where it all began

you guys, i just realized that i never posted about the collection that got me into fashion! prada, fall/winter 2000! i was a junior in high school when it came out and it was the first time that i became completely enraptured with a collection. i mean, i spent my fair share of time browsing through the standard fashion magazine offerings at the grocery store in suburbia, so i was well-versed in the trends, but i wasn’t one to follow trends at that age. i had already cultivated a fine sense for vintage and had a serious habit of visiting the thrift store by my house several times a week. not to mention the countless weekends spent cruising around looking for estate and yard sales with my friends. in short, i didn’t think of myself as being into fashion.

but thanks to the internet, i soon found myself browsing through collections on firstview. back then they had free access to way more content than they do now. i had seen the prada spring/summer 2000 collection with the lip prints and thought they were pretty cool, but when this particular collection came out, i almost died. in fact, i did die, and a new person was born. it will always stick in my mind. the chiffon dresses, the tucked in scarves, the fur stoles, and grosgrain ribbon belts… i was particularly obsessed with the dress in the first column, 3 down. i even went to south coast plaza to see if i could find it, convinced that i might actually go to prom if that were the dress. um, yeah. that never happened. i don’t regret that i was never interested in actually going to prom (and didn’t), but i do regret that i never got my hands on that dress.

anyway, this being a style blog and all, i figure many of you are probably into fashion. do you have a notable collection that got you inspired?


oh yeah i did

i have a feeling we’re going to be seeing a lot of these pieces on the web pretty soon here. i just so happened to stop in at my local target yesterday and discovered the entire collection in all it’s glory just waiting on the racks for me. so yeah, i went for it and purchased this black tulle dress, the baby blue swiss dot dress, and the striped boat neck shirt. i wanted the mustard lace cardigan, but they didn’t have it there.

and of course, i saw the tavi video where i learned that the collection was inspired by bonnie and clyde, rosemary’s baby, and harold and maude. but honestly, this tulle dress speaks to my inner lydia deetz. i was obsessed with tim burton in high school (frankenweenie, beetlejuice and the nightmare before christmas) and even went through a (very) brief faze in which i wore white face makeup. and well, i never got a dress like this back then, so i think i must be making up for it now.

anyway, i got it to wear for new years but i had to play dress up and figure out how to style it. i asked my boyfriend for help and he said he prefers the black lace tights, even though it’s pretty literal this way. i also tried it with nude lace tights and leopard tights. the leopard was too much.

black tulle dress, rodarte for target
black lace tights, target
nude spiral lace tights, courtesy of tabio
platform woven sandals, steve madden

i’ll eat my shoe

no i wont. but that was the only creative title i could think of to introduce this series of photographs by katrin schacke. i stumbled across this reading audrey’s lovely blog, homerunballerina and i just had to post about it because it’s so cool! it’s the perfect marriage of food and fashion, which i find particularly relevant since there are so many awesome style blogs that also feature pictures of yummy food and recipes. i mean, is there anything better?

but on the subject of art, i have been playing with the idea of featuring more fashion-related art on my blog. i have a lot of artist friends who i would love to commission to work on projects for calivintage and i may have a few pieces in the works right now. if you have any ideas, thoughts, or suggestions, let me know!

now excuse me, i’m off to make myself some breakfast. i feel oddly hungry after looking at this art!



yaaaawn! i am so sleepy today! but i think that’s just because i realized how much i have to do before i leave for vacation on monday. i’m going on a fun little trip to monterey for a few days with my boyfriends’ family, and then i’ll be off to my hometown in southern california to visit family for a while before returning back to the bay area for the new year. i’m actually really really happy and excited to get a break. i just want to lay around and eat junk and do some knitting projects without a care in the world. who knows? maybe i’ll even enjoy a good book (that wasn’t part of an assignment for school)!

so this is a very casual outfit, fitting for a day of thrift stores and target and the grocery store. and planning what to pack for my vacation! plus, i’ve been writing all of my blog posts in advance so that i can continue posting while i’m on vacation and sans computer. i stay at my grandma’s house and they don’t have internet access, let alone a computer! maybe i should tell santa that i want a laptop for christmas…

anyway, i got to try out this fancy pants vintage saks fifth ave cardigan i got from v for vintage in the mail yesterday. i have wanted something, anything with a peplum for what seems like forever, and i finally got one! it is definitely a nice upgrade from wearing a simple t-shirt. in fact, i think i need to get more statement pieces for my wardrobe. they really help on those casual days when you really can’t be bothered to think about your outfit. and who says you have to sacrifice fashion for comfort?

vintage saks fifth ave peplum cardigan, v for vintage on etsy
high rise skinny jeans, j brand
vintage coach purse, thrifted
vintage salvatore ferragamo flats, estate sale

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bundle up

earlier this month, i compiled this set of inspiration photos featuring ladies sporting warm winter clothes. and since then, i’ve already compiled yet another collection. oh, the wonders of tumblr and an addiction to street style sites… so while i may not live in the coldest environment ever, i think i have sufficiently schooled myself in the art of keeping warm. all of these photos have taught me the importance of owning several different coats in all number of colors and shapes. and a close second to furs and scarves and tights.

too bad i waited so late in the season to acquire said items. i just barely ordered a nice brown coat from ben sherman and i’m expecting a pair of warm and cozy 210 denier tights any day now. haha, just in time for my trip to my hometown in southern california. i bet it’ll be 75 degrees there!

column a: ingrid sophie schram via altamira nyc via songofstyle, styleclicker, the thinking tank, copenhagen street style
column b: refinery 29, léa seydoux via the thinking tank , juliette h. via lookbook, cocorosa


orange you glad

well well, looks like someone has recently discovered the color orange and that someone is me! right on the heels of two very neutral outfits, i decided to change it up a bit and play with some color. i never really wore orange before i got this sweater, and now it’s opening up a whole world of possibilities. isn’t orange notoriously difficult to wear? meh, the more i play with color, the more i realize that it’s the tans and taupes and olive greens that are scary. at least for me. for instance, there’s this particular shade of sage green that makes me look like death. but orange, well…

knock knock
who’s there?
banana who?
knock knock
who’s there?
banana who?!
knock knock
who’s there??!!
orange who?
orange you glad i didn’t say banana?

so basically, i love it. i lurve it. i luff it. and now it’s time for me to give credit where credit is due: i’ve seen a few lovely ladies on the web sporting the belted scarf lately (blue collar catwalk and between laundry days), and i finally decided to give it a try after seeing jessica of what i wore in a belted wrap sweater. i guess you could say that i’m just really into putting a skinny belt on anything and everything. it does wonders for someone with a short waist and large bust like myself. ok, now i’m starting to sound like trinny and susannah or something.

p.s. i went overboard with the pictures today. sometimes i can’t help myself.

vintage rust sweater, thrifted
vintage orange plaid scarf, thrifted
vintage belt, thrifted
vintage navy coach purse, thrifted
custom high rise skinny jeans, courtesy of indidenim
star ling woven platform sandals, nordstrom

yipes stripes!

did you guys ever chew fruit stripe bubble gum when you were kids? or maybe you still do? remember those really ridiculous commercials, and the vegetable based dye tattoos on the gum wrappers? i used to buy a pack and chew the whole thing in one sitting because the flavor didn’t last very long. oh, childhood novelties!

anyway, what was the point of this? oh yes, stripes. i cannot believe that i do not have a striped t shirt. such a classic, always in style, appropriate for all seasons. anyone have any idea where i can get one for a good price? it’s high time i got one!

column a: jean seberg in breathless, jen h. on lookbook, raychel sonveeco on flickr, hedvig l. on lookbook
column b: audrey tautou in coco avant chanel, the sartorialist, audrey hepburn, refinery 29

UPDATE: i totally bought a vintage breton stripe shirt from kennedy holmes after writing this and then i found a boat neck striped shirt from the rodarte for target collection. i’m good.


i like

ok, i hope this isn’t too annoying, but this post is just gonna be me tootin’ my horn. except i just had to tell you about this because i’m so excited! i was the 3rd place winner in the chictopia + karmaloop street style contest! so now i can add that as reason #3546846 why i love chictopia. who doesn’t love gift cards?

and when i went to visit the karmaloop site to check out the selection, i was actually pleasantly surprised. they have a really large selection and they carry some of my favorite brands: seychelles, jeffrey campbell, bb dakota, dolce vita. not bad!

some other recent features of note:

i was voted as the most stylish user in the premiere tweet my style contest! i can’t wait to find out what the prize is.

one of my outfits is featured on style scoop thanks to the lovely jasna of fashion jazz.

a few of my outfits are featured on a new blog, moda de colores. it’s a pretty neat concept.

my blog was added to the blogs by latinas directories.

i was randomly selected as the winner of the $50 gift certificate giveaway to pretty fine jewelry from underfunded heiress! i ordered a cute pair of sterling silver earrings.


let’s stay inside

…and play dress up! today it is cold and rainy again and i just wasn’t in the mood to go outside. so, i put on extra makeup and did my best olivia newton-john impression. actually, that was not the intended outcome at all, but while my boyfriend was shooting these photos, he kept singing that song, “you’re the one that i want ooh ooh ooh honey…” so if i don’t look very tough, it’s because these were the shots we got in-between laughter. wow, i just took the glamour right outta that one, didn’t i?

anyway, i was just going for something that i wouldn’t normally wear, while still plucking all of the items right from my own closet. it’s not a complete 180 or anything, but my boyfriend brought up a good point: since i always dress really sweet and cute, then i will always look like a good girl trying to be bad when i change it up a bit. the only funny part about that is that i think i might surprise you if you were to know me in real life!

What are little boys made of?
What are little boys made of?
Frogs and snails
And puppy-dogs’ tails,
That’s what little boys are made of.

What are little girls made of?
What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice
And all that’s nice,
That’s what little girls are made of.

vintage levi’s denim jacket, thrifted
vintage lace tank top, thrifted
skinny high rise skinnny jeans, j brand
vintage nine west oxfords, thrifted


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