool socks before. if you don’t have a pair, get some! they’re more expensive than regular socks, but once you try them, you’ll never go back to cotton. they’re super warm but still breathable, so you’re feet never get sweaty. these outdoorsman socks are super thick, so they’re perfect to scrunch up a bit and tuck your jeans into.

wafflestompers: alico
i really love the look of the classic vintage “wafflestompers” with red laces. unfortunately, they’re very rare and hard to find (for obvious reasons) and i don’t know if i would want to wear someone’s old, used hiking boots anyway. alico has some really classic boots without all the silly pink and blue decorations you see on most women’s hiking boots. throw on some red laces and you’re good to go!

backpack: fjallraven
and of course, you’ll need to bring a few supplies and a light lunch on your hike. why not go for a colorful little fjallraven backpack? the mini comes in a million pretty colors. or you can try one of their larger, vintage packs. if you’re doing a hiking/camping trip, just switch out the day pack for a retro, external frame backpack. i got one from jansport (who knew?) that i absolutely love.

alright, now enjoy your hike!


calivintage on

such excitement! one of my outfits managed to make it’s way onto the digital pages of, this time in a feature about winter fashion: 11 ways to beat the winter-wardrobe blahs. not only that, by i am in a gallery of pictures alongside some of my favorite bloggers: rebecca of the clothes horse, joelle of the owls are not what they seem, kyla of blue collar catwalk, christine of my style pill, katy of kansas couture, lucrecia of fashion is poison, keiko of keiko lynn, and jessica of what i wore! how cool is that?

and because i absolutely loved that particular outfit so much, why not take the opportunity to post it again? in fact, i really should pull that jacket out and wear it again!

vintage aztec jacket, gift from mom
vintage dress, also a gift from mom
little heart tights, tabio
platform ankle boots, payless



after weeks of neglect, i have finally decided to start on the massive, days-long project of doing my laundry. no joke. i have somehow amassed so many articles of clothing that my bedroom has been overtaken. i am afraid to look at the dry-cleaning bill. but the fun part about laundry day is that you always end up wearing some silly mess of things that happened to be clean at the time. for me, this turned out to be a very fun endeavor because i got to dress in my best rendition of advanced style. i.e. like an eccentric old lady, wearing this new faux fur stole that my mom gave me for christmas, and these killer leather gloves i got on etsy.

and guys, i totally pulled out a sash again. remember when i was the master of the sash during the late spring/early summer? i wore them as belts and as turbans almost every day, but they finally had to go back in the closet because i only had them in spring colors. but i am beginning to see the possibilities again, especially when it’s laundry day and i can’t be bothered to wash my hair. haha!

mauve sash, american apparel
vintage faux fur stole, gift from mom
mini dress, courtesy of indie industries
patterned cotton tights, courtesy of tabio
platform sandals, steve madden


calivintage in zoe magazine

just a little something to brighten up a gloomy tuesday. i just found out that i was featured in the italian magazine, zoe. to be perfectly honest, i can’t remember if they interviewed me for this, and i actually don’t know what the article says! my italian friends will have to translate for me.

in other press, calivintage was also listed as a latina blogger you should meet over at the tiki tiki blog. you should definitely check it out if you’re interested in discovering new latina bloggers!

and i was the blogger of the day over at viva fashion blog back in december.


handy dandy

haha, i should turn this into one of those posters that says “i hate mondays.” though even with my bedhead and snuggie, i think garfield might still be a better representative of that sentiment! anyway, my mom gave me this vintage blanket cape for christmas along with another one in a brown hounds-tooth. i have to say, they certainly come in handy on those days when you would prefer to just stay in bed all day! i feel perfectly self-sufficient in this: invite me over to watch a movie, and i come with my own blanket, ready to curl up on the couch!

and why am i so tired, you might ask? well, i have been having the worst trouble getting to sleep these days. i find myself still awake with my mind racing a mile-a-minute at 3:30am. i have to force myself to lay down in bed and try to calm my mind. i think my brain is in overdrive with this whole new year ahead of me. what will come next? life feels so unpredictable sometimes. we never really know what lies ahead, even with all of our goals and hopes and aspirations. but i will say, that i am very excited about a lot of what’s in store. calivintage has been growing and changing and there are tons of new collaborations, promos, and events coming up! plenty to look forward to.

oh, and one last thing about my little outfit today: i decided to balance out the laid-back feel of the cape with some nice designer duds from steven alan. a sophisticated wool herringbone pencil skirt with a pretty little ascot blouse. i find it always helps to temper something casual with something a bit more structured. too bad i forgot to get a picture of it!

vintage blanket cape, thrifted gift from mom
blouse and skirt, steven alan courtesy of gilt groupe
merino wool tights, wolford
platform ankle boots, payless

black out

lately, i have been finding a certain appeal in the all black (or almost all black) outfit. we often think of black as being this incredibly easy and wearable fall-back color. but try wearing black from head-to-toe and you’ve got an entirely new challenge. wearing something so simple can certainly take quite a bit of confidence! you can’t rely on color to make the statement, but instead, you need to let the textures and proportions do all the talking. (or at least most of it.)

before the winter is up, i’ve resolved to try this at least once. would you wear an all black ensemble?

column a: ida on lookbook, glam canyon, mr. newton, the sartorialist.
column b: styleclicker, styleclicker, altamira, all the pretty birds.


exclusive 20% discount at clyde’s rebirth

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this week, i’ve teamed up with clyde’s rebirth to offer this exclusive discount for calivintage readers! how exciting! above is a sample of some of my favorite items in the shop right now.

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-clyde’s rebirth

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weardrobe 100

i was totally gonna do an outfit post today, but then i realized i was much comfier in an outfit that i’d already worn on the blog before. such is the way on a lazy sunday. so instead, i will look back and reminisce over outfits of the past, like the ones featured in this super cute online magazine put out by weardrobe featuring the weardrobe 100 best looks of 2009. i am honored to be featured alongside so many other fashionable ladies.

and i know she already said something similar on her blog, but i have to say it was a nice little touch to find my photo right beside katy of kansas couture. she has incredible personal style and i am a huge fan of her blog. work it!

oh, and just for fun, one of my outfits also made it’s way to the weardrobe front page as well. aw, i feel special today.