late afternoon

what better way to start the day than with a little fashion inspiration from a fellow blogger! i caught up with liz and asked her to give us a little sneak peak into the girl behind the style. she’s fashion forward with a vintage twist and she has such lovely photos!

name: Liz
age: 22

favorite food: Korean food

favorite color: Black and Green

what do you collect: Dias de los Muertos figurines, vintage cocktail rings and silk scarves.

favorite online destination right now: DazedDigital and the glamourai

define your style: I don’t think I have a certain style, I wear whatever feels right. My morning routine usually involves me pulling out items and switching them around until I feel comfortable and confident.


you may have noticed a few recent changes to the blog. i’m trying to keep the construction minimal, but things might be moving around a little bit over the next week or so. you’ll have to excuse me while i get organized. i just feel like it’s time for a little sprucing up!

(and feel free to give me any input about the changes.)


turban time

oh la la! and in such lovely jewel colors! vintage turbans!

another recent obsession of mine: turbans! i can’t quite say quite where it came from, but i’ve been inspired by several different lovely images over the past several months. namely, this blog post from garance dore comes to mind, but also the lovely image from the library of congress in my last blog post here. the only problem is that i haven’t managed to find any for myself.

well, i do know how to tie a turban from a silk scarf or from my american apparel sash, which i was doing for a little while there. but i’ve still been lusting after something made to be a turban. a turban hat, perhaps. so you can imagine my surprise when my mother sent me that lovely photo above. she found all of these vintage turbans in one spot, for $2 a piece. plus one cute baby blue straw hat. seriously, i’m beginning to think that tucson is a goldmine. you just have to be able to tolerate the 110 degree weather inside someone’s attic. yikes!



i’ve recently renewed my interest in looking at old photos on the internet. there are plenty to be found! i think it’s rises out of my lack of inspiration for getting dressed lately. i have my handful of standby dresses and standby shoes and i go on my merry way, wearing basically the same outfit every day. i don’t really mind it– and actually kinda prefer it– since i’m usually just milling around the house, sewing, washing, and searching around on the internets. it’s been a very domestic summer. i even cook dinner every night!

so perhaps because of my domestic habit, i’ve been really keen on house dresses. but really, who isn’t? i started imagining the kinds of dresses that my great-grandmother would have worn. or for that matter, my grandmother. so not too long ago, i started a good little collection of house dresses, most likely from the late 1930′s or early 1940′s. or at least in that style. i’ve been hoarding them in the closet because i haven’t quite figured out how to wear them.

i recently remembered the images from the library of congress, and stayed up late browsing through the photos and i realized what was missing! socks!

i guess you’re seeing the theme here. as i mentioned in my previous post, i did a quick search on ebay and etsy and acquired several pairs in different colors, which i am now patiently awaiting in the mail.


socks with sandals

i’m a fan of a.p.c., and i’m sure if you’ve been doing your blog rounds, i’m not the only person who just discovered the autumn/winter 2010 collection. and to be honest, i’m not particularly excited about most of the items (though i’ll probably take that back once the weather starts to change).

but i was excited about those cute little ankle socks with sandals! i actually just purchased several pairs of vintage ankle socks on etsy and ebay (for a very reasonable price) with the intention of wearing them with sandals and pumps and pretty much everything else. oh yes. i’m going there.


x-mas in july!

i’m not gonna lie. this summer hasn’t been the easiest. i’m still adjusting to the life of a student and i’m not used to this whole summer vacation without a job thing. it’s cool except i’m broke most of the time. i’m sure you know how it is. so you’ll understand my excitement over this here little post. it’s time for some scroll-down fun!

this silly package arrived on my doorstep today. who was it from? my mom, of course! she’s been sending me lots of packages lately. how nice!

let’s see what’s inside… ok, i’m definitely getting the theme here.

oh my! pretty vintage skirts all wrapped up in tulle! and a teeny tiny feedsack!

oh! and there’s more. tons of little notions… we’ve got ribbon and lace and tulle and oilcloth. oh, and a little pink clutch and a silk scarf. boy oh boy. what a deeeelight!

let’s get a better look at these. two pretty vintage skirts and a vintage peasant dress. these will be perfect for summer!

thanks mom!


sweet service

so it’s no secret, i don’t think i would be into vintage if it weren’t for my mother. as a matter of fact, i think i should do an entire blog post dedicated to her! i call her up almost daily, and i always give her the rundown on what i’ve been thinking about lately (oh lace, ruffles, anything sheer, blah blah blah). she lives in tucson and since i know she understands vintage, i wouldn’t mind having an extra pair of eyes to scope out the local thrift stores and estate sales for me. i’ll send her emails with links to pretty things and she’ll reciprocate with even more links and even more pretty things. it’s very useful.

during one such exchange, she sent me a link to a collection by mona and holly. an entire spring line inspired by service uniforms of the 50s! i was a little disappointed that the photos weren’t better, because it looks like they have some incredible details! i’m sure they look so sweet and pretty up close!!!


a day at home

vintage 50′s plaid house dress, ebay
vintage coach purse, thrifted
star ling platform sandals, nordstrom

today was a pretty relaxed day. i stayed at home with my boyfriend and rearranged the office while he painted and wrote stories. (i even updated the blog banner just a tad…) but i have to say i’m very pleased with the new layout of my office. i just feel like i finally figured out how to utilize the space more efficiently! now the only thing missing is a vintage sewing machine complete with a sewing table. i actually use my mom’s old singer sewing machine that she bought in the 70s, but it’s getting a little bit worse for the wear. sorry mom, i might need to upgrade! i’ve been scouring craigslist for just the right one!

but best part is that i need to decorate! this is going to be a very fun endeavor because what could be better than a californiana collection for the calivintage office? why didn’t i think of it before? so now i will keep my eyes peeled for old postcards and books and silly souvenirs!

and of course, i finally got around to doing an outfit post. i did get a tripod, but i haven’t mustered up the nerve to take it out in public with me, so i waited until the weekend for brendan to take my photos. the camera was up to no good so the photos are a little blown out, but at least i got a few shots of my house dress. i kinda think i might end up selling it, though. i can’t really decide!

a little pedestrian pathway right by my house!


saturday spoils!

oh all these vintage dresses (and more) were in one spot!

so i had all of these blogs posts to do this past week, but surprisingly, i ended up so busy that all of my content is still incomplete! i did a sewing project and turned a vintage feedsack into a lovely dress, and my mom sent me two more surprise packages in the mail. but when i sat down at the computer to write about it, the only thing i could think about were my estate sale finds from this morning! (though i promise to get back to those other lovely things soon!)

i managed to procure quite a few dresses and tons of old ephemera. in fact, i got a box full of adorable greeting cards and valentines, some of them possibly as old as the 40s, though i can’t be certain. and all of the dresses are very old. i even have a very delicate little 30s dress, which i’m pretty sure is not going to fit me. so that’s a hint to expect to find it in the etsy shop some time next week…

a little sampler of some of the things i found: vintage hankies, stuffed dog, vintage greetings, and a lovely art deco style purse!

and there were tons of vintage handkerchiefs. it’s funny because just yesterday i dug up an old box of vintage hankies that i had buried in a drawer, and lo and behold i found some lovely additions to my collection. it’s a silly addiction since i seem to find them everywhere, but i just can’t help myself! and who knows what compelled me to buy that silly little stuffed dog? he just looked so cute sitting on the table all alone. ah, and i was just getting fed up with lousy estate sales. ;)



ever since i first laid eyes on lydia, i have been in awe of her fun and quirky style. she has so many outfits, it was almost impossible to pick only a few to show you here! when it comes to thrifting, she’s got quite the eye. and when she isn’t finding amazing pieces out in the shops, she’s piecing together new dresses and accessories right at home. her latest d.i.y. le sac dress has gotten me so inspired, i’m going to do an entire blog post about it!i recently asked her a few questions about her inspirational style.
oh hello there! can you tell us a little about yourself?
Hi, I’m Lydia. I’m currently a Barista at Starbucks… but I hope to become a stylist after completing a Fashion Merchandising diploma!

ok, now tell us about your style inspiration. where do you get your ideas for all of your amazing outfits???
My inspiration comes mostly from fellow bloggers! There are so many girls with amazing style on the Internet, it’s hard to keep up sometimes. A few of my favourite blogs (this is the very short list!) are Hand It Over (Wendy has a knack for making simple, comfortable outfits that still are astonishingly cute!), Garbage Dress (Zana is my hero, confidence wise. There is no messing with her!), Karla’s Closet (Best haircut, hands down. She was part of the reason why I chopped off my hair! So adorable with a killer collection of shoes), Taghrid (another girl with insane confidence), Ringo, Have Another Banana (Her vintage sensiblity is almost the exact same as mine), Neenee (She makes clothes that will blow your mind. So innovative and stylish, with a lot of color!), and of course calivintage (She’s got so many vintage finds I want to steal!). I also love looking at streetstyle blogs like Garance Dore, Sartorialist, Face Hunter, and Turned Out, among many others. Other than a lot of internet surfing (you should see my google reader, I either get inspired by random colors and ideas (All of a sudden, I will have an outfit in my head and have to go either hang it up, or write it down), or things in magazines like Nylon, Teen Vogue, Elle, Preen, Ruush, and Lula. I also look at online stores, designers etc. Basically, many MANY things inspire my outfits.

do you have any style advice for other young ladies out there?
My advice is to be fearless. Corny? Maybe. But honestly, 98% of great style is boatloads of confidence… Don’t be fearful of color and patterns. They are what makes a good outfit that much better. Also, check out thrift and vintage stores, which are an endless source of unique, fun pieces. Also, don’t feel like the only way to be stylish is strictly to be trendy. Trends are great, but so is individualism.

do you have any links to share?
I’m the proud owner of whistle.vintage, an online affordable vintage boutique! I also have a blog, Style Is Style and you can find me on Chictopia, Flickr, Weardrobe and Lookbook.