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if you’re a member of independent fashion bloggers, then you may have seen that i was recently nominated by members of the community for the blogger spotlight of the week! i am flattered and honored by all of the nominations and i really appreciate the support i receive from fellow bloggers and readers! so thank you very much! and to check out the interview, click here!

i also want to give a shout out to the folks over at wonderwool for posting this interview with me on their site. we actually connected through ifb as well. really quite nice!


peachy keen

nope, my shorts don’t have scallops, but i still love them so. like i said, i’m really into wearing high rise shorts these days. and this particular pair was one of those really exciting etsy finds where i had been browsing here and there for something exactly like this, and i saw the picture and reluctantly clicked on it expecting the model to be, like, a size 0, so there would be no way i’d fit into them anyway. but then bam! they were perfect. just my size. “commit to buy.”

and i’m feeling quite relieved that i actually thought of an outfit to wear today because the past couple days have been really meh over here in my neck of the woods. but i finally pulled myself out of my funk and took a nice long shower and washed my hair after taking a weird nap at like 10am this morning, and i’m finally feeling better. of course, this also means that i have a ton of work to catch up on because i’ve been letting the apartment (and my email inbox) go to ruin, but i’m just gonna play some of montreal (satanic panic in the attic) really loud and get to work!

blouse: h&m
shorts: vintage liz claiborne from lola vintage
belt: vintage woven belt from we move vintage
tights: target
shoes: vintage tassel loafers from tree & kimball
coat: marc by marc jacobs from spring 2001 (i think)



shorts story

this year, i’ve been completely obsessed with finding the perfect pair of shorts. and not just one pair, i kinda want like several pairs of incredible high rise shorts in different fabrics with different cool little embellishments like paper bag waist ties and pleats, but most importantly: scallops! hard to believe, right? ha, you know me. and i know this is old news since these perfect shorts were seen walking down the chloe spring 2009 runway over a year ago, but ever since i laid my eyes on that collection, i have not been able to get scalloped edges out of my mind! but as with most runway trends, i knew it would only be a matter of time before we saw all sorts of imitations, knock offs, and homages. not that chloe is, like, the owner of scalloped edges or anything (i have been collecting a number of vintage pieces with scalloped edges), but you know what i mean. i just don’t happen to be able to afford chloe.

unfortunately, for whatever reason, when it comes to obtaining a pair of these amazing shorts, it’s been my personal shopping fail. i saw them pop up at urban outfitters in black for under $50 and i hesitated until they were out of stock in my size. and neneee has been whipping up some custom pairs refashioned from vintage shorts, yet i have yet to snag a pair of those either. and well, i’ve seen others and still don’t have a pair. so i guess i’ll just keep on sitting here, waiting patiently for the universe to drop them on top of my head. or rear, i suppose.

chloë sevigny wearing chloé, neneee, the cherry blossom girl wearing a pair from the queen’s wardrobe, kloset, urban outfitters, a look from the chloé spring 2009 runway.


sweater face

oh hi guys. today i am a whiny little baby. waaah. i kept trying to think up some sort of super creative outfit based off of one of my favorite looks from charles anastase spring 2009 and i have this really amazing lace tea dress with a sailor collar that i’ve been wanting to wear forever. and then i drank 2 giant glasses of water followed by an ungodly amount of black beans and rice and ma belleh was sticking out to here and none of my outfit attempts worked and i kinda sat there in a pile of clothes feeling sorry for myself. um… fail! laugh if you will, but we all have those kinds of days (or weeks) where everything in the closet just sucks and you’re feeling uninspired and well, blah.

so instead, i pulled out this giant sweater from one of those jumbo sized plastic shopping bags they give you at the thrift store when you buy piles and piles of clothes. i had originally bought it as a gift for my little bro (and i’m still gonna send it to him), but it seemed perfectly appropriate for my mood (and my food baby).

sweater: thrifted vintage fisherman sweater
jeans: j brand 210 the oslo in indigo
shoes: seychelles blimey oxfords in whiskey


win a $40 gift certificate to rare treasure vintage!

win a $40 gift certificate to rare treasure vintage!

this week i’ve teamed up with one of my lovely sponsors to bring you this awesome giveaway for a $40 store credit to rare treasure vintage on etsy! the shop is run by robyn (pictured below) out of her cozy downtown studio in toronto where she focuses on providing a nice selection of unique, functional, and affordable vintage pieces. a quick peek in her shop and i found several wardrobe staples that would be perfect for fun in the sun this spring.

to enter, visit rare treasure vintage and take a peek around, then come back and leave a comment in the section below. if your profile doesn’t link to your contact info, be sure to leave your email so we can contact you if you’re the winner. this giveaway is open to international readers, so anyone can enter. the winner will be randomly selected and announced at 10am p.s.t. on friday, april 30th.


oh hey guys! i know i kind of already mentioned this, but in case you missed it, i’m super duper lazy/tired today after going on a crazy awesome bike ride all day yesterday. and i totes thought i would take like a million pictures and then do an outfit post dedicated to bike style and show you a little map of the ride because it was so rad. and i still might, but it’s gonna be a little while before i get everything together to show you. so instead, you get the usual outfit post. it’s nothing special, but i decided to keep the outfit simple to showcase this totally awesome vintage pendleton bag my mom gave me for christmas a while back! you all know how nuts i am for anything pendleton, so this is definitely one of my favorite pieces. the only thing is that i hadn’t actually used it until now because it somehow just feels like it works better with my spring/summer wardrobe.

anyway, it’s totally rad and it makes me excited to go visit my mom in arizona soon because they must have so many awesome southwest themed pieces in the thrift stores out there. i mean, i kinda want to boycott that whole place after their recent immigration legislation, but i gotta go support my mother (a latina living in tucson). legalize arizona!

blouse: vintage eyelet blouse from helgesok vintage
shorts: thrifted vintage denim guess shorts
belt: urban outfitters
shoes: thrifted vintage huarache sandals
bag: vintage pendleton bag from my mom



world traveler

i had big plans to show you the photo highlights from a fun bike ride around the carquinez strait yesterday, but my monday has gotten a bit of a slow start and i can’t even think of sorting through all of the pictures we shot. so instead, i will share a pretty new discovery with you: i happened upon this spring collection from lauren moffat while browsing the camp comfort blog and instantly fell in love with the fun and laid back styling of these looks inspired by the world traveler. it’s great because this collection really does have a piece for everyone: there are easy separates to mix and match, cute rompers, and pretty dresses styled up with sunglasses, giant bows, and all sorts of fun and quirky straw hats. she really knows how to make tourist = cool.


sunday best

i’ll be the first to admit that when this bb dakota salute your skirt arrived in the mail and i pulled it out of the package, i was a bit hesitant. i tend to wear pretty casual mini skirts and i immediately recognized that the thick fabric and structure of this skirt were just a tad bit dressier than my typical fare. and so it kinda sat there off to the side for almost a month, until i realized how absolutely perfect it is for a sunday brunch or a date night with the boy. the fullness of the skirt and slightly longer length is perfectly demure. and when i paired it with the casual stripes and wedges, it made me feel a bit like audrey hepburn in roman holiday. just, you know, in 2010 instead of 1953. which is basically awesome.

so now i’m having tons of fun thinking of 50’s inspired summer looks to wear with this skirt. perhaps i’ll have to do a more literal version of ann on her vespa ride through rome.

skirt: salute your skirt courtesy of modcloth
top: h&m striped body con mini dress
shoes: kork ease wedges via rue la la
clutch: thrifted vintage woven straw clutch
headband: forever 21
sunglasses: ray-ban wayfarers


blog favorites april 23

gary pepper vintage: runaways
not only are the shots in this post absolutely breathtaking, but i love her pretty sweater and matching little crochet socks. it’s a simple outfit, but she keeps it interesting with the subtle details and cool styling.

little sassy fashionista: sunny days
her outfit is basically perfect. she’s wearing chambray with the perfect peach sweater, which are two of my favorite things right now. add the relaxed trousers with oxford flats and i’m in love! seeing this look reminds me that i still need to stock up on comfortable summer trousers in place of skinny jeans.

pani mruk: sun-dial
this girl has some serious style. i could honestly post any one of her outfits in here and call it a favorite because everything she puts together is so perfectly balanced and chic. i like the subtle pattern play going on here with the wavy stripes on her blouse and the bejeweled skirt. and doesn’t that look like the coziest coat ever?

summerlisten: sharing the passion
i love the easy styling of this outfit! she looks so laid back and perfectly cool in a silky belted dress with those cute little shoes and a big messy bun. i am always inspired how effortlessly chic some girls can look!

the clothes horse: samsies!
um yeah, this one is pretty obvious. it’s one of my blog besties wearing the calivintage dress! i mean, i know it’s not actually my dress, it was just named after me on modcloth and it’s a totally awesome piece by one of my favorite designers, dear creatures. and rebecca wore it so well. i kinda get a bit of a heathers vibe from her styling complete with the side ponytail. loves it!

february forehead: backyard nostalgia and the ball tights
you’ll have to excuse the rough translation on the title of her post. i do not speak finnish and must use my google translator to read these posts, so i only get an idea of what is being expressed. but that’s quite alright since this lovely lady can inspire me with her outfits alone. i want that scalloped edge purse and perfect black trench coat!