by the lake

 dress: marc by marc jacobs dress from gilt groupe belt: american apparel sash in mauve shoes: nine west suede platforms hat: vintage straw boater hat

i must say, i’ve really been enjoying the leisurely pace of the long weekend we’ve been having. i’ve been getting lots of rest and relaxation around the house with my boyfriend and my new kitty. we’ve been doing silly, simple things like re-watching old episodes of lost while enjoying champagne mixed with lime-ade and big bowls of ice cream. it really has been like a mini-vacation, perfect for recharging my batteries before jumping into the very busy month of june (more on that soon)! so this morning we went to the mountain view cemetery by our house for a leisurely stroll and a photo shoot. this time, we opted to wander around a small lake filled with ducks and turtles, but we couldn’t get too close because there was a chain link fence around the whole thing. in such a pretty setting, we got a bit snap happy and took about a million pictures!

so this is my memorial day outfit. i’ve been waiting almost a week for the opportunity to wear this brand new marc jacobs dress in a faded paisley print. the best part about it is that it has a really cool shape, but it’s made of a stretchy jersey knit, so it’s super comfortable. i jumped at the excuse to wear these fancy heels, but i’ve already kicked them off in exchange for a simple pair of flat sandals so i can lounge around for the duration of my weekend…

dress: marc by marc jacobs dress from gilt groupe
belt: american apparel sash in mauve
shoes: nine west suede platforms from piperlime
hat: vintage straw boater hat

 dress: marc by marc jacobs dress from gilt groupe belt: american apparel sash in mauve shoes: nine west suede platforms hat: vintage straw boater hat dress: marc by marc jacobs dress from gilt groupe belt: american apparel sash in mauve shoes: nine west suede platforms hat: vintage straw boater hat dress: marc by marc jacobs dress from gilt groupe belt: american apparel sash in mauve shoes: nine west suede platforms hat: vintage straw boater hat dress: marc by marc jacobs dress from gilt groupe belt: american apparel sash in mauve shoes: nine west suede platforms hat: vintage straw boater hat dress: marc by marc jacobs dress from gilt groupe belt: american apparel sash in mauve shoes: nine west suede platforms hat: vintage straw boater hat dress: marc by marc jacobs dress from gilt groupe belt: american apparel sash in mauve shoes: nine west suede platforms hat: vintage straw boater hat


calivintage in chic magazine

just stopping in on a lazy sunday afternoon to share with you a little feature! the swedish magazine, chic, has written a little blurb about me in their latest issue! i was very pleased to receive my copy in the mail yesterday and it was fun flipping through the pages to see what it was all about. it seems similar to the types of magazines you might read about celebrity fashion while waiting in the line at the grocery store, and i was surprised to see that there were lots of features about american television and movie stars.

anyway, i can’t read swedish, but one of my lovely readers gave me a rough translation of what it says, which is basically that i write a blog with a mix of vintage and modern styles.


carried away

i know i promised my guide to buying used and vintage bikes, but it’s taking me a bit longer than i expected to find actual pictures of all of my bike picks, so while i keep working on that post behind-the-scenes, i decided to share some cool bike accessories with you on this cycle chic saturday. after writing this post about my favorite fashionable mixte and dutch style bikes under a grand, i discovered another company called public bikes, which has become a fast favorite! they were a sponsor of bike to work day here in the bay area, so naturally, i had to check them out. i was quite delighted to discover that not only do they have a beautiful selection of fashionable and functional bikes, but they also have a really great web shop with lots of nice bike accessories!

in particular, i am loving their range of nice baskets and bags. the rear basket has a quick release with a handle, so it doubles as your shopping basket on quick trips to the grocery store. in addition, they have really lovely brooks roll up panniers, and a canvas pannier that doubles as a messenger bag! and for those of you concerned with safety, i quite like their sleek nutcase helmets.


outfit favorites may 28

all the pretty birds: mimosas in her garden
this is seriously the most perfect outfit and probably my favorite of the week. simple silk blouse with floral shorts, oxfords, and a seriously cool pair of sunnies. i die!

stockholm street style: sania
again with the floral shorts! (hint: i just ordered a pair for myself and am thinking of ways to style them.) i like her quirky cool look and of course i gotta love the jessica simpson charles anastase knockoffs. i got a hint from one of my readers that they’ll be replenishing stock in july….!

face hunter: saint petersburg aurora fasion week
since writing my post about floral headpieces a few days ago, i feel like i’m noticing them everywhere. which is perfect because it means more inspiration for when i finally get one for myself. i love the simple combo here: sweet, but not over the top at all.

clothes, cameras, and coffee: lady sing the blues so well
i can thank rebecca for posting a few outfits from this blog on her tumblr. i pretty much instantly added her to my blog reader because all of her outfits and shots are too stunning for words. this looks like an editorial in a magazine!

leproust vintage: under the influence volume 1 (la, la, la, la, la)
ok, how can you not love an outfit inspired by daria? i love kristen’s cool and modern take on the classic grunge outfit complete with the perfect pair of round sunnies!

stylesightings: modern dandy
this lady is rocking the menswear look so hard! from the cool bowler hat, to the perfect trench and that amazing pair of silk striped pants. she really makes me want to go all out and get in touch with my masculine side.


spring in my step

today i am oh so happy that i finally got my perfect pair of espadrilles! i’m sure you recall my intense hunt that started about a month ago. i wanted something with a wedge heel in plain black or navy with ties at the ankles, preferably a closed toe. yes, that’s right, i can be very very picky. but after lots of searching and countless suggestions from you guys, i managed to find them all the way in spain! so i carefully planned out this outfit to wear today like a little kid on the first day of school when bam! i woke up this morning to the pouring rain. boo hoo. but as you can see, it only lasted for a couple of hours, and i am now happily wearing my new summer shoes.

and in honor of the occasion, i wore this brand new statement dress i got. you know, i’m trying to show the weather gods that it’s supposed to be bright and cheery out. it certainly had that effect on me. the moment i put it on, the soft, stretchy jersey fabric with such a bright print made me feel instantly light and springy. and it’s comfortable enough to wear all day while i baby my new kitty friend. she’s got me running circles trying to keep track of her, and it took me a good 15 minutes of training to stop her from attacking my fingers while i typed this post! but now she is happily napping in my lap. phew!

dress: peach floyd dress courtesy of modcloth
belt: american apparel sash in mauve
shoes: castañer espadrilles from espadrilles etc.


hello kitty

ok, ok, i said i was going to resist the urge to spam you with kitty pictures, but i had to give you guys a proper introduction! and also, showing you these photos will give you the most accurate portrayal of what yesterday and this morning have been like: no time for work, it’s kitty time all the time!but this is mostly due to the fact that she was belligerently drunk post-op and has been a rather surly handful. she was mewing constantly and falling all over the place, jumping up onto the couch only to tumble back off from a lack of balance. and unfortunately for kitty, she cannot resist the urge to lick her stitches, so we had to give her a fancy collar! you can image how much a cat might dislike having a giant plastic hat tied to her head. it’s been exhausting to say the least!but i did manage to snap just a few pictures of her this morning. we take off the collar when we know we can keep an eye on her so she can go about her way without tripping around on it. but at night, we keep it on so we can sleep! this is what she looked like when she greeted me this morning in her fashionable blue collar. a very grumpy cat indeed!

now i just need to think of a name! my boyfriend has been calling her gremlin. let’s just say, i’m open to suggestions!



bo peep

from the moment that i saw this pretty little pinafore on modcloth, i knew i had to have it. never mind that i had absolutely no idea how to wear it, all i knew was that it had to be mine! but with the fickle, funny weather we’ve been having, most days i’ve had to resort to pulling out my old and boring fall/winter clothes in an attempt to keep warm! and i know i’ve been complaining a lot about the weather lately, but it’s just that i have so many new spring and summer clothes that have been hanging in my closet without a chance to come out and meet the fresh air! so when i noticed that water wasn’t falling from the sky today, i was suddenly refreshed with the urge to get a little bit experimental.
the dress itself is basically a statement piece, so i thought it would be easy enough to pair it with a simple t-shirt or tank top with heels and to call it a day. and oh, i will definitely be doing just that. but i also wanted to play off the pin-tucked stripes on the skirt and pair it with a matching pattern. so i wrapped my trusty striped scarf into a bit of a little halter top underneath, fastened it with a belt, and went prancing around in the woods! if i had remembered to bring my boater, i would definitely say this has a marc jacobs spring 2009 vibe to it.

dress: h.m.s. pinafore courtesy of modcloth
scarf: h&m striped scarf
belt: urban outfitters skinny belt
shoes: seychelles platform clogs


flowers in her hair

since loulou loves you recently came out with a set of pretty floral headbands, i’ve been dying to get my hands on one! and while i know she would highly recommend that you go pick one up from her shop, my budget isn’t allowing me to do so at this moment. so i think i might have to go out and do the next best thing and do it myself! so i went back through my archives and plucked a few of my favorite images of girls with flowers in their hair as inspiration for a little project. all you’d need are a few supplies from a local craft shop: wire, florists tape, and an assortment of synthetic flowers. easier said than done, i know! so while i’m trying to turn thought into actions, i’ll admire these lovely photos.

anna karina, loulou in one of her creations, pandora, alexanne, from the film sedmikrasky (i highly recommend!), kelly shoestrings.


in the trees

oh hey guys! for today’s outfit post, i wore a tree! well, i certainly did have a bit of fun taking pictures at the park. i don’t know much about botany, so i don’t know what kind of tree this is, but the branches and leaves fell in such a way that it was like a giant umbrella for me to stand underneath. i already want to go back and take more silly photos with it! in fact, the park where we went today was kind of amazing, and i can’t believe i had never been there before. especially because it’s only 5 minutes from my house. it starts out like a typical park with grass and trees and park benches, but then the paths lead to a forested area with a little stream running through it.

and for my outfit, i must express that i got the idea from lydia of style is style. she recently wore a striped spandex dress with a chambray blouse and an army jacket and i noted to myself that i owned all three of those pieces! but i felt so silly copying her exactly that i went with the theme and did my own little spin on it. it’s a fun little combo! but now i really must be going because i am off to pick up my new kitty friend from the animal shelter. i will resist the urge to spam you with kitty pictures on my blog, but you can probably expect to see updates on my twitter.

jacket: gap belted utility jacket
sweater: american apparel sailor stripe pullover
skirt: skirt so good from modcloth
shoes: kork-ease wedges


coming around

as a little follow up to yesterday’s post about vintage inspired swimwear, i thought i’d share some of the images i’ve been collecting over the past several months of the perfect round sunnies. once again, the sun refuses to come out and play, so i’ve had to seek refuge indoors, in front of the computer screen waiting for summer and planning out all the outfits i’d wear if the weather was warm and sunny. sounds like someone needs a vacation!

above: mr. newton, turned out, vintage photograph by andre zucca, the sf style, lulila.
below: vintage photograph (correct me on the source if you can), cafe mode, chic muse.