defiantly impractical

a.k.a. stickin’ it to the man, a.k.a. suffering for fashion? a.k.a. this is gonna be long and a little ranty, a.k.a. procrastination.

you may have noticed that i’ve been writing a lot of posts where i refer to my habit of continuing to dress in spring and summer attire even though we’re in the middle of autumn. i quite liked keiko lynn’s response: she said she wears unseasonable colors as her way of stickin’ it to the man. i have to agree. i’m pretty sure i believe that my outfit can and will dictate the weather that i want. although i did recently try out some fall colors in this post and enjoyed the look for the day. and even yesterday in this post, i wore an ensemble with deep purple, navy, and olive green with all black accessories. it was pretty comfy.

anyway, i wear what i like (obviously), and sometimes this can be quite impractical, i.e. wearing pastels and shorts in the middle of winter. albeit a very temperate california winter in which i believe 60 degrees is freezing. you get the picture.

but some will ask, “you may look great, but are you comfortable?” ah yes, the old adage that one must suffer for fashion!

i have to say, when i get dressed, i do not keep comfort in mind above all else. i usually look at color, proportion, balance, etc. sometimes i don’t check the forecast before i get dressed and i step outside wearing a flouncy mini dress on a particularly windy day. other times, i decide to wear a new pair of heels for a night out on the town without knowing whether or not they will be comfortable because i haven’t ever worn them before. and then i end up walking several blocks with blisters already on my feet, searching for the nearest walgreens for bandaids. oops!

is that suffering for fashion? i don’t know, but today i am not. this is me, bed head and all, ready for a day of catching up on homework and drinking hot cocoa and complaining about poor little me because i don’t feel well and i have too much work to do. it’s my lazy thursday outfit. today i am defiantly impractical yet completely comfortable wearing one of my absolute favorite little mexican frocks with the comfiest pair of merino wool wolford stockings and the most comfortable platforms i have ever worn. it’s not summer anymore, but i don’t mind.

vintage peach embroidered mexican dress, ebay
merino wool stockings, wolford
platform ankle boots, payless

native american inspired

on the left: alison mosshart of the kills, on the right: natalie off duty wearing a knit sweater from abercrombie and fitchi’m not really one to follow trends, but one look that i cannot get over right now is anything and everything with a native american-inspired print! it started with my deep love for pendleton, those richly colored wool flannels with leather patches on the elbows that my grandpa wears to this day! and as a girl who loves vintage, i’m smitten by the colors and patterns on old pendleton blankets and have always dreamed of finding one at a local estate sale, or better yet, a vintage jacket or coat with one of those same prints! my mom did find me a pretty cool cropped jacket at a local thrift shop in tucson which i wore in this post. and since then, i’ve found the prints popping up in all number of places, and i covet each and every one of them! i couldn’t be happier that this trend is back in full swing.

top left: mociun night coat, top right: julia frakes in the pendleton meets opening ceremony classic flare coat, bottom left: pendeleton meets opening ceremony peplum coat and harem pant, bottom right: lindsay thornburg mid length coat

from the tina kalivas, polyrythms 2009 collection

now, this might not exactly qualify as purely native american-inspired, but i just fell in love with the bright and pretty prints of these dresses after i saw a post on refinery 29 about it and i felt that it fit in quite well with this post. the origami folds are a perfect match for the geometric prints! and well, a girl can dream, can’t she?

on the left: siri of ringo, have a banana! wearing the penfield oxon navajo satchel which is already out of stock! on the right: april 77 jeans

and last but not least, i just discovered a lovely post by siri wearing this incredible satchel. she also wrote an article about on the fader blog. and can you believe those jeans? i don’t think i could ever pull them off, but april 77 does have some pretty amazing hand knit ponchos that i wouldn’t mind getting my hands on.

now off to the thrift store for the vintage counterparts to these beautiful pieces! ;)


the cool bus

one of the things about blogging is that we do it from the comfort of our own homes, quietly typing away at our computers and merrily clicking away. it’s easy to imagine that all of us bloggers just sit indoors all day sans interaction with another soul, lest we happen to awkwardly pause as strangers pass by while we’re snapping self-portraits in front of a tripod. alright, maybe that’s just me i’m talking about, i don’t know. but what i can say is that we don’t get to interact with other bloggers all that often, so you can imagine how happy i am to have had the opportunity to meet the lovely diane of darling darling!

she actually came over last week and we enjoyed a nice afternoon talking shop and drinking a few pumpkin beers in a rose garden by my house, and we kinda sorta didn’t take any pictures. but i was lucky enough to get another visit from her today while she got her hair cut by mr. shannon dean, who is also my very own hair stylist. he worked his magic on her asymmetrical cut and she looks just as cute as can be.

afterward, we decided that we wouldn’t be good bloggers unless we did a little photo shoot, so shannon took us to a silly spot to see the “cool bus” which has also been featured in this post by his equally awesome girlfriend, jennie of going west. and then i almost had a heart attack after we left and i realized that i had left my camera hanging on a chain link fence near said bus. don’t worry, it was still there when we ran back. phew!

so here we are trying to look cool, sharing stories about trains, and nervously laughing in front of the camera.

more pictures from the shoot are at my flickr. all photographs by shannon dean who also furnished us with the bad, bad cigarettes. they’re bad.


the modcloth weardrobe dress

so this is a little overdue, but i wanted to mention the totally awesome modcloth weardrobe dress that i received from modcloth for the weardrobe conference. each of the bloggers in attendance was asked to style it up in our own unique way. i did a post about my outfit here.

anyway, modcloth was nice enough to write a cute blog post with a compilation of all the outfits styled by all of the different bloggers, and you can also read a little feature and watch a cute video on the weardrobe site here. i really admire all the different ways the girls styled up the dress. it definitely gives me inspiration for weeks.

and as a little refresher, here is the way i styled up mine. what a blast from the past, i took this photo before i got my new haircut. don’t miss it at all!

the weardrobe dress, courtesy of modcloth
cream ruffle sweater vest, beacon’s closet
little heart tights, tabio
cut out spectator mary janes, zinc from buffalo exchange

ok, it’s autumn

last night i spent a long time talking to my mom about clothes. this is actually something that we often do because i talk to her all the time and we share a love for getting dressed. she told me that she’s in a rut because the seasons have changed and she can’t wear her white linen anymore (she lives in tucson) and i told her that i had been defiantly sticking to pastels and summer colors despite the change. so while we were talking, it got me thinking and i started browsing through my clothes in search of something more seasonally appropriate and this is what i came up with.

in all honestly, there really aren’t 4 distinct seasons in california anyway. it’s very temperate here in the bay area, so we’ve usually got something like spring most of the time, and then right around now it gets chilly and stays that way for a few months. most of the native plants just go from green to yellow to brown… and anyway, i live in an urban area.

so here we are. i got this beautiful vintage scalloped blazer at a local vintage boutique here in oakland called pretty penny. i actually bought it in the heat of the summer when i was obsessed over everything chloe and told myself that i would just have to patiently wait for the right moment to pull it out. enter this adorable little 60′s mini dress i got from clever nettle and i’m in business! and if you have not checked out clever nettle before, you absolutely must. anja is just so lovely and her blog is filled with pretty inspiration. oh, and i’ll definitely have to wear this dress again because the jacket is covering up the pretty pleats and ruffles and peter pan collar hiding underneath!

vintage scalloped sasson blazer, pretty penny
vintage jonathan logan mini dress, clever nettle
skinny bow belt, nordstrom
platform ankle boots, payless


etsy shop update

ok, so technically this is a preview. i have to run a few errands, but when i come back i will be listing these lovelies this afternoon in the calivintage etsy shop! don’t forget that i’m putting up 4 news items daily, so even if i don’t do a blog post about it, there are new items being added to the shop and getting snatched up! i was actually sad that a few dresses sold before i could show them to you last week.

clockwise from top left: the bandana dress, the sailor dress, the marionette dress, the parisian party dress


calivintage on american apparel

oh, such small pleasures! if you check out the american apparel polyester micro-fiber tulip skirt, there’s a little section titled “seen on bloggers” with a teeny tiny picture of yours truly wearing said mini skirt. what a delightful little discovery! anyway, the picture is small but it does link back to the original post here. but i figured i would show you the outfit again anyway!

vintage pink blouse, ebay
mauve sash, american apparel
polyester microfiber tulip skirt, american apparel
sheer flower tights, tabio
blimey oxfords, seychelles

coco meets kurt

i can’t believe it’s been over a week since i’ve done an outfit post, but you know how it goes! this past week i was hibernating, feeling sick or on the verge of being sick or else just overwhelmed by school papers and final projects. and i was busy getting together etsy listings and working on behind-the-scenes blog stuffs and living in this cashmere cardigan.

anyway, i purchased this lovely dress from anabelle rose vintage on etsy a while back, but the hem is quite long in a most unflattering way. and since my skills with circle skirts aren’t so great, i decided to pin it up, which is something i have never done before, but have admired on other bloggers many times. i don’t know exactly who to credit for the inspiration since i’ve seen several bloggers do this before. most recently on the owls are not what they seem and the clothes horse, but also seen on the likes of style rookie and cocorosa, to name a few.

and so this pretty little coco avant chanel-inspired dress took a turn towards grunge and gave me an opportunity to wear these vintage justin boots that i bought last winter and hardly ever wore. i suppose my age isn’t any secret, but it’s kinda silly to remember when grunge was cool the first time around. i still have a pair of forest green doc martens that i got in the 7th grade. and i’m pretty sure i still want a mohair cardigan.

cashmere cardigan, j.crew
vintage plaid dress, anabelle rose vintage on etsy
skinny leather belt, urban outfitters
sheer stockings, longs
socks, target
vintage justin boots, ebay

crafty crow vintage $50 giveaway!

enter to win a $50 gift certificate courtesy of crafty crow vintage!

first off, let me tell you that crafty crow is one of my absolute favorite etsy sellers. brook has an impeccable collection of beautiful dresses, skirts, coats, sweaters, and accessories and she updates the shop daily so there is always plenty to choose from. so you can imagine my delight when she agreed to partner up with calivintage to do a giveaway! i picked out some of my favorites items above, but you have to stop by the shop to check it all out! and be sure to add the crafty crow vintage blog to your reader to get all the latest news and shop updates.

to enter: just leave a comment telling us what you would buy from the crafty crow vintage shop with a $50 gift certificate (or if you don’t see something you like right off, then tell us what would be your ideal vintage find), along with your email address so we can contact you if you win! i will use a random number generator to select the winner at 12pm pst on friday, november 13.

restrictions: only one entry per person. entries without an email address will be disqualified.

UPDATE: this giveaway has ended. click here to view the results.