peach tree

yet another vintage embroidered mexican dress. i have so many that i can no longer decide which one is my favorite. oh geez.

vintage peach embroidered mexican dress
american apparel sash in turquoise/dark mint
saltwater sandals in brown

i’m pretty sure i’ll be taking photos of new ebay stuffs tomorrow, which is a very good idea because i’ve been spening like mad and i am but a poor college student, for reals!!! but i have to get up and get moving and do washing and ironing and fixing-up and getting ready first. ok, i’m almost up.

in other news, i am suddenly hankering for another hair cut. why is my favoritest stylist in the world so expensive? 70 dollars for a cut and that does not include tip! i will patiently wait and try to make a few bucks on ebay before i get crazy. anyways, i’ve got rent to think of. and i desperately need new glasses. oh expensive life!

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mellow yellow

hello again. got a new dress in the mail today. actually, i got two. it’s a bad habit i’ve got there. and this is another turban, also a bad habit. uhuh.
american apparel sash in yellow.
vintage embroidered tunic/dress.
vintage destroyed levis 501 cut off shorts.
star ling brown woven wood platform sandals.
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turban baby

baby it’s hot outside. i still haven’t even taken photos for the auctions this week and last week i didn’t even put any up at all. i’m so bad you guys, because i have no good reason!!!! boo. instead, i have been eating popsicles and avoiding heat sickness. i was very very very dehydrated yesterday and this morning i woke up feeling like i had a hangover and i didn’t even drink last night.

american apparel sash in mauve.
vintage california bud light muscle tee.
vintage destroyed levis 501 cut off shorts.
steve madden wood wedge gladiator sandals.
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hat party

ok, so i’ve recently become obsessed with this whole giant bow/hat thing a la luella this spring. i got a copy of the latest lula mag the other day and i threw myself on the floor in a fit of joy and inspiration because they featured a lot of what i’m in love with these days. like charles anastase and isabel marant and luella! and glasses! oh glasses, how i want you! i wish i was not so broke.

vintage fuschia velvet bow hat with veil.
lark & wolff by steven alan navy sailor tunic.
cheap monday tight jean in black.
star ling black wedge sandals.
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not fashioney

ok. so i haven’t figured out how to be fabulous while doing all things. for example, i wear a pair of plaid pajama pants that are too big for me when i go to bed. and when i’m climbing up big rocks in joshua tree while on vacation, i wear a t-shirt and jeans. so kill me.

anyway, spring break 2009. woooot. here are some photos. i love them.

vintage california bud light muscle tee.
cheap monday tight jean in black.
saltwater sandals brown sandals.
and anyway, i feel that this still qualifies. i’ve got a majestic vintage california shirt complete with a horse running on the beach and a bud light advertisement. and saltwater sandals rule. so there. and oh there are many more!
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