cream puff

as my body has been rapidly changing, it’s pushed me right out of my comfort zone and challenged me to try dramatically different things. normally, i would see a silly romper like this hanging on the racks at a vintage shop and i wouldn’t even consider trying it on. it’s got no shape. not only that, but it’s just one giant ruffle after the next, exactly the type of volume that most girls have been conditioned to avoid for fear of adding bulk where we don’t particularly want it. but now that i basically have no discernible waistline, it’s not like i’m concerned about trying to achieve the coveted hourglass shape. so when i came across this cream puff of a romper, i decided, “what the hell? why not try it on?” and yep, that pretty much sealed the deal. it’s just about the most fun thing to wear ever. and i couldn’t care less that i basically look like a giant dessert.

in other news, i believe i am now somewhere between 21 and 22 weeks (he’s measuring large, so we suspect that i’m a week farther along that we had first calculated). i kinda can’t believe that the little mister in there is now measuring 10.5″ inches long from head to rump. or about the length of a large banana. haha, rump. and banana. pregnancy books use the silliest analogies and terminology to talk about babies. it’s kind of hilarious how each week you can track your baby’s growth by comparing him to a fruit or vegetable… and i am currently comparing myself to a cream puff.

wearing: vintage romper from playclothes vintage in glendale, heart shaped sunglasses courtesy of paulette magazinepalette red vegan crossbody bag courtesy of angela & roi, vintage sandals, nars heat wave

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