numero uno

ok, so i’ve been in a rut, but here’s my first attempt at getting back to my normal self. i spent hours altering and hemming and making new (vintage) clothes look like mine. so i’m feeling pretty positive in my new finds and creations. i’m a little matchy-matchy today, but so what? it’s definitely not overdone, in my opinion. so hellooooo. and more soon.

vintage dark dark pink bow hat
vintage floral dress
steve madden woven platform sandals

back in action

ok, i’m back! actually, your probably didn’t notice i was gone, but i had to run down to southern california for family-related issues. it was a very difficult weekend, to say the least. but i wont get that personal on my blog.


my eyeballs look wonky, but i think the lashes are cute!


anyway, i’m feeling a little off, but decidedly cheery from my afternoon trip to the drug store for a new pair of false eyelashes and some pretty pink lipstick. ah, life’s little pleasures. i can now settle down with a glass of wine and get to laundry. i have a bunch of amazing finds from an estate sale last weekend and since i’m completely broke, you get to benefit, because i’m putting them up on ebay on thursday. so sad because i really wanna keep some of it, but the only stuffs that will stay in my closet are a pair of divine silk scarves for me to wrap around my head turban-style. it’s starting to become a signature of mine. i wonder how long that will last…

more later, dear friends.

summer sandals and other ramblings

ooh, how cool is this? i won the summer sandals contest at weardrobe! hooray! i get a $50 gift card to anthropologie. it’s too bad that everything i want is like one hundred and fifty dollars. oh well. is it cheap to give it to my mom for mother’s day? haha.

anyway, there’s a little interview with some photos of me at the website. click here. or click on the photo to be magically transported to the interview….

i feel so special. heehee.

and in other news, i also got a account, but i’m not sure how i feel about it yet. i’m still pretty dedicated to chictopia. oh, how i love the wonderful people on that site!!! :) :) :)

oh, and p.s. i am suuuuper excited and happy today because i went to an incredible estate sale and found some pretty cool items. but really, it was just the anticipation and the heated rush, going through closets and all that, you know??? oh, i am so glad that i’ve renewed my interest in scrounging!

twirl twirl twirl

the weather is odd. it’s overcast and muggy. not exactly warm, but not cold either. strange things must be brewing in the sky. what does that mean? i don’t know.

i bought this dress forever ago and then i tried to show off the stretchy, springy fabric that makes is so lovely to wear. i did a sleepy dance to show you. yeah, that’s right. i’m sleepy. and it’s laundry day. i need to finally warsh my clothes if i wanna get snazzy and wear some nice outfits again.

anyway, i’ve done a little bit of thrifting and have some good plans for estate sales this weekend. i bought an amazing brown faux fur cropped vest. just try to think of it. you’ll like it, i think. and some pretty amazing hand-made 60’s dresses that are oh so tiny, but oh so lovely, too. lucky for you petite girls out there! it’ll all be in the shop on thursday. and i mean it this time. really, i do.

vintage floral scarf
american apparel drawstring dress in slate gray
forever 21 tunic/tank
saltwater sandals in patent yellow

sewing project!

i want this dress. i really really want it. but not 600 hundred dollars want it. it’s just not in my budget, folks. at first, i decided that this hurdle was just too big. i would have to give up and throw my hands in the air, complaining about how it’s not fair that they charge that much for beautiful clothes.

but on second thought, i could totally make this. it’s like what? 3 pieces of fabric? maybe more like 6 if i want it lined? i can embroider. i can do this.

my version will probably involve less volume (so as to be slightly more flattering on someone who is not so long and slender). and i’ll have a completely different floral pattern and colors, i’m sure.

so my question is this: does this make me a designer knock-off? if you sew something by hand, fashioned after designer duds, are you a bad person? can we just call it heavy inspiration?

images via

kentucky derby ready

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to be honest, i’ve never even seen the kentucky derby. i just became fixated with it after i learned that the mint julep is one of my favorite drinks ever, which is also the official drink of the kentucky derby. they’re delicious. especially with crushed ice. the kind that you stuff in a sack and crush with a mallet until it’s like little shaved flecks. seriously. try it.

vintage ladylike straw boater hat
vintage ruffle shift dress
wolford wool stockings
aldo oxford heels

i am also turning into a hat person. you cannot and will not ever understand my excitement at finding this sweet vintage hat. and you probably shouldn’t. i don’t think that would be healthy. but for serious. i am already on my way to becoming one sweet eccentric old bag lady. i’m into it.

chictopia style icon

boy oh boy, i feel special today.
:) :) :)

ok, to explain, chictopia is a style networking site. they award the title of “style icon” to people with good style. 3 are voted in by users and 3 are editorially picked. i feel so happy because i was chosen this month! so, it’s very exciting for me, and i get this little banner to show off! hehe. ;)

summer florals

so there was this crazy heat wave like a week ago and i freaked out. it was hot. i was miserable. i was confused. so i did what anyone would do, and i bought a shit ton of dresses. now it’s not so hot, but i still wanna wear my cool new stuffs. i think i’m making that sad face because i’m a tad too cold. silly me.

vintage smocked floral strapless dress
no name white leather platform sandals

at a certain point this spring, i thought i had seen too many florals and i decided i would clean my palette and avoid them. but i was wrong. who can resist a floral pattern, really?

ladylike boater hat

oh hooray! i found myself just the hat i was looking for! got it on ebay, of course. my boyfriend (mr. garbee) recently discovered the joys of buying first edition books on ebay, so i started telling him about my ebay addiction, circa 1998. i can’t believe i have been (mostly) buying and (sometimes) selling on ebay for that looooong. ebay selling was actually my first job in high school. i worked in the dusty back room of a local junk shop selling used levis and zippo lighters. it was actually the coolest job ever.

anyway, that’s beside the point. check out the crazy hat lady.

and i finally fixed my sewing machine!!!! i have several projects to work on for the day. and, ug, see how badly i need to clean the office? note how all of the hangers are empty and hence, all the clothes are on the floor. oh brother.

oh and sorry the photos are so bad. i had just gotten out of the shower when the package arrived and i had to take pictures to send to my mom! i’ll post better ones later.

strong influence

i’m sure you all know about my chloe obsession. this outfit was heavily inspired by a certain see by chloe line… except it’s like a teeny tiny fraction of the price.

caslon boyfriend cardigan in turquoise
vintage cream and blue floral strapless dress
saltwater sandals in yellow patent