on a sunny afternoon

me in my casual flea market attire. photo by jennine.
so today i decided to try something new and share a few photos from my weekend. i’m considering this practice, since i’m not used to carrying my camera around and documenting anything besides my outfits, but i would love to start expanding to show you some of the other things i do besides just getting dressed! on this particular day, i met up with jt and dyanna of the sf style at the alameda flea market, but i kinda forgot to get a picture of them! we had a nice time strolling around and checking out the vendors. i can’t say there were very many deals, but there was certainly a great selection of vintage clothing and antiques.

when i finally remembered that i had my camera, the flea market was already winding down, so i got lots of shots of the atmosphere out by the bay. i did run into jennine of the coveted who just moved back to san francisco about a week ago, and managed to get a few shots of her while we chatted away about the bay area, fashion blogging, and the age appropriateness of certain skirt lengths! if you’re not familiar with jennine, you should be! she’s the founder of independent fashion bloggers and she’s such a sweetheart! don’t you just loooove her cynthia rowley sunglasses? perfect for such a sunny sunday afternoon.

jennine modeling her new yellow straw hat.
the flea market. note the little sailboats out in the background.
big cranes and loads of cargo out on the port.
super pretzels.
hello mr. albatross.
the view of san francisco from the sunny side of the bay. goodbye flea market!
what’s this? the day is not over! torta time!
i did it. i took a picture of my food. it was delicious.
ending the day with a beer. apparently it made me really really happy. actually, brendan was snapping my photo and i was making a serious face so he told me not to smile, which is the best trick to get someone to smile for reals.

raiders of the lost ark

today i decided to pick up on the au courant military trend that’s been seen cropping up in magazine editorials and street style sites over the past several weeks. as per usual, i stepped out of the room to ask my boyfriend photographer for his critique. he usually tries to think of something silly to say, probably to indicate to me that he doesn’t take these things too seriously, which is actually quite helpful. today his response? “you look like indiana jones’ girlfriend.” to which i responded, “it’s supposed to look military! geez!” then i asked him if he liked my messy hair, to which he replied, “you look like a rogue.” i laughed. and then i cried. ok, i didn’t cry. he actually told me it was one of his favorites. anyway, i thought it was funny so i decided to tell you that story because i thought you might also think it was funny.

i say, if you can’t think of some sort of silly description for your outfit, you might not be having enough fun with it. which is fine, but it’s nice to have a sense of humor when it comes to getting dressed, don’t you think? anyway, i quite like this outfit and i enjoy the play between feminine and masculine in the look. plus, it’s keeping me warm because despite the sun, it’s actually very chilly today!

vintage coat, mercy vintage
bb dakota blouse, courtesy of modcloth
high rise trousers, zara
vintage justin boots, thrifted


rare treasure vintage canvas bag giveaway!

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i’m very pleased to announce this awesome vintage “le chic” canvas purse giveaway courtesy of rare treasure vintage! such an adorable purse, perfect for the coming spring months! rare treasure offers unique vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories with a modern edge, specializing in vintage from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80s. they have a great selection of items, so make sure you check out the shop!

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cool water

i decided to keep it simple again today. as much as i love to experiment with my clothes, sometimes it’s nice to pair it all down and get back to the basics. so today is a little preview of some of my springtime basics. this pretty chambray dress is certain to be in high rotation this year along with my rapidly expanding collection of little vintage bandeau hats like this one with velvet millinery leaves and berries. and you’ve probably noticed the way i’ve been living in these kork ease wedges, which i recently picked up in both black and brown anticipating the warmer spring and summer months. unfortunately, today turned out to be a bit more windy and chilly than i had expected, but it made for a fun little photo shoot on the roof.

and now i really must be going. i have a date with my closet. the clothing situation in my house has gotten pretty bad over the past several months as i continue to hoard and collect beyond capacity. even my boyfriend has admitted that he now owns a few too many pairs of jeans. so i’m finally going to embark on a closet overhaul and donate a bunch of my clothes to the local thrift shop. but i’ve decided that i’m going to keep the good stuff and try to do a little “shop my closet” in the next month or so. i can’t stand to get rid of certain pieces without knowing they’ll go to a good home, even though i know it’s time to move on… when did i start to get so sentimental about my clothes?!

vintage bandeau hat, ebay
red cardigan, zara
chambray dress, bb dakota
kork ease wedges, rue la la


calivintage in 7×7 magazine

today i am excited to share a little magazine feature about me and some other lovely san francisco bay area bloggers in 7×7 magazine! it’s a local san francisco lifestyle magazine, so while you wont be able to run out and pick up a copy unless you live in the bay area, they have a really great website where you can catch the feature online. just click here to find out about my favorite spring trend and a little tip on being cheap and chic. also, get a look at some of the other great bloggers featured in the article, including our great photographer for the feature, jt from our local street style site, the sf style!


link roundup

the snail and the cyclops: los angeles adventures
i love this photo taken off interstate 5 in california. since i’m from southern california and currently live in northern california, it’s an interstate that i know all too well, having done the 7 hour drive to visit family several times a year. it’s a particularly miserable and barren trip, but i love the way she captures the subtle beauty in this photo.

vintage portalen: spring, please come soon.
my mom just recently send me a silk dress with red polka dots very similar to this dress. i absolutely love the way she paired hers with a peach short sleeved cardigan, especially because peach and orange are certainly some of my favorite colors for spring!

fascination drop: break up the children, put them to sleep
i really enjoy this simple, casual ensemble with high rise shorts rolled up at the hem. i’m keeping my eyes peeled in the thrift shops for shorts just like these, since i think they’re the perfect spring staple this year. (warning: when you click on the link, her blog will play music.)

rosemud: goin’ to the country, gunna eat a lotta peaches
more of my favorite color! i absolutely adore this beautiful peach coat, especially paired with baby blue, socks with sandals, and a head wrap. it’s all of my favorite things wrapped up into a beautiful, haunting image.

stay fancy free: particularly merino
one of my favorite etsy sellers just came out with a new hand-knit turban headband. it’s the perfect accessory for this time of year, while it’s still a bit chilly out. and i love the way she styled it with a pretty vintage cape. you can purchase the simcoe turban headband here.

nadinoo: peak behind the scenes part 2
another one of my favorite designers, nadinoo, gave us a few sneak peeks this week into her spring collection. in my opinion, it’s her best collection yet! you can now purchase the first few pieces here. my personal favorite so far is fleur’s petal dress.


loud mouth

omg tgif you guyz! i don’t know about you, but i am particularly excited about the weekend this time around. it’s been a long week of staying indoors a little bit more than i’d like to, and i’m kinda ready to get out there and see the world. and by “see the world,” i mean sea world. no wait. i mean, go to the flea market on saturday, and then off on a sunday trip up to my favorite little brick oven bakery and go for a drive on a secret little windy road that opens up to bodega bay. and i’m gonna try to take my camera with me, because i realized that i never share my little excursions with you!

and so, in celebration of friday, i decided to have a little fun and get all matchy-matchy with this outfit. instead of trying to bring in a bunch of elements to break it all up, i opted to keep it simple and try out this bright shade of orange lipstick instead. i’ve always kinda hated lipstick because it feels so thick and heavy on my lips, bit i keep seeing cute curls rockin awesome colors and pulling it off so well. i think i’d like to try bubble gum pink and maybe a lighter shade of sherbet orange… let the experimentation begin!

vintage polka dot blouse, thrifted
mini dress, h&m
saddle shoes, payless


it came from outer space

oh hey guys, it’s just PARIS FASHION WEEK. and i wish i was there, but i’m not. but that’s ok, because i’ve got the internet. and i was a total insomniac the other day and compiled all my favorites thus far into little galleries. and i do declare that i’m rather enjoying the funky fresh vintage inspiration all over the runways, like giles fall 2010. each model looks like she just stepped off the set of a campy science fiction b movie with those big bouffants and retro silhouettes. the color combos are clean and refreshing and most importantly, it’s vintage inspiration for days. reminding me to be a little more playful when thinking of what to wear.

and with that, i leave you with a few detail shots of these furry googly eye handbags. perhaps they came from outer space!


native daughters of the golden west

i should probably start out by telling you that i’m not a member of “the native daughters of the golden west.” i just like the name. it’s actually a fraternal organization started by a group of early pioneers who believed in manifest destiny and were determined to claim california as their own. so while i am a native californian and my family has lived here for generations, my roots do not come from those early pioneers, but from mexico. i have a feeling that my cultural heritage might stand in stark contrast to the that of the “native sons and daughters.” anyway, the organization still exists and actually has it’s headquarters in san francisco. i wanted to try and dig up some dirt on them since old fraternities and clubs always seem to be shrouded in mystery with all sorts of fun controversies and conspiracy theories, but i think they’re mostly up to charitable works. not nearly as exciting or interesting as the bohemian club. you should look it up!but i digress. the real point is that my outfit is totally cowboy/southwestern/native american with the whole button-up chambray, blanket cape, and turquoise ring. definitely taking a few hints from the chloe spring 2010 collection, only a bit more california. and now that i think of it, i really wish i could have topped this off with one of those cool hats i was talking about in my last post!

vintage blanket cape, gift from mom
chambray blouse, heritage 1981
cut off denim shorts, earl jeans
vintage coach purse, thrifted
turquoise ring, gift from rebecca
kork ease wedges, rue la la