my boyfriend’s closet

today i had this whole outfit planned out in my head with a million different interesting colors and patterns and the whole deal. then i got sidetracked by this royal purple strapless velvet maxi dress i found at a thrift store. i pranced around the house wearing it for a while and it cheered me up a bit before i decided that i really need some full-length vintage gloves to go with it, and a proper pair of heels. oh and you know, like, an event to wear it to.

and then i was really cold. since my boyfriend always seems to be warm and comfy, i opted to go through his closet instead of my own and procured this vintage flannel for myself and decided to go for something a little bit more casual. and what’s this? third outfit post in a row that isn’t on the roof of my apartment building? this time we wandered around an old abandoned utilities building in the area.

anyway, this time of year is always a little tough. everyone is either finishing up the semester at school or else already on vacation. and it appears as though it’s freezing cold or snowing all over the place. and it’s getting harder and harder for me to think of interesting outfits! i guess i can understand why they threw in all of these festive holidays during such a dreary time of year. i’m kinda ready for the parties to start. in fact, i’ve got two this weekend!

prescription glasses, 3.1 phillip lim
vintage j.crew blazer, ebay
vintage plaid flannel, my boyfriend’s closet
vintage levi’s 501 cutoffs, thrifted
sheer stockings, drug store
knee socks, drug store
blimey platform oxfords, courtesy of seychelles
vintage dooney and bourke purse, thrifted

mi familia pt. 3

this series of family photos is neverending, so i hope you all are enjoying them ok. this time i’m focusing on some fun shots of my grandmother and her brothers and sisters. this photo up top is one of my absolute favorites. they’re all having a little barbeque in the park.

from right: my great aunt cecilia “chila” cortez, my great aunt mary barbo with her husband ruben barbo, my great grandmother lorenza “blanche” roque, my grandmother evalina perez, and my great aunt ophelia “giche” bowers.

seriously, people in my family have the sweetest nicknames ever. speaking of nicknames, i actually have my own, which was given to me by my uncle ruben (who happens to be pictured above). he used to call me “blondie” because despite my naturally dark brown hair today, i was naturally blonde as a child. no joke. i’ll give you photographic evidence sometime.

now back to the pictures:

my grandmother, evalina roque perez

my grandmother, evalina roque perez

great aunt cecilia “chila” roque cortez

cecilia “chila” roque, cortez, albert roque, johnny roque, lorenza elizondo roque

ophelia “giche” roque bowers

mary roque barbo


in the spirit

man o man, the christmas spirit has finally hit me today. as in, i’m seriously grumpy today. i hate to be a debbie downer, but i have to say that today is just not my day! i’m not sick, nothing bad happened, i just don’t feel 100%. one of those days, as they say. whoever they are.

so i actually wore this exact outfit last week, but i never got around to taking pictures of it. since i wasn’t in the mood to think of an outfit today, it was an easy choice. it’s just a mix of this outfit, which i wore a few weeks ago, and this outfit, which i wore last monday. and because the lovely ms. lulu letty totally rocked some red tights with a pair of salvatore ferragamo flats the other day, which is what i wish i had instead of these old flats. but more than anything, it was just an excuse to wear these 110 denier tabio tights yet again. they are my most favorite pair of tights right now. better than my merino wool wolfords. they’re just such a thick, comfy knit, a dream to wear… and i want them in every color. hm, that is actually enough to lift my spirits just a tad!

and now i am off to do video editing because i really want to be able to post the first calivintage field trip tomorrow. oh, the anticipation!

cashmere cardigan, j.crew
vintage plaid blouse, thrifted
interlock mini skirt, american apparel
110 denier tights, courtesy of tabio
flats, juicy couture
vintage coach dr. bag, ebay

i want a satchel

i can no longer resist the urge to make x-mas lists! i was trying to avoid it because looking that list in the face would be like coming to terms with the fact that i might have a problem. seriously, the list is incredibly long and never-ending and well, sometimes i don’t like to think about how materialistic i can be. but i’m over it. so here is something very high on my wishlist this year: a satchel.

let me start by telling you that my number one splurge would be in a mulberry bayswater, which is technically more like a shoulder tote, but seeing as how i’m not quite ready to drop $950 on a purse just yet, i have taken comfort in the multitude of satchels i’ve been seeing around lately. they have such a simple sophistication and are obviously a classic. i’ve been keeping my eye out in the thrift store, but no luck just yet. so instead, i’ve got my sights set on the much more affordable and fashionable cambridge satchels. i’ll take a batchel (satchel with a top handle) and a music bag, please!

column a: alexa chung, copenhagen street style, style clicker
column b: hel looks, clever nettle, lah lah is here

cambridge satchels.


spots and stripes

i know my last post was about bike style, but i did not turn around and hop on my bike today. (though i do think this would be a nice outfit for a ride on a warmer day.) but instead, i had some super fun and super secret business to attend to. i’m back from that, and now i get to spend the rest of my afternoon getting work done so i can premiere my first calivintage field trip, complete with video. weee!

anyway, in honor of the unseasonably cold weather we’re experiencing here in california, i decided to go out and stand in front of some interesting cacti and succulents. they look so pretty, but i’m sure they’re feeling just as cold as i am out here. though i do have an extra layer of smart wool socks hidden underneath my riding boots, so i’m doing just fine. the only thing i wish i had was a nice pair of vintage gloves. maybe in a lipstick red, no?

i kinda really need to do some shopping. hopefully this weekend! besides looking for new clothes and accessories, we really need to get some heavy curtains for the apartment. like most buildings in the area, our apartment has zero insulation and the same creaky old windows that were built with the house back in the 20′s. this means that when it actually does hit freezing here like it did last night, we all get a little too chilly indoors!

oh hello, little hummingbird! so nice of you to stop by.

vintage navy blazer, thrifted
vintage striped dress, ebay
skinny belt, urban outfitters
little heart tights, tabio
knee socks, drug store
vintage nine west riding boots, idol vintage
vintage coach purse, thrifted

cycle chic

i thought it was pretty fun to tell you all about my past as a cake decorator, so today i thought i’d tell you another little known fact about myself: i’m an avid cyclist. i don’t race or compete in any fashion, but instead, i enjoy going on long bike tours to explore beautiful places. though i do have to admit that i haven’t been riding my bike nearly as much as i’d like to lately… but that’s ok because i have plenty of neat trips planned. and there’s nothing like pretty girls riding cool bikes for a bit of inspiration!

some of my most notable and favorite rides include the california coast! one summer, me and my boyfriend rode from here in the bay area to southern california along the highway one, which winds along the coastline. at night, we camped in state parks. we thought it was so fun that we decided to turn around and try another part of the coast the next summer and we rode from arcata, ca (up near the northern border) back down to the bay area! that stretch along highway one was even more epic and glorious than the first ride, especially when we did a detour through the lost coast. amazing.

we’ve also done shorter rides and combined biking with hiking as well. it’s a pretty economical and fun way to travel.

column a: audrey hepburn, ricor, sea legs snapshots, julie michelle photography.
columb b: allister ann, melbourne street fashion, nike rebekah, shorpy, sergey komarov

the above images were all taken from copenhagen cycle chic. a really cool blog with daily updates of fashionable people on bikes. weeee!


let them eat cake

oh hello friends! today i look an awful lot lot a birthday cake, no? the pretty pink bow, the scalloped edges, and the drape of the skirt. it kinda just happened. perhaps it has to do with a little-know fact about my past. i’m a certified pastry chef (i graduated from the california culinary academy in san francisco) and i used to be a cake decorator. you know, fancy frilly wedding cakes and all of that. sometimes i still miss it.

anyway, back to the outfit: i just barely started doing fun things with the hems of my dresses and i really have to say it’s a great way to shorten the length of a skirt without much effort or to add interest to an outfit that’s otherwise quite simple. this time, i was inspired by brook of the fashion void that is dc. she sewed up both sides of a jacket and i just fell in love. so when i put on this long, drapey skirt, i just knew i had to try it out.

oh how inspiring it is to read style blogs. i read an almost embarrassing amount of blogs on a daily basis. unfortunately, it would be a full-time job to leave comments at all of them, so there are many blogs that i haunt and never really say hello. that’s why i try to make sure that i mention my favorites, because there are so many people who inspire me to try new things.

pink bow headband, forever 21
vintage sasson blazer, pretty penny
vintage cream dress, thrifted gift from mom
merino wool tights, wolford
platform ankle boots, payless

vintage care package giveaway from kennedy holmes!

win this adorable vintage hat and beautiful vintage cardigan in an extra special care package from kennedy holmes along with secret surprises!

this week i am so super delighted to be offering you this extra special care package courtesy of kennedy holmes on etsy. if you haven’t checked out her shop, then get to it! she offers a beautiful selection of vintage clothing from the 1920′s through the 1990′s with updates every friday. not only does she have great vintage, but kennedy also has excellent style which she features on her equally lovely blog. she seriously has the most enviable hat collection of anyone i know.

to enter, all you have to do is leave a comment in the section below and be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you if you’re the winner! this is open to everyone in the world, so international entries are welcome! winner will be randomly selected at 12pm p.s.t. on friday, december 11.

the details: winner will receive a vintage mink hat with beautiful salmon bow and netting, and a vintage cardigan which includes seven hook and eye closures up the front and white satin trim at cuffs and hem. measures 18″ across the shoulders, 21″ across the bust, and 21″ in length. plus extra special secret surprises all wrapped up in a care package! (don’t worry if the sweater isn’t your size! it would also make an excellent gift!)



newsie chic

i know it’s only 50 degrees out, not exactly freezing or anything, but i’ve been cold every day this week! so today i decided to bundle up a little more than usual and try to channel some of the lovely style inspiration from my last post. it’s more of a variation on this outfit (which was featured on, heyyy!), but with a few added layers for warmth. while trying to figure out where the heck all my warm clothes are, i stumbled upon a few hangers full of old scarves, some of which i hadn’t worn in years. and i came across this particular scarf that my dad gave to me when i was in high school. it has quite a cute little story:

when my dad was a kid, he was a paperboy. he would hop on his bike and lug around a big satchel of newspapers to all of the subscribers in town. one winter, an old lady saw that he wasn’t properly bundled up, so she knit him this very scarf. it used to have a matching cap, but that one got lost in the mix.

and wouldn’t you know? i do look an awful lot like a newsie today, don’t i? so here’s to old ladies who knit scarves and disney movies starring christian bale and dressing warm when it’s chilly outside.

vintage scarf, knit for my dad by an old lady in the 70′s
vintage navy blue wool blazer, thrifted
ruffle pin stripe blouse, j.crew
little gold brooch, gift from mom
bullhead solana skinny jeans, courtesy of pacsun
little heart tights, tabio
jazz flats, dolce vita

baby it’s cold outside…

and it’s getting colder… (10 points to whoever can name that song!) so for the past couple of months, i’ve been collecting inspiration pictures of winter outfits on the calivintage tumblr. last night i came across a new street style blog that i hadn’t seen before (styleclicker) and found the holy grail of winter outfits, so i decided to finally do a little post. i don’t know that it will ever get as terribly cold here as it does in places like stockholm or copenhagen or even new york, but i think i’ll still take a few tips from these outfits. anyway. when dressing for winter, it’s all about color and proportion. taking simple items like coats, scarves, tights, maybe a bit of fur, and turning it into something chic!

all above images found via styleclicker.

column a: garance doré, turned out, the sartorialist

column b: hel looks, ida on lookbook, easy fashion in paris