summer nostalgia with wrangler

calivintage x wrangler

it’s been a few years now since i’ve been back in southern california where i grew up as a kid. and for the first time since i’ve gotten back, i’m finally starting to head out to explore and rediscover some of the beauty out here. it’s easy to get distracted by day-to-day life and forget that i live pretty close to all sorts of fun adventures: i’m a quick drive from the historic route 66, the iconic dinosaurs at cabazon (and hadley’s date shakes!), and a massive expanse of desert including palm springs, joshua tree, the salton sea… so when i feel the urge to get away, it’s just a quick drive down the highway for a major dose of nostalgia and summer fun.

so i headed out this weekend for a little bit of exploration in my new wrangler denim. i’ve partnered with them on the launch of their limited release collection to celebrate their 70th anniversary with styles inspired by designs from the archives. i picked up this classic pair of women’s 70th anniversary flare jeans with a retro screen print tee and cropped denim jacket and felt like i was in a vintage picture postcard stomping through the desert in my 1970s getup. but this is not a drill: these pieces are only available in very limited quantities, and they will sell out fast!

if you’re someone who loves vintage as much as i do, then you know how hard it can be to find the perfect pair of vintage jeans. i feel like i’m always searching, so i get super excited when an iconic brand like wrangler decides to give us a little peek into their archives. i often fantasize about being able to just walk through the vintage vaults of a brand like wrangler just to pick and choose all of my favorite styles from decades past. so of course, i’m pretty excited about this huge 70th anniversary celebration with more limited releases expected throughout the year.

so don’t miss out. shop the wrangler 70th anniversary release and sign-up for email alerts when more of their upcoming limited releases roll out!

calivintage x wrangler
calivintage x wrangler
calivintage x wrangler
calivintage x wrangler

this post is sponsored by wrangler. all opinions expressed are my own.


calivintage + papillionaire bikes

since i usually write about fashion and home decor, you may not know that i’m also totally into bikes! i don’t ride around nearly as much as i used to, but i still have a growing collection of bikes! once upon a time, i would go on long bicycle tours, and while i hope to do that again some day when the kids are a little older, these days i’m a lot more focused on city bikes. and by city bikes, i mean casual bikes to get around town. i have a really cute mixte frame with slightly more upright geometry, but i have been itching to get back on a road bike, too! so when papillionaire asked me if i’d like to try out a bike, i went straight for their new remi. i love it because it reminds me of some of the vintage road bikes i used to ride around on back in the day, but it’s shiny and new and not quite as clunky as some of those vintage bikes can be!

the really fun part is that you can completely customize your bike! this particular model comes in this wonderful shade of aloe, or you can choose from coffee, steel blue, or carmine red. you can also choose between whitewall tires for a more vintage look, or a classic gumwall. you can even pick a black or brown leather saddle and grips. it’s all those little details that get me really excited about a new bike!

but of course, if a road bike isn’t quite your style, they have a really nice selection of frames, from a dutch style to a mixte frame to a beach cruiser, a classic hybrid, and a racer. and none of them will come anywhere near breaking the bank, so they’re definitely a brand worth checking out if you’re on the hunt for a bike to ride around in this wonderful spring weather.

only child vista linen jumpsuit
papillionaire remi bike
greek sandals
steven alan bryce sunglasses in peach crystal
sylvain le hen xs barrette

calivintage + papillionaire bikes
calivintage + papillionaire bikes
calivintage + papillionaire bikes
calivintage + papillionaire bikes
calivintage + papillionaire bikes
calivintage + papillionaire bikes

lykke wullf spring 2017

calivintage - lykke wullf spring 2017

it’s funny, just last week i was talking about how i try not to pay too much attention to trends, but the flipside is that sometimes i feel like my style can be so very reserved. which is why i’m finding myself so drawn to these fun looks from the lykke wullf spring 2017 collection. i’ve been an admirer of the brand for the past several seasons, but just barely placed my first order. i decided to take a risk and go a little bit out of my comfort zone with these linen ruffle pants! because sometimes you need to have a little fun with things, and that’s exactly what la-based designer jemma swatek serves up.

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sotela co.

calivintage + sotela co.

at home. for whatever reason, i always forget that i can share photos of me in my natural habitat haha. if i think about it for a minute, i realize that i probably spend a lot more time at home than the average person. i work in the mornings while adam is at school, so you’ll usually find me enjoying my coffee and then getting to work at the computer. after school, it’s the lunchtime routine with adam and edie, then usually a mix of kid time and household stuff. it’s rather unglamorous, but i’d like to think i do it with style. since i spend so much time at home looking at these walls, i spend a good amount of that time planning, arranging, rearranging, trying to make it a pleasant space for me and the kids. there’s always more work to be done (which can be infuriating), but we’ve also come such a long way since we first moved in two years ago.

these photos also give you a better idea of why i dress the way i do. i was talking about comfort in my last outfit post, so here it is! i really like clothes that i can wash and wear a million times, that i can wear on a run to the hardware store and then pop in to the coffee shop for an afternoon date and still feel pulled together. and of course, that i can roll around in while playing with the kids.

and two new additions that are working perfectly in my wardrobe are these lyla crop tanks in sand and royal blue from sotela. they’re simple, but cute. and perfect for the really hot summer days we have ahead of us. they are made in los angeles out of 100% linen, which you know is my favorite thing. the brand was started by designer hanna baror-padilla who had always dreamed of starting a sustainable clothing line using locally produced eco-friendly fabrics. not only that, but she understands how frustrating it can be to find clothes that fit properly, so she’s designed all of her clothing with ease and comfort in mind. clothes that really move and breathe with you so that you can still wear them even as your body changes through weight gain, loss, pregnancy, illness. it’s a really thoughtful ethos that i think most of us can really appreciate. i know i certainly do!

sotela co. lyla crop in sand
jesse kamm sailor pants in tobacco

sotela co. lyla crop in royal blue
vintage cotton gauze pants
maryam nassir zadeh palma low heels

the patio set is from ikea and if you’re interested in details on my dining room, i have links to everything in this post.

calivintage + sotela co.
calivintage + sotela co.
calivintage + sotela co.
calivintage + sotela co.

lotfi spring 2017

calivintage - lotfi spring 2017

i’m on the hunt for a new handbag, so i thought i’d share one of my recent new favorites: lotfi. founded in san francisco in 2011, the brand was born from designer sharareh lotfi’s desire for a minimal, unfussy carry-all that was practical without being too boring. which is exactly what i’m looking for in a bag! i just love the casual vibe of the clean cotton canvas and corduroy textiles. and while you can never go wrong with something like the sierra bag in cocoa, you can also have a bit of fun with the bright lime green coro bag if you prefer to make a statement.

you can shop lofti directly. or find them at garmentory where you can get $20 off your first purchase using my referral link!

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calivintage - steller jay shop

The other day someone very kindly told me that I looked incredibly comfortable yet fashionable at the same time. It pretty much made my day because that’s exactly what I’m going for when I’m picking out new clothes to wear! I like fashion, but I live in the suburbs, so I’d feel a bit ridiculous stopping by the coffee shop or dropping off my kids at school looking like I’m walking down the street during NYFW or something. So I try really hard to find my middle ground. Clothes that look good and make me feel put together, but that are still 100% practical when my reality is that I work from home and spend about half of my day on the floor of the kid’s room getting covered in play-doh and mashed-up banana.

I shot these photos after spending the day at the spring carnival at Adam’s school on a ridiculously hot day. I volunteered in his class booth, a little ring toss game in a sweltering tent. I held Edie on my hip while watching Adam go up and down the bouncy slide. I ate lunch, and even climbed into bed with Adam to put him to sleep for his afternoon nap. And then I got up and snapped these pictures. It’s linen, so it wrinkles, but if it’s a good quality textile, then it’s the good kind of wrinkly. It keeps me cool on a hot day, but still gets me compliments from complete strangers, which is always such a delightful surprise.

And if you’re wondering, the pants are from Steller Jay in New York. I connected with shop owner Katherine on Instagram and we became fast friends over our love of vintage and lovely textiles. I highly recommend her shop because she carries a lot of my favorites!

Esby Apparel Poppy Top in Indigo
Sugar Candy Mountain Chiara Pants courtesy of Steller Jay
Greek sandals from Avenue Boutique Tucson
Steven Alan Bryce Sunglasses in Peach Crystal
Clare V. Kenya Bag in Black (sold out in black, but still available in Cream or the Petit version)

calivintage - steller jay shop
calivintage - steller jay shop
calivintage - steller jay shop
calivintage - steller jay shop
calivintage - steller jay shop

hannah kristina metz spring 2017

calivintage - hannah kristina metz spring 2017

the new spring 2017 collection by hannah kristina metz has slowly been trickling in. so for those of you who have not yet feasted your eyes on the looks, here is a peek! the collection was inspired by “a room with a view” so there are lots of romantic, edwardian details like big puffy sleeves and sheer details, but it is not just some literal interpretation. hannah has such a wonderfully creative eye and she’s brought in so many special details. the embroidery, the fabric covered buttons, the sheer textiles. none of these things are easy to make, and yet, here is an entire collection with all of these fun details!

you can shop the collection here. or find her clothes at garmentory and get $20 off your first purchase with this link!

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oh vintage

sometimes i think i can hardly call this a fashion blog because my outfits aren’t exactly fashion. i follow the trends in the way that i see them while scrolling through my instagram feed. and those trends certainly creep their way into my outfits by way of what is available at my favorite shops and boutiques. but i don’t necessarily strive to be trendy because it’s awfully hard (and expensive) to keep up, and i literally don’t have the time or money to do so without completely exhausting myself and ending up with that terrible not-good-enough feeling. who needs it?

so over time, i’ve really given up on fast fashion and embraced the idea of conscious consumerism. but of course, it’s not exactly as simple as telling everyone to drop $400 a single pair of pants made by hand in california. i think what a lot of people in “the fashion industry” fail to recognize is that it is an incredible privilege to be able to do so! the average person does not have the time or means to “shop ethically” or “shop small” because as romantic as it sounds to slowly pull together your dream wardrobe using natural fibers woven through artisanal looms, most people need to wear more than a single pair of pants. it’s complicated!

which is why i really can’t stress the importance of vintage enough! most designers have mood boards filled with vintage photos to serve as inspiration for their latest collections. and most thrift stores and yard sales have these beautiful gems hidden among the racks and tucked away in closets just waiting to be unearthed. i spend a ton of time hunting for the goods, hoarding away some of my favorites, but also selling a few items each week on my calivintage shop feed. if i were to sell this set i’m wearing right now, i would probably ask $80, which is on the high end of what i charge. that amount couldn’t even buy you an ethically made top, but when you’re looking at vintage, it can buy you an entire outfit. and if you’re doing the thrifting yourself, it could practically buy you a whole wardrobe! this vintage set was made in the usa with a natural, textured cotton gauze. a beautiful textile! and it’s a matching set, so you can wear it together like this or do the whole mix-and-match thing. endless wardrobe combinations!

i suppose i’m preaching to the choir with this information, but it’s something that is on my mind very frequently as a fashion blogger of sorts. or at least someone who has been a fashion blogger and who isn’t quite a mommy blogger, but not exactly certain what it even means to call myself a lifestyle blogger? whatever. here’s some photos of me wearing clothes.

vintage matching set in cotton gauze
only child cardiff work coat in denim (it also comes in white!)
mari giudicelli leblon mules
karen walker x benah bag
steven alan bryce sunglasses in crystal peach

enter to win $200 to rain people!


i am so excited to announce my latest giveaway with the canadian-based kidswear line, rain people! as i’m sure you’ve noticed by now, i’m a big fan of hats and bonnets for the kids to protect their precious little heads from the sweltering sun here in southern california. and you know how much i love a good linen textile. well, rain people has both! and they have just released their new spring/summer collection of linen clothes and bonnets, so we wanted to give you a chance to win some new clothes for your little ones!

simply visit this post on instagram and follow the directions to enter!

above, edie wears the linen ruffle harem pant and linen brimless bonnet in matching rose white.

adam is wearing the linen cap with ties.

edie wears the vintage floral cotton printed baby bonnet.