flea market finds

calivintage: flea market finds

today i am wearing this silly vintage dress that i scored at the flea market for $15. it’s a little bit worse for the wear with holes here and there, a musty cigarette smell, and a few too many wrinkles, but for those reasons, it’s actually the perfect little party dress. i can wear it out without fear of damaging it because, well, it’s already damaged. and if i happen to snag the skirt or  break a seam, i won’t feel too bad since i’ve already gotten one wear out of it. in a way, i think this is exactly the type of philosophy that one needs to adopt when wearing vintage pieces. i have so many beautiful old dresses that i never wear for fear of ripping them or staining them, but when you think about it, they’ve already been worn and loved… so why not pull them out of the closet and enjoy them a little bit more instead of casting them away or “saving” them for some day that may never come?

anyway, this is the dress i wore to the swap last week. i got the invite from the lovely julie of orchid grey and i’m so happy to have had the opportunity to attend. i got to spend time with some lovely bloggers and it was a pleasure to watch the frenzy of the swap. we all got plenty of pictures, so i’ll be posting photos soon!

dress: vintage floral chiffon dress from the flea market
bag: vintage straw tote
shoes: swedish hasbeens braided sky high
lipstick: ysl fard a levres rouge pur in rosy coral

calivintage: flea market finds
calivintage: flea market finds
calivintage: flea market finds


  1. Oh my, that dress is GORGEOUS. What a great find! I also have a tendency to hoard my favorite items at the back of my closet for fear of ruining them, but I’m trying to change my attitude and get over my anxiety. Pretty clothes are meant to be worn!

  2. I love pieces like that–functional on two levels–effortless style and fearless wear! I saw pictures of you and some other ladies from the swap on their blogs. You all look so cute and sounds like so much fun!

  3. Okay, that dress is almost too cute! If that was my dress, I would care less about the imperfections (musty smell, etc.,) and more about how freaking cute it looks on! Imperfections give you, and the dress more character. :)

  4. I love this dress! The print, the colors, the cut work on you perfectly, it’s everything you could want in a vintage piece. I like your outlook on wearing vintage. I’m so worried about ruining some of my vintage pieces that I don’t wear them as often as I should. Thanks for inspiring me to live dangerously in my vintage finds!

  5. The colors on that dress are perfect for you! I like finding dresses with “personality” (ha!) as well. I just bought a rather stained 50’s shirt dress for a cool $5, and I’ve been enjoying gently soaking and mending it the past two days. It’s like I’m bringing it back to life. :)

  6. such a pretty dress. i would love to see a closer shot of that waist detail. looks like some interesting darting going on there. perfect colors on you! and i agree about vintage, i dont mind a stain or hole here or there. i like that my clothes have a past to them.

  7. this dress is beautiful and so feminine & the colors are so great on you too (def wouldn’t call it silly : )!! I definitely find myself trying to save things so they don’t get worn out, but finding great thrift finds helps a lot, knowing that they weren’t expensive and, as you say, that they’ve already been worn too! You look amazing!

  8. Good philosophy. I often find myself being a bit precious over some of my belongings and then think exactly that- they are there to be used and worn and be lived in.
    I adore the colours in that dress. You look beautiful!

  9. you’re the best, erin! And I love your ‘why wait?’ philosophy for vintage dresses. I must admit that I sometimes let my vintage collection feel a little too precious. I’m inspired!

  10. It’s a gorgeous dress on you. The colors suit you well. I have a 40’s housedress that I wore to work and ripped – I was devastated. My husband reminded me that clothes are meant to be worn and at least it wasn’t in a box somewhere. I consider some clothes “investments” it’s hard to remember that they’re also meant to be worn!


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