inspired by: 3.1 phillip lim

vintage cream lace shell
vintage black & gold lace skirt
vintage taupe bow heels

so it was only 2 days ago that i did a post about how much i love the 3.1 phillip lim resort collection, and lo-and-behold… since that post i managed to find this vintage cream lace top at an estate sale for $3 and this vintage black and gold lace skirt at a thrift store for $6. i’m feeling lucky, because now i am able to re-create one of my favorite looks from the collection. oh how thrifty!!!

speaking of thrifty… do you guys eat thrifty’s ice cream? i know they don’t have the thrifty’s stores anymore (they changed them to rite-aid) but they still serve the ice cream on cones and cartons of ice cream in the stores. my favorite flavors are chocolate malted crunch and mint n chip. yum!

not that i should be eating ice cream. i’ve gained like 5lbs this summer hanging out with my little brother (who’s been visiting from out of town) and eating tons of junk food. i can’t keep up with a skinny 22-year-old boy when it comes to food!

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thinking about isabel marant

images from

i was in a major fashion rut for a while there. i was seeing inspiration here and there, and really appreciating what other people were wearing, but you’ll notice by the lack of outfit posts, that i’ve basically been wearing the same old outfits. i’ve got a good little collection of easy-to-wear dresses that i always fall back on. and the weather was glum for a while, so i was reaching even further into the depths of my closet for stuff i wore during the winter. booooring.

but looking back isn’t always bad. i know we’re into the summer and all, but i’m still drawing some really good inspiration by looking back and remembering what got me excited about the spring. and while i really don’t appreciate the boots, i really do appreciate a lot of what came out of isabel marant’s show for spring 2009. i am always and will forever be a huge sucker for embroidery, and who know i could get so excited about a little patchwork? and lace and ruffles are just too exciting for me right now. seriously. that and some adorable little boleros and the perfect pair of sweatpants? i’m in heaven.

BUT i do have a ton of outfits to show you. i did a major load of laundry and soaked all my precious new vintage dresses in baking soda to get out all the old, musty smells. all i have to do are a few alterations, and we’re in business. so i’ll be back to outfit posts in no time. good, good.

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3.1 phillip lim resort

these photos came from

i was never a fan of 3.1 phillip lim before this year. he was just off my radar. i don’t know how i missed him. though honestly, i don’t always follow the fashion shows so closely. but this year i’ve been particularly obsessed with the spring lines that came out from chloe, charles anastase, and isabel marant. then, i discovered that i was also enjoying marc jacobs and 3.1 phillip lim, especially when i discovered his new eyewear collection! oh i love my new glasses!

and then he came out with the resort collection, which pulled together alot of the elements i was loving in those lines. the lace is reminiscent of some of the isabel marant, and the shorts suits and clean palette (and gold pants and shorts that aren’t shown here) remind me of a lot of the chloe spring collection. but it’s all perfectly pulled together and so wearable and young. i want it all. and shoot, for that matter, a lot of his spring collection is half of at, but alas, i am broke again! summer is such a bad time for me!

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calivintage on william sledd!

super cool thursday surprise! i just found out that i have been featured on a fashion video by william sledd! i’m honored to have been mentioned for one of my outfits featuring a super cute summer romper! you can view the look on my chictopia page here, and while you’re at it, go ahead and add me as a friend or leave some comments on my looks. a lot of what i’ve posted there isn’t on this blog, so take a look!

i’m a huge fan of chictopia, as i’m sure you’ve heard me mention a million times before. it’s a really wonderful community of incredibly fashionable people, and it’s an great source of inspiration for me. and i’ve made some great friends there.

j crew wool blazer
forever 21 denim romper
american apparel sash
star ling woven wood platform sandals
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kim noorda hair inspiration

these photos came from

you may remember how much i deliberated over my last haircut. it was serious business. i had become so afraid of getting my hair cut after letting it grow long, long, long over the past 3 years that i just couldn’t bring myself to go to a salon. and then, when i finally did, i had a pretty bad experience. let’s just say that my recent cut was mostly accidental, but i did eventually find a wonderful stylist, who really saved me and made me feel good about my new cut.

i’ll spare you the inner dialogue here. i have many thoughts about the progression of my hair and my terrible experiences at salons. but let’s get to the point. i am very, very inspired to grow and then cut my hair so that it looks as lovely as kim noorda’s from the spring ’09 season. i’m even considering lightening up a little, though not nearly as light as this. actually, never mind the color of her hair. it’s the cut i like.

also from

to me, this is just the epitome of summer cool. california cool. and while i know i wont (and don’t) look anything like kim, i really think i could wear this cut well, even though i’m not 6 feet tall and 90lbs. and really, i’m well on my way to this cut. i’ll just have to bear through the awkward growing-out-bangs phase. what do you think?
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charles anastase sheer skirts!

excuse my terrible magazine scan from lula. my favorite magazine at the moment.

it’s true. i’ve already done a super-obsessed charles anastase post before… but it’s been months. er, at least one month… and in that time, i had forgotten about the collection for a moment.

but now i can’t get it out of my mind! ruffles, bows, sheer fabrics, romance, denim, boater hats, nerd glasses, super tall platform sandals with socks! it’s the way i would dress if i had the commitment to any one style! it’s the way i would dress if i had the money to buy the whole collection. er, i don’t even know where to get this stuff anyways. do they even sell charles anastase in the states?

anyhow, what i’m really thinking about most are the sheer skirts! oh, the sheer skirts! i would sew one right up out of a certain shade of dusty rose fabric i saw in the fabric store the other day, but i don’t think i’m skilled enough with the sewing machine to do something sheer. i wouldn’t be able to hide my mistakes!

i put together this little photo collage using photos from

so instead, i’ll sit here and feast my eyes on the collection. and who knows, maybe i’ll find something vintage that’s incredible similar…

let’s dream, shall we?

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i want sandals

i made this collage with pictures from

not that i really need another pair of flat sandals. me being a california girl and all, i would prefer to almost always wear sandals, or at least something with open toes or a sling-back. much in the same way that i can mostly never be bothered by pants. they’re so constricting. i like easy. easy and comfortable, but also chic.

and lately, i’m feeling so over my matt bernson gladiators of last summer. while they’re very classy and simple, they’re just not easy enough. that’s the problem with gladiators, and all of their impossible straps. they can only be worn either under a pair of skinny jeans, or with a very short skirt, perhaps shorts, lest i want to be stumpified by the straps cutting me off at the ankle. and i’m already a short girl. well, 5’5″. so yeah. short.

and it’s no secret that i spend much time deliberating over shoes. i have a long list of wants. i’m actually considering a new ban on cheap shoes. i might give up quantity over quality. but that will only lead to more deliberation. so i’m not sure if i’m there yet. how does one narrow down all of the options, while assuring themselves that they’re purchasing something timeless? god knows how many times i’ve regretted purchasing a pair of too-trendy shoes that were like 50 bucks. imagine regretting 500 bucks. i’m just not ready yet.

but i did find a pair of flat sandals that i could see myself wearing a lot this summer. think of these as an alternative to flip flops. and they come in several delicious colors. and they’re all on sale. the frye softie sandal. cute.

oh, and if anyone felt the desire to gift them, i wear a size 7.5. just sayin…
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vintage overload

i found these pictures here.

oh what fun fashion inspiration!!!! vintage_overload is so adorable! just check out this amazing outfit and that incredible hairstyle! oh, she makes me miss my long hair!

i asked her a few questions so we could learn a little more about her style. check it out, dudes!

oh hello there! can you tell us a little about yourself?

Esther here.. I love fashion, I don’t need an excuse! :) To be more specific, my style is pretty basic, shorts are my forte! I love Marc Jacobs, I love what he did to fashion –

“It’s the awkwardness of posing and feeling like I was in, but I never was in. Awkwardness gives me great comfort. I’ve never been cool, but I’ve felt cool. I’ve been in the cool place, but I wasn’t really cool—I was trying to pass for hip or cool. It’s the awkwardness that’s nice.” –MARC JACOBS

what was your inspiration for this particular outfit?

Your nerd glasses had caught on me! A by-product LOL! The stockings were brand new and since it had been pouring non-stop, it was perfect to wear them. The weather was a major inspiration as to the culmination of the whole outfit as the cardigan did wonders for the color pallet which is very important to me. I would be lying if I said I was not impressed with the outcome… hehehe!

do you have any links to share?

No blog oopss! But I am working on it… I cant wait though… It’s a whole new world. [visit her chictopia page here!]

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