the fall forecast

from the lover f/w 2009 collection, white moon rising

so in the midst of a heat wave, and in my very favorite season, all i can think about is fall 2009. i’ve had enough of these sandals and sun dresses. it’s boring. and anyway, it’s always better to look forward to the approaching seasons so you can start collecting your vintage items now. less competition in the thrift shops! haha.

but that does require a tad bit of forecasting. what will be big in the fall?

ah, but i’ve been thinking about this a lot. fashion moves too fast for me. i really need to stop trying to grab a hold of what’s fresh, and just let go! if i grab onto what i love instead, it will never go out of style (perhaps because it was never in style, but who cares?). it’s so simple, but it’s definitely not so easy. but i will always know what attracts me. i’m forever a romantic at heart and i love anything ruffles, sheer, and lace! i have never turned down a peter pan collar, or a delicious bow, and i die over vintage. as if that wasn’t obvious! haha!

but having said that, i am looking towards the fashion shows and smaller designer collections for some fall inspiration. i like to sprinkle in a few trendy items here and there if they fit into my wardrobe. that’s really all one needs, isn’t it? just a few updates and you’re good to go! well, at least if you’re a student on a budget like me! so let’s get into some of my current fall/winter designer inspiration.

right now, i’ve got three collections in mind:

lover white moon rising fall/winter 2009 collection

a natural progression from what we’ve been seeing in the spring/summer. ruffles, lace, and romance, but with a more gothic edge. add in a cape, a killer trench coat, and some velvet and you’re good to go. to me this has some elements of the 90’s/grunge that’s been so big, but this feels a little more fresh to me.

erin fetherston fall/winter 2009

leave it to erin fetherston to bring in the whimsy. it was hard to exclude all of the lovely pastel numbers with the cute little jeweled masks, but that’s for another post! here, i am loving the textures. we’ve got tulle, satin, velvet, and amazing sheer stockings! it’s got a lot of the romance, but again, with a little more edge. i’m still loving all the bows, and i really need a good pair of mary janes!

rachel antonoff fall 2009 collection

ok, so now we’re going all-out halloween! yes! i have to admit that when i first saw this, i thought it was a little silly, but now that we’re getting closer to fall, i can definitely see it! she’s really brought in some great vintage elements with that costumey edge. i’ll be keeping my eye out for cute 40’s dresses and blouses in black and white for sure. and you gotta love those pictures of alia shawkat!

just looking at these, i’ve gotten my idea for a halloween costume. wednesday addams, anyone?

now excuse me while i go watch the lost boys and listen to the cure.

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any fun

oh i just couldn’t help myself. i saw this video of “any fun” from coconut records. some sort of jason shwartzman project. to be honest, the only thing about him that has ever interested me is the fact that he was in rushmore. i must apologize to my sister for that because i think she was really into one of his bands. but didn’t they write the theme song for the o.c.? not that i’m saying i didn’t watch it. but the theme was pretty annoying.

but having said that, i saw the video, and since i’ve been really into chloe sevigny lately, i couldn’t help but enjoy watching her skateboarding around with her messy hair in short shorts. hm, maybe that’s creepy of me. oh whatever. she’s cute.

but i guess my point is… i don’t have a point. the more i’ve been doing all of this blogging, the harder it’s been for me to find direction. i’ve divided things up into categories so that i can write to my hearts content about anything fashion-related. or not. and i’m wondering if i’m posting a little too much inspiration and pretty things and not enough content. not enough outfits posts. maybe i’m getting lazy.

so i guess that’s the point: i need advice. do you have any?

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boy by band of outsiders

ok, seriously! what is wrong with me? how is it possible that i have never seen this blog/website??? and how is it possible that i completely zoned out and never saw the spring collection from boy by band of outsiders? craziness. i am especially in love with the pretty pictures of kirsten dunst modeling the line. and don’t get me started on the pictures of michelle williams modeling the fall collection from last year. she’s so adorable! oh, remember her dawson’s creek days? haha!

anyway, i caught up on this reading the refinery29 blog because apparently they’re having a sale on the spring collection right now.

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anna sui for target

so i do my blog reading “rounds” every morning with a cup of coffee and some yogurt. i find it quite relaxing. and during one such session, i discovered that the anna sui for target lookbook just leaked. apparently she’s doing a gossip girl inspired collection and all of the looks are divided up into the different female characters on the show. and i must admit that i do like me some gossip girl. like, as in, i wouldn’t mind if it were a part of the dvd collection alongside other teen girl dramas such as 90210 and my so called life. but let me tell you something about this anna sui line. it’s pretty disappointing, because who would would be interested in dressing like anyone besides blair? and the blair looks leave a little something to be desired. i’ve posted 4 of the looks, but you can see the rest of the images here, at the cut.

i think i would only ever consider buying the first dress. and i probably wont get it. BUT if those shoes will be available, i’ll take them all, please! i’m pretty intruiged by the low heel nude mary janes and those t-straps! yeah, i’m broke this summer so i’ll take the target shoes, thankyouverymuch.

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channeling: balmain

ok, before you scoff and say “yes, we’ve seen it before. enough already!” just hear me out. didn’t we all go into a little frenzy over those destroyed jeans at the balmain spring 2009 show? ok, well at least i did. and from what i heard, they were sold out the moment they hit the stores, despite the $1,000 price tags… and then we all figured out that we could d.i.y. our old jeans to get the same effect without breaking the bank. but how many of you managed to find something to replace these amazing blazers??? i happened to be browsing the racks at the thrift shop when i came across this little gem!

i was bored this afternoon so i’ve graced you with a little collage using images from backstage at the balmain show. and can you pick it out? yes, i found this blazer complete in it’s 100% super soft silk with lace, intricate gold beading, cropped fit, and puff sleeves glory! oh i die! it’s beautiful, no?

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bike ride

so i spend a lot of time talking about fashion. i guess that’s what this blog is all about. but let me tell you about another secret passion: cycling. seriously, i cannot express to you how much i love to go on long, long bike rides. but i never post those pictures here, because my little bike shorts just aren’t that fashionable.

BUT when i go on shorter rides, i actually try to look half-way decent while doing it, because you know, i’m not out in the middle of the lost coast, where no soul will see me. i’m passing by the grocery store, and riding down cute little streets with people sitting outside of cafes. you get the picture. so i’ve got a pretty good formula for bike riding outfits that consists of a cute little mini dress, bike shorts, and sandals. easy as pie.

but the sad part about my bike-loving ways is that i’m really picky about bikes. and thus, the only thing i have to ride around on right now, is my really fancy-shmancy surly long haul trucker with shimano 105 parts and other fancy-shmancy parts, but i’ll spare you the details because i have a feeling you wont care. and as nice as this bike is (and as proud as i am to have it) it’s not really the type of bike that you take on a ride about town. i want a pashly! oh, but i certainly don’t have that kind of money right now, even if i sold my whole wardrobe. which, seriously, that’s basically what i’ve been doing lately anyways! ha!

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shoe picks!

top: rachel comey for urban outfitters, bottom: seychelles

i’ve slowly started to ween myself off of urban outfitters. everything looks great in the online catalog, but whenever i end up in the shop, i’m always sorely disappointed by the price for the quality. it all looks better in photographs. but there are always going to be a few exceptions. today i looked at shoes.

we all need at least one simple summer flat. (that goes without saying, really.) and i’ve found my match in the frye softie sandal, but what we really need for summer are low heels. and hey, i checked out urban outfitters and they actually had a few pairs that will totally work for summer. you gotta love those designer collaborations, because two of my three urban outfitters shoe picks are rachel comey. go figure!

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3.1 phillip lim glasses
american apparel tri-blend t-shirt
anthropologie faded ikat skirt
steve madden woven plaform sandals

yawn. oh dear, i am sleepy. lazy. so the solution? casual. maybe a little bit too casual. but this is my outfit post for the day. i actually bought the skirt with a $50 anthropologie gift card that i won in a contest on weardrobe! took me long enough! i won the contest over a month ago.. i just couldn’t figure out what i wanted! but i like this skirt because it’s quite versatile. i was super casual and wore this to get burittos at the taqueria, so i wasn’t really trying too hard. then i came home and took a two hour nap on the couch with my boyfriend. it was a lazy kind of day!

but if you didn’t see my little interview at weardrobe after my contest win, then you should check it out and learn a little bit more about me and see the outfit that scored me the gift card. it’s here.

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ok coral

these images are from here.

all that talk about the impossibility of orange has got me thinking. probably one of my favorite colors for the season is coral. it’s pretty. it’s wearable. and these particular shades are just lovely. and i’m a sucker for silk these days. seriously. silk is underrated. and i really do love natural fibers. i would wear wool underwear every day if the good stuff wasn’t so expensive. really. you should look into it. maybe i’ll have to do a post…

anyway, these wonderful outfits are all by alexi freeman. i have to warn you, the site will give you a seizure. but if you can get past the jumping yellow optical illusions, you’ll find the collections and they’re pretty cool. and while i didn’t get too excited about the other looks in this collection, i just couldn’t get over these colors and fabrics!

and speaking of inspiration, i wouldn’t be honest if i didn’t tell you that i happened across the alexi freeman collections by browsing one of my favorite fashion blogs, kingdom of style. but i just had to share.

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say hello to the day

vintage 50’s day dress
vintage bass loafers

i’m on a kick. i’ve purchased several dresses from the 40’s and 50’s and i love them! the only thing is that most of them need to be hemmed, so i’m working my way through them. i usually use my sewing machine, but pretty delicate dresses like these need extra care. so i’ve been hemming them by hand, which is not an altogether unpleasant experience. i actually kind of enjoy sewing things by hand. it feels more personal. yes, up close and personal with my clothes. haha!

anyway, this was my first hem job. a tad bit on the short side, which was a little accidental, but i like it. the dress is fun to wear, and since it’s a little larger than someone would have worn it back in the day, it’s very comfortable. no corsets for me! yet. haha, actually, i don’t know if i would ever do that. but we’ll have to see as i roll out the new dresses!

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