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have i told you about the most awesomest fiction blog ever??? you should check out brendan garbee’s blog because it’s the cat’s pajamas. the bee’s knees, if you will. he just finished up a series of speculative fiction in 4 short stories with killer art to go along with it. it’s a fun read and well worth it. (oh, and don’t be scared of the adult content warning. it’s just a formality because there are drawings of naked babes with guns and stuff. pretty sweet if you ask me.)

now i’ve gotta stop procrastinating and get back to this literature essay i should be writing…

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philip lim this fall

ok, i finally got a little excited about the fall season. specifically, these two looks from 3.1 philip lim.

um, mustard yellow with bright fuschia, topped with creme? yes, please!!!! i want this exact outfit, no joke.

same silhouette, but check out those knit sweatpants. you already know i’m going gaga over knitwear for fall, so yeah… they look a little silly in this particular photo, but this is the perfect update to the already popular silhouette. i need need need these. better start knitting now. (ha!)
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leather jacket, please.

i want a leather jacket. i’ve wanted one for a while, but they’re so expensive, i’ve never seriously considered it. i think i’m starting to consider. here’s my inspiration.

i just really love this look in general. it was the only thing that stood out for me in karen walker’s collection. i must have that jacket. i’ll take the whole outfit, actually.

i’m gonna say i think i’m like the only person who didn’t like erin featherston. it was a super fun collection in contrast to everything else that’s shown so far, but i couldn’t get over those silly hats! i love a flouncy mini skirt and all, but i guess i’m just no fun. but i did like that jacket…

and i’m thinkin that this leather vest from elise overland is pretty badass. i’m keeping my eyes open at the thrift stores for something i can alter like this, and then probably never wear.
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back to basics

i haven’t been too impressed with much of what’s come out for fall yet, but i should probably hold out because there’s still a lot to come. anyway, i’m feeling the tiny knitwear collection put out by lutz & patmos. i don’t know anything about them, but i’m really appreciating their stuffs. i’m thinking of knitting together some pieces for myself in the same fashion.

i know it’s nothing new, but i like the simplicity and i like the shapes. and i’ve just always had a thing for cashmere. i love it. this is definitely the direction i’ll be going in this fall and next. i need some warmth, man.

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it’s that time…

fall fashion time. i just started looking through and so far, i’ve got a thing for this preen dress.

but maybe it’s just because i wish it were SPRING, dudes. seriously. i kept waking up to the rain this morning and i was like, seriously? i’m over it. you can turn off the rain now, ok? this is california. didn’t you get the memo?

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let’s talk about hair.

yah, this blog is soooooo deep. anyway.

i am going to make an appointment for a haircut. i’m over having this long hair because it just doesn’t work for me on so many levels. it’s been fun spending like 3 years letting my hair get long just to see what it would look like, but it’s time to get back to my roots. heh.

before i let my hair grow i’m pretty sure the timeline went something like this: i let my then-boyfriend buzz my hair with a clipper, then i bleached the shit out of it, then i let it grow into a messy mop. then i got drunk and let a friend cut a giant chunk out of the back, which eventually grew into something like a mullet. it was pretty fun. right after bleaching it out, i looked something like this:

i obviously thought i was a badass. and shit, now that i think of it, if i had my wits about me, i could’ve let it grow into the full gloriousness of something like this:

but alas, i did not…

anyways, i’ve got some new, more grown up interpretations for the direction of my new haircut.

i don’t intend to dye my hair this time, but this is the basic idea. i like the androgyny of it and i think it’s a tad more fashion forward and classy than my previous choice.

i figure it would be way too dramatic to just chop it all off, so i’m probably going to do this in 3 phases. cut some heavy bangs first, then cut a bob, then chop it all off.

so what do we think?

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