outfit favorites august 7

street style aesthetic: summer scarf
tying a vintage scarf around your neck with a striped shirt adds a nice nautical appeal. so simple, but it really does make a difference.

copenhagen street style: white summer
i like the simplicity of her loose cream dress and the way her coat is the exact same length as her dress.

fancy fine: mustard and peach
i just recently discovered this blog based out of san francisco and i couldn’t be more delighted by her cool vintage style. the color combination of this outfit and the giant ascot is pretty much amazing.

street style aesthetic: stripes
i’m cheating a little because these last three outfits aren’t from the past week, but there were so many good looks that i hadn’t posted! like this colorful and interesting mix of stripes.

stockholm street style: schnati
it’s really all about this amazing lace blouse in a casual combination with a cute little topknot.

yeye! style blog: back and well
izzy has such fun and inspirational style. she’s always pushing the envelope and trying out such interested combinations. i particularly love her mixed prints here and that cool cut out on her blouse. d.i.y., anyone?

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and the winner is…

bethany kellen of bunny picnic!

bethany is the winner of a $200 gift certificate to the beso.com shop of her choice! she was selected by the random number generator at random.org. congratulations bethany!

thank you so much to everyone who entered the contest, but no worries if you didn’t win this time! there are many more opportunities to win great prizes each week thanks to the sponsors of calivintage.

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fancy lad

today i think i look decidedly like a fancy lad with my little shorts and straw hat. the look was partially inspired by this pretty vogue girl editorial posted on yokoo’s tumblr. the image was sort of the in back of my mind as i was getting dressed, and it prompted me to finish off my casual summer look with my trusty straw boater hat. though when you break it down, my outfit is actually a pretty silly mishmash of different styles and eras. especially because i’m wearing these vintage zodiac boots i found at the thrift store the other day. and because they’re actually a size too big, but i’m still going to wear them with inserts because they were $5 and i needthem.in general, i’ve been hankering for more thrifting time and i’m eager to start going to estate sales again. the last several months, i’ve started collecting so many modern pieces that i’m starting to miss all of the real, old vintage that i could be wearing. in fact, i still have vintage dresses with missing hems that i hacked off last summer and have yet to complete. it’s a shame how easy it is to collect the stuff, yet i don’t always have the motivation to wash and repair them for actually wearing. sounds like someone should get to work!

hat: straw boater hat courtesy of modcloth
sweater: american apparel sailor stripe pullover
shorts: vintage shorts from lola vintage
shoes: thrifted vintage zodiac ankle boots
purse: thrifted vintage macrame tote

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it’s a celebration

i should probably first point out that i’m not engaged, nor do i have any plans for a wedding of my own any time soon! but in celebration of the ruling that prop 8 (the ban on same-sex marriage in california) violated the constitution, i thought i would post some beautiful wedding dresses. though i should probably also mention that i don’t just browse around for wedding dresses on a regular basis… truth be told, i found out about these dresses because my sister recently got engaged, and she told me that she was looking for a 50’s style silhouette in a tea length with a boat-neck. well, she doesn’t know what she wants for sure, but i’ve been having a bit of fun looking for vintage and vintage-inspired dresses for her.

so this is the fancy new york spring 2010 collection. they also have a fall collection out, but i much prefer these spring styles. they are so perfectly vintage-inspired, and the best part is that most of the dresses come in sizes 2 to 20. wedding dresses for the masses! and literally, since a whole portion of the population will no longer be banned from getting married. ok, i know there’s going to be a big fight before it’s all over, but here’s to hoping!

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you know, as in slacks. trousers. to me, there is just something so classy about wearing my rolled up trousers with a pair of stilletos. it’s kinda like a mullet: business up top and party on the bottom. though the top/bottom part of that analogy makes it sound a little dirty… and in this case, i’ve also mixed in my favorite chambray shirt, which i would wear nearly every day if i wasn’t so afraid of playing it out. i have to remind myself to take it easy on this shirt because i really don’t want it to get old. though honestly, even when the trend dies, i’ll probably still be wearing it. i’m sure you’ve noticed by now that i’m not much of a slave to the trends anyway.

after taking these pictures, i had to switch into a pair of flat oxford slip ons because my feet were starting to hurt. i have a few pairs of heels like this that i really like, but i can only really wear them for a specific occasion (like dinner or a party) where casual walking is not required. in fact, this fall i’m planning on building up my collection of flat shoes because i recently noticed that i had been acquiring a ton of heels and no flats. most of my heels are actually of the comfortable variety, and i still love them, but i realized that i only had a few pairs of really worn-in flats that i was almost embarrassed about wearing so often when i switched out my heels… anyway, trust me when i tell you that i have a list of shoes i want that would fill my whole room if i could afford them all!

blouse: j.crew selvedge chambray shirt
trousers: kimchi blue tie crosshatch pant
shoes: nine west suede platforms
clutch: loft woven leather clutch

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jodhpur boots

with the amount of shopping around i’ve been doing for fall boots, i could probably do a post on shoes every single day! since i know some of my choices are probably going to be pretty predictable and in line with what’s in style (i.e. desert boots, clog boots), i thought i’d share a style that might not be the biggest trend, but certainly on my wishlist for fall: jodhpur boots. they’re also called chelsea boots or paddock boots. they originated in the victorian era as a riding boot and were adopted by the mods in the 60’s as a fashionable style. but i think they’d also incorporate quite nicely into a more modern wardrobe. perfect worn with skinny jeans sans socks!

marais usa chelsea boots $120
these are my top pick for chelsea boots because of the clean line across the top. they are the ultimate in simplicity, and the style is perfectly casual and cool. the two photos of the girl are also from marais.

aigle boots jodhpurs $119
if you live in a place that gets a lot of rain, these aigle jodhpurs are actually made to look like leather, but you get the functionality of rubber, which makes these perfect all-weather boots for the winter.

asos alfie leather chelsea ankle boots $75.80
if you’re budget is a little slim, these clock in at a slightly lower price and they come with a bit of distressing so they’re already perfectly worn in. and asos has a lot of sales, so you can probably get yourself a deal if you keep your eye out!

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very ordinary

this is what i wore yesterday on a very successful thrifting expedition! i’ve been pretty broke this summer, so i haven’t been doing much shopping, even at the thrift store. so after taking a long shopping hiatus, i decided to gather my pennies together to try my luck thrifting. i guess it’s because i hadn’t been in so long, but i couldn’t believe how much real, old vintage there was in just one shop! i got away with a 1940’s print dress for $4, a wool felt sailor hat, a wool felt trilby hat, several different vintage skirts, a pair of vintage zodiac cowboy ankle boots… the list goes on. i had two giant bags full of stuff. not bad.

this look has actually been my uniform for the past few days. it’s what i wore when i dragged myself out of bed at 9am on saturday with the boy to help his mom with a yard sale and it’s what i wore when we drove out for a day at the lake on sunday. hopefully that doesn’t gross you out too much, but sometimes i just wear the same thing a couple days in a row because, well, because i do. i’ve had this old plaid house dress for a few years now and it probably gets more wear than any of my other dresses. i just don’t show usually post those outfits because they always seem so ordinary… and they are! but they’re also a part of my wardrobe.

and while my lazy summer attitude has lent itself to casual and formulaic outfits, i still had fun with this look in subtle ways. i paired the plaid of the dress with the geometric pattern of the sweater and topped it off with this index necklace from stone & honey. and of course, all of my casual outfits lately have included my worishofer sandals and karen walker sunnies. it’s pretty much a given at this point!

dress: thrifted vintage plaid dress
sweater: thrifted vintage sweater
shoes: worishofer sandals courtesy of modcloth
necklace: stone & honey geometric necklace
sunglasses: karen walker

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win a $200 beso gift card!

enter for a chance to win a $200 gift card to your favorite beso shop!

this week one of my lovely sponsors, beso.com, would like to offer you the chance to win a $200 gift card to your favorite beso shop. if aren’t familiar with the site, beso.com is an online shopping destination that allows you to browse products at thousands of stores – from big name retailers to exclusive boutiques. you can customize your search options to browse by your favorite category, brand, or store.

right now, i’ve shifted my focus towards transitional outfits as the summer winds down and fall starts creeping up. one of my favorite transitional pieces is a simple floral dress because it can be worn alone with a pair of simple sandals when the weather is hot, but it can easily be layered with key fall pieces when the weather starts to cool down.

above is a look i styled with my favorite transitional trends in mind: mango floral pleat front dress, goorin brothers bella traditional hat, j.crew infinity cardigan, fossil wagner backpack, goodhew milan wool socks, madewell suede desert booties.

to enter the contest:
-do a search on beso.com for your favorite transitional items (i.e. floral dresses, patterned tights, ankle boots, etc.)
-copy and paste the beso.com url of your results in the comments section below and tell us why it’s your favorite summer trend
-be sure to leave your email address in case you are the winner

the giveaway is open to international readers, so anyone can enter! the winner will be randomly selected to receive a $200 gift card to their favorite beso.com shop on friday, august 6 at 10am p.s.t.

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by the lake

i don’t know how many blogs you read based out of northern california, but if you read mine on a regular basis, you’ve probably noticed that i’ve been complaining a bit (ok, a lot) about the unseasonably mild weather we’ve been having here, despite the heatwaves all over the rest of the country. in the mornings while i drink my cup of coffee, i’ve spent a fair amount of time reading blog posts about the unbearable heat… in front of a space heater. in july. so this weekend, after waking up to one too many overcast mornings, we decided to hightail it outta here and take a trip inland to a place where the weather is just right. so yesterday, me and the boy made our way to del valle regional park for a bit of sun.

i have to tell you, i can’t recommend this swimsuit enough. i tried it on immediately after it arrived in the mail and actually kept it on and just walked around the house wearing it because it made me feel so good. a lot of swimsuits are just too flimsy for me to feel comfortable, but this baby fits like a dream and is very supportive.

anyway, i felt pretty shy about showing pictures of myself in a swimsuit, so i decided to break the ice with a list of things you probably didn’t know about me, since we’re getting so intimate today!

1. i’m a middle child. i have an older sister who’s about to turn 30 and a younger brother who’s 23. i look up to both of them.

2. i come from a working class background. when i was growing up, my dad was a truck driver for frito lay and my mom worked as a part time 1st grade teacher’s aid and art teacher at a small elementary school. she sometimes worked up to 3 jobs at a time, for which i am very thankful!

3. when i was in high school, i tried out my first pixie cut. soon after, i experimented with dying my hair cotton candy pink, dark pink, purple, turquoise, orange, and firetruck red. i also remember one summer when i was 15, i wore a ninja turtles muscle tee, a bandanna as a headband, and men’s levis 501’s almost every day.

4. i became vegan at age 15 and stayed that way for about 8 years. now i find it hard to be strict about anything. in the words of maude from harold and maude, “it’s best not to be too moral, you cheat yourself out of too much life.” it’s obviously more complicated than that, but that’s the short story.

5. harold and maude is actually one of my favorite films. i never talk about it on my blog, but i’m really into movies! some of my favorites directors are federico fellini (le notti di cabiria), jean luc godard (a bout de souffle), wes anderson (rushmore), spike jonze, (being john malcovich) hayao miyazaki (totoro), tim burton (beetlejuice), the cohen brothers (raising arizona), stanley kubric (a clockwork orange), todd solonz (welcome to the dollhouse), david lynch (wild at heart), the list is miles long… hit me up if you ever need a recommendation!

scarf: vintage silk scarf from my mom
sunglasses: karen walker
swimsuit: bathing beauty one piece in wine courtesy of modcloth
flip flops: long’s drug store

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inspired by peter jensen

over the weekend, i found myself browsing through all of my favorite fall collections to get outfit inspiration for transitional outfits and beyond. one of the collections that really stood out to me was peter jensen. it’s one of those collections where i seriously wish i could have every single piece and just wear them all winter. but since i don’t think i’ll be able to afford too many designer pieces come fall, i decided to have a bit of fun putting together a little “look for less.”

j.crew jackie cardigan, old navy women’s perfect tee, american apparel hampton shorts, j.crew large madaket tote (you can also get a similar tote from l.l.bean for much less, i just couldn’t find a good picture of it), tic tac toes celine t-straps, revlon super lustrous lipstick in fuchsia fusion, almay liquid eye liner.

i’ve actually been making a lot of collages lately, so if this is a feature you like, expect to see more in the coming weeks!

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