london calling

it’s no secret: in addition to reading tons of style blogs, i spend a considerable amount of time pouring over street style blogs from all over the world. it’s easy to get into a routine of checking in on all of my favorites without doing searches for new blogs. such has been the case with my current reading list. but thanks to my tumblr addiction, i just discovered a new blog to add to my favorites: hoyfashion (which i discovered via the awesome tumblog, fuckyeahstreetstyle). i don’t know that i’ve ever taken the time to recognize how many incredibly well-dressed people there are in the uk. these snazzy outfits are just a taste of some of the cool styles i’ve found on that site, so i just had to share. nothing like some good inspiration on a monday morning!

images via hoyfashion.


rain and garters

phew! just came back from attempting to snap a few shots in the rain! i have to say, next time it’s raining when i’m doing an outfit shoot, i’m staying inside! as you can tell by my facial expressions, i was a little distracted and distressed. we were so worried about getting the camera wet, that the whole experience was awkward and rushed and no fun! i have to say, i’m finally over all of this rain. when the storm first came in, it was pretty fun to sit inside and watch the lightening and listen to the thunder. there was even hail; what a rare treat for us californians! but after an entire week, it’s become pretty exhausting. and it sure does make getting a good picture difficult!

but enough of my complaining. instead i will tell you about my vintage sock garters. a while back, darling darling (the love of my life! am i creeping you out, diane?) posted a street style picture of a very chic lady wearing vintage sock garters. i immediately clicked on over to ebay and snatched a few pairs to start my own collection. and yeah well, they’ve been sitting on the shelf ever since. since then, i also discovered the impeccable way that regan over at la meow styled her own pair of vintage garters, so i am definitely determined to incorporate them into my outfits. unfortunately, they’re quite a challenge to style up and this was but my first attempt at wearing them.

and as a complete aside: since it is raining, i keep thinking of singin’ in the rain with gene kelly, which almost immediately reminds me of the movie a clockwork orange, which makes me think of hooked on classics. apparently it’s a moog kind of day.

vintage raccoon fur, gift from mom
vintage sweater, thrifted
steven alan skirt, courtesy of gilt groupe
(you can join for free with my invite code)
vintage sock garters, ebay
knee socks, drug store
platform oxfords, courtesy of seychelles


well folks, i have finally jumped the bandwagon on this one and i have to say, i am head over heels for swedish hasbeens! especially after seeing recent posts about clogs over at leproust and liebemarlene. i actually remember reading about them this summer on siri’s wonderfully inspiring blog last spring, and feeling quite conflicted. i absolutely loved the clean lines, retro colors, and classic styling, but i wasn’t sure if they’d ever be something i could a) afford and b) integrate into my wardrobe. but honestly, i don’t know how i could have ever doubted them, especially after stumbling upon these two pairs of wood-heeled boots on the swedish hasbeens site! i think i’m having a moment.

i seriously think i need those tan lace up boots and the black ankle boots, in addition to the classic clog sandals. the best part is that you can tell just from looking at the pictures that they’re constructed from thick leather that only gets better with age. they’re the type of shoes that last a lifetime, which means that even though they’re expensive, it’s totally worth it. ditto on their beautiful selection of bags! i didn’t even know they made bags, but i have to say, they’re just as pretty as the shoes!


happy birthday to me!

weeee! nothing like being perfectly self-indulgent and writing a blog post for the sole purpose of announcing my birthday! i kinda can’t believe that i turn 27 today. anyway, here is a nice picture for you. it makes me super duper extra-specially happy, so i thought i might share. now i am off to enjoy chocolate cake and pink champagne.


dalena vintage pink clutch giveaway!

enter to win this pretty pink vintage crochet clutch filled with surprise goodies from dalena vintage!

this week i have teamed up with the dalena vintage etsy shop to offer you this pretty pink crochet clutch filled with super secret goodies inside! and just in time for valentines day! dalena vintage is an awesome etsy shop based out of austin, texas. providing lovely little numbers to fashionistas worldwide. they do the hunting so you don’t have to. i am in love with so many of the items in the shop right now, so you should definitely check it out!

to enter, all you have to do is leave a comment in the section below and be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you if you’re the winner! this giveaway is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. winner will be randomly selected at 12pm p.s.t. on tuesday, january 26.

the details: winner will receive the pink vintage crochet clutch pictured above filled with a few extra goodies courtesy of dalena vintage. clutch measures 6″ across the top, 7″ across the bottom, and 4 1/2″ inches in height. made of crocheted straw and lined with pink fabric, featuring a gold tone clasp.


animal instincts

this is the first time i’ve worn leopard print. ever. in my life. crazy, no? but there’s a first time for everything! i found them at the drug store a few months ago and decided that it would be the least expensive way for me to incorporate an animal print into my wardrobe. problem is, they just sat there in my wardrobe, staring at me. i have to tell you, i have this issue with half of the clothes in my closet! in fact, this vintage pendleton actually belongs to my boyfriend. granted, i bought it at the thrift store as a gift… but there i go again, raiding his closet. oh well, it makes for good entertainment: when i get dressed in one of his shirts, i usually parade out of the bedroom and introduce myself to him in a silly voice and try to do my best impression. today he was grumpy, so i crossed my arms in front of my chest and said, “hi, i’m brendan. i’m gruuumpy.” at least i got a chuckle.

vintage pendleton shirt, thrifted
steven alan skirt, courtesy of gilt groupe (use my invite code to join)
leopard print tights, drug store
platform oxfords, courtesy of seychelles
vintage coach satchel purse, thrifted

two more from pre-fall

my favorite pre-fall collection is definitely proenza schouler, which i wrote about here. but i have two runners up this year: celine (above) and missoni (below). putting them next to each other, they are basically opposites. i suppose i’m torn between my love for sleek minimalism, and perfectly layered patterns. at celine, i am seriously loving the primary colored ankle strap heels and the just the color palette in general. and when i saw that leather poncho, i nearly died. how amazing would it be to own that piece? i can already see it styled a million different ways in my head. WANT. and while i wont necessarily find any pieces like these in the aisles of my local thrift shop, the colors and lines will most definitely be on my mind.

and well, i’ve never really been a missoni kind of girl, but these beautiful layers of golden brown knits are making me feel warm and fuzzy inside. i can definitely take a few tips from this expert styling next time i’m getting ready to go out in the cold!

images via


it’s a celebration

as you may or may not know, my birthday is coming up very soon… on january 20th to be exact. and i had a little birthday party on saturday to celebrate, along with some other lovely bay area bloggers and friends, new and old. the celebration was tons of fun and while i didn’t bring my camera, several of my blogger friends did. we were all a bit of a hot mess, so it shall be interesting to see if any photos pop up on the internet!

and this here is the outfit i chose to wear for the event, knowing that it was going to be a cold and rainy night in san francisco. it’s basically the same as this outfit dressed up with this awesome vintage fur collar that my mom gave me for christmas and my new remix vintage shoes. i am in love with the selection at this site and i am beyond excited about this particular pair, which are a replica of a pair of shoes from the 1940s. what makes them so special is that the little bows are actually removable shoe clips, which means i get to have fun finding new and different clips of all sorts, like pom-poms and rhinestones and ribbons galore.

in other news, it is a rainy day today. i have stayed inside listening to the likes of bert jasch, nick drake, and cat stevens, which is absolutely perfect for a gloomy day such as this.

vintage fur collar, gift from mom
vintage brooch, gift from mom
vintage blouse, static vintage
tulip skirt, american apparel
patterned cotton tights, courtesy of tabio
vintage repro 1940′s shoes, remix vintage shoes


desert trek

how perfectly appropriate that i am starting to pull together little wishlists lately, considering that it’s my birthday on the 20th. perhaps this should be titled: HINT! either way, i just had to tell you about my latest hunt. i really want a pair of high heeled desert boots! the only catch is that i can’t find a pair anywhere, which may surprise you after looking at that compilation of images up there. let me explain:

clockwise from top left:
clarks desert trek. this is actually the shoe to inspire this recent desire in my heart. why doesn’t clarks just make a heeled version of this? i actually own the pair pictured, but they are so clunky and cumbersome. and i bought them to wear at my job at the bakery several years ago, so they always feel like work shoes when i put them on. boo.

robert clergie. these are the shoes i want. i really really really want these. the sale price is out of my budget at a whopping $400. and they only have them left in size 9 anyway. i can’t even be tempted.

tory burch. out of stock.

pedro garcia. out of stock.

clarks. oh! clarks did come out with a heeled version of the desert boot. in the uk. and they are out of stock.

matiko. these are actually available for sale, and are probably what i will end up getting at this rate. but honestly, when compared to the others, they really aren’t as cute.

so basically, if someone can point me in the right direction, please do! i must have desert boots with high heels, even though i really should be switching gears and thinking about footwear for spring. and such is the way with these things, i’m sure if i wait until next fall, these boots will be all the rage. here’s to hoping?



apparently i completely spaced out on the whole pre-fall thing this year. you would think with all the time spent on the internet, i would have been on my game a little bit better. after i post this, i’m going to play catch up and spend the next little while browsing through all of the collections that have come out. but first, i must share my deep love for proenza schouler pre-fall 2010. the new semester at school started last week and i was thinking about back-to-school outfits, even though it’s not the fall yet. i seriously need a duffle coat like right now (see my post about it here) and now i think i must also find the perfect vintage varsity jacket. throw in those adorable little plaid shorts, the tailored blouses, and those ankle boots layered with socks and i think i’m set for the rest of the semester!

images via