baby erin

after rebecca of the clothes horse recently contacted me to request if she could use one of my baby pictures for this flashback friday post, i realized that i’ve never shared any of my own childhood photos with you. so today i pulled out my little stash of photos to see what i could find. and yes, they were quite entertaining. i love how i basically look like a feral child in these first two photos. for background, i had just managed to get a rather large amount of gum stuck in my hair and apparently i refused to be wrestled down to allow my poor mother to get it out with peanut butter or oil or whatever you’re supposed to do. so yes, she resorted to the scissors!

also, apparently i wasn’t too keen on smiling for photos as is evidenced by a large archive of pictures of me making silly scowling faces or sometimes crying. it was a rare occasion where i would actually cooperate and allow myself to be photographed smiling, but i did find a couple!

and you may note that my hair is blonde in these photos. well, i guess i was one of those rare cases where i was born with blonde hair and it gradually got darker as a i grew older. i don’t dye my hair, that’s just how it happened. to this day, my grandmother still insists that i must dye my hair since she still recalls that my nickname as a kid was “blondie.”


rose garden


so in my attempts to venture out to the world beyond my roof for outfit posts, today i decided that i would show you this pretty rose garden that is only 4 blocks from my house! it’s a really nice little destination where moms take their babies in strollers on walks, and people pass through while going on jogs, or where you might catch a tough guy with big muscles doing push ups and shadow boxing for his heavy work out routine. on this particular day, there were some dead heads wearing tie dye shirts volunteering to help maintain the gardens. so of course, i was a tad bit shy walking around in my platform heels with my boyfriend following me around with a camera! haha!

unfortunately, we weren’t really able to get very many good shots of the place because the noontime lighting was so bright and harsh that all of the photos had severe shadows that were a little less than flattering! but i promise i will go back again during the evening to show you how lovely the scenery really is with all of the roses still in bloom.

blouse: thrifted vintage floral blouse
shorts: vintage high rise shorts from lola vintage
belt: urban outfitters skinny leather belt
shoes: seychelles platform clogs
sunglasses: vintage sunglasses from lum vintage



pretty underthings

here’s a topic that i’ve been meaning to bring up on my blog for a long while: underthings! indeed many of us girls need proper undergarments for practical purposes on a daily basis (and i can actually recommend quite a few good ones), but what about those pretty frilly fancy things that we own just for fun? well, lou lou loves you has got you covered with her spring 2010 collection of whimsical knickers, bras, and playsuits in luxurious satin silk.

the lookbook is over-the-top girly and fun (don’t you love the floral headbands?), but i can also definitely see these pieces worn about the house, lounging and being perfectly indulgent with, say, a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates, no? my personal favorite is the lola collar playsuit. not into having frivolous underthings? she also has a really fun collection of accessories like headpieces, collars, bows, and necklaces.


stripe day

calivintage breton stripes day

as i suspected, i was definitely coming down with something, and it looks like i caught a little bug. yesterday i stayed in my pajamas all day, but i knew that i could still manage to do an outfit post today, so i decided to figure out something to wear when you’re just slightly under the weather and need to take the day off. obviously, if i had a fever or something more severe, i’d stay in those pjs, but i’m well enough to get dressed and kinda hang around on the couch. so i opted for a jersey maxi dress with a big billowy scarf because they’re soft an nonrestrictive. it’s also a really nice outfit to wear while vacationing, too. or really for any occasion where comfort is king. i just threw on a belt and tied up the dress in back for the brief moment that i stepped outside to get a bit of sun and snap a few photos.

and i wore stripes because today is officially breton stripe day over at what i wore! she proposed that we all plan to wear stripes on tuesday and asked for anyone participating to submit their photos. while i was a little bit too late to submit my photo for this round, i still thought that it would be fun to wear stripes since they’re my latest obsession this spring. not only did i recently buy this summery scarf, but i also just bought a striped tote bag, too. stripes everywhere!

scarf: h&m striped scarf
dress: heritage 1981 jersey maxi dress
belt: urban outfitters skinny leather belt
shoes: thrifted vintage huaraches
purse: thrifted vintage coach
sunglasses: ray-ban original wayfarers

calivintage breton stripes daycalivintage breton stripes daycalivintage breton stripes daycalivintage breton stripes day


win a vintage cape & a $40 gift card to we move vintage!

we move vintage cape giveaway calivintage

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this week, i’ve teamed up with one of my lovely sponsors to offer you the chance to win this beautiful vintage reversible cape with hood along with a $40 gift certificate to we move vintage! we move vintage is an artist collective based out of the los angeles area dedicated to offering a diverse selection of vintage items with a focus on style and individuality at affordable prices.

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weekend wear

calivintage weekend wear military jacket j brand jeans

so in the aftermath of the birthday party i attended yesterday and with this cold and rainy weather, i’ve decided to take a bit of a ‘sick day’ and stay in my pajamas. so it’s a good thing that i managed to snap a few shots of my outfit from yesterday while taking a little stroll in san francisco. and as per usual, i wore the military jacket two days in a row after getting it in the mail on friday. it’s a pretty simple outfit, one part laziness and one part practicality, since we had originally intended to go on a casual bike ride through golden gate park and i thought i might get cold since the weather was actually quite chilly despite the sunshine.

and as you can see, i am still experimenting with taking outfit shots out in the ‘real world.’ taking photos in public is going to take some getting used to. from the look on my face below, you can tell that i was a little bit embarrassed about passers by watching me stand in an alley way getting my picture taken. i’m pretty comfortable getting my photo taken by my boyfriend at this point, but put me in front of strangers and i can get very camera shy. i think this is pretty amusing considering how many pictures of myself i publish on this blog.

jacket: gap belted utility jacket
blouse: heritage 1981 chambray blouse
jeans: j brand 210 the oslo
shoes: vintage woven boots from seven seas vintage
purse: vintage coach doctor bag

calivintage weekend wear military jacket j brand jeanscalivintage weekend wear military jacket j brand jeanscalivintage weekend wear military jacket j brand jeans


it’s a celebration!

aha, back on the porch at isla’s house for a sunday brunch in celebration of my buddy ethan’s birthday. we all tricked him into thinking that we couldn’t hang out and the surprised him at the bart station with balloons and presents. then we all enjoyed the day eating delicious food and drinking mimosas.

here’s the birthday boy, getting surprised with a bunch of balloons and a bottle of champagne!

the main course consisted of a delicious pizza with eggs baked into it. breakfast pizza!

we followed up the meal with a hookah. ethan can blow the most perfect smoke rings.

my boyfriend doesn’t like his photos so i let him choose which one to put up. he picked this one of him making a silly face.

this passes as a mimosa glass…

ok, so this is the before shot. nicole is showing us the trailer for the human centipede on her iphone.

and the after shots. you’ll have to watch the trailer to understand our pleasure/disgust. but don’t say i didn’t warn you.


a change of scenery

oh hey guys, look who got off her perch up on the roof? yep, that’s right, i finally decided to bring my camera with me out into the world to share with you some of the beautiful scenery out here on the sunny side of the bay in oakland, ca! i don’t know if i’ve ever expressed it here on the blog, but i’ve been meaning to do more outfit shoots in different locations around my city, but it’s proven to be a bit of a challenge for me to remember to take my camera with me when i go on little outings! i generally think of my daily outfit posts as being pretty straight forward. my boyfriend is my photographer and has a day job, so we usually have a 5 – 10 minute window in which we can rush to snap pictures before he leaves for work. i starting taking pictures up on the roof because i thought it would be a nicer way to display what i’m wearing than, say, standing in front of a blank wall in my apartment (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).

but, it can certainly get a little tedious since i’m doing it 5 days a week, and as one reader pointed out, i guess i’m getting boring. her comment definitely resonated with me because i have been feeling the same way! so yesterday we remembered to bring the camera with us on a stroll through the famous mountain view cemetery which is about 10 blocks from where i live. it’s a huge cemetery established in 1863 filled with beautiful crypts built for some of the most notable figures in california history. most eerily, it is the final resting place of the black dahlia, but the list is so long that all i can do is guide you to the wikipedia page for it! anyway, it’s nestled in the hills above oakland, so you get an expansive 360 degree view including downtown oakland and san francisco across the bay, which attracts a good amount of foot traffic from joggers and people walking their dogs, or even families flying kites. it certainly is a nice place to take a walk.

jacket: gap belted utility jacket
blouse: vintage eyelet blouse from helgesok vintage
skirt: american apparel full woven skirt
socks: tabio wool over the knee socks
shoes: vintage nine west boots from vintageless beauty
bag: thrifted vintage tote

oof! a strong gust of wind at the most inopportune moment. always wear proper undergarments! i may have given the family nearby a full moon….


bikes for your budget

calivintage cycle chic budget bike guide

after kicking off my first cycle chic saturday post last week, i got a lot of requests for recommendations on stylish bicycles that are also affordable. surely, you can get a pretty bike for $1,000 or more, but are there any options out there for those of us on a budget?

one of the best ways to get a good deal on a bike is to search for something used or vintage. it does take a bit of hunting to find the right model and size, but it’s a surefire way to get the most bang for you buck. it also requires a bit of studying up on bike maintenance basics so that you know what to look for to assure that you’re getting something quality and ready to ride. since the topic of hunting for used/vintage bikes could take up it’s own blog post, i’ve decided to focus on new bikes at affordable price points for today. and for the sake of fashion, i’m also focusing on bikes with step through or mixte frames with more upright geometry. road bikes are nice, but they’re going to pose more sartorial challenges than the options shown here.

just keep in mind that when buying new, you are always going to have to pay a considerably higher price for what you get, so hopefully you wont be too upset when you see the prices. and i know there are more options than what i’ve shown here, but these are my personal top picks for the most fashionably designed bikes clocking in at under $1,000.

linus bikes: dutchi and mixte models, starting at $399
starting with our most affordable option, this small company based out of venice, ca offers a dutch style frame as either a single speed model or with a 3-speed internal hub. or, if you prefer, they also have a 3-speed mixte with a rear rack, which i like quite a bit.

republic bikes: dutch, starting at $399
republic bikes offers customization options to let you choose the colors of the frame, saddle, grips, chain case, tires, and skirt so you can build up something as subtle or flashy as you like. but be aware that these bikes only come in a single speed and weigh 40lbs, so this is definitely a better option for cruising about in very flat areas like at the beach.

electra bikes: ticino models, starting at around $550
these stunning bikes come in a larger range of speeds than any of the other bikes in this post. starting with 7 and going all the way up to 20 speeds with an aluminum frame, they’re probably the most lightweight and functional option, especially for those of you living in hilly terrains like san francisco, but you will have to pay extra for more gears.

raleigh: roadster classic, around $520
from the company best known for their classic vintage roadsters made in england, comes this updated version of a timeless standby. the ladies model comes with an internal 3-speed hub, great for a nice weekend ride around town.

globe cycles: live mixtes starting at $580
a more mass-produced bicycle owned by the parent-company, specialized, you can expect to get a solid bike at a very affordable price point. this mixte bike comes in either a single speed or 8-speed model with a matching front basket rack to tote around your purse and other goodies.

bowery lane bicycles: breukelen, starting at $695
based out of new york, bowery lane bicycles offer this simple black bike in both a single speed or 3-speed model with a rack and a cute wooden crate for carrying your flea market finds.

a black bike: starting at $950
another company based out of nyc, this model clocks in at $950, barely making the cut for today’s post. this classic dutch style bike comes in a single speed or 3-speed version with a battery powered lamp for riding in style at night.


outfit favorites & *miu miu for the masses

this week, i was so blown away by so many great outfits that it was particularly hard to choose which ones to post. i’m trying to keep it down to only 6 for these posts since i don’t want to overwhelm. soooo, if you want to see everything that inspires me on a daily basis, i suggest you check out the calivintage tumblr. it’s basically all of the inspiration for calivintage wrapped up into one heavily updated blog. now onto the looks:

hanneli mustaparta: high waisted shorts
i will always and forever be blown away by the way that some people can take such different pieces, throw them together in a completely unexpected way and turn it into such a complete outfit. how does she do it?

the world looks red: 4th of may
a perfect springtime outfit. straw hat, check! romantic blouse, check! polka dot skirt, check!

the stylish heart: double stripes
it’s become pretty obvious that i’m addicted to stripes right now. so much so that i was thinking i needed to tone it down. but seeing this look makes me think that maybe i should turn it up a notch? so good.

mr. netwon: hester street fair
that’s siri of ringo, have a banana! as shot by eddie newton. just like the clogs trend, i thought i could never be convinced to like overalls, but her easy look has pretty much done the trick!

variations: beige felt
ah, such wonderful styling. the soft gray and white are so pleasing to my eyes and do you see what she did there matching the big polka dots on her blouse with that round purse? pretty awesome!

honey bunny in wonderland: gravity no escaping gravity no escaping… not for free
yeah yeah stripes and high rise trousers are so good to me right now. and i love the beautiful rusty brown colors of the pants with the gray socks. i need those pants like now.

*aha, but before you leave, i had to give you a bonus round of photos! i was so impressed by these two awesome d.i.y. miu miu collars by spin dizzy fall and field guided that i had to share them with you. be sure to click their links for detailed how-to instructions. miu miu for the masses!