bikes and fashion

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i spent a considerable amount of time this evening trying to find the perfect bike. after careful consideration, this pashley is looking like a strong contender. how adorable would i look riding around town on this? and yeah, it’s got a sturmey archer 3 speed internal hub. oh, but, i’d probably replace that basket with some sort of brooks leather case/bag. now the only issue is: where does a girl find one of these in the usa? any ideas?
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let’s talk about sunglasses

so we all know and (should) love the original ray ban wayfarers. they’re like a white t shirt and jeans. pretty much a necessary part of any wardrobe. but what if you want to branch out and get a tad bit trendy, while still keeping it everyday basic?

this is california, so i’m focusing on cali style, of course. here’s what i’ve come up with so far. we start with the granddaddy of them all, and then elaborate a tad.

the original ray ban wayfarers. in an assortment of new and trendy colors as well, of course:
the oakley frogskins in assorted colors and limited editions (those jerks):
and the sabre poolside, in a variety of colors and lenses as well:

what else have we got? you tell me.

and while i’m at it, where does a girl find the perfect pair of clear plastic frames for her prescription??

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balmain’s destroyed jeans

while i patiently await the re-opening of my ebay store tonight, i can’t help but do another little post about spring inspirations.i love the destroyed jeans on balmain’s 2009 catwalk. pale and faded or white skinny jeans get a splash of bleach and an appointment with the scissors. i’m already planning a casual sunday outfit paired with simple gladiator sandals.

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