oh baby!

so i’m just gonna cut to the chase because it’s already pretty obvious… i’m pregnant! and not just a little bit. i’m kinda sorta already 20 weeks along, i.e. 4 1/2 months, i.e. halfway through my pregnancy! i didn’t mean to keep it a secret for quite so long, but life has been full of big changes lately what with packing up all of my belongings and moving my entire life from san francisco to los angeles. i spent almost three weeks staying in a hotel in burbank while commuting to work and spending all of my free time hunting for an apartment, and we just barely unloaded the uhaul truck into our new home last week. so in all of the chaos and excitement, i am only just barely getting back into the swing of things. and during that time my belly bump has begun to protrude! and my little baby dude is swimming around in there, practicing his ninja moves and getting ready for his arrival at the very beginning of january.

so now that we’re caught up to speed, here is my very first maternity outfit post. at this point, most of my clothes no longer fit my uncomfortably large bust-line (32g, anyone?), and even my oversized clothes are bursting at the belly seams. when i packed up to move, i kinda knew that most of my clothes would most likely be staying in those boxes for at least another six months. fortunately for me (and not so fortunately for my wallet), i get to have fun picking out new clothes and i’m back on a super 1960s kick, which is perfect because all of those a-line dresses and baby-doll silhouettes are just what i need to accommodate my rapidly expanding waistline.

wearing: anna sui dress, vintage mary janes from pretty pennyfurla candy bagnars lipstick in fire down below

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